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Tadaima Japan!, Narita, Japon travel blog

Tadaima Japan!

A travel blog entry by helcanen


Back to Japan. In the bus now to go to Takasaki. De retour au Japon. Dans le bus pour ...

Night of Karaoke!, Narita, Japan travel blog

Night of Karaoke!

A travel blog entry by malicifant


My friend Satoshi-San and I went to sing Karaoke last night!! I have to say I had so much fun! It is a little club called The Cage. There are a lot of song selections and everyone that sang was pretty good, with the exception of me :). I am super out of ...

with Transit in Narita, Narita, Japan travel blog

with Transit in Narita

A travel blog entry by gihan

Flight AA60 on 12-Jan-09 from NRT to DFW ...

Day 4 - Narita Airport (The End), Narita, Japan travel blog

Day 4 - Narita Airport (The End)

A travel blog entry by dhhtravel

The ...

Ma'am Please Follow Me, Narita, Japan travel blog

Ma'am Please Follow Me

A travel blog entry by bria


... went from being concerned about my flight to being concerned about my freedom, "Did I bring something illegal into Japan" I thought trying to see if his expression would reveal what I had done.  I followed him in ...

Going through the mirror..., Narita, Japan travel blog

Going through the mirror...

A travel blog entry by alicemacgee

... ; крупная ж/д компания, Japan Railroads, у которой есть и ...

Sayonara Japan!, Narita, Japan travel blog

Sayonara Japan!

A travel blog entry by kirstenherridge


... of reflection on the week. Before we came out both of us were a bit anxious about the completly different culture of Japan. Dont be, it's a lovely country with really helpful people it's very easy to get about and being on a ...

Slight diversion, Narita, Japan travel blog

Slight diversion

A travel blog entry by beauandcraig


... , a solid 70 minutes across Tokyo. I'm writing this from the charter bus that is taking us and 60 odd other travelers from Narita to Haneda. It wasn't just our flight that got this detour. It's important to maintain a little perspective. It's easy to be ...

En escale, Narita-shi, Japon travel blog

En escale

A travel blog entry by nicolasetsophie


Pas le temps de visiter Tokyo. On se contentera de l ...

On my way to Saigon Via Narita Japan, Narita Japan, Japan travel blog

On my way to Saigon Via Narita Japan

A travel blog entry by guilfoyle72

On my way to Japan.  I tried to upload pics, but it would not let me without uploading an add-on, but it wouldn't load so I dunno.  I might open a Facebook account to load pics to.  I understand that's very simple.  I've been seriously ...

Last day in Tokyo, bittersweet!, Narita, Japan travel blog

Last day in Tokyo, bittersweet!

A travel blog entry by rnvatraveler

... , great stuff.i finally made it back to hotel, got my luggage and transporter picked me up at 1700. He took me to Hilton Narita for final night in Tokyo. After arrival checked in then showered changed clothes and went into town to shop, but not a whole ...

I Found Wifi!, Narita-shi, Japan travel blog

I Found Wifi!

A travel blog entry by msbnbennett


I'm in Tokyo at the Narita Airport. Today has been a longgggg day already and it's only 4:15pm (Sunday). My flight boards at 4:50pm so I had enough time to eat my last Japanese meal. I am very very sleepy. So I'm pretty sure I will sleep as soon as I sit ...

A quick transit, Narita, Japan travel blog

A quick transit

A travel blog entry by nahury1


I chose to go through Denver, since I wasn't sure I could make the Houston flight. Went by that flight with the door closing in 10 minutes. Guess I could have, but that is way too close. And I'm sure my bags wouldn't have made it. ...

My Unexpected Journey to Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

My Unexpected Journey to Japan

A travel blog entry by malicifant


I am now in Narita, Japan on a long work assignment helping to support Japan Airlines for their new 787 planes. I was asked on December 6th if I would be willing to go on December 15th to relieve a co-worker so he could be home for the holidays with his ...

Jet Lag and Homesick, Narita, Japan travel blog

Jet Lag and Homesick

A travel blog entry by leinad61


... reality will hit maybe Friday when we go our separate ways. Here is just one picture of the beautiful cherry blossom trees of Japan. Apparently this is a two week season so I have one more week to enjoy it. Funny enough it symbolizes change and ...

Narita Airport, Narita, Japan travel blog

Narita Airport

A travel blog entry by neilsonb

Off the airplane and long wait for flight to ...

Arrival, Narita, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by butters67

We arrived at Narita Airport in Japan from Toronto On, Canada after a 13 Hr ...

Made it to Narita - what a trip..., Narita, Japan travel blog

Made it to Narita - what a trip...

A travel blog entry by schwinkle

... overnight in Toronto. Needless to say, we were very happy to see each other in the entrance to the Narita airport. I have never before traveled to Japan all by myself. I have always had someone with me that can speak the language. There were ...

Go to South Korea !!, Narita, Japan travel blog

Go to South Korea !!

A travel blog entry by ryusukefuda

14:36@成田空港 ...

Narita Airport, Narita, Japan travel blog

Narita Airport

A travel blog entry by new_discoveries


... 3 years without knowing much of the language... its ok, when there's a will, there will be ways to achieved it. Narita has 2 terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Like all other airport, it is equipped with all the basic necessities. The imigration ...

Narita, Narita, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by iamabutterfly

Lovely! ...

Worse than a soiled handkerchief, Chiba, Japan travel blog

Worse than a soiled handkerchief

A travel blog entry by garyclifton


Japanese seem to have an aversion to blowing their nose in public. I've never seen it so consequently don't know if they are aware of the invention of the handkerchief. So what do they prefer to do with a mucus filled nasal cavity, I hear you hoping I ...

Apr 07, 2011, Narita, Japan travel blog

Apr 07, 2011

A travel blog entry by katesflightbag


Hiroshima, etc., Narita, Japan travel blog

Hiroshima, etc.

A travel blog entry by tarablevins


Details ...

Leaving Tokyo, Narita, Japan travel blog

Leaving Tokyo

A travel blog entry by yigehaoren


We are about to board our flight back to Seattle. I don't remember whether I mentioned that while we are in Japan, we borrowed a cellphone from Mobal. They don't charge you for incoming stuff, just stuff that's outgoing. Of course outgoing rate is really ...

Finding the temple, Narita, Japan travel blog

Finding the temple

A travel blog entry by jhiscocks


... stores, even one for kimono.  This is why I came.   After a very nice breakfast, Mom and I headed off to Narita San Shinsoji temple, the main attraction of the town.  We went up a run-down stairway, around a run-down monument, and down an ...

Chegada ao Japćo, Narita, Japan travel blog

Chegada ao Japćo

A travel blog entry by ekendy

... chegamos em Narita depois de 36 horas de viagem. As comidas no avićo até aqui foram razoįveis.   Primeira coisa no aeroporto foi procurar o correios para pegar o Pocket WIFI. Depois comprar o Narita Airport Limousine Bus para Tokyo. ...

Yet Another In Flight Meal, But With Ice Cream!, In the air from Narita Airport in Japan to Taipei, Taiwan, Japan travel blog

Yet Another In Flight Meal, But With Ice Cream!

A travel blog entry by kuraiwatcher


You might notice how frequently I write, and it's because I don't have any one sitting next to me to preoccupy my time, so writing is what I'm doing instead. And I pretty much write whenever I have another thought or experience. The cabin crew leader ...

Auf dem Weg nach Auckland (via Seoul und Sydney), Narita, Japan travel blog

Auf dem Weg nach Auckland (via Seoul und Sydney)

A travel blog entry by variberlin


Und wieder früh aufgestanden. Wir sitzen jetzt in der Lounge auf dem Flughafen Narita und warten auf unseren Abflug nach Seoul. Dort werden wir etwa 9 Stunden Aufenthalt haben, bevor es mit einem Nachtflug weiter nach Sydney geht. Als wir um 06:15 Uhr ...

Sad sad girl, Narita, Japan travel blog

Sad sad girl

A travel blog entry by lilynomad

... daily buy clothing here! Another reason to live here next year!! The train journey passing cities, rice fields on the way to narita airport was far to difficult. I have had so many truly amazing experiences with beautiful people that this trip has felt ...

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