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Romeo and Redentore, Verona and Venice, Italy travel blog

Romeo and Redentore

A travel blog entry by chrisab14


... I did my laundry (finally) and went for a swim in the pool. THen it was off to the Redentore! This is the festival in Venice to celebrate another year without the plague. Im happy about it too... So I went down to the water and got lost along the way ...

Gondolas and flooded footpaths, Venice, Italy travel blog

Gondolas and flooded footpaths

A travel blog entry by figiel

... . When I replied to the affirmative, he handed me ferry tickets for another 3 days. To you Sir - a most sincere Thank You!!! I love Venice, it's one of my favorite places. And having a week here again did not disappoint. We covered the nearby islands, the ...

Hanging with luigi, Venice, Italy travel blog

Hanging with luigi

A travel blog entry by tyler.erker

... from Toronto. We helped them find their hostal. And the had room for us tonight. We droped off our bags showered and went exploring Venice. We walked around all day seen all the sights and made it back to hostal. Tonight one of the girls that works at the ...

First stop in Italy: Venice!, Venice, Italy travel blog

First stop in Italy: Venice!

A travel blog entry by akreyling


... didn't miss our train. We were sweating at that point because it was in the low 70s outside. Our next stop, city number 7, Florence! Venice is one of my favorites cities so far on this trip. I loved being by the water and it being so sunny out the ...

Opera and Water, Venice, Italy travel blog

Opera and Water

A travel blog entry by pasher


... comandeer a water taxi to our lodgings. We decided to give the Italian nuns a try and are staying in convent accomodation in Venice, Florence and Rome. The water taxi takes us through some back canals and onto the grand canal just past the Rialto bridge ...

Venice - water, water everywhere, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice - water, water everywhere

A travel blog entry by sharon1306


... what has happened. Godwin laughs and we head back to board another Vaporetto, this time heading in the right direction. Venice is chaotic; there are tourists everywhere, babies screaming, boisterous children running about the boat, a lot of hustle ...

Venice... continued..., Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice... continued...

A travel blog entry by bekstaarr

... but that's about it - if you want to get around, it's either 2 feet and a heartbeat, or get one of the ferries - the Venice public transport system! Pretty damn cool i think!! First stop was Mirano - where they do all of the glass blowing, and making of ...

Florence and Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Florence and Venice

A travel blog entry by megj1095


... Fusina and our 'Cabins,' if that is what you could call them, were the size of a bathroom. They were tiny. Venice was beautiful. The buildings were so colorful. It was really strange though because water was coming up from underneath the streets ...

At Sea - Somewhere between Italy and Greece, Venice, Italy travel blog

At Sea - Somewhere between Italy and Greece

A travel blog entry by sherondotjohn


... the second largest group and there were many New Zealanders and Canadians. A lot of the Americans and Canadians got off in Venice and more Australians, New Zealanders and English got on. We found most of the Americans really friendly and easy to get ...

I love Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

I love Venice

A travel blog entry by goweregypt


... the Maths Dept, which measures all sorts of things including distance walked, sleep patterns, etc. Rather trendy for a retired oldie! On arriving in Venice we headed to the Vaporetto to buy a day pass in case we used the 'ferry' to go to see the Biennale, ...

Yay!! Let's set sail everyone!! Anyone?, Venice, Italy travel blog

Yay!! Let's set sail everyone!! Anyone?

A travel blog entry by vermaakjeanne


... three crazy ladies... This being my mom, Renel and a Hofmeyr home neighbour, Michelle Marais-Schoeman.. Missing it already... Venice 4 September 2005 - Sunday First day started off with Peter dropping me off in Gatwick and me receiving a text ...

Florence to Venice via Verona, Venice, Italy travel blog

Florence to Venice via Verona

A travel blog entry by funinitaly


... than in Tuscany too, with some brick and some rendered homes. After driving across the land bridge, we arrived in beautiful Venice. What a place! It's just incredible to think that this amazing city was built so long ago – around 5th/6th century ...

Gondela in the 30 seconds!, Venice, Italy travel blog

Gondela in the 30 seconds!

A travel blog entry by ademrocktheeu


... you who know Emma,she has always had a tad bit of trouble with customs when travelling. After touching down in wet Venice and standing around inconspicuously at the luggage carousel waiting for Sarah`s bag to come. Started to walk through customs check ...

Going home, getting jet-lagged, Venice, Italy travel blog

Going home, getting jet-lagged

A travel blog entry by bunsy

This entry will be updated ...

Our First Day in Italy, Venice, Italy travel blog

Our First Day in Italy

A travel blog entry by tammyandsteve


We have had such a great day in Venice today. The weather was absolutely amazing!! It felt like we walked the entire length of Venice but I know we have so much more to see. We are staying at a great little B&B right by the Rialto Market. The ...

Carnivale in Venice!, Venice, Italy travel blog

Carnivale in Venice!

A travel blog entry by katevoss


... around abit before heading back home via water bus to bed.  It was a good night out despite the lask of nightlife in Venice. Thursday 16th February This morning we had a bit of a sleep in (not too long tho thanks to our curfew…) before going ...

Last day in Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Last day in Venice

A travel blog entry by lyn-gary-travel


... out time is 12 noon. So we head down for breakfast. We sit next to a young Aussie family that will also be leaving Venice today, except that they still have three weeks of holidaying left. Back in the room after breakfast, we start the job of trying to ...

Walking in Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Walking in Venice

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... twelve hours.  We’ve just checked in to the amazing Hotel Abbazia, which is built within the old Monastery of Venice's Discalced Carmelite Friars.  Ok, Calle Priuli dei Cavaletti was a wee bit challenging to find, mainly because it is a ...

I hate pigeons, Venice, Italy travel blog

I hate pigeons

A travel blog entry by carey99

Finally arrived at the campsite which will be home for the next couple of nights on the mainland of Venice. Had a very interesting train trip where i had to change trains 3 times after missing my first train in La Spezia. I then had to sit next to this ...

On the road to Nice, Venice, Italy travel blog

On the road to Nice

A travel blog entry by dmckinnon


I really wish I had some exciting story about the travel from Ljubljana to Nice, but I don't. Oh, except for stopping in Venice for about 5 hours and got lost within the first 20 minutes. I know, getting lost in Venice is part of the fun, but I had a ...

Off to Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog

Off to Venice

A travel blog entry by lafalot


Back on the train and in a "Harry Potter" private cabin. Not sure how we did that, but it was ...

Where is our hostel?!, Venice, Italy travel blog

Where is our hostel?!

A travel blog entry by dancera


... wanted to face and it sounded fun! So we eventually went to St. Marco Square to play with the pigeons. So far: I LOVE VENICE! It was extremely beautiful. The streets were adorable. The great thing too is that during the day it is crowded due to ...

Skip the gondolas, Venice, Italy travel blog

Skip the gondolas

A travel blog entry by linds_and_ryan


... I get off the train?" Needless to say I caught her before she disembarked in some podunk town in Northern Italy. But it makes for a nice story. Sorry, Jill. Venice itself was wonderful. And after all the hype, you might think that it would be hard to ...

on the night train to Paris, Venice to Paris, Italy travel blog

on the night train to Paris

A travel blog entry by 5wksineurope


Last day in Venice, will join the night train tonight at 8pm for the 13 hr trip across the Swiss Alps to France then Paris. We were going to fly but due to the cost of our excess baggage !! (lots of shopping) we decided to experience the train !! should ...

Venice, Venice, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by toddnrachel


... see certain spots of the cities, but now on our own we're relaxed and seeing anything we want to, and if we want to expolre shops and side streets we can with out getting in trouble we can. We've seen so much more of Venice than anywhere else we've ...

Venice Day #2, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice Day #2

A travel blog entry by mdoug03


... the height of Ancient Greece (Yea waaayyy cool) Well after that we were suppose to go and visit the Ducal Palace were the Doge of Venice went held court, but Don decided that it was too late and gave us the rest of the afternoon off. So I came back into ...

The Waterways of Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog

The Waterways of Venezia

A travel blog entry by travelingmoores


... , our hotel (a converted Palace) was nearby.. imagine us trying to lug suitcases over bridges and along the cobbled alleyways. Venice is a very touristy city, as cruise ships drop off their passengers for the day. Nevertheless, getting lost in the streets ...

Venice, Virtuosos, and Vivaldi, Venice, Italy travel blog

Venice, Virtuosos, and Vivaldi

A travel blog entry by chris-roisin


... we headed for the nearby water taxi for the hour journey back to Piazzale Roma. I have come to the conclusion that although Venice is a magical place to wander in the evening, it is not very photogenic in the dark as most places are dimly lit and ...

Volo a Venezia, Venice, Italy travel blog

Volo a Venezia

A travel blog entry by ainaz


... Italy. The total chaos and yet the smooth flow of events is exactly what I have felt in all of Italy, and only in Italy. I think Venice would have been impossible and a pain to visit on a loaded bicycle, so I'm really glad I didn't ride my bike there. ...

Pizza, Pasta, Sleezy Italian Men and Gelati, Venice, Italy travel blog

Pizza, Pasta, Sleezy Italian Men and Gelati

A travel blog entry by chezstar

... we have been through France to Switzerland, back to France to Barcelona (Spain), to the French Riviera, then to Italy - Florence, Rome and now we are in Venice!!!! OMG we have packed sooo much in in 2 weeks!!! I'm exhausted just thinking about it! So with ...

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