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Federica and the Rest of Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Federica and the Rest of Milan

A travel blog entry by btutterow


... than I had figured it would be. Dad and I were able to cram a lot into one day without feeling rushed. I dubbed Milan the "Chicago of Italy" as it had a much more modern feel with a lot of businessmen running around, yet there were many ...

Ciao from Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Ciao from Milan

A travel blog entry by tk2014


We have just spent the last two nights in Milan - what a great introduction to Italy!   We must say though, our first experience of Milan was a little underwhelming.  On checking in to our hotel, the concierge (who very generously sent up a ...

Hot, hot, hot, Milan, Italy travel blog

Hot, hot, hot

A travel blog entry by travelmonster


...   A couple of stops later and we get off to go and see San Ambrogio, an old abbey - one of the oldest in Milan. It has beautiful cloisters and the monk's tower/bell tower. It has had various additions added over different centuries and the medieval ...

Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by scotfordfamily


... ones) before heading to the snow. we departed Siena after a lovely week and made our way about 4 hours north to Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, and arguably the world. Satnav did me no favours and directed me down a 1 way pedestrian mall and by the ...

A brief stop at Milan to see its Gothic Cathedral!, Milan, Italy travel blog

A brief stop at Milan to see its Gothic Cathedral!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... of. Back onboard the bus and exactly three and a half hours later, we were entering the city of Milan or should I say the second largest municipality in Italy with a population of over 1.3 million!   We were here to admire the Gothic Cathedral ...

Duomo, Last Supper, Castle, Milan Italy, Italy travel blog

Duomo, Last Supper, Castle

A travel blog entry by ranlo


... to spare. Italo has a nice waiting area. There are lots of stairs to climb with no elevators or escalators. Italo train from Milan to Florence extremely nice; they even come around with drinks and cookies. Only six people in our first-class ...

Milan Expenses, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan Expenses

A travel blog entry by gojenngo


... ride - only lasting about 2 hours or so. I was a little nervous that we were headed into colder temperatures, the northern part of Italy is usually colder, so we had our coats and gloves and we were ready. At any rate Scotland was much colder and I had ...

... Si parteeeeee!!!!, Milan, Italy travel blog

... Si parteeeeee!!!!

A travel blog entry by sistercrystal


Questo è ad oggi il ns operativo voli ufficiale, ma è da "prendere con le pinze" in quanto le compagnie aeree continuano ad apportare variazioni e soprattutto una volta là tutto è basato anche sulle condizioni climatiche (forti pioggie) e ...

Milan - excellent seafood paella... not much else, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan - excellent seafood paella... not much else

A travel blog entry by richlum

Milan photos here: Milan was pretty much just another big European city. Not exciting enough to be interesting and not small and quaint enough to be charming. Checked out the ...

Party Down with the Ghosts of Gladiators in Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Party Down with the Ghosts of Gladiators in Milan

A travel blog entry by kittymartini


I jumped on the #73 city bus from Linate airport to City Center Milan.  Linate is a smaller airport that's closer to town than Malpensa, the big airport. The entire area is recycled from old warehouses and military installations. It has an ancient ...

Lambie's return to the HOMELAND, Milan, Italy travel blog

Lambie's return to the HOMELAND

A travel blog entry by travelinbull


... trip across the pond, we arrive in Italy, relatively fresh and ready to hit the ground running to do a little exploring. Milan, as most will know, is the epitome of haute couture. Specifically, we are talking about Via Montenapoleone and Via Della ...

Milan- Surreal, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan- Surreal

A travel blog entry by jenny2802


The cheapest flight from New York to Delhi stopped in Milan for 12 hours so we decided to ‘pop’ into the centre of the city for some pizza and pasta. It is the surrealist day of my travelling so far and even though we were jetlagged and all ...

Travelling, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by pernari


... instead of regional at 12:30 and luckily have cash to pay for upgraded seats.) 1: 45 or so: train from Verona to Milan. about 4: Get on overstuffed coach bus from Centrale train station to airport.  Barely get off the bus with luggage as driver ...

Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by 5edwards


... as we taxied to our hotel. However, 2 minutes walk from the hotel and we were amazed at the sight of Milan Duomo. Very imposing structure, covered with detailed carvings and sculpture. Along with that was the very beautiful Galleria Vittoria Emanuelle ...

Back to Milan, Milan, Italy travel blog

Back to Milan

A travel blog entry by bellrouse


Arriving in Milan late Monday afternoon left us no time for museums or churches, but we made good use of our evening exploring the Brera neighborhood, enjoying one last pizza, and wandering streets up to the Duomo -- for gelato from Grom and for last ...

Cafe Flash, Milan, Italy travel blog

Cafe Flash

A travel blog entry by jeffandmarie


... --Pizzaria--Griglieria Jeff is pictured working up an appetite for our return to Flash. He climbed up on the roof of the Milan Duomo. Earlier in the day we did get the coveted opportunity see Da Vinci's Last Supper. Typically you need to book ...

Prada, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by blissmiss

... . They were up out of their seats opening the bins and rushing the door before the plane even landed. Anyway. I have now seen Milan's airport, public buses and train station and have yet to actually see the city though I hear even the bums wear Prada. ...

Milan: Culture and Fashion, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan: Culture and Fashion

A travel blog entry by kurtmills


... it was covered with scaffolding. My last stop was to see the famous La Scala Opera House, where many of Italy's famous opera singers have performed. Overall, Milan is worth seeing for a day just to see the Duomo and the Last Supper, but I would not ...

Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by rohanandchris


We arrived in Milan in the afternoon..We found a hotel, it was a two star, but not too expensive..I have only eight minutes on the computer until my time runs out, so ill make it quick. We got something to eat at a real Italian pizzeria; it was really ...

Milano, Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by lynette.cole


We arrived in Milan late in the evening, finding out hostel without an issue. If I'm being frank, in Milan we focused on two things: seeing and eating. Here is what that entailed: ~~ Seeing: - The most amazing bottle player in existence. He even played ...

Buon giorno Milano!, Milan, Italy travel blog

Buon giorno Milano!

A travel blog entry by cpasifou


... et refaire le plein de trucs électroniques très difficiles à trouver en Égypte, comme un fil de recharge électrique Apple. Milan, c’est aussi l’occasion de revoir Paolo et Teresa, rencontrés sur l’île Amantani, au beau milieu du ...

Milan ...the Style capital, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan ...the Style capital

A travel blog entry by psycik


... nice....although we were sick so people were looking sideways at us as we coughed and spluttered up the countryside of italy. Arrived in Milan, as usual no maps, no tourist information areas...great we thought. Downstairs we found a ticket area. ...

De nuevo hacia Suiza, Milan, Italy travel blog

De nuevo hacia Suiza

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

... día de mi periplo suizo, por lo que decidí ir hacia allí ahora. Por la mañana habíamos ido a la sede del Milan a comprar tickets para ver el clásico milanés del domingo siguiente y Rodrigo decidió ir a Lucerna conmigo mientras Javier iba a Turín ...

Come back to Italy, Milan, Italy travel blog

Come back to Italy

A travel blog entry by fettino

We take a bus to Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul), where a flight bring us in Sao Paulo and then in Milan.....really hoping to come back in these wonderful ...

Opera and the Last Supper, Milan, Italy travel blog

Opera and the Last Supper

A travel blog entry by bellrouse


... to come back. Our guide, Devin, explained the key elements of gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture -- all three present throughout Milan and not infrequently in the same block. He shared that for the past 40 or so years renovations have sought ...

Die etwas andere italienische Stadt, Milan, Italy travel blog

Die etwas andere italienische Stadt

A travel blog entry by anikaundjulian


Juuhuu, endlich wieder ein Zuschlag. 10 Euro p.P. fuer eine 2,5 stuendige Fahrt! In Mailand fiel uns direkt auf, dass irgendetwas anders war: die gewohnten Tourimassen fehlten am Bahnhof. Doch leider hatten wir uns zu frueh gefreut. Am Dom das uebliche ...

The beginning of our Italian Adventure!, Milan, Italy travel blog

The beginning of our Italian Adventure!

A travel blog entry by mackieineurope


... 't even know if I would make it to Italy in my lifetime...none the less....spend spring break there!!!! Our adventure begin in Milan...and the following are the amazing things we encountered while there. We were only in Milan for a it was very ...

Milan, Creamy and Delicious, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan, Creamy and Delicious

A travel blog entry by drewduhon


... here is more expensive than what I would expect in the states We followed up our pasta dinners with gelato, it is Milan after all. I got strawberry and hazelnut while travel partner went the energetic route with chocolate and some sort of coffee ...

ITS RAINING ITS POURING..., Milan, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by alexiastrawn

Its raining!!! its been raing for 2 days now...we arrived to Milan yesterday...and we got soked, em and i spent the whole day in bed nuzzled up and watched MTV...yes thats right MTV...oh i have had such withdrawel...its nice some is in italian but most is ...

Milan and the lake region, Milan, Italy travel blog

Milan and the lake region

A travel blog entry by irenan


... on wine and orange soda) or prosecco (basically champagne-type sparkling wine)... You can enjoy aperitivi anywhere in Italy, not only in Milan (yet - as I mentioned earlier - Milan has the reputation for the best aperitivi) find the most ...

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