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Florence's sights, Florence, Italy travel blog

Florence's sights

A travel blog entry by jamesanddebbie


... ). 414 stairs. Our legs will definitely be in good shape after this holiday is done. There was an amazing view from the top over Florence. It was still a little foggy, but you could see a lot of the beauty of this city. After our legs had recovered, we ...

Florence - Tuscany, Florence, Italy travel blog

Florence - Tuscany

A travel blog entry by scrubba


Disembarked the ship today, trekked to train station in Venice for a 2 hour train ride to Florence. We decided to walk to our hotel as it was only 10 minutes away but we didn't count on the very narrow footpaths, thousands of people strolling along to be ...

Walking tour of Florence, Florence, Italy travel blog

Walking tour of Florence

A travel blog entry by karigraven


Florence - the Duomo and more, Florence, Italy travel blog

Florence - the Duomo and more

A travel blog entry by patandjill


Saying goodbye to Venice is hard, but we are definitely looking forward to our next stop, Florence,center of Italy's Tuscany Region. We made our way from Venice to this beautiful old city by ...

Last Monday in Florence, Florence, Italy travel blog

Last Monday in Florence

A travel blog entry by amandawhitaker


Today was a good day. i woke up and the run felt good because Laura and I rest on Sunday. on my way to class i went to the market to get some fresh fruit for the day and a cafe Americana. the market is super cheap and i love talking to the workers in ...

Switzerland!, Florence, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by hcarr13


... can say they jumped off a canyon on their 21st birthday?! I would have never imagined celebrating it in Switzerland either. We left Florence at about 7:30 p.m. and got to our hostel in the Swiss Alps around 3 a.m…quite a long bus ride…and ...

FLORENCE!!!, Florence, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by rob.jenn


... boy. As we wander in search of a restaurant which appeals, we happen along the Piazza della Signoria... I am spell bound, I love Florence!! We walk up a street which shows a huge fountain with the back and bottom of a naked man with nymphs surrounding ...

Florence, Florence, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by jaireed


Florence (9/30/09)  (From memory) We made it to Florence today and managed to find our tent at Campo de Michelangelo.  The tents here are sturdy and have a high platform for them to sit on so they don't get rained on.  It costs 10 euro ...

Amalfi Coast!, Florence, Italy travel blog

Amalfi Coast!

A travel blog entry by hcarr13


... what it used to look like with all of the streets, shops, and houses everywhere. It’s really neat. Take a look at the pictures! Afterward, we got lunch and got back on our bus to head back to Florence. Couldn’t have asked for a better ...

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy travel blog

Ponte Vecchio

A travel blog entry by bethany

Today Faria and I decided (bravely, considering!) to catch the bus back into central Florence, in order to watch the sunset. We stood on the Ponte Vecchio ('Old Bridge') and watched the sun fade over the river Arno. It was lovely, though I must admit I ...

Day 30 - Florence at Night, Florence, Italy travel blog

Day 30 - Florence at Night

A travel blog entry by vaidehi


... Santa Maria Del Fiore from here.  From this point, we drove to another square and from where we took a loooooong walk in Florence city and covered Ponte Vecchio. He shared a lot of interesting facts about the city. I realised that Italy was one of ...

Storm, Florence, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauren__11

Tonight the skies opened up, more so than rolled, the thunder cracked with conviction. This "notte" in Firenze, illuminated by the awesome power of lightning. I have never experienced two solid hour of such raw contempt....."Arrabiata," as the Italians ...

Florence - Home to some guy named David, Florence, Italy travel blog

Florence - Home to some guy named David

A travel blog entry by atlantakevin


... gallery so I don't have any here, but you can see how David is displayed in the gallery by searching the internet.   Florence is incredibly beautiful and definitely some place we would return for a visit, however it would be in May/June or Sept/Oct ...

Heading Back to Canada, Florence, Italy travel blog

Heading Back to Canada

A travel blog entry by linpep


Wonderful experience. We feel truly blessed and had a magnifico time. Grazie Italia. We encountered sweet kind people everywhere we went. Ti amo! :) ...

Firenze, Florence, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by admcc78


Florence and ...

My Amicos! Let me introduce you to Florence!, Florence, Italy travel blog

My Amicos! Let me introduce you to Florence!

A travel blog entry by tplimmer


Thanks to Josh's (many) educational professor-type-lectures about Florence before our trip, I know that Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The period of the Renaissance was between 1450-1600. Renaissance means 'rebirth of ...

Falling In Love (with the city), Florence, Italy travel blog

Falling In Love (with the city)

A travel blog entry by alexa.coyle


... fresh pastries for a euro or two, which is illegal here but very popular. It has become a game to find the secret bakeries around Florence. Went home and fell asleep around 4 am again. Saturday, September 5th, woke up at 12 pm, and went to lunch with ...

04/06/2009, Florence, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


... this is it for the day. I made my way back to the tower to pick up Marg and Ben and we are on the way back to Florence to the hotel. We went out tonight in a little restaurant recommended by the reception of our hotel. I must admit that I was not too sure ...

What a great start!, Florence, Italy travel blog

What a great start!

A travel blog entry by kimitalia


Fantastic Hotel and great breakfast ... we are all very happy with our digs in Florence.  We are off to Sienna for the day.  Will be on the bus at 9 and back at 6 tonight ... still a bit chilly but looking forwarding to seeing ...

Sleeping in Tents, Florence, Italy travel blog

Sleeping in Tents

A travel blog entry by bigbenn

Then got a 1 hour train to Florence. Got a bus to our camp ground. This time we had a tent with two beds in it. Very squashed and not very nice. Did washing and went straight to bed as very tired. Will Update this with more info at a later date ...

Stretching the Euro, Florence, Italy travel blog

Stretching the Euro

A travel blog entry by gojenngo

My first opportunity to sleep in and I couldn't wait. After a light breakfast I decided to spend the day exploring more of the city and trying to work off last night's dinner.   The first objective was trying to find a warmer coat as it has been ...

Rain Rain Go Away, Florence, Italy travel blog

Rain Rain Go Away

A travel blog entry by kimitalia


... for presents to take home, then we had lunch near the Uffizi Galleria, food is always delicious.  Found the best toilet in Florence as rated by Roseanne – near the museum of the arts and cultural centre – 1€ and the man opened the ...

The City That Never Stops... Walking, Florence, Italy travel blog

The City That Never Stops... Walking

A travel blog entry by haleycheetham


... and dad safely arrived in Naples last Thursday, and after meeting them there “after my Thursday classes,” we left for Florence first thing Friday morning. Florence is a city that none of us has ever been to, and it worked out ...

European Vacation!, Florence, Italy travel blog

European Vacation!

A travel blog entry by alisoncuddy


... morning we left and drove 3 hours to Milan, where we picked up Michelle and did some touristy things before driving into Florence. After dinner Michelle and I walked to the Duomo and enjoyed some Italian wine! We thought we would be cultural and visit ...

Excavations and marvelous green, pink and white, Florence, Italy travel blog

Excavations and marvelous green, pink and white

A travel blog entry by lauren__11


... works of faith and breathtaking craftsmanship are hardly "regular." People from around the world flock to the Baptistery (named after Florence's Saint Giovanni) to see and revel in the beauty of it's three sets of bronze doors, by Ghiberti. The ...

Teatro, Florence, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauren__11

... , Italians seem to prefer the "conglomerated mass," the Darwin theory perhaps......."survival of the fittest?!" Regardless our trek across Florence in the early morning hours proved to be completely futile. We missed that "optimal window," I won't ...

Nice cake and free souvenirs from Gucci Museo, Florence, Italy travel blog

Nice cake and free souvenirs from Gucci Museo

A travel blog entry by kurodatenshi


Some higher quality and more scenic pictures are available in larger resolutions. You may access them in their maximum sizes by clicking on the image. ---------------------------------------- From the Duomo, we walked to Piazza della Signoria via Piazza ...

Pisa Cake, Florence, Italy travel blog

Pisa Cake

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... Jewish?)  but the statue is truly spectacular.  Next stop the Medici palace to hear about the fights and intrigues between Florence and Rome.  The stories are probably true, though I suspect our guide gets a fair bit of his material from ...

Fondness for Florence, Florence, Italy travel blog

Fondness for Florence

A travel blog entry by rachelniewiada


... carefree. The pace is perfect and with everything the city has to offer, it just absorbs you up like a sponge. Yeah, I would say Florence has certainly done that. It's going to be a very bittersweet departure next week, but for right now, I'm going to ...

Lost in translation, Florence, Italy travel blog

Lost in translation

A travel blog entry by sarahandstutour


... ) didn't come up to scratch - as the hotel manager's daughter, her English wasn't up to bedtime story standard! ...but we saw Florence by night so she's a godsend in our books! Also I had to do aqua aerobics poolside next to the campsite instructor (at ...

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