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The Wedding, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Indonesia travel blog

The Wedding

A travel blog entry by annikaandpaul


... . What a day. The following day was spent making the most of the fantastic Quasi Villa (the President of Indonesia stays there whenever visiting Lombok). Later we squeezed in a trip to a bamboo market; a textile, furniture and pottery workshop and also ...

What a constructive day!, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

What a constructive day!

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... ' visa extension. I did indeed have to have my photo taken as well as all my fingerprints but it now means that i can stay in Indonesia for another four months if i so wish (unfortunately i can’t though as i have a work commitment in Vietnam & ...

Diving, diving and more diving, Gili Trawagan, Indonesia travel blog

Diving, diving and more diving

A travel blog entry by gypsymichelle


This is a tiny little island off the east coast of Lombok (the next big island east of Bali). When I was in Belize my friend Max said if I liked Caye Caulker, I had to come to this island, so here I am. It was a 6 hour ferry ride to Lombok, hour or so ...

Ancient Wooden Mosque, Bayan, Indonesia travel blog

Ancient Wooden Mosque

A travel blog entry by nas.latif


I am on the island of Lombok where the majority of the population are muslim. I am told that there are over 1000 mosques here. In the mornings the call to prayer starts at about 530 then  other voices join in and after a while there may be 5 or ...

Man vs Weather, Sengiggi, Indonesia travel blog

Man vs Weather

A travel blog entry by elrigster


... , we ended up in a home stay just outside of town. This is probably the best place that we have stayed so far. The owner was a Lombok local called Made, pronounced "MAD – EY" he was just 24 and invested all the money his father had given him in the ...

Despues de 30 horas, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Despues de 30 horas

A travel blog entry by nettuareg


... la 13.00 de casa y hemos pillado la cama al dia siguiente a las 20.00 al hotel. Curiosa la llegada al aeropuerto de lombok. Un monton de gente esperando en plan llegada expedicion del barça. Además a falta de parque las familias de van a hacer el ...

Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tomandamanda


... to walk another hour to the second camp so we could see the waterfall in the morning.  That night Azima told us a ancient Lombok story of two brothers and a scary ape half man who stole a princess.  The two brothers fought and won but the ...

Exploring the town, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Exploring the town

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


... there was an article which stated that on 14th May 2010, a boat similar to the one we travelled on (between Gili Trawangan and Lombok) managed to turn over when the wind increased. Three people drowned as they were trapped under the boat. The Captain was ...

Crossing Straits between Islands, Bali, Indonesia travel blog

Crossing Straits between Islands

A travel blog entry by ihf


Today I have been traveling all day long 9 Hours straight from Bromo, then a Train, then a Bus, Ferry, Bus, Taxi, Finally, Denpasar, a quick scroll trhough the Night Market, Exhausted, Gone to ...

Notebook for a smile, Kuta Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Notebook for a smile

A travel blog entry by geo.caissa


... 964;ίχο του ξαδέρφου Νίκου- In Lombok, the children on the beach, at the restaurants and on the streets, they sell bracelets. First they say 10.000rp and then ...

grau wie...?, North Lombok, Indonesien travel blog

grau wie...?

A travel blog entry by sibyllejuerg


...der Himmel während des Regenfalls? ...der Meeresgrund? ...der Hai, welcher uns umkreist? Der Tag beginnt wolkenverhangen, jedoch lassen uns die wenigen blauen "Löcher" am Himmel hoffen, dass es bald sonniger wird. Unser letzter Tauchgang in ...

Paradise Found, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Paradise Found

A travel blog entry by tamsinandmatt


... have little tables on raised platforms sheltered by weaved roofs, all overlooking the sea. We would have had a perfect view of Lombok"s Gunung Rinjani volcano if the clouds ever lifted... Today we went on a snorkel tour of the three islands, joined by a ...

Giddy about the Gilis, Gili Islands, Indonesia travel blog

Giddy about the Gilis

A travel blog entry by chris-zoe


In true South East Asia style, our promised 7-hour journey to the Gili islands turned out to be a 12-hour trip, involving two ferries and three buses - one of which we had to give a push start to as it was so clapped out. But what's five hours between ...

Day trip to Lombok, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog

Day trip to Lombok

A travel blog entry by firefrog11


... waiting for some helmets to arrive we shared a bit of light banter about life and The corruption of government. He informed us that Indonesia where third in world for most corrupt. I told him that they would have to try harder then, so that they could ...

Days 114-118: Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Days 114-118: Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by mikeandpaula_09


... holidays.  We probably preferred it to Bali for this reason.  Unlike Bali and similar to the rest on Indonesia, the inhavitants of Lombok are islamic and we could hear the 'call to prayer' several times a day.   Sengiggi had everything we ...

El mundo a veces es mas pekeño q un pañuelo!, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

El mundo a veces es mas pekeño q un pañuelo!

A travel blog entry by nettuareg


El mundo tiene 7 mil millones d personas y Boehringer España 1700! Menos q un Kleenex, encontrarte a alguien n el mismo avión y al mismo destino...OS mantendré con la intriga hasta la ...

Day 9 - Lombok - Dodge'ms with local traffic, Sengiggi, Indonesia travel blog

Day 9 - Lombok - Dodge'ms with local traffic

A travel blog entry by dru_tim


Up early this morning (well 7.15) and off to breakfast to be at the bike shop for our $10 each Bike Tour. We set off on bikes that were pretty good (though my brakes didn't work so well and my seat needed tightening after the first hill). We went on the ...

Gili Bound, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Bound

A travel blog entry by travelbuggie

... heavy bags, and we checked out the Hotel Lina which was right across the street from the Perama bus station. Senggigi is Lombok’s tourist area, or so the guidebook said and the street vendors were pretty pushy. “Tidak Terimah Kasih” is ...

Princess Rinjani, Senaru, Indonesia travel blog

Princess Rinjani

A travel blog entry by appleandparsnip


... in Asia. It was freezing on top and we were all willing the sun to appear. The early rays revealed the surrounding islands of Indonesia. We descended with a skip in our step as it was a walk with incredible views. We ate breakfast and packed up before a ...

Last day in Senggigi, lombok, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Last day in Senggigi, lombok

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


FAMILY AND FRIENDS BLOG                     Happy Birthday to our good friend June Nelson. We are sure that her husband Keith will make sure she has a really ...

Turtles guaranteed!, Gili Air, Indonesia travel blog

Turtles guaranteed!

A travel blog entry by danaandtomer


... appropriate age. On one of our last days we biked around our island, just to do a little exploring. After a week of mostly relaxing, we were ready to move. After much contemplation, the decision was made to climb the second biggest volcano in ...

Day 11, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Day 11

A travel blog entry by leandglenn


... moon bar and cafe not far from our hotel and can see why it's Gemma's fave. Hubby made a purchase today, yay! A Lombok t shirt. Daughter made 2 purchases, a woven colourful cloth for the end of her bed at home, her room is slightly Balinese ...

The Gili Islands, Pemenang, Indonesia travel blog

The Gili Islands

A travel blog entry by grainofsand


So we hadn't been able to decide which of the islands we wanted to visit - do we visit more than one to experience the difference? or do we go for ultimate relaxation and fully settle in on one island? When we'd been for dinner with Lucie and Paul a ...

Day out with Eddy Lombok, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Day out with Eddy Lombok

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


... into the whole atmosphere of the market and these sorts of things are just normal here. Eddy explained that most people in Indonesia do not have any means of keeping things cold and definitely rich people were the only ones with freezers. Therefore all ...

Sailing east of Lombok, Lombok, Indonesia travel blog

Sailing east of Lombok

A travel blog entry by myslowtravel


... , at man ikke forstår en skid af det de siger - at høre de andre fortælle, hvordan de skal med et 1½times fly tilbage til Lombok, imens vi skal bruge minimum 24 døgn på at transportere os selv samme distance |: - at se, hvor vi skal sove de næste 4 ...

Gili Trawanagan, Indonesia, Gili Trawanagan, Indonesia travel blog

Gili Trawanagan, Indonesia

A travel blog entry by aaronpolarbear


... hours.  I am still surprised that nobody wants a motorbike on the island though because they are so popular everywhere else in Indonesia. Gili Trawanagan is famous for its party scene and there are quite a number of bars along the main road on the ...

Closure, Mataram, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by crashdot


This is the original purpose of my trip, to finally climb the mountain where Jim died, and see for myself what the place looked like. With all the delays and problems over the last 10 years, it hardly seemed like it was going to happen, let alone how ...

Miss Mandi, Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Miss Mandi

A travel blog entry by mendekie


... kukkelde bijna het water in. Gelukkig wist ik een paal te grijpen. Een kleine drie kwartier later kwamen we aan bij Bangsal, Lombok.   Op het strand werden we belaagt door mannen die je naar de shuttlebus wilden brengen. Ik probeerde nog te vluchten, ...

Lombok...el Chile indonesio..., Senggigi, Indonesia travel blog

Lombok...el Chile indonesio...

A travel blog entry by clvillar


... bien, cada vez que decimos que somos de gente cree que amamos el picante...cosa que no es asi...Ahora, llegamos a Lombok, que en idioma local significa también ají...asi que además de pensar que nos gusta el ají por ser chilenos...estamos ...

Who am I?, Gili Trawangen, Indonesia travel blog

Who am I?

A travel blog entry by sianinbali


So, it is now my last night on Gili Trawangen... And it been emotional... Never have I felt so alone... It's a strange thing going out night after night on your own, surrounded by people having a great time, trying to strike up conversation but getting ...

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