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Time Is Ticking, Labuanbajo,  Indonesia travel blog

Time Is Ticking

A travel blog entry by stortney

All of a sudden, the week that we had set aside for Labuanbajo seems like no time at all. It's rare that we're able to put aside a whole week for a single place and we thought it would be ample time here but there is just such a lot that we want to do. ...

Bali-Lombok-Flores and back, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Bali-Lombok-Flores and back

A travel blog entry by doro


... Zeit nicht allein gelassen und mir 'Unterricht' in der lokalen Sprache gegeben. Sie hat auf meinen Fuß gezeigt und gesagt: 'Bahasa Indonesia: Kaki, Bahasa Sumba: Balu (oder so ähnlich, kann mich nicht mehr erinnern)'. Und so ging das die ganze Zeit bis ...

Interminable Ferries and Magical Lakes, Moni, Indonesia travel blog

Interminable Ferries and Magical Lakes

A travel blog entry by jesshiggins


In a country of 17,000 islands, travel by boat is inevitable. We thought that traveling to Flores by ferry would be interesting, and it certainly was! We paid an extra dollar to be in the "fancy" section, which meant there were seats with cushions. In ...

ending up in Ende....., Ende, Indonesia travel blog

ending up in Ende.....

A travel blog entry by dunkersandbish

... where to go to after Kelimutu but will likely get a ferry over to Kupang on West Timor then adventure up to the north on Indonesia for a while. Sorry for the short post and lack of komodo dragon photos but the heat is getting up and we want to get going ...

The divings good but it didn't blow me away!, Labuhanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

The divings good but it didn't blow me away!

A travel blog entry by richierich33


We had the option of either spending a 4th night on the boat in the harbour for free or staying in town, but as all the hotels and guesthouses were so ridiculously expensive for such a shitty port town everybody chose to sleep on the boat again. That ...

Komodo Island and Flores Fun!, Komodo, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo Island and Flores Fun!

A travel blog entry by nprivette

The next morning, I am awoken by someone turning the engine on over my head.  I did set my alarm clock but I guess, they thought I needed to wake up earlier.  Breakfast was delightful, fried bananas and bread!   They showed me the shower ...

In Search of Dragons, Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

In Search of Dragons

A travel blog entry by dave-baker


... half an hour and was a fantastic sight. We tied up to another boat and had a chat with a Canadian couple who lived in Indonesia and were doing a similar tour to us, whilst enjoying a couple of beers. All the crews of the various boats all moored either ...

Bali Bound, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Bali Bound

A travel blog entry by dave-baker

Jeffrey reappeared unexpectedly agin this morning to sort out our transport back to Labuan Bajo airport and the flight back to Bali. Enrico managed to get on the same flight back as me too. He was supposed to go back to Denpasar later but the flight ...

Running out of land..., Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Running out of land...

A travel blog entry by dunkersandbish


Hello Miss and Mister's! We have been enjoying some spectacular journeys across Indonesia already but Flores just keeps raising the bar.  After an early start from Ende we headed towards a small village called Moni at the base of the volcano Kelimutu ...

Cunca Rami, Labuanbajo,  Indonesia travel blog

Cunca Rami

A travel blog entry by stortney


... own steam. Of course there's far too much to do in a day but we set a course for Cunca Rami, a waterfall about 35km east of Labuan Bajo, aboard a rented moped. The directions we were given were vague to say the least, but we assumed from the blasé ...

STA Travel Screwed Us, Labuanbajo,  Indonesia travel blog

STA Travel Screwed Us

A travel blog entry by stortney

Over the few weeks we have been at our wits end trying to deal with STA Travel's Global Help Service due to them booking a flight on the wrong date. We were told at the time of booking that tickets for our requested date of return had not yet been ...

Baubau to Hoga, Baubau, Indonesia travel blog

Baubau to Hoga

A travel blog entry by katie.gordon

The sea was rough and the journey was long but we eventually made it to Hoga. After lunch (rice and spicy tuna) we were informed of all the dangerous marine and terrestrial species and shown our accommodation. Very basic raised huts with a mandy ...

3 taeg tauche vom beste, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

3 taeg tauche vom beste

A travel blog entry by toubi-anscha


nach de misere uf kanawa island hemer dasmal in labuan bajo glueck gah. zimmersuechi isch eifach verloffe und au en serioese tauchshop wo noed nur bla bla verzellt hemer  gschnell gfunde gah. bi bajo divers - em aeltiste abueter in labuan bajo - ...

Natural Wonders of Flores, Labuhanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Natural Wonders of Flores

A travel blog entry by maby-rtw


... James left Gili Air it just wasn't the same anymore and we decided to leave Gili two days after James to go further East in Indonesia, to Flores. We knew the trip will take us roughly 36h by bus and 2 ferries (completely crossing Sumbawa, an island ...

Flores, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by thoooo


Habe zum letzten Beitrag noch einige Bilder hinzugefuegt. Da niemand genau sagen konnte wann die Faehre faehr (Angaben waren von 7.00 bis 10.00...) bin ich frueh aus den Federn und mir ein Ticket fuer die Ueberfahrt kaufen gegangen. Etwa um 7.30 ging ich ...

Komodo Dragons, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

Komodo Dragons

A travel blog entry by globalfootprint


... and creating a great atmosphere on the boat. They also made us feel a little envious of the freedom they had sailing around Indonesia. It was inspirational really, as they had all pursued thier goals and never gave up their dream of ...

Part one of the Komodo Dragon Adventure, Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

Part one of the Komodo Dragon Adventure

A travel blog entry by nprivette

... get on my little propeller plane, that is filled with expats.   We fly over the little islands that make up Indonesia.  I understand how people could take years discovering the 15,000 different islands.  I finally feel like I am in ...

Transit a Ruteng, Ruteng, Indonesia travel blog

Transit a Ruteng

A travel blog entry by makistouf

Il nous faut 5 heures pour rejoindre Ruteng depuis Bajawa. En Kijang (voiture partagee). On a le plaisir d'etre conduit par le seul chauffeur d'Indonesie qui ecoute de la musique country dans un volume tout a fait acceptable. C est assez rare pour etre ...

Flores, Flores, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tanja92


Wir sind in Flores!!! Nach 35 Stunden Fahrt mit Bemo, Bus und Fähre... Ja, das war eben die günstigste Variante :) Anstrengend und abenteurlich, aber einfach cool! In Kuta Lombok sind wir in ein Bemo eingestiegen (ein kleiner Bus, vollkommen ...

Dive! Dive! Dive!, Rinca, Indonesia travel blog

Dive! Dive! Dive!

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard


Komodo.  It's one of those places whose very name bears a sense of myth and mystery.  Here be dragons, ferocious, venomous beasts.  The islands are legendary amongst divers, mentioned in the same breath as Sipadan, Pulau, Raja Ampat.  ...

rinca, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg


1.3.2013 punkt sechs uhr sassen wir wieder beim frühstück, am himmel standen regenwolken und wir wussten nicht, sollen wir heute den ausflug wagen, oder nicht. wir liessen den himmel walten, der regen prasselte aufs dach und wir warteten ...

Welcome to Flores !!!!!!!!!!!! sous la pluie......, Maumere, Indonesia travel blog

Welcome to Flores !!!!!!!!!!!! sous la pluie......

A travel blog entry by makistouf

Bon voila, on est arrives a Flores... Maumere plus precisemment.Et c'est la premiere fois depuis notre arrivee en Indonesie, qu'on prend la mesure de ce qu'est "la saison des pluies". Il pleut mais alors des trombes d'eau, ca cree des piscines naturelles ...

wetteränderung, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg


20.2.2013 wir machten einen langen strandspaziergang, danach wollten wir uns im meer abkühlen, mir waren die wellen eindeutig zu stark. es wurde uns schon beim frühstück empfohlen, falls wir baden würden, sollten wir uns beim seil ...

go komodo!, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

go komodo!

A travel blog entry by erinallison

... . Did we mention the cannibalism? Our next capricious tour decision turned out to be our favorite memory while traveling Indonesia---funny how these things work out some times. Our boat departed Komodo National Park, navigating between small deserted ...

The Natives Are Sure Restless!!!, Flores, Indonesia travel blog

The Natives Are Sure Restless!!!

A travel blog entry by lisabraz


This morning we inadvertantly slept in. Gabriel had wanted to get on the road by 7:30, but we didn't wake up until 7 and it was 8:45 before we managed to leave the happy hotel. Our hosts prepared a delicious breakfast for us including several kinds of ...

Kupang - Indonesia, Kupang, Indonesia travel blog

Kupang - Indonesia

A travel blog entry by tactical


... to another bus which took us back to Kupang where another argument ensued with Don. This we all thought was the start of Indonesia, so we didn't have a pleasant experience dealing with this character. We reported him to the staff of Ted's Bar as Don ...

Eden Beach ^^, Labuanbajo, Indonesia travel blog

Eden Beach ^^

A travel blog entry by chibisimo


From Moni we had to go through more endless bus journeys. Everyday we had a small bemo waiting to take us a little closer to Labuanbajo, still, it took us 3 days to reach it...   We're now a short boat trip away from town in a desert, but very nice ...

Flores, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by moskovskaja


Labuan Bajo kommt uns wirklich wie das Ende der Welt vor. Wahrscheinlich liegt es an unserer muehsamen Anreise. Da alle Fluege ausgebucht waren, entschlossen wir und zur Reise mit Bus und Faehre. 24 Stunden sollte die Fahrt dauern hatte man uns ...

regen, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg


12.2.2013 über das wetter dürfen wir uns nicht beschweren, wir haben seit tagen nur sonnenschein, obwohl regenzeit ist............ heute wurde unser tagebuch nachgeführt, die sonne drückte und brachte uns ins schwitzen. zur belohnung ...

moni, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tagebuchmlg


21.2.2013 hotel bintang lodge moni nach 14 tagen nichtstun freuten wir uns auf unser zigeunerleben, das auch ein wenig abenteuerlicher sein darf. wir starteten mit pater heinrichs auto samt chauffeur richtung moni. theo wurde von seinem chef angewiesen ...

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