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The holy Ganges river, Varanasi, India travel blog

The holy Ganges river

A travel blog entry by mo_mike


... at the embassy the first day, a four day wait and another 4 hours the next day ) we succeeded!  We flew into Varanasi, the holy Ganges river, where people come to live because they believe they go straight to Nirvana if ...

Assault On the Senses...and Then Some!!, Varanasi, India travel blog

Assault On the Senses...and Then Some!!

A travel blog entry by cjbishop


... until today!! Unbelievable and hard to describe, but I will try to give you a sense of what we saw and heard while in Varanasi, a city of 3 million people. 4:30 AM wake-up call as we were headed to the Ganges River (true pronunciation is "Gan Gan ...

Slowly down the Ganges, Varanasi, India travel blog

Slowly down the Ganges

A travel blog entry by laurieandjilly


... overnight train which was an event in itself!   Arriving in Mirzapur the next morning we met our boat crew who would spend the next few days with us as we sailed down the Ganges to Varanasi... to be continued... (this internet cafe is closing ...

Arrived in Hindustan, Varanasi, India travel blog

Arrived in Hindustan

A travel blog entry by remberido


... de grens aan de indische kant dan, waar eigenlijk geene zak te beleven valt buiten dan de trein te nemen naar Varanasi (vroeger Benares), centrum van het hindoeistische geloof, en stad van Shiva. Shiva zelf zal ons ondertussen twee tofferiken vinden, we ...

Eastern Erotica, Varanasi, India travel blog

Eastern Erotica

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... ) at 10.30am, but we are not immersing ourselves in that for anyone! As if this is not challenging enough, Varanasi has more power outages than any other city we have visited in India which is saying something. Apparently nobody pays their bills and ...

Naninital blog (missed entries)NOW in Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog

Naninital blog (missed entries)NOW in Varanasi

A travel blog entry by jagadish


... {This is the day Baba Neem Karoli left his physical body} The early half of the day we (Mike,Randall, and I) visited KK an India devotee of Maharaji that was the translator for Ram Dass when he had his heart opened by Baba. Thus, that from which "Be ...

Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by jackandhenrik

... it was incredible to see how much this meant to the people. Never did we think that we would experience such a place, but Varanasi was one of those places that just opens up your mind to the different cultures in the world and really makes you appreciate ...

Holy bathing ghat man!, Varanasi, India travel blog

Holy bathing ghat man!

A travel blog entry by mrpat


... Ganges where time seems to have stood still? Just plain bonkers? The guide books say you cannot begin to understand India without a visit to Varanasi and so we duly went and were duly non-plussed by most things we saw. Our auto-rickshaw driver, ...

IZAURA, Nao consigo responder/ler seus e-mails, Varanasi, India travel blog

IZAURA, Nao consigo responder/ler seus e-mails

A travel blog entry by rechmachado

... caixa postal, mas nao consigo le-las muito menos responde-las. Ja' tentei todas as especies de cyber cafe' de Varanasi. Todos sao primitivos. Assim que chegar em Delhi, tentarei novamente. Creio que no Camboja tambem terei dificuldades de comunicacao ...

Granpa, G-String, Ganges, Ghat, Varanasi, India travel blog

Granpa, G-String, Ganges, Ghat

A travel blog entry by herriejeroenski


... meal (within a few hundred meters all restaurants are vegetarian, because of the role of the holy river Ganges) on a rooftop terrace overlooking Varanasi and the Ganges before retiring to our hotel. 26-11 Varanasi – Delhi We have an 11 o’clock ...

A Poeira

A Poeira "Magica da India"

A travel blog entry by rechmachado

A POEIRA MAGICA DA INDIA Existem, basicamente, duas formas de visitar a India: por pacote, contratado desde o Brasil, ou de forma independente, como optamos por fazer. Nao gosto de viajar com pacotes fechados, pois a impressao que fica (ao menos para ...

Varanassi and the first few days in Kathmandu!, Varanasi, India travel blog

Varanassi and the first few days in Kathmandu!

A travel blog entry by mccoyryan


... alot of the time for our inital few days in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is great in comparison to the cities we visited in India! So chilled and relaxed - a  real delight. Entering Nepal we had to learn to deal with load shedding (reduced electricity). Its ...

Life and death on the river, Varanasi, India travel blog

Life and death on the river

A travel blog entry by teambrazier


... enjoying the pool until Sharma came to pick us up and take us to the railway station for our overnight to Varanasi. It was our first train journey in India so I was feeling a bit apprehensive but Sharma got us a porter who would get us on the right train ...

I love Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog

I love Varanasi

A travel blog entry by katieweber


... pointing at the menu and eating whatever the waiter (usually a young boy) brings us.. it's been a great success so far. Varanasi is such a lively, colorful city, I think predominately because it is a spiritual city...most visitors are Hindi and are here ...

Carry On Up The Ganges, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India travel blog

Carry On Up The Ganges

A travel blog entry by alfieandclaire

Hi all, We have, as promised, further explored Varanasi. It's deadly place. Ahem. Excuse the poor humour. We witnessed a riverside cremation (or three), stared-down cows in narrow alley-ways, and dodged shop owners in even narrower alley-ways around ...

Into India, Varanasi, India travel blog

Into India

A travel blog entry by simon.f


... that they dive into the river amongst the ash to fish out any gold that may have been on the body...... I'm currently in Varanasi, India, and getting here was a nasty hot cramped experience. We took an overnight bus from Kathmandu to the border, which ...

Let all your troubles drift away, Varanasi, India travel blog

Let all your troubles drift away

A travel blog entry by wickyjennings

... a shit or rain storm on my ass. I jumped on the back of a bike for a temple tour only to be caught in the first Varanasi monsoon rain storms. Freaking typical. Days on the bog and as soon as I leave the room the heavens open. Shelter under a tree would ...

An interesting night!, Varanasi, India travel blog

An interesting night!

A travel blog entry by emandve


... chants which their Islam faith insists they do before the sun rises. And yet still verity sleeps! When we finally arrived in Varanasi we had a much needed shower and then headed down through the chaotic streets to the river Ganges to observe the hundreds ...

Incense and Flatulence Cripplin' Mankind, Varanasi, India travel blog

Incense and Flatulence Cripplin' Mankind

A travel blog entry by nyckelly3


... also perform it in their homes. Varanasi claims to be one of the oldest cities in the world, and Mark Twain once wrote that "Varanasi is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as them all put ...

'Bang, bang, bang!', Varanasi, India travel blog

'Bang, bang, bang!'

A travel blog entry by jenny_allsopp


... , but after 10 minutes of pushing my way from platform to platform I finally boarded a train on platform 6 reading 'Howrah to Varanasi Express'. 'Excuse me sir, to Varanasi?' 'To Varanasi!' The cheerful man chuckled back at me, and with another leap I ...

Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by homersim


... river where people bathe or worship.  Unfortunately, my description ends there.  English is not capable of describing what Varanasi culture is like, perhaps if my command of the language was way more better.  If I made an attempt verbally, ...

To Goa Or Not To Goa, That Is The Question, Varanasi, India travel blog

To Goa Or Not To Goa, That Is The Question

A travel blog entry by sunsnowandwater


I arrived in Varanasi yesterday and just got done with a 2 hour boat ride on the Ganga; better known to westerners as the Ganges. Our boat ride ended in front of a ghat (lengthy steps leading into the river) just as a ceremony was in session. It was ...

As Foguerias no Rio Sagrado, Varanasi, India travel blog

As Foguerias no Rio Sagrado

A travel blog entry by rechmachado

... SAGRADO As fogueiras que ardem nas margens do Ganges consomem cadaveres, reduzidos a cinzas em tres horas de fogo intenso. Em varanasi, os hindus que sucumbem sao cremados, e suas cinzas e ossos sao lancados ao fluxo do rio que desce de ...

Where is everybody?, Varanasi, India travel blog

Where is everybody?

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... , due to the shit roads and the fact that it stopped to pick up/drop off all and sundry pretty frequently.  Upon arrival in Varanasi asked the rickshaw driver i wanted a cheap, nice guesthouse near the river and good to his word he took me to such a ...

Glorious Ganges , part 2, Varanasi, India travel blog

Glorious Ganges , part 2

A travel blog entry by the-wanderer


... and recommended food and drink to help fix my tummy and he made a good choice. They had been together ten years and in India homosexuality is still very much in the closet. The statistics are probably the same but still very frowned upon. John and Rod ...

India, Varanasi, Varanasi, India travel blog

India, Varanasi

A travel blog entry by estamosdeviaje


Llegamos a la sagrada ciudad de Varanasi, ciudad mística si las hay. Es bordeada por el Rio Ganges, considerado sagrado por los hindúes al haber sido creado por uno de sus dioses. Se cree que la gente al tocar sus aguas es liberada de los pecados ...

Den hellige by, Varanasi, India travel blog

Den hellige by

A travel blog entry by voresrejse


... var helt vildt sød og hjælpsom, så den slags indere har vi også mødt. Hun havde lavet mehandi i 15 år og de sidste 4 år, her i Varanasi. Hun hed Meena og havde to børn på 4 og 6 år, som var rigtig søde og meget interesseret i os to hvide ...

Varanasi, a unique and strange place, Varanasi, India travel blog

Varanasi, a unique and strange place

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


... places, They are burning many bodies there in a day, but nobody shows any emotion, it's just something that has to be done and Varanasi is the no.1 place in the world for a Hindu to be cremated. In the area where the ashes are pushed into the river there ...

Ganges in mljavžnt Svetih bakterij v njem, Varanasi, India travel blog

Ganges in mljavžnt Svetih bakterij v njem

A travel blog entry by judtrip


... ; turistov na kupu, ki se prav tako peljejo z ladjicami, sam njih je v eni ladjici včasih tud več kot ducat. Varanasi je najbolj Sveto mesto za Hindujce, ampak nedaleč stran je pa Sveti kraj za Budiste imenovan Sarnath. Tam naj bi Buddha po ...

Indian soul at Gangas River, Varansi, India travel blog

Indian soul at Gangas River

A travel blog entry by fiscarlos


... yelling what they were selling) stuff as well. Ecxept but that the ride went pretty easy and January 31st we reached the holy city; Varanasi. In deed it's one of the most touristy places in the country - but it was still the most special place I saw ...

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