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Bollywood baby!!, Mumbai, India travel blog

Bollywood baby!!

A travel blog entry by osloanagain


... agent with your stupid mark up!!!!! (Busy trains have a tourist quota but you need to go in person to buy). We love India and we thoroughly enjoyed Mumbai. We left the next day for the Goa region. It's a beach haven and a little bit of paradise in ...

Arrival in Inja, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India travel blog

Arrival in Inja

A travel blog entry by kieronmckeigue


After all the stories of harassment and general madness at Mumbai Airport, it was actually a breeze. In fact, the organisation of passport control and customs put Heathrow to shame. Apart from a short stop for the taxi driver to urinate on the pavement, I ...

HOT HOT HOT!, Mumbai, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by hanandvern

We stepped out of our hotel yesterday and thought "oh lord it feels much hotter today". When watchiong BBC world last night we discovered that India is in the middle of a heat wave! Joy. Delhi is currently 36 degrees at night. We have now spent the day ...

Wed. Sept. 17th, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Wed. Sept. 17th

A travel blog entry by lprince


After 2 days of  work at the Studio and beating off jet lag, We took a shopping excursion to Linking Road -- the Locals Shopping district.  It's looks like on big Flea Market with rows of shoes, clothes, and junky jewelry.  The streets are ...

Mumbai magic, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Mumbai magic

A travel blog entry by adfieldbigtrip


... flight from Mumbai to Delhi, requiring us to make some hasty phone calls and to also find some overnight accommodation in Mumbai itself - something we had hoped to avoid. The flight to Mumbai went without hitch or incident so we found ourselves arriving ...

Ankunft in Indien, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Ankunft in Indien

A travel blog entry by 110572

... . Von hier setze ich mit einem Boot nach Elephanta Island ueber, um die dortigen Hoehlentempel zu besuchen. Am Abend noch verlasse ich Mumbai vom Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) im Schlafwagenabteil des Zuges ...

Not a proper place, Mumbai, India travel blog

Not a proper place

A travel blog entry by ruth_and_matt

Hi again, This really is our last day in India, we are in Mumbai waiting for our flight out to Bangkok at 5am 24th and so I thought I would write my perspective of India. First things you will only ever hear said in India:- "You only asked for a ...

2 giorni di sauna a mumbai, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

2 giorni di sauna a mumbai

A travel blog entry by nevendula


... , lo sapevate in fondo che non avrei mai scritto un blog, figuriamoci un travel blog! In breve, ho trascorso due giorni a mumbai. ho mangiato cinese, indiano e israeliano e per rifugiarmi dal caldo sono andata al cinema. Niente film indiani pero, la tv ...

Rain!, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog


A travel blog entry by witek

Monsoon, welcomed by Mumbaikars, was a bit too wet for me so I decided to push north to try to escape it. ...

Salaam Bombay, Mumbai, India travel blog

Salaam Bombay

A travel blog entry by katehoran

There is no place that better highlights the contrasts of India better than Bombay/Mumbai.It is the richest and poorest place in India. On one hand it is the economic epicenter of the country and on the other it has the less glamourous distinction as home ...

17 hour train journey, Delhi-Mumbai, India travel blog

17 hour train journey

A travel blog entry by roxyhughes

... train until we were awoken at dawn with a cup of tea and the newspaper, followed by a full breakfast before disembarking in Mumbai the next morning... a very pleasant way to travel then we arrived at the airport with 12 hours to go until our flight ...

Welcome back to Mumbai..., Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Welcome back to Mumbai...

A travel blog entry by sharon1306

... borrow another life to spend afterwards at home." —  William Hazlitt Day 29 : 5th June 2008 (Thursday) Welcome back to Mumbai... We had kinda gone overboard, and bought a lot of ice cream just because we had a nice fridge in our room. Now, ...

Bombay, Mumbai, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by danskgirl


... going on with for now I think ;) Next stop Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia for family wedding...... P.S. Spent our last 3 hours in Mumbai in the hotel spa getting buffed and polished to within an inch of our lives, which was a great idea. Then ...

Goodbye Goa, Hello Mumbai, Mumbai, India travel blog

Goodbye Goa, Hello Mumbai

A travel blog entry by hollyandstewart


... the large slums as we couldn’t find them, but from what we saw the locals seemed happy. On the train to Girguam Chowpatty ( Mumbai’s beach) it got so busy that at DaDa stop we were violently pushed from the train and weren’t let back on ...

Reflections on India, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Reflections on India

A travel blog entry by jamesburford

... off to the people you will miss one of the most beautiful parts of the culture, the friendly, honest and noble side of India that a simply scratching beneath the surface will reveal in all of its glory.  The Indian people can be so generous, and if ...

Mumbai (Bombay), Mumbai, India travel blog

Mumbai (Bombay)

A travel blog entry by beki_tee


... a traditional bhelpuri, and it was interesting, but with hearts heavy, we sought momentary haven in India's answer to Starbucks for tea. We thought for a moment Mumbai had redeemed itself when we negotiated a plug adapter for 200 rupees only to get it ...

India, Kerala to Mumbai, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by em_n_abs

awesome! ...

On the motherfudging plane...., Mumbai, India travel blog

On the motherfudging plane....

A travel blog entry by

... on time, pretty much, even though we were delayed by about 45mins! Must have had the wind behind us! Experienced our first taste of India, our bags were last out on the carousel! We panicked, only a little, when we were in the last 10 people waiting! ...

Back to Home - Mumbai, Mumbai, India travel blog

Back to Home - Mumbai

A travel blog entry by santoshat60

Shanghai MU 569 ETD 2220 hrs TO Mumbai ETA 03.00 ...

"There was an old lady.......

A travel blog entry by rosie_scarlett


... in a shoe". Scarlett and I climbed all the way up an old boot in the Kanda Nehru Play Park, up in Malabar Hill overlooking all of Mumbai.It had great outdoor play equipment. We tried out the monkey bars and the see saw and went all the way up the climbing ...

Wow..., Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog


A travel blog entry by philandsoph

So the Indian adventure begins... Arriving into Mumbai at 3am after a comfortable 5 hour Qantas flight, our first mission was to find cash. With all airport ATMs (only one) out of service, we resorted to having to exchange money with the travel desk. We ...

Mumbai, India, Mumbai, India travel blog

Mumbai, India

A travel blog entry by thebarnabybear


Barnaby's first ride in a Mumbai taxi ( Black and yellow). a very scary experience as there don't seem to be any traffic laws. The drivers use their horns to let people know: They're coming When they are there After overtaking To alert other ...

Crazy Taxi City, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Crazy Taxi City

A travel blog entry by j.sebastian


Bombay was just 1 hour away! I had convinced my body (especially my sore butt) to bear it for another hour. Finally when i rolled into bombay, i found out suvir is at a conference at the sheraton and I had to go there to pick up the keys. took me 2.5 ...

Mumbai map pin, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Mumbai map pin

A travel blog entry by eadamson

pin ...

Day 131: The Madness of Bombay, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Day 131: The Madness of Bombay

A travel blog entry by gascon


... . We spent the afternoon walking around the city and enjoying the sights – Taj Mahal Hotel, Victoria Station, University of Mumbai, City Cathedral, and the Modern Art Museum.  After having lunch and exhausting our legs, we found a cute little ...

Debi's List, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Debi's List

A travel blog entry by yorron


... recovery. It came at a time when I was completely off-centered and challenged to the max by the current visit to India. I asked Debi to share with me what inner processes she used to keep her going through this ordeal. She generously replied with an ...

Gateway of India and Jain Temple, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Gateway of India and Jain Temple

A travel blog entry by jdcotton


... But he said it with a smile and seemed glad for conversation. However, there are some requisite sites in Mumbai, one of which is the Gateway of India, built 1911-1924 to commemorate the the 1911 visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay. ...

One night in Bombay, Mumbai, India travel blog

One night in Bombay

A travel blog entry by countyman


... ground in Delhi.... So, instead of going south to Cochin, I ended up going the exact opposite way ... Air Kingfisher flew me to Mumbai, an hours flight north, where they put me up in the most fabulous 5 star hotel - Very nice evening meal included. ...

Clubbing in Mumbai, Mumbai, India travel blog

Clubbing in Mumbai

A travel blog entry by linznneedles

... .. Anyway, don't have long now, but I'll give you the highlights.. Last night went clubbing at the Taj hotel in Mumbai - Angelina and Brad were staying upstairs cause they're filming some movie here :) very exciting.. Anyway, clubbing was awesome - was ...

Pre-Trip Ruminations, Mumbai (Bombay), India travel blog

Pre-Trip Ruminations

A travel blog entry by kauffms

... underserved areas to treat poor patients for little compensation; I hope to gain an appreciation for the lifestyle and the needs of India's rural poor and the development goals that they identify as most urgent; and I hope to strengthen and clarify my own ...

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