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Overland from now on, Jaipur, India travel blog

Overland from now on

A travel blog entry by bonniebelle


We left the ship in Bombay at 3 AM to get to the airport for our flight to Jaipur. The travel agency did a fine job in getting us herded into the bus and on to the airport. I could not believe the amount of people at the airport, it looked like half the ...

'Elephant Festival

'Elephant Festival"

A travel blog entry by zoedoesindia


... nbsp; Lots of people have complained, but as Puni said to Lisbeth you can't go out beacuse 'men drink, they rape, IT IS INDIA YOU KNOW'. There are little bonfires being built in the streets all over the city, so it should be an interesting sight tomorrow. ...

Weekend trip to Jaisalmer, Jaipur, India travel blog

Weekend trip to Jaisalmer

A travel blog entry by dharshini

... past weekend. It took around 13 hours away to get there by train, and we left on Saturday early morning around 2am from Jaipur. Jaisalmer is quite a popular tourist destination with a lot of desert land, and famous for its camel safaris, fort, lake, and ...

Venturing out in the Pink City, Jaipur, India travel blog

Venturing out in the Pink City

A travel blog entry by gascon


... The honking, spitting, and begging was immediate and we hurriedly shuffled our way through the ridiculously disorganized streets of Jaipur, managing to get thrown off from our directions within 5 minutes.  After asking a few helpful people ...

Hindi Pop and Mobiles, Jaipur, India travel blog

Hindi Pop and Mobiles

A travel blog entry by hudsondino


Well Jaipur wasnt very interesting. Basically a big city with a walled Old City (painted pink) with shops all selling the same things. We stayed at a decent place called Evergreen, however we could hear everything two Spanish girls were up to in ...

Rajasthan's Capital, Jaipur, India travel blog

Rajasthan's Capital

A travel blog entry by owain


... - you folks all look the same to me" and was suddenly glad that I would be once again traveling alone once we reached Jaipur - Rajathan's Capital City. Suffice to say my spirits did not survive the 12 hour journey, and once we reached Jaipur I no longer ...

Day 22 to 24: Jaipur, the pink city, Jaipur, India travel blog

Day 22 to 24: Jaipur, the pink city

A travel blog entry by fabienr


... imagine the traffic in Delhi, it took us about 2 hours to leave the city. The journey will take about 7 hours before arriving in Jaipur. Along the way, the usual cows have been more or less substituted by camels. I struggle a bit to find a guesthouse but ...

The Dehli Belly HAD to be experienced., Jaipur, India travel blog

The Dehli Belly HAD to be experienced.

A travel blog entry by amazingone


... and the black one – not at all…. (Gave them away when we had a leaking truck in Africa).Back to Jaipur.  A blend of Rajasthani and Mughak architecture the city Palace had the flag flying high which meant the Maharaja was in residence ...

Moving on to Jaipur, Jaipur, India travel blog

Moving on to Jaipur

A travel blog entry by emandve


Today we woke early and had a seven hour bus journey to Jaipur. Despite the lengthy trip boredom was never once an issue. Looking out the window was fascinating. All along the main roads small communities seemed to occupy every nook and cranny of the ...

Dari Minus 15 ke 46 Derajat, Jaipur, India travel blog

Dari Minus 15 ke 46 Derajat

A travel blog entry by ririe.rm


... memasuki halaman Shahar Palace yang luas sekali. Ada lapangan rumput hijau seperti yang ada di situs internetnya. Bangunannya khas Jaipur sekali dengan kontur serba melengkung. Tampaknya gambar dan kenyataan sama adanya. Aku, Ika dan Ella menempati kamar ...

JAIPUR la ciudad rosa, Jaipur, India travel blog

JAIPUR la ciudad rosa

A travel blog entry by vermundoalos50


... y el desayuno (té, galletas y caramelos), y como quedan 4 horas supongo que comida merienda y cena. Casi como Rianair. En Jaipur nos hemos encontrado con unos maravillosos amigos, Antonio  e Ivon. Nuestros anfitriones nos recibieron en su lujoso ...

Food is Important, Jaipur, India travel blog

Food is Important

A travel blog entry by lab99


... were some new things (parantha bread, yum) and I must say it was only marginally better than the best I've eaten outside India. All delicious though, we were pretty happy.   We did sample some Modern Indian which was loooovely!   My favourite ...

They call it the Pink City..., Jaipur, India travel blog

They call it the Pink City...

A travel blog entry by fatkidfrogs


-oh bad start, Steve didn't get the Delhi belly, he got the Mumbai belly on our overnight train to Jaipur, in the middle of the night I faintly hear pounding and realize Steve is not in the bunk below me, I hop out of the top bunk to follow the sound ...

Jaipur the City of Kings, Jaipur, India travel blog

Jaipur the City of Kings

A travel blog entry by mitchemi

... so was sent back and returned at 10 all fixed!) Wendy and I ventured out to the jewelery portion of the city. Jaipur cuts and polished about 1/3 of all the precious stones in the world.  We were looking for something for Wendy's 40th.  ...

Lite lugnare dag, Jaipur, India travel blog

Lite lugnare dag

A travel blog entry by johnnydahlen


Idag kände jag för att inte flänga runt för mycket. Det blev dock lite sightseeing. Först blev det en tur till City Palace som var rätt ok. Där fanns en del "vakter" i turban som gärna hoppade in i bilderna man tog och sen ville ha betalt. I ...

quick update, Jaipur, India travel blog

quick update

A travel blog entry by jermaine

... heard about the explosions in delhi, just wanted to let you know that i am NOT there anymore. i left around 1 to head to jaipur, and apparently the bombs started around 530. kinda scary, considering one was in a big tourist bazaar that i have frequented ...

Jaipur cant be worse than Delhi, Jaipur, India travel blog

Jaipur cant be worse than Delhi

A travel blog entry by mattsuthayalai


... audio book on my ipod which passes the time. Our new hotel is really nice, good comfortable beds, clean bathroom and good air-con. Jaipur seems a lot nicer than Delhi, although this could be because we are on the outskirts. We decided to go for a walk and ...

Right Livelihood, Jaipur, India travel blog

Right Livelihood

A travel blog entry by rowlandson


... at the last minute that school was out for the week in preparation and celebration of one of India's greatest holidays, Diwali. Plan go to Jaipur anyway and get acquainted with this most incredible city. We were picked up at our apartment at ...

One day in Jaipur, Jaipur, India travel blog

One day in Jaipur

A travel blog entry by gemandlloyd


... building which we photographed from the top of a shop on the other side of the road. The major impression of Jaipur was strange, it really highlights the difference between rich and poor, with these magnificent buildings, but also some truly poor and ...

Agra and journey to Jaipur, Jaipur, India travel blog

Agra and journey to Jaipur

A travel blog entry by vfrank

... not find the temple listed there. I'm such a putz sometimes :( We continued on our journey and finally made it to Jaipur. V.J. recommended a nice restaurant with dancing that we went to. At some point V.J. explained to me the commission system in India ...

.Amber palace and a peaceful journey, Jaipur, India travel blog

.Amber palace and a peaceful journey

A travel blog entry by carole91


... to leave the palace. Not only did I have a couple of more places to visit my bank balance couldnt cope any longer!! On the way to Jaipur, stopped off at the Amber palace. Looked v impressive sat on top of a hill with the old Jaigarh fort further up. Had a ...

6 hours drive from Delhi to Jaipur, Jaipur, India travel blog

6 hours drive from Delhi to Jaipur

A travel blog entry by mktravels


... side of the motorway, was actually less hair raising than fending off the local market traders and street sellers. Great to be in Jaipur and out of the Delhi smog, we have finally seen some blue sky. Our driver Onkar found us a nice new sparkly ...

From Delhi to Agra, Jaipur, India travel blog

From Delhi to Agra

A travel blog entry by jenandsin


... more public can you get!! In India's defense it wasnt the food and the moment quickly passed....but be warned that acclimatising can take a few days! Onwards to Jaipur....a city made for girls...its pink and has lots of shops! We cant ...

Happy New Year!!, Jaipur, India travel blog

Happy New Year!!

A travel blog entry by dharshini

Happy New Year!!   Hope you all had a good holiday season ... I was not able to email from either Mumbai or Goa, so my apologies for the delay in sending out the wishes, and updating my logs.   I will write a more detailed travelogue in a ...

Finally have internet!, Jaipur, India travel blog

Finally have internet!

A travel blog entry by megin


... all the time.  Speaking Hindi in a comfortable environment is tough enough!  For the first week of classes here in Jaipur someone was crying in the bathroom every day.  The staff at the institute have been patient and comforting.  I ...

A l'assaut de la ville rose des Maharadjas, Jaipur, India travel blog

A l'assaut de la ville rose des Maharadjas

A travel blog entry by curryandspices


... de la vieille ville, nous avons décidé de nous perdre dans le dédale des rues pendant plusieurs heures. Quel bonheur !   Jaipur a beau ętre une ville assez touristique, le Rajasthan étant l'un des états les plus visités avec le Kerala (au ...

Amber Fort and Royal Banquet, Jaipur, Jaipur, India travel blog

Amber Fort and Royal Banquet, Jaipur

A travel blog entry by wareameye


Dear Readers: We got out the door at 8am to be sure that we got in line early enough to get elephants to carry us up to the Amber Fort. Even though we were early, we still had to wait for about 45 minutes. Since an elephant went crazy recently and ...

Day 25 - Astrology and Janmasthami, Jaipur, India travel blog

Day 25 - Astrology and Janmasthami

A travel blog entry by anamcara


Slept in till 9am then headed down to the local Cyber cafe for a couple of hours then got the rickshaw driver to take me to Jantar Mantar an astrological observatory built in the 18th century. Some real cool stuff here and all the instrumnts are made ...

Trip to Jodhpur, Jaipur, India travel blog

Trip to Jodhpur

A travel blog entry by dharshini

... Clock tower, market, and spice market at the centre of the city. Unlike the Pink City (in Jaipur), which is actually one of the first cities in India, to be properly gridded and planned out before constructing roads, the streets and pathways in Jodhpur is ...

Jaipur, Jaipur, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by leprefrog


... four main doors, each painted to represent one season and a god. Funny fact: hundred years ago, in 1902, the Maharaja of Jaipur carried two large silver urns (largest silver artifacts in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records) full of ...

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