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Budapest, Budapest, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by croixfamily


What to say other than Budapest is an amazing city. Seeing it in the spring was special because of the number of flowers in bloom. We stayed in a nightmare of a hostel, if ever in Budapest avoid August hostel, but we kept our senses of humor and stayed ...

kardkikard finnország, Vál, Hungary travel blog

kardkikard finnország

A travel blog entry by misku

szoval ezt most megint utolag irom. remélem emlékszem majd midnenre. fényképezömet aa tásomnál hagytam..szoval képek most nemlenszek.amugysincs sok. de utolag lesznek. ej igy hiányzik is. nade élvezze ki ovlassa késöbb majd közzéteszem ...

Burritos!, Budapest, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by jenl


... and a nice patio in the Summer. In the winter it can be kinda smoky, but it's still cozy. I went there with some Hungary co-workers and tried a really good Czech beer that I hadn't had before. You see a pretty even split between people drinking beer and ...

Budapest Night, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Budapest Night

A travel blog entry by gabriel_hu

to edit ...

Budapest Baths, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Budapest Baths

A travel blog entry by beth


... hot outside that you dont want to walk around the streets when its light outside in the middle of the day? Well, go to the Hungary thermal baths. I went to Gellart Baths, which are quite old and famous. There were really hots baths, cold baths, and the ...

Beautiful Budapest, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Beautiful Budapest

A travel blog entry by estp


This morning we got up bright and early and went to the Parliament building for a tour. It is very beautiful - similar to Canadian Parliament in the way it is set up (House of Commons and House of Lords) except obviously way way way better. We then went ...

Seriously guys - do not let go, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Seriously guys - do not let go

A travel blog entry by awesomed


Ribbed, for your displeasure., Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Ribbed, for your displeasure.

A travel blog entry by jtw000


What a day. We started out in a charmless village at the bottom of the Czech republic, the kind of town that neither they nor Slovakia really wanted but the Czech republic lost the coin toss. It was grey and ugly and framed with rusty iron pipes and ...

Budapeste - A descobrir, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Budapeste - A descobrir

A travel blog entry by nfasl


1ş dia para conhecer budapeste. Eis uma pequena amostra dos monumentos fabulosos da ...

East is East, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

East is East

A travel blog entry by hodge

to be ...

City, Szeged, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by kovacsfamily


Today we sorted our washing out for zoli's mum who has offered to do it for us (which is very generous of her due to the type of washing machine and spinner they have). The concept is very old fashion but the actual machine is only about 3 years old, we ...

Daytrip to Eger, Eger, Hungary travel blog

Daytrip to Eger

A travel blog entry by fiseb


We took a daytip to the castle town of Eger, where we strolled its quaint streets and stopped into the local covered market to feast on a massive hamburger and a huge bag of cherries. Sebastian was nearly pick-pocketed in the town, which was a bit ...

Daytrip to Pecs, Pecs, Hungary travel blog

Daytrip to Pecs

A travel blog entry by fiseb


Pecs - European Culture Capital for 2010...was a little dead considering its upcoming celebration. There were definitely many pretty buildings and squares to wander through, but the absence of people really made it feel a little ...

Hungary for more?, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Hungary for more?

A travel blog entry by kateanddrew


... have just enjoyed a couple of days in Budapest, where we visited Buda, but stayed in pest, drew says its like aulbury-wodonga in Hungary. One side of the river is called Buda and the other side is called Pest making Budapest. We visited the old town ...

Budapest, Hungary, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Budapest, Hungary

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


Buda & the Pest, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Buda & the Pest

A travel blog entry by kazntrsawsmadvn


Several years ago, I was told by someone that both Prague and Budapest are quite similar and if you only have the chance to go to one, then make it Prague. Having spent our first evening in Budapest, I could see why. The city was fine but essentially it ...

Visszaszámlálás / The countdown starts now!, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Visszaszámlálás / The countdown starts now!

A travel blog entry by arodin


30 nap múlva ilyenkor egy Koreába tartó repülőgépen fogok csücsülni! E.T. haza......... ___________________________ 30 days from now I'll be sitting on a plane back to Korea. Feels like going ...

arrived, Budapest, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


The day started off well the sun was out and the roads where clear. I had pre programed the sat nav to avoid motorways and tool roads but it tried to take me down a few side tracks. after breakfast the sat nav did it again so tis time I thought how lost ...

Ferihegy 2 repülőtér, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Ferihegy 2 repülőtér

A travel blog entry by benvan


Május 13. reggel van. Nagyon fáradtak vagyunk, ránk fér a pihenés. A gépünk 13:10-kor indul Ferihegy 2-ről. A repülőtér iszonyatosan jó,modern, tiszta, jól felszerelt, és méreg drága. Itt olyan komfortos minden, látszik, hogy nem ...

Minaret and Beatrix, Eger, Hungary travel blog

Minaret and Beatrix

A travel blog entry by madanaki


After breakfast we managed to race on down to the Danube River and watch the city come to life. Lots of peak hour traffic queuing to get into town while huge coaches were pulling into where these massive cruise ships, Viking Lines, lay, waiting to take ...

I killed Gyorgy, Debrecen, Hungary travel blog

I killed Gyorgy

A travel blog entry by jenl


Yes, Gyorgy. The only other living thing in my apartment. The heartiest of all plants. My cactus. I thought I was being good to him. It was sunny the other day so I put him out on the balcony because he's gotten so little sun lately. And then.....I ...

The Danube in Eastern Europe!, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

The Danube in Eastern Europe!

A travel blog entry by fero_vrskovy


How great to see the Graystons knocking at our door after their long flight from Vancouver! After the requisite church steeple climb up St. Stephen's Basilica we immediately headed for the first of many beers, partly due to the heat but more to visit and ...

E.T. már nagyon menne, Debrecen, Hungary travel blog

E.T. már nagyon menne

A travel blog entry by e.t.toscana


De még aludnia kell 5 éjszakát... Becsekkoltunk a repülőre, péntek reggel 4-kor indulunk Ferihegyre, 6-ra odaérünk szigorúan betartva a speed limitet :) legalábbis igyekszünk betartani. Szóval ...

C'est le mois de Noel qui commence, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

C'est le mois de Noel qui commence

A travel blog entry by juni

Les exams approches ŕ grand pas, plusieurs présentation multiculturelle ŕ faire. Souvent quelques problčmes de prise de décision et de positions ŕ cause des différences culturelles mais bon, je suis ici pour apprendre ce coté du management ...

A Fine City, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

A Fine City

A travel blog entry by johnsjourneys


Arriving in Budapest, Hungary, a minibus system transferred people from the airport to various hotels in the city. After checking in at the Regency Suites, there was time for a little nap after the long night flight before walking out to take a look at ...

Boat trip on the Danube, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Boat trip on the Danube

A travel blog entry by scottik38


So Tamasz came to meet us and we went walking through the old part of Pesh. The capital is divided into 2 sections, Buda & Pest (pronounced Pesht). Buda houses the older part of the city with the great castles whereas Pest has the newer (but still ...

further east, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

further east

A travel blog entry by tristan_g


Budapest, Budapest, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by vbsrcw


We arrived in Budapest on Thursday, slightly concerned at first as we didn'y know what the currency was, and therefore shocked when 100 ft was demanded to use the loo! After various defunct atms, we jumped onto the metro and found our stop - in Pest, ...

Pest, Budapest, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by anniebenham


... surrounded by equestrian statues representing the seven chieftains of the tribes which settled in the present territory of Hungary.    Around the corner and along the road a little way I found my destination aka the Budapest ...

Red Bull Air Race, Budapest, Hungary travel blog

Red Bull Air Race

A travel blog entry by juni


Cette journée se tenait la 4e édition du Red Bull Air Race. ( Communément appellé la Formule 1 in The Air, elle regroupe les 10 meilleurs pilotes d'avions sur une piste de 1.3 km et pouvant atteindre des vitesse de pointes de ...

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