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Our Tree House, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Our Tree House

A travel blog entry by gennyca


Welcome to our cabana. You have seen glimpses of it in previous blog entries; and the basic style is the same as the one we rented when we first came to Sundancer. The renovations are done and except for a few things that Dave and I are going to do ...

Recovery, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by slougeay


After too much fun Saturday and Sunday, we had a VERY relaxing day.  We read, did some math, and just hung out.  Stace's bee sting peaked with a mixture of heat, itching, and pain. One of Katie's leisurely activities was playing on Stace's ...

Day at home, run, holding the sun, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Day at home, run, holding the sun

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we did almost nothing.  We played games, watched a movie, and ran a few errands.  Stace and I got a little antsy and needed to get some fresh air.  We took the kids for a really short run/walk.   We took our dinner outside to ...

Iguanas, Iguanas, Iguanas, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Iguanas, Iguanas, Iguanas

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we are off to Arch's Iguana Farm.  The locals are killing all the iguanas and using them for Iguana stew.  Uggh.  So Mr. Arch, decided to try to save them from becoming extinct on the island by creating a sanctuary and breeding ...

Hangin out in Utila, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Hangin out in Utila

A travel blog entry by walkabout


Well, it is official. I have decided to stay here in Utila. The island just sucked me in. I've started working on my Dive Master program. Although it is a lot of work, it is tons of fun also. I get to go diving everyday, sometimes 4 dives a day. ...

swimming with whale sharks, Utila, Honduras travel blog

swimming with whale sharks

A travel blog entry by whereisdan


"Get ready to jump. Here she comes," shouted the boat captain, the excitement filtering through his soft Carribean drawl. Below us, a murky shadow glided by, while a small flotilla of other dive boats clustered around us, gunning their engines and edging ...

HONDURAS, San Pedro Sula, Copan, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by joann.hill12


... while in Honduras. I wouldn't exactly say it's a culinary destination, but if you like Latin American cuisine, then Honduras is for you. While in Roatan we ate at Gio's Seafood Restaurant in French Harbour and feasted on king crab legs. We also ...

I held a Hummingbird today!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

I held a Hummingbird today!

A travel blog entry by gennyca


... air; free from the attack of mosquitoes and the morning mess of bat droppings on my deck. The first time I came to Roatan, I stayed at a well manicured resort where their first priority was my comfort. My room was air conditioned and free from critters. ...

Crossing Borders, Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Crossing Borders

A travel blog entry by kyleandfran


... we enjoyed fresh smoothies everyday, twice a day. We left the smoothies behind, and boarded the weekly boat to Puerto Cortez, Honduras. After a bumpy and wet ride, we arrived and were told the immigration officer would come in five minutes to give ...

It's My Birthday, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

It's My Birthday

A travel blog entry by gennyca


It's my Birthday today. My mind can't help but wander to two years ago today...and tomorrow and I am sad. But I am fortunate to live here and now with my loving husband Dave and my puppy Casey. I went for a walk this morning and saw (for the ...

Un paradis de plus..., Islas De La Bahía, Honduras travel blog

Un paradis de plus...

A travel blog entry by poledd


... par hasard en nous balladant. La france l'emporte d'ailleurs haut la main face a l'Israel au billard american contest de Roatan! Le clou du sejour sur Roatan reste sans aucun doute le Shrimp festival du dimanche soir.. Tout n'etant pas vraiment ...

Roatan!!, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by laurasimon


... house in the whole of Central America!! The food was soo good, melt in the mouth meat with amazing side dishes, the best meal in Honduras by far!! Well worth the money. We all had an amazing time for the entire week. There were a lot of gringos on the ...

Kalee, First Bight, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by slougeay


Good Bye to Island Life, West End, Honduras travel blog

Good Bye to Island Life

A travel blog entry by boatubia

... on islands now for over 6 weeks.  It was strange to think of being back on the mainland far from the water's edge.  However, we are travelers and it was time to move on back to mainland Honduras on our way to Copan - the mayan ruins in the ...

Island Life, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Island Life

A travel blog entry by katbromhall

... in the boat was struggling to get us anywhere! Another early start and long travel day took us to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. GAP tours only stop here as it is pretty much impossible to get from Roatan to Granada in one day. Large and chaotic, ...

Learning to Dive in Paradise, West End, Honduras travel blog

Learning to Dive in Paradise

A travel blog entry by lindsaym


... to Calgary to catch our flight. We spent the night in Houston and then we were back at the airport nice and early for our flight to Roatan, Honduras. Thur May 28 Once we made it to the island we tried to figure out the buses to the town of West End. The ...

Honduras, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by wgielen


... ) genomen. De rit duurde zo´n 12 uur. Ik had eigenlijk nog mazzel dat ik de bus kon nemen. Het bleek dat een groep uit Honduras de gehele bus afgehuurd had. Ook al is het een soort van openbaar vervoer, het kan allemaal in Honduras. Om 04.15 stond ik als ...

A heartbreaking day..., Roatan, Honduras travel blog

A heartbreaking day...

A travel blog entry by slougeay


We had a GREAT morning interacting with, learning about, and snorkeling with the dolphins. You can meet and snorkel with the dolphins at a resort right down the beach from our house. From the resort dock you take a boat ride out to a small island ...

By land and by sea to the East end of the Island, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

By land and by sea to the East end of the Island

A travel blog entry by travelin_rpcvs


Breaking from our state of doing nothing, we actually make a plan to take an entire day to go of the opposite end of the island.  We meet a colorful local guide called Jimmy, who was born and raised on the island, moved to Los Angeles, and then came ...

Bliss in the Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Bliss in the Bay Islands

A travel blog entry by timeofourlives


... his gun. We felt safe though as he had just told us he was now down to just the 1 pint of rum a day!! Whilst in Roatan John completed his PADI open-water scuba diving course. He did 4 dives, the deepest was to 18 metres. The coral here is fantastic ...

The Bay Islands - Utila, Utila, Honduras travel blog

The Bay Islands - Utila

A travel blog entry by andreandy


... regret it. But now I know I can do it again another time. We ran into tons of Canadians. Most were only in honduras for 2 weeks. They bought really cheap flights... this gives me confidence that I can come back and do it another time.  So we ...

A Warm Utila Welcome..., Utila, Honduras travel blog

A Warm Utila Welcome...

A travel blog entry by chrismyers


Utila is a mostly transient island with SCUBA Diving at it's soul.  Divers come to Utila from all around the world because the instruction is good, the reef is great, and the diving prices are some of the cheapest anywhere.  People who stay for ...

Snorkel, World's Best Baleadas, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Snorkel, World's Best Baleadas

A travel blog entry by slougeay


... and raised in the neighborhood, but went to high school in Boston. Two years after hight shcool he returned to live here in Roatan with his family.  He was very friendly and was very adamant that we check out his neighborhood and the local lifestyle. ...

THE UGLIEST AMERICAN Reef Madness, Roatan Island, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by theuglyamerican


... that damn Scotch Bonnet Pepper sauce, so good, so bad, and soooooo painful in all the wrong places. So word of Roatan's party all night atmosphere have been painfully exaggerated. Nights have been sedate and maybe that's OK. Last night, the sparsely ...

Volunteering, Snorkel, dinner out, VB, Sandy Bay, Honduras travel blog

Volunteering, Snorkel, dinner out, VB

A travel blog entry by slougeay


Today we had planned to go paddleboarding again.  We went to the place where we had pre-paid for multiple hours, but they looked closed... in the middle of the day.  We finally asked someone working at the restaurant next door and she said they ...



A travel blog entry by prieststrip


... beach ,which somewhat defeated the object of this stunning beach.  The upside of our time here were the guests from Guatemala, Honduras and a wedding party with people from the USA and Honduras who were great fun and invited us to join in the ...

Private habitations on Island of Carribbean ilk, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Private habitations on Island of Carribbean ilk

A travel blog entry by andrewpyrah


... speaking Carribbean island. I made plans to leave the Garifuna garrison of good times. Tim and Ben came with me and we made for El Salvador, we don´t know why and we don´t know what for (WHEY), but we went, stopping in Gracias, Honduras on the way. BYE ...

Key Lime Pie and Salva Vida's, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Key Lime Pie and Salva Vida's

A travel blog entry by chrismyers


... seem to be any "adopt-a-beach" or other clean up programs to remove debris likely from the cruise ships or the mainland Honduras, that washed ashore from the shoreline past our resort's beach. It could be because we were quite isolated from "civilization" ...

NEW YEAR 2007!!, Utila...bay islands, Honduras travel blog

NEW YEAR 2007!!

A travel blog entry by jordanblair100


............................................................ ...................... lly, if all goes well tomora i will have a padi certification meanin i can dive in most places around the i did my first deep dive and saw shit loadsa stuff ...

Roatan - you are so lovely, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Roatan - you are so lovely

A travel blog entry by mini_v


... nicest banana muffin and unlimited refills of coffee ;) Checked out a couple of dive shops and found a nice one called Scuba Roatan (apparently professional hand holders for nervous divers, totally me!). Decided to go for 3 dives (including a deep dive ...

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