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Honduras - Gracias, Gracias, Honduras travel blog

Honduras - Gracias

A travel blog entry by saanddk

... to admit, I was not feeling particularly safe in these remote areas. That evening we decided to reevaulate our entire planned trip through Honduras and cut if short by making a dash (i.e 7 hour bus trip) to the capital, Tegucigalpa, the following day. ...

Entspannende Insel mit Korallenriff, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Entspannende Insel mit Korallenriff

A travel blog entry by srworldtrip2015


The Best Diving in the World, Cayos Cochinos, Honduras travel blog

The Best Diving in the World

A travel blog entry by lolly


I went snorkeling for the first time today.  It's amazing the depths you can see under water (Chuck says especially in salt water). The coral was lovely, like a waving lace fan. But the most beautiful elements were the turquoise crevices between the ...

Nuevo Paraiso, Nuevo Paraiso, Honduras travel blog

Nuevo Paraiso

A travel blog entry by compassionfruit


... plan... is that Greg activates his business of Organizational Development that he started doing in Vancouver and work with these NGOs in Honduras and their Boards of Directors. He will seek funding to support his work so that it doesn't press the NGOs to ...

Bay Islands, Honduras, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

Bay Islands, Honduras

A travel blog entry by salsals


Having flown to San Pedro Sula and spending a night, I headed over to the Bay Islands.  So hot and humid!  No sooner had I got off the boat and found a place to stay, I ran straight into Aidan, one of the irish guys we spent the last month in ...

Under the Sea, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

Under the Sea

A travel blog entry by pablo_salma


... ;Vomit Comet’. The name pretty much explains itself. This ferry is the only way to reach the islands from mainland Honduras and is notorious for crossing turbulent waters. We’d read a few things online but the alarm bells started ringing when ...

pics from Copan Ruinas, Roatan, Honduras travel blog

pics from Copan Ruinas

A travel blog entry by lorryb


putting up a few pics from Copan, will depend on the connection how many I get ...

Mayan Ruins and Early Morning Buses, Copan, Honduras travel blog

Mayan Ruins and Early Morning Buses

A travel blog entry by john_and_jules


... to pay $10 as a Guatemalan departure tax. A further step to our right and we were now being charged $3 for entering Honduras! What fun Central American immigration is! Having been strongly encouraged to stay at a hotel in the town of Copan Ruinas (ie: ...

Bible bashers, El Progreso, Honduras travel blog

Bible bashers

A travel blog entry by laurasimon

Tuesday has arrived and I have problems with my project. I have been promised on several occasions that I would not be teaching alone for 2 weeks yet I have been on my own for 4 days!! May not sound much but when you cant speak fluent Spanish or ...

Bussin north, San Pedro Sula, Honduras travel blog

Bussin north

A travel blog entry by samwax

ag ...

The Gutsy Barbie Doll, Cofradia, Honduras travel blog

The Gutsy Barbie Doll

A travel blog entry by jbtheflea79


I remember when I received the first photo of students from Jaime Koppel, back in April, 2007.  I looked at each student carefully.  What could I tell from just looking at their photos?  Probably not a lot, but I was curious.  I ...

goin' to da island..., Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras travel blog

goin' to da island...

A travel blog entry by rubyfunk

* see pics on... I maneuvered myself onto a local bus the next day for the trip to La Ceiba and boiled my way across the North Coast for three hours, then fell out the bus and into a rattle of a taxi which finally deposited ...

Honduras, Roatan, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by kim_puravida


We left Antigua and headed to our next country on the list, Honduras. A country with possibly an even worse reputation than Mexico in terms of violence and danger. All which is easily forgotten as we drove through the mountains on the winding roads, where ...

Going Back to Cofradia - Day 1, Cofradia, Honduras travel blog

Going Back to Cofradia - Day 1

A travel blog entry by jbtheflea79

Going Back to Cofradia - Day 1 When I had first called and spoken with Thiago, he had thought that I could fill in, in the mornings, at the school for the second grade teacher, who had to leave a week early to begin her new job back in the states. It ...

Semana Santa fun and Games, Comayagua, Honduras travel blog

Semana Santa fun and Games

A travel blog entry by sainty1

We have come to Comayagua because on friday night they spend 10 hours or more making sawdust carpets and other street art for a parade that we think is going to be all done by 10 in the morning. However, before they start to make the carpets they have ...

Roatan - week 2, Brick Bay, Honduras travel blog

Roatan - week 2

A travel blog entry by beneches


This week we spent our time at Turquoise Bay. This is the bigger of the two dive centres. It has 3 large boats and a few small ones and can accommodate about 45 customers. I have added a photo of Turquoise Bay as you drive down to it. Sunday ...

Kayaking and Snorkeling at Playa El Chepas, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Kayaking and Snorkeling at Playa El Chepas

A travel blog entry by pavel.jares


Dnes odpoledne me zacne vyuka potepeni, takze rano se domlouvam se svym spolubydlicim  Alonsem z Costa Ricy, ze spolu vyrazime snorchlovat ke koralum. Koraly jsou opet nadherne a uz se moc tesim, az se budu potapet do metrovych hloubek a budu videt ...

San Pedro Sula to Comayagua, Comayagua, Honduras travel blog

San Pedro Sula to Comayagua

A travel blog entry by martinmcnally

So we spent a couple of days in SPS...after the hangover, mostly taking in Honduras´ second city which is very much set out in the plan of a US city (i.e. blocks, streets and avenues). We decided the most interesting way to head down to visit the ...

Whale Sharks? Whale Sharks!, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Whale Sharks? Whale Sharks!

A travel blog entry by linds_and_ryan

... of Utila. Utila is the nearest of the three Bay Islands-Caribbean Islands under the dominion of the government of Honduras. A true pirate refuge, Utila is a densely forested, terrestrial animal and plant paradise, but its biggest attraction is the ...

This quaint village is a colonial gem, Yuscarán, Honduras travel blog

This quaint village is a colonial gem

A travel blog entry by amazingjourneys

Yuscaran was a charming colonial village perched on the edge of a mountain at an altitude of 1000 metres. In its day this small picturesque town was an important mining centre. Its quaint cobble-stoned streets were a joy to walk around, while ...

Pics from Semuc and travel to Copan Ruinas, Copán Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Pics from Semuc and travel to Copan Ruinas

A travel blog entry by lorryb


... in a small van with 12 seats. lol.  Anyway border was uneventful, pay to get out of Guatemala and pay to get into Honduras.  Arrived in Copan Ruinas at about 8PM.  Found a cool little hotel, nice restaurant, nice bar, and decent room with ...

Bus adventures,Maya ruins and a leftover hurricane, Copan Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Bus adventures,Maya ruins and a leftover hurricane

A travel blog entry by phoedo


Our first experience on a ¨luxury¨class bus (to Copan) was not exactly the epitome of customer service.  In La Ceiba, we went with some friends to the Hedman Alas bus terminal, home of first class buses which would take us to Copan, six hours ...

Stay at Hidden River Hotel!, Pena Blanca, Honduras travel blog

Stay at Hidden River Hotel!

A travel blog entry by claudiacfavre


Friday's are half days at school.  We did our usual teaching, 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th.  At this point the kids are starting to get used to us, which can be good and bad!  I promised the girls that we would take a relaxing weekend in the ...

The town of painters, La Palma, El Salvador travel blog

The town of painters

A travel blog entry by walkabout


La Palma - Not much to say, there isn't much here. Most of the town are artisans, which makes for an interesting town. Where in most of El Salvador there is no decoration on the walls of homes save maybe an old picture or two, here are painting ...

Honduran Hombres, Copan Ruinas, Honduras travel blog

Honduran Hombres

A travel blog entry by pengs_nadz


... , the difficulty in looking above our chests, the hooting, the flirting..... We had been warned about the machismo in latin america, but Honduras was the first country where we felt like it was really blatant. I guess this is just a taste of things ...

Where Hope Began, La Esperanza, Honduras travel blog

Where Hope Began

A travel blog entry by linds_and_ryan


... Esperanza feels like no where else in Honduras. In fact, it's almost like a little piece of Guatemala plopped down in Honduras. The reason is simple: while most Hondurans are mestizos, La Esperanza province is largely indigenous. Their bright garments are ...

Swimming with the Fishes, Utila, Honduras travel blog

Swimming with the Fishes

A travel blog entry by tadbrad


The internet here is having issues.  Its all dial-up at the moment. Sorry for the short entry but I can't be bothered to sit here for 2 hours.  Its too nice outside!  Utlia is beautiful. Much like Caye Caulker but ...

Playa, pescados y adventura, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Playa, pescados y adventura

A travel blog entry by kev25


Salut tout le monde, Comment allez-vous??? Pour ma part, je vais super bien. Le voyage a Amapala s'est déroulé sans problème. Je vous raconte: Tout a commencer par un voyage de 2h30 dans une bus "top confort" muni d'immenses fenêtre me ...

Goodbye......, Cofradía, Honduras travel blog


A travel blog entry by krisgoodier


... eat it all, not before smearing some of the icing all over each others (and ours!) faces. This is a kind of tradition in Honduras where the cake receiver has their face either pushed into the cake or just some of the icing wiped on their face. Fair does! ...

Relaxation at last, Tegucigalpa, Honduras travel blog

Relaxation at last

A travel blog entry by laurasimon


... families) in a nice area, its a big city with lots of ammenities and is close to all the bits of Honduras we are interested in seeing.  So fingers crossed for some positive news, we are meeting our coordinator tomoorrow, who inconveniently ...

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