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Ferry to Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Ferry to Naxos

A travel blog entry by nomadicguard


1 ...

Les plages, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Les plages

A travel blog entry by rdkflaherty


Cette fin de semaine, nous avons visité trois plages en bus: Anna, Prokopis, et Plaka. Samedi, quand nous sommes revenus, j'ai fait une sieste pour pouvoir rester debout voir le match de Portugal c. France qui a commencé à 21:45. La France a gagné ...

L'Action de Grâce - pas d'école!, Naxos, Greece travel blog

L'Action de Grâce - pas d'école!

A travel blog entry by rdkflaherty


Lundi matin, moi et mon papa nous sommes allés à la plage. J'ai aussi fait la lecture avec grandmaman. Le soir nous avons mangé à Gyro Gyro. Mardi, nous avons visité les villages de Filoti, Apirathos, Koronos (où nous avons mangé) et à Apolonas. ...

Argostoli, Agiassos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by grahama01


Sailed into Argostoli at midday and went ashore. Argostoli is in Kefalonia, one of the largest of the Ionian Islands. As we went ashore, the cruise director announced that there would be zero chance of rain. Argostoli is a lovely, clean town. We stopped ...

Day of rest, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Day of rest

A travel blog entry by peter_cheryl19


Cheryl a little better today. Saved photos to file so could delete off card ready for future adventures. Checked out the dramatic change of weather ahead of us tomorrow. Hopefully we are just transiting Warsaw (2°) ans onto Budapest (8°) - looks like ...

Day 111 Naxos day 1 (plaka beach), Naxos, Greece travel blog

Day 111 Naxos day 1 (plaka beach)

A travel blog entry by iancarmen


I got up after 8.30am, showered, dressed and then went looking for breakfast. In this hotel/ hostel it is provided on a tray for you. Just juice, coffee, toast and an egg. Nice. After eating i went back to the room, got ready for the day, then organized ...

Santorini to Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Santorini to Naxos

A travel blog entry by katyandjames


... €8 each. My favourite was the stuffed vine leaves, and as always I can't get enough tzatziki. After the two hour ferry ride to Naxos, we had just enough time to drop our bags at the hotel then head for a drink while we waited for Iona and Hayden to ...

Beach day at Agios Georgios, Mikri Vigla, Greece travel blog

Beach day at Agios Georgios

A travel blog entry by rileytabby


After a day at this beautiful beach we took a walk up the hill through the old town to a Venetian castle, the Tower of Sanoudos, built in 1207. It had a cistern that held enough water for the castle's needs for a year. We also went inside a Catholic ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by smyggy

Got the boat from Piraeus through the night to arrive at about 5am. with the cheap tickets you are not allowed indoors and it was bloody freezing on deck at the end of August. People meet the boats with accommodation but it seemed to be for people ...

Easter in Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Easter in Naxos

A travel blog entry by bibi64


... the port of Naxos on the islet of Palatia which was once a hill. Apparently the strip of land connected the north of the port of Naxos to Palatia in ancient times, this strip of land is now a causeway. Myth has it that the islet of Palatia was exactly ...

Day Thirty-Four and Thirty-Five, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Day Thirty-Four and Thirty-Five

A travel blog entry by stigandwally


... , it was all good practice. The next morning we were excited to get a phone call announcing that the Kindle had arrived in Greece, miraculously and so we hopped onto Munkey in order to pick it up from the courier office. Danny has now taken to driving ...

Day Thirty-Six, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Day Thirty-Six

A travel blog entry by stigandwally


... she definitely needed to get one or two more of these before we leave. Vicky was amused at Danny for coming all the way to Greece and ordering roast chicken and potatoes, but he was clearly in need of some home comfort, so she didn't tease him too much. ...

All in the surf!, Naxos, Greece travel blog

All in the surf!

A travel blog entry by sorialsights


Rami was the early riser today with a morning beach walk while the rest of us slept in! We awoke to cloudy skies and even some light rain which is very unusual for the Greek islands in summer. It provided a good excuse for some shopping instead of ...

Naxos - More Lizards than People?, Agios Prokopios, Greece travel blog

Naxos - More Lizards than People?

A travel blog entry by tyesteinbach


... metamorphic rocks here, and they can be seen around the islands in impressive fractured outcroppings and in ubiquitous alabaster Naxos marble. They also provide the basis for the island's endless meandering, diverging, intersecting rock walls. It isn't ...

Stuck in the sand!!!, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Stuck in the sand!!!

A travel blog entry by julianandhazel


Today we drove further down the coast trying to decide which beach to spend the day on. Being in the Jeep (Suzuki) we maybe got a little enthusiastic on where we could go! Driving along a sandy beach road with not a care in the world we gradually came to ...

Full day on Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Full day on Naxos

A travel blog entry by paneend


... since 1896. Citron is made from the leaves of the citron (very large lemons) tree. The product is a protected derivation name in Greece, of three strengths: 36%, 33% and 30%. We had a chance to sample all three before we headed up the street to our ...

Naxos Again, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos Again

A travel blog entry by sarniasiren


Jean says she has had a better nights sleep but, is still troubled by her sore gum. We walk down to Agia Anna and have a chat with the owner of the Ostria taverna, situated on the beach. He informs us that some of his tables had been blown out into the ...

Nattbading i 30 grader, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Nattbading i 30 grader

A travel blog entry by turida


... mye ute i vannet. De hadde spist god lunch på en lokal lunch-bar drevet av ett godt voksent engelsk par som hadde strandet på Naxos. Det har vært en veldig varm dag for oss alle. Det ble middag på en pizzeria 'hjemme' i Agia Prokopois denne ...

The Greek Islands, Naxos, Greece travel blog

The Greek Islands

A travel blog entry by durasure

A mellow island.  More family oriented than a party island.  Though you will find your group of party animals.  Very cheap food and hotels.  Locals wondered what the hell I was doing there when I have Hawaii and the Carribean near ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by gkbradshaw

More info ...

NAXOS ta KEYIFLER..., Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveloturc


... ;n adayı ele geçirmesine kadar, iki hanedandan gelen yirmi bir dük adada hüküm sürmüşler. Nakşa (Naxos ),  Osmanlı döneminde yarı bağımsız bir idareye kavuşuyor.   Osmanlılar ...

A romantic cruise, Náxos, Greece travel blog

A romantic cruise

A travel blog entry by paulformby


... am met captain George and boarded the Annabella 45' of beauty. Together with a few assorted foreigners and the obligatory Aussies we left Naxos harbour and put the sail up headed for Schinnoussa some 3 hours away.We all had a go steering and enjoyed the ...

Just taking it easy., Naxos, Greece travel blog

Just taking it easy.

A travel blog entry by peter_cheryl19


... cold. Very nice. Were entertained by half a dozen cats playing about restaurant - wouldn't happen at home. Shared garlic bread, Naxos salad, lamb souvlaki  and baklava for desert. Another great meal to finish an enjoyable day. Can life really be ...

Rolling with ma homies, Ios, Greece travel blog

Rolling with ma homies

A travel blog entry by amanda.mcgain


Today we got a quad bike and explored the island! We shared one and both of us took it in turns of driving but we struggled to get up the big hills was pretty funny. Neither of us crashed may have stalled a few times but apart from That it was sweet. We ...

Naxos - beaches, mountains and history, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos - beaches, mountains and history

A travel blog entry by alandeb


... to see something of the island other than its beaches! Alan: So another brand new island and an interesting one as well. Naxos town is clearly a year-round community, not reliant on tourism. Spread around the island are a number of high quality beaches ...

Day 110 Paros to Naxos  (beaches and ruins), Naxos, Greece travel blog

Day 110 Paros to Naxos (beaches and ruins)

A travel blog entry by iancarmen


... lunch – left over cold pizza. I also did some reading. It was only a 45 minute trip and as soon as the ferry arrived in Naxos i got off, grabbing my bags and heading for the dock. I had found out that the hotel/hostel sends a van to the ferry, so i ...

Off to Mylotopas Beach, Ios, Ios, Greece travel blog

Off to Mylotopas Beach, Ios

A travel blog entry by sarniasiren


First morning on Ios this year. We go down to the pool and Maria cooks an omelette for us. I had heard the previous evening someone having a fall, Pedros had taken him to the doctors, fortunately not badly hurt. WE decide to go down to Milopotas beach, ...

Naxos., Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by kellysusan85


... lovely and so hospitable. By the time we had arrived in Naxos, we were well and truly ready for some serious R&R and Naxos certainly delivered! We spent most of our days enjoying the beach and lying on sun beds reading. There was a Chinese lady who ...

Greek Ferries...., Naxos, Greece travel blog

Greek Ferries....

A travel blog entry by joecool10


... , i get solicited by 50 people for hotels and rooms today i didn't do much. had a 4pm ferry from santorini to naxos. santorini was a bit commercialized but very beautiful.... but it is definitely a couples island. and the crowd is much much much older ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by homeworkfilms

We also went to Naxos the biggest island of the cyclades. We rented a small car with a Brazilian girl that we met in Santorini and drove around all day on Wednesday finding interesting places along the road. We happened upon a church from ...

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