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Hospitality club town, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Hospitality club town

A travel blog entry by renard


Everyone was kicked out of the bed at around eight in Sunday's morning, as we had to leave the cottage at nine. The Tampere-bound people gathered to decide on the best way to go there and someone could actually convince a Russian guy (Daniel) who lives ...

konnevesi town, Konnevesi, Finland travel blog

konnevesi town

A travel blog entry by hannahrowland


the photos here are of konnevesi town, and some of the snowy scenery that is on the way into town. It reminds me of an American ghost town, complete with the yocals!! It had two supermarkets?!? though you can hardly call them "super" markets, they are ...

Finland: The Bill Gates of Northern Europe, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Finland: The Bill Gates of Northern Europe

A travel blog entry by thetembas


... home internet connections. Libraries had free internet for us tourists and I used Linux for the first time there (another Finnish invention). Finland drinks more coffee than any other country in the world. And I will not lie - this is very good ...

Jun 16, 2009, Kumlinge, Finland travel blog

Jun 16, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Jun 16, 2009, Vårdö, Finland travel blog

Jun 16, 2009

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


Preparations, Turku, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ilari


Matkustus tapahtuu aina itsekkäistä syistä. Niin tälläkin kertaa. Nyt lähdetään juhlimaan Memmun kolmekymppisiä Ilarin ja Memmun tyyliin. Rinkan, passin ja hammasharjan lisäksi varustelistalla : 2 x Housut 2 x Alushousut 2 x Sukat 2 x T-Paita 1 ...

ahtari zoo, Ahtari, Finland travel blog

ahtari zoo

A travel blog entry by hannahrowland


I went to the zoo at Ahtari, which is so different to chester zoo, i actually enjoyed it so much more. It was quite a cold day though, so many of the animals thought it better to spend their time asleep (which is fine I ...

The Trip Begins, Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, Finland travel blog

The Trip Begins

A travel blog entry by tilulei77


Anxiously done with school and ready for new adventures! Stockholm was only a stop for the night....then the real adventure ...

Overnight at Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Overnight at Helsinki

A travel blog entry by samlocke3

Arriving at Helsinki airport at 11pm, with our flight out to Lapland at 7:30 the next morning, we decided to just bunk down in the airport like a pair of hobo's. Armed with our sleeping bags and excited about the adventures ahead, we picked a couple of ...

Ah Finland, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Ah Finland

A travel blog entry by noj_ontour

1 ...

Jövök!  2014 I'm comiiiiing!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Jövök! 2014 I'm comiiiiing!

A travel blog entry by arodin


Eltelt a karácsony, a szilveszter, a 2013-as év, de sebaj! Indul 2014 és malacorrú nyuszika társaságában én is elindultam vissza Szöulba. Teljen ez az év mindenkinek jó egészségben, sok nevetéssel és sok új koreai kalanddal! :-) ...

Globally warmed Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Globally warmed Helsinki

A travel blog entry by yellowdragon


After an unspectacular flight via Copenhaven, I arrived in Helsinki last night. Needless to say that Mari and I were happy to be back together. After we had waited a couple of minutes  at the bus station, a nice finnish bus took us to the city ...

Turku, Turku, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gustn


A ...

Oulu, Oulu, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gustn


A ...

Day 24 - Stockholm to Turku, Turku, Finland travel blog

Day 24 - Stockholm to Turku

A travel blog entry by magicbus1


... off and to let the ferry company sell duty free. Apparently the island is a bit like the Isle of Man, in that, although part of Finland, it isn't in the EU. I have no idea how this came about, but virtually every ferry in the area calls in there so that ...

8.5 Hours, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

8.5 Hours

A travel blog entry by ilari


Helsinki - New York City. 8.5 Hours, American Airlanes flight AY005. Dep: 14:10 Jabbajabbajabbajabbaa!! Vihdoinkin! Matkustuspäivä! Aamulla pystyyn ja viimeiset säädöt. Taxi pihaan ja matka kohti H-V:ta alkoi. Mukana kaksi rinkkaa, matkasänky, ...

Shortly at Rosa in Tampere, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Shortly at Rosa in Tampere

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


July 31 We woke up slowly and Laura was in hell of a mood and didn't even say a word which was quite annoying... so anyway I stopped bothering and did my thing on my side. I prepared some food and tried to each as much as I could from our previous ...

Entrada na Finlandia, Kaaresuvanto, Finland travel blog

Entrada na Finlandia

A travel blog entry by byker


Devido ao dia tremendamente chuvoso não deu para tirar fotos, mas mesmo assim assinalo aqui a passagem pela Finlandia nesta nossa ida até ao Cabo ...

Back to Joensuu, Joensuu, Finland travel blog

Back to Joensuu

A travel blog entry by yellowdragon


... and get rolling. We drive from Vantaa to Joensuu. In Between there is nothing much but beautiful countryside. Trees, lakes, hills. In Finland there are over 300000 lakes. That's why its called the "country of the lakes". As watching trees, lakes and ...

Day 0 - Departure, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Day 0 - Departure

A travel blog entry by dvlrnr

And so my tour has officially begun. Superfast VIII has sailed and as Helsinki and Finland grows smaller on the horizon, I look ahead to foreign shores, and the adventure that awaits. I want to thank the friendly mechs at Velotema for making this a ...

The tour begins, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The tour begins

A travel blog entry by dmp3380

update ...

So this is Finland: Moomin, Santa and Sauna, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

So this is Finland: Moomin, Santa and Sauna

A travel blog entry by anneogcato


... past the Lutheran Cathedral, the Uspenski Cathedral, and the Market Square. Obviously we did not have a lot of time in Finland, and the chilly weather allowed for some Christmas shopping for what was left of the day. Santa Claus and Moomin souvenirs ...

Long Hitch-hiking and Camping..., Ääpajarvi, Finland travel blog

Long Hitch-hiking and Camping...

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


August 16 So there I was in the middle of the countryside in Aapajarvi, and then I got to get in mind that I was obviously not going to get further for today, which was ok as I had the full camping equipment and the temperature was alright. And of ...

Turku, Finland, Turku, Finland travel blog

Turku, Finland

A travel blog entry by hippler


... was a nice rest after the hectic pace of Stockholm. The weather was warm and sunny still. Turku is the 2nd largest city in Finland, the former capital, and a college town of about 177,000.  Neither of us has been to Alaska, so it's also the farthest ...

Present, Leppävirta, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gouldy


'Has anyone seen my future?' asked one of the Italian jokers walking around the food circle dressed only in boxers , ‘or his past?’ asked his partner in crime - a bemused look on his face. ‘And has anyone seen my now?’ asked the ...

Suomessa jälleen ja muuttopuuhissa, Salo, Finland travel blog

Suomessa jälleen ja muuttopuuhissa

A travel blog entry by olesja

Saavuimme Suomen kamaralle maanantaina aikaisin aamulla. Käväisimme lyhyesti Yläneellä ja Nakkilassa ja sitten suuntasimme Saloon. Joudumme muuttamaan Salosta kolmas päivä maaliskuuta, joten edessä oli tavaroiden kasaus ja siivoaminen. ...

Land Legs, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Land Legs

A travel blog entry by scott_and_amy


... by the water. We refrained from buying any raindeer products, but of course had to pick up a Christmas ornament. After all, Northern Finland is where Santa lives. After a bit more strolling around we made it back to the boat where we were getting ...

Snow, Snowshoeing and Northern Lights!, Luosto, Finland travel blog

Snow, Snowshoeing and Northern Lights!

A travel blog entry by samlocke3


We arrived in Luosto and checked into our room at the Aurora Chalet. Wow. A fine hotel with a lovely cosy atmosphere and we even had a private sauna in our room!! Another exciting feature was as we checked in, we were given an 'Aurora Alarm' which ...

HAMK - Tapiola Building, Hämeenlinna, Finland travel blog

HAMK - Tapiola Building

A travel blog entry by mathies


... in the cafeteria. At 10 a.m. I started with lectures; there was only 1 question, but it brought to my mind, that 1 CR in Finland is 26,7 hours worth – not 25. Afterwards I followed the lessons – students had to do a lot of work in groups and ...

Hämeenlinna - Surroundings, Hämeenlinna, Finland travel blog

Hämeenlinna - Surroundings

A travel blog entry by mathies


Had a really nice trip again through the surroundings of Hämeenlinna – even though it was raining heavily. Vesa showed me some nice finish places and then he 'introduced' me to some typical finish alcohol in CUMULUS-Bar ;-): KOSKENKORVASALMIAKKI, ...

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