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Finaly..FIJI!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by dontedo


Fiji ...

Welcome in Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Welcome in Fiji

A travel blog entry by elias82

no news...good ...

8 Days in Paradise (by KCT), Nadi, Fiji travel blog

8 Days in Paradise (by KCT)

A travel blog entry by kctmapg


Bula to the Fiji Islands, dear friends and travellers! Have a look at our pictures. Do you really need a story? :) ...

Nadi Christian School and Nadi Primary School, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Nadi Christian School and Nadi Primary School

A travel blog entry by erinandpaul07

Today our group was split.  6 of us went to Nadi Christian school and the rest (about 18 people) went to Nadi Primary School because there were more children there.  I went to the Christian school and Paul was at the primary school. I saw lots ...

Final Fiji Musings, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Final Fiji Musings

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... our last morning, a nice breakfast, and then back to the airport for a Pacific Blue flight to Sydney.  Overall, our holiday in Fiji was very nice, peaceful, quiet, had some fun in the zip line and diving, great people, nice service.  The only ...

To the tropics, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

To the tropics

A travel blog entry by charleslamb1985

... The area I chose was a small island called Nananu-i-ra just off the North coast, (supposedly) two and a half hours from Nadi (put into Fiji time, nearly 5), right next to the Bligh Waters with some of the best diving in the world on the doorstep. The ...

exhilarating cruse, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

exhilarating cruse

A travel blog entry by mlckirsty


Today my family and I went on a cruse! This morning we woke up at 8:00 a.m. to get ready and go have some breakfast, before departing on the cruse at 10:00 a.m. When we booked our hotel we ordered the spoil yourself deal which meant we got free ...

Super Shopping, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Super Shopping

A travel blog entry by mlckirsty


... art work. While we were there we didn't just shop but our tour guides told us all about the history of art and music in Fiji. I learnt that they split up the woman's art and the men's art into two categories. The woman's craft is famous for pottery and ...

Bumpy boat ride, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Bumpy boat ride

A travel blog entry by mlckirsty


This morning I was very tired but I forced myself to get out of bed. We went down for some appetizing breakfast and went to go to an Island called Navini. There, you get to relax and enjoy the scenery, explore the island and paddle about in its small ...

First Stop in Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

First Stop in Fiji

A travel blog entry by rtw2010


We left Hawaii early, Friday Oct 29th, for the 8 1/2 hour flight to Fiji . which included a very brief stop in Samoa. Although the actual flight was only eight hours we didn't arrive until Saturday afternoon local time having crossed the international ...

One last stop in Fiji!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

One last stop in Fiji!

A travel blog entry by tommy21osu

Wish I could have spent a few more days in Fiji... A beautiful place and beautiful friendly people!! Not sure how the hostel I stayed at got such great reviews but maybe I was spoiled before. Although it was air conditioned and a minute walk to the ...

happy new year from Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

happy new year from Fiji

A travel blog entry by hogstock


... mainland with everyone we talk to experiencing the same problems, trips cancelled and bad weather. The decision was made too leave Fiji earlier then planned for three reasons mainly the cyclone that was heading this way bringing with it the bad weather, ...

Fiji: the island paradise, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji: the island paradise

A travel blog entry by julesandjames


... in Nadi at night and were packed onto a mini bus with heaps more people and luggage than the bus could physically hold. Arrival at Nadi Downtown packers was like being a sheep in a large herd, sheapherded this way and that whilst trying to keep an eye on ...

Bula!  Welcome to Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Bula! Welcome to Fiji

A travel blog entry by cathyandjohn

Here at last. Collected at the airport by Rosies Travel for the transfer to our hotel (another hour and twenty minutes to add to the total journey time). In desperate need of a shower and a sleep as neither of us managed to get much sleep on the ...

Lost in Paradise - Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Lost in Paradise - Fiji

A travel blog entry by segelohr71


... Taveuni, eine kleine Insel im Paradies... toll zum Tauchen, Blumen, Wasserfaelle... zurueck komme ich per Absturtzair aehm Air Fiji nach Nadi, wo ich hoffentlich den ANschlussflug nach AUC und Sidney kriege...4.15 morgens oh je!!! Heute noch in Suva, der ...

Fiji... Capital of Cannibalism, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fiji... Capital of Cannibalism

A travel blog entry by hollyandstewart


... eat and if we are even hungry! Everyone is so lovely here, and weather is 30degrees.  In the afternoon we went into Nadi town and bought clothes for Stew with 50$, some second hand. We tried a traditional potato, tuna and curry wrap, which ...

Arrival in Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Arrival in Fiji

A travel blog entry by lotterae


Arrived in Nadi, Fiji after a very long and scary flight (lots of turbulence!). The hostel bus drove off without us so had to get taxi to Horizon Beach hostel. Hostel is deserted - not sure where everyone is, maybe ppl have been put off by the coup. ...

Scoooba, Outside of Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by nathanlaw


Well I am now an official liscened scuba diver. Already went on 4 dives the last few days, but poor Tyler couldn't come because is poor wittle ear has been hurting. Saw tons of sting rays, and various other sea creatures that I don't know there names, ...

We're not feelin' Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

We're not feelin' Fiji

A travel blog entry by rconkling


... a tiny door I had to crawl through. We then spent the evening bonding with our hosts and fellow travellers by drinking Fiji's speciality brew, Kava. Kava is a plant root that gets ground up and added to water. The Fijian's claim it to have ...

Arrive in Fiji!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Arrive in Fiji!

A travel blog entry by danlucy


... is ok, right on the beach. bit dissappointed with the weather, its really hot but cloudy & rainy! Day 1- Got a local bus into Nadi town, cost the whole of about 20 pence! Bustling, lots of cars, people & lots of men want you to go into their ...

Fijian Wrap-up, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Fijian Wrap-up

A travel blog entry by lizrussosmells

... if I'm still in Fiji (have to keep my country count current), I'm actually back in the states after an incredible two weeks in Fiji. I thought time would slow down for us while we were in Fiji but, somehow, we managed to keep our days filled and time ...

SKI Holiday - Apologies Champ, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

SKI Holiday - Apologies Champ

A travel blog entry by champa


SKI holiday? - Go to Fiji. How may you ask is this possible on a tropical island where the temperatures are in the late 20's/30's.   Well SKI in this instance is for "spending the kid's inheritance".  We had a few days to spare and found a ...

beachcomber paradise, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

beachcomber paradise

A travel blog entry by adsrobjim


... rob did some awesome snorkling, just surrounded by hundreds of amazing tropical fish, wierd fluerescent coral, just brilliant. then back to nadi, few more days relaxin by the pool, gettin ready to fly out to new zealand tomoro, and awaiting the arrival ...

Set sail for Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Set sail for Fiji

A travel blog entry by gemandsam


... my passport in customs by accident! Don't worry mum, i've got it back!!) we could see how beautiful Fiji was. We had to get a 3 hour bus ride from Nadi to the Beachouse, and it was a really hot, sweaty bus rammed with locals & playing Indian ...

Der geklaute Tag, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Der geklaute Tag

A travel blog entry by stollmusic


... für die Südsee zu bunkern. Kurz vor Mitternacht am 17.September ging es dann mit einer betagten 747 von Fiji Air los Richtung Nadi. Wir überquerten nicht nur den Äquator sondern auch die Datumsgrenze. Deshalb kamen wir nach knapp 11 Stunden Flug am ...

Ni Sa Bula!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Ni Sa Bula!

A travel blog entry by wanderingsoul

I've cheated a little bit and am backtracking on entries as there really wasn't a whole lot of internet going on in Fiji! We arrived in Nadi after the 10 hour flight - which was fab. The only airline I've been on that plays you local music as you take ...

Bula!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by laura-alex0910


... islands, Malolo and Bounty. On Malolo island we are staying at Walu Beach Resort, it is really nice, we have a private bure (fiji house), its awesome thatch like roof, but out of coconut leaves. We have tried fresh coconuts, they dont taste anything like ...

Bula from Fiji, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Bula from Fiji

A travel blog entry by pinkfizz


... very civilized until it suddenly filled with drunk men and prostitutes so we felt it best to depart but we had a laugh. The weather in Fiji has always been hot and humid but we had our fair share of rain as well and Suva the heavens just opened for 2 ...

Goodbye Fiji!!, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Goodbye Fiji!!

A travel blog entry by kafween

... In just a few short hours I'll be leaving Nadi and flying off to New Zealand!! I had an absolutely wonderful week in Fiji!! After experiencing Nadi last weekend, I decided I wanted to get out to the islands and spend most of my time there. I talked to a ...

Beachcomber Island, Nadi, Fiji travel blog

Beachcomber Island

A travel blog entry by jessrose552


... for the boys.  It was a great experience and I am so glad we were able to see this part of Fiji.   Coming back to our hostel in Nadi almost felt like coming "home."  After a much needed shower and a good dinner, we headed to the back ...

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