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Episode 4, Copenhagen Region, Denmark travel blog

Episode 4

A travel blog entry by bennybeanbear


... not impressed, but she was mighty glad I was only a stuffed toy and didn’t need to use one. After crossing into Denmark we continued up the west coast of Jutland.  Like the northern part of Germany the countryside continues to be fairly ...

Scandinavia Spring Break- Trip 2, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Scandinavia Spring Break- Trip 2

A travel blog entry by schipper


Copenhagen was the mid-way part of my trip and was a great time. It was a bit more commercialized and touristy than the other cities but I had an awesome hostel where I met a lot of cool people. The Nyhavn was beautiful and it was a really clean and ...

'Tis the Season...', Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

'Tis the Season...'

A travel blog entry by chris-roisin


... to Tivoli Gardens, the 2nd oldest theme park in the world, in City Hall Square, Daniel gave us a potted history of Denmark and Copenhagen. The city has had 5 catastrophes in its history and all have inevitably ended up in half the city burning down!! ...

Countdown, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by ditte

Så er nedtællingen begyndt. Om kun 12 dage drager jeg ud i den store verden for at opleve en ...

I de sidste timer, Frederikssund, Denmark travel blog

I de sidste timer

A travel blog entry by sofieb


Igår var det juleaften - og det var det altså ! For ikke at gå glip af noget, har jeg kogt hele december måned ned til en enkelt uge. Det endte altså ud i julepynt, julemusik og juleaften midt i nobember, til hele familiens store ...

The City in the Sea, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The City in the Sea

A travel blog entry by tmcclurg

... underneath the palace. The ruins date back to the 11th century when a castle was built in the same location, simultaneously founding Copenhagen as a city. Over the next 800 years there was some sort of royal palace built there. Once the family that is ...

Resting (Nathan), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Resting (Nathan)

A travel blog entry by nateandglenn

... stuff I'd been neglecting. Glennica spent almost the entire day sleeping. We knew that we had very little time left to explore Denmark, and we were probably wasting a day that could be spent experiencing something new, but we were both exhausted, couldn't ...

Success in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Region, Denmark travel blog

Success in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by keithandialaska


The ship docked early this morning in Copenhagen. Around 1200 passengers disembarked permanently –including those who have been on the ship since April when they boarded at Fort Lauderdale (more than 39 days I think). There are about 300 passengers, ...

Der er meget hyggligt!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Der er meget hyggligt!

A travel blog entry by swdsull


... trace us back to the seventeenth century! He can trace his girls back to the sixteenth century in Sweden (which is very close to Copenhagen). I gave him the info I have for all of the new additions and those to come, but he’d be very grateful for ...

We've arrived!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

We've arrived!

A travel blog entry by jagrant



Trespassing in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Trespassing in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


... ;s colony on the island across the bay was quaint, charming and more importantly, welcoming. A Funny Story I spent the afternoon in Copenhagen, but was feeling tired from staying out all night, the night before. I was walking back to the yacht for a nap ...

Sjuva, København, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by renard


That is the Danish writing for 'chuva', Portuguese for 'rain'. And rain is pretty much what I've seen the most here. Since I landed in Europe, I've had seven rainy days in seven, some of them with random brief sunny spells. Anyway, things have improved a ...

New house Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

New house Nørrebro

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

We are in our 2nd apartment here already, 1st was bigger but boring neighbourhood (think Ballsbridge on a weekend ca. 1990) but 2nd neighbourhood much more alive think Georges St/Camden St in Dublin - and the day after we moved to apt. 2 I realised we ...

Heading Home!, Copenhagen Airport, Denmark travel blog

Heading Home!

A travel blog entry by oreydc


Terminal A - in Copenhagen Airport is geometrically interestiing at sunset... on a Saturday nite, beefore Easter... ...

Copenhagen City Centre1, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen City Centre1

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Arrived 21:30 last night no hassle, airport train even less hassle then turn left out of Central Station & voila in Hotel district (also red light district incidently but it all seems grand). Went for a pretty expensive Indian which also seemed the ...

Copenhagen Xmas, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen Xmas

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Well its nearly Christmas .... The benefit of being from a small family means the whole shopping thing isn't so bad. I am so busy at work I haven't time to think about it anyway! Didn't even get round to sending Christmas cards but I don't think you ...

Cutting Corners, Costs and Calories, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Cutting Corners, Costs and Calories

A travel blog entry by v1213


... . We cruised at 140-160km/h through most of Denmark (compared to only 140km/h in Germany), increasing to 180km/h close to Copenhagen. Hopefully the lines connecting these parts of the 2 countries will be upgraded in conjunction with the opening of the ...

Back to Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Back to Denmark

A travel blog entry by fiscarlos

bl ...

Amongst friends in Denmark, Frederikssund, Denmark travel blog

Amongst friends in Denmark

A travel blog entry by ozvere


... , quiet - bordering on paradise except possibly the weather and the cost of living! To get here we got the once a day Berlin/Copenhagen direct train.  It leaves Berlin at 1125 and does the 285 kms to Hamburg non-stop in 1 hour 50 minutes ie averages ...

Week 5, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Week 5

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


... of the social welfare system seems so ingrained in the culture that it surprised me.  It was also cool to see aspects of Denmark and Copenhagen in the 20th century including 3 TVs that showed television in the 70s, 80s, and 90s - the same anchor was ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by jtpharr

t ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by jtpharr

h ...

Aint she a beauty! Our Cruise Ship, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Aint she a beauty! Our Cruise Ship

A travel blog entry by janelle-daniel


This is our second cruise and having chosen a reputable company we have felt quite excited about 'cruising' to the end of our trip. The idea of seeing new places but not packing, unpacking and carrying our bags is a massive highlight. Not having to ...

Returning to Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Returning to Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by tyga

Arrived back in Copehagen and had kebabs for lunch at the train station, then converted our left over Icelandic money to Swedish money before booking our seats for the train trip to Gothenburg tomorrow morning. Returned to the hotel to rest and pack for ...

Love this city, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Love this city

A travel blog entry by asma.f.syed


... Hodan's place and shared laughs and stories on the train. First things first, a latte and something to eat.  See attached picture for Copenhagen's pop tart; it is DAMN good.  It's a pop tart, fresh and delicious.  I'm so happy I tried it! ...

Resans början!, Köpenhamn, Danmark travel blog

Resans början!

A travel blog entry by nemo_s


Hej! Sååå det senaste dygnet (om inte mer, det här med tidszoner är förvirrande) har vi i princip befunnit oss på resande fot hela tiden. Från Köpenhamns flygplats flög vi till Qatar där vi ...

DENMARK - Friendly fun and lots of laughs, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

DENMARK - Friendly fun and lots of laughs

A travel blog entry by lab99


Vejle is a small town about a 3.5 hour train ride from Copenhagen and is Denmarks 9th largest city. We went there for the sole purpose of meeting my cousin Phillip who I last recall seeing in about 1985/6 when he was just a little baby. Thanks to ...

Hitri ogled danske prestolnice, Kobenhavn, Denmark travel blog

Hitri ogled danske prestolnice

A travel blog entry by jana-petan


Še pred svitom pride pome Manja in naju s Sonjo odpelje na letališče na Brnik. Opažam potnike z imenom agencije. Aha, s temi gremo skupaj. Nič posebnega se ne dogaja. Opravimo formalnosti. Spoznamo vodnico in že smo v zraku, ...

Christmas Tour 1-- Copenhagen and Stokholm, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Christmas Tour 1-- Copenhagen and Stokholm

A travel blog entry by eowens2


We left Florence around 10am to catch our 2pm flight out of Bologna to Copenhagen. Everything went smoothly, even though we were traveling with about 53 people all together, and we made it to Copenhagen safe and sound. Everyone was blown away by how nice ...

Homeward bound, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Homeward bound

A travel blog entry by kazntrsawsmadvn


... with Mie, emails, photos, blogs, diaries and baby news. It has also allowed us at the fourth attempt to view Denmark's greatest ever one metre tall anti climactic tourist attraction... the little mermaid. It was certainly worth the build up! Fortunately ...

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