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w w.Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

w w.Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by newblogger


Luckily for you all I am unable to add a sound bite to this blog or I might be inflicting a version of Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen upon you all. We had a lovely 3-4 days wandering around this very compact city. We bought a Copenhagen card which took ...

Chopenhagen, Chopenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by veikok


Vahepeatus ...

Copenhagen to Jystrup and THE TIPI!!, Jystrup, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen to Jystrup and THE TIPI!!

A travel blog entry by sian_ripley


Waking up this morning, i realised it was our first day of cycling...yay for no uphills! Andrei headed back ito Copenhagen to fetch his bike, Grant and I took a two hour head start and arranged to meet Andrei 40km away in Koge.What a lovely little ...

Visitor #22 come (to riot town), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Visitor #22 come (to riot town)

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

The riots continued again on Friday night and there was a few burnt out cars this time and the air was savager, C did a 4am walk as the noise was so bad (while I was in my usual sleep through an earthquake mode), it was expected to go on a 3rd night but ...

A ride to remember, Ringsted, Denmark travel blog

A ride to remember

A travel blog entry by finechina


I arrived in Ringsted, Denmark yesterday morning after taking two relatively short train rides from Sweden. Our friends from Nanjing live in a quaint town in the country and they picked us up from the station. As we drove through the lush hills, I noticed ...

Shopping in Denmark, Volstrup, Denmark travel blog

Shopping in Denmark

A travel blog entry by jrgo


Our experience in shopping here is a little different than the one stop for everything that we are used to. I guess WALMART hasn't invaded yet. We went a few miles down to the coast to buy fish (flounder) right off the boat. Later on we went to buy ...

hjemmprøve, Hvidovre, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by naninna


Nu sagde vi lige at jeg var i Indien.. og havde oplevet alt muligt... så kan jeg understrege og fede og kursivere ...

Aug 08, 2014, Ribe, Denmark travel blog

Aug 08, 2014

A travel blog entry by amyandlily


Før afgang til Grønland, Hammerum, Denmark travel blog

Før afgang til Grønland

A travel blog entry by villymn


false ...

Two birthdays in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Two birthdays in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by msbrookstravels


Jonathan and I headed to Copehagen for a long weekend to see our dear friends Charlotte and Frederik (and their two children Valdemar and Amalie). We invited ourselves because Jonathan secretly has always wanted to enjoy a Danish birthday celebration. ...

Farvel Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Farvel Danmark

A travel blog entry by anna_kat_rejser


Så er bagagen tjekket ind vi blev (næsten) ikke nød til at løbe i lufthavnen! Vi er klar :) farvel herhjemme ...

Hjemme igen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hjemme igen

A travel blog entry by nuddelexp


Hey! Det her er så vores sidste entry for denne gang. I sidste entry lovede vi jer slutningen på vores eventyr, så den kommer her! Efter Taj Mahal tog vi som sagt videre til en mindre by, Orchha. Endnu en by med et fort og et marked. Noget ...

U2 360, Vejle, Denmark travel blog

U2 360

A travel blog entry by delsar


... district. An early check-out meant that we were on our way in good time and so had a leisurely drive from Germany into Denmark, stopping just short of the border for a picnic lunch and a nice cold German beer. Having done lots of research into Denmark in ...

Afskeds- og fødselsdagsfest for familien, Vildbjerg, Denmark travel blog

Afskeds- og fødselsdagsfest for familien

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


Af Dorthe Så kom dagen, hvor vi havde inviteret familien til en lille afskeds-og fødselsdagsfest. Det er nu sidste weekend inden afrejsen på fredag og sidste mulighed for at se meget af familien, da jeg tager på kursus i København ...

Back home, Hillerød, Denmark travel blog

Back home

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

Back in Denmark again, and it is wonderful, I was getting a little tired of Beijing. But this will only be a short entry because I'm writting on my old laptop, which is a little hard to use. Thanks for all your mail and encouraging words along the ...

arrival in Denmark!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

arrival in Denmark!

A travel blog entry by sunmoongoddess


I just arrived this afternoon in Denmark. It is so nice to see Niels again...and tomorrow, I get to see Christoffer too. They were my first international surfers. I also am Niels first surfer ever!! More to ...

Busy day in København, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Busy day in København

A travel blog entry by amyfisher


... that she was, in fact, very little and quite unspectacular, though I was still excited to see the unofficial symbol of Denmark.  Carl Jacobsen, a Danish brewer, fell in love with the HC Anderson fairytale, and commissioned Edvard Eriksen to ...

What could be better? Babies, Flowers and PI Day!, Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

What could be better? Babies, Flowers and PI Day!

A travel blog entry by oreydc


What could be better? Spring flowers coming up, and our amazing baby! Here are links of some  videos of Ofer  working out with a toy that was his dad's 30 years ago! Good job Grandma! ...

Afternoon walkabout..., Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

Afternoon walkabout...

A travel blog entry by oreydc


A nice late afternoon walkabout... doors, bikes, a baby, family... its good ...

"Last touch" - Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by keithandialaska


... we were able to get a clear view of the Oresund Bridge that I have talked about before - the bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden and is a stunning juxtaposition of the old and the new.Postscript:  Sundays Postscript: I am uploading this last ...

A great afternon out..., Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

A great afternon out...

A travel blog entry by oreydc


We all met up for lunch, then walked around a bit until someone needed  a topping off and change, so where do you go? A department store, but here  some department stores are chic versions of a Fred Meyer... unfortunately it was a pre-Easter ...

DIS - Week 1 in Copenhagen (May 24-29), Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

DIS - Week 1 in Copenhagen (May 24-29)

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


WEEK 1 in Copenhagen!  Pictures from arrival, orientation, scavenger hunt around the city, lunch after class, studying in the Royal Garden, Andrea's birthday, & my practicum ...

Returning to Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Returning to Denmark

A travel blog entry by asn75


... know my self better, had a chance to measure my personality against a different culture and come out triumphant. And now I am back in Denmark... What now? My heart and my head have two very different answers. My heart says: "Fuck it all, I'm of again, ...

Copenhagen (plus a trip back to London)!, København, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen (plus a trip back to London)!

A travel blog entry by samstravels08


... up Anne's dog plus her friends' dog from the kennels which was out in the country so it was nice to see that part of Denmark. In the evening we just chilled out and went to buy dinner to cook which was chicken and veges. I liked having these evenings ...

Giant trees and waves!, Denmark, Australia travel blog

Giant trees and waves!

A travel blog entry by alan.kidd.522


Today we retraced our steps back towards Walpole to visit the Valley of the Giants near Nornalup. We took a scenic drive to where there is a very informative visitor centre and a treetop walk, which we didn't undertake. These giant Tingle Trees (a ...

Irene Wong, Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

Irene Wong

A travel blog entry by aspenchi


After Hamburg I went up to Aarhus and had the best time. I couch surfed at a girl's house named Irene Wong. She was a sweetheart and so helpful. The first time we met was a bit odd though since I am such a great planner we decided to meet at the train ...

Mini siger Vi ses, Vildbjerg, Denmark travel blog

Mini siger Vi ses

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


Så er der under en uge til vi drager "over there". Det bliver super godt. Derfor denne lille test opdatering:-) God Sommer til alle ...

Lovely Bornhholm, Bornholm, Denmark travel blog

Lovely Bornhholm

A travel blog entry by lacasarodante

... .  Not quite. It was definitely picturesque with beautifully preserved old homes and cobblestone streets, but Bornholm is part of Denmark, just about the richest country in the world.  Modest homes went for around $400,000 while the ones with ...

Snowy Days, Randers, Denmark travel blog

Snowy Days

A travel blog entry by gkpedro


We arrived just in time for a lovely blizzard complete with blowing snow and cold temperatures. Never the less, we suited up and headed out to explore our new city. It is amazing how many people were out and around in the city center even though many ...

Last minitue Baby Snaps..., Aarhus Municipality, Denmark travel blog

Last minitue Baby Snaps...

A travel blog entry by oreydc


Aww... how could I say no? One last selfie... I was a little teary, I forgot to  focus, and then he was needing a change... Love me my family... ...

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