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Giant trees and waves!, Denmark, Australia travel blog

Giant trees and waves!

A travel blog entry by alan.kidd.522


Today we retraced our steps back towards Walpole to visit the Valley of the Giants near Nornalup. We took a scenic drive to where there is a very informative visitor centre and a treetop walk, which we didn't undertake. These giant Tingle Trees (a ...

Mini siger Vi ses, Vildbjerg, Denmark travel blog

Mini siger Vi ses

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


Så er der under en uge til vi drager "over there". Det bliver super godt. Derfor denne lille test opdatering:-) God Sommer til alle ...

Lovely Bornhholm, Bornholm, Denmark travel blog

Lovely Bornhholm

A travel blog entry by lacasarodante

... .  Not quite. It was definitely picturesque with beautifully preserved old homes and cobblestone streets, but Bornholm is part of Denmark, just about the richest country in the world.  Modest homes went for around $400,000 while the ones with ...

Snowy Days, Randers, Denmark travel blog

Snowy Days

A travel blog entry by gkpedro


We arrived just in time for a lovely blizzard complete with blowing snow and cold temperatures. Never the less, we suited up and headed out to explore our new city. It is amazing how many people were out and around in the city center even though many ...

The only mountains are Runes-Hills, Bisserup Strand, Denmark travel blog

The only mountains are Runes-Hills

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


30.6.2012          Bisserup (DK)      Km: 55811          The only mountains are Runes-Hills / Die einzigen Berge sind Runenhuegel Although ...

Fishing village, visitors, and castles, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Fishing village, visitors, and castles

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


... neutral Sweden just across the harbor. Sweden had been known to turn away other Jewish escapees from neighboring countries before, however Denmark knew this was its only option. This large scale plan was top secret. It was quite difficult to transport ...

Dinamarca - preparacao e teatro (segunda parte), Staby, Denmark travel blog

Dinamarca - preparacao e teatro (segunda parte)

A travel blog entry by betuca

E o dia chegou. No inicio pudemos assistir as pecas das outras escolas. Fiquei um pouco mais aliviado de ver que todas as pecas tinham "elos fracos". Assim, algumas pessoas estavam muito bem no palco. Bem melhor ate do que eu achei que seria. Mas sempre ...

Jan/feb and visitor 7, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Jan/feb and visitor 7

A travel blog entry by danskgirl


Our 'best man' was over in Jan & it was freezing so naturally we ended up walking about 14kms all over the city! So have now experienced a real hard winter - the hardest they had here in ages! Went home (to Dublin) on 17th Feb so was weird to see ...

June work work work, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

June work work work

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Hurray the Weather is 30 degrees here this week - otherwise its like home in summer, but it was cool the Irish people have a great balcony & are our neighbours so spent about 9 hours sitting out & drinking on Saturday. Otherwise June was all work & all ...

The Valley of the Giants, Denmark, Australia travel blog

The Valley of the Giants

A travel blog entry by rossport


... others like us just too pictures and had a nice cuppa and a biscuit soon we were on our way and we passed thru the town of Denmark no we did not teleport to there it is just a name :) we then headed north and started the long journey home we are roughly ...

Read all about Odense in the next blog, Odense, Denmark travel blog

Read all about Odense in the next blog

A travel blog entry by houghtaling

Just passed through and stopped at the house and museum of Hans Christian ...

Sorø, Sorø, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by gavin.porter


After spending a relaxing afternoon at Egeskov, it was on with the drive to Soro.  We had thought that the bridge from Jutland to Fyn (Funen) had been long, but it was nothing compared to the approx 13km over sea and a small island between Fyn and ...

Dinamarca - preparacao e teatro (primeira parte), Staby, Denmark travel blog

Dinamarca - preparacao e teatro (primeira parte)

A travel blog entry by betuca


Foi um dia longo. Para termos tempo de visitar uma outra escola no caminho, saimos as 6 da manha. Sem maiores problemas para a maioria das pessoas, que so fez trocar o lugar que estavam dormindo, da cama para o carro. Mas para mim, que estava dirigindo, ...

We have arrived!, København, Denmark travel blog

We have arrived!

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


We landed at 12pm Denmark time (6am EST) safely this afternoon! Before exiting the plane, Nick was insistent on eating "brunch" and was quite grumpy until we found him his "egg breakfast sandwich". After this event, we decided to be adventurous and take ...

Departure, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by evamaria85

My...these past few days has been way too busy. But yes, I know who's to blame:-) Yesterday I went to bed around three ýn the mornýng, because I had a few thýngs to fýnýsh before everythýng was ýn order. I had to do only a lýttle packýng, as I ...

Planning the Jump, Aarhus, Denmark travel blog

Planning the Jump

A travel blog entry by jumplife


Hallooo! Do you want to read our glorious travel blog in global Danishified English? Let us know! If there is demand, we will supply :) Og Welkommen til JumpLife, en helt igennem selvskrevet blog om Mads og Sørens tour de force ud i det Fjerne ...

Snow Day, København, Denmark travel blog

Snow Day

A travel blog entry by lchristopher12


Classes have officially begun and the last few days were suppose to be about developing a routine. However it has mostly included getting lost to class, figuring out whether the metro or bus is the best way to get into the city for class, and ...

My Neighbourhood, My Bike and My Cheap Beer, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

My Neighbourhood, My Bike and My Cheap Beer

A travel blog entry by lordcool


Mercy me I am tuckered. For this reason I am going to keep this entry (which you will notice covers 3 topics) to a length that will not wear me to a frazzle anymore than than that to which I have hereupon already...I'm not even going to try and finish ...

Watch out for the Bridge!!!, Oresund Strait, Denmark travel blog

Watch out for the Bridge!!!

A travel blog entry by sunniebgi


On our travel into the Baltic Sea, we passed under a bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark.  It was night time and of course, we were sleeping.   On the evening of the 7th of July, at the end of our 1st full day at sea on our return to ...

The Great Danes, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

The Great Danes

A travel blog entry by kasnsqueak

... where I think the guns were aimed at. In the sea from the port and out into the sea are numerous wind turbines. Denmark is a seriously green country, big on recycling and hugely bike friendly- most everyone cycles. It is also expensive in costs of living ...

Enjoying being home again, Hillerød, Denmark travel blog

Enjoying being home again

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

... you crazy, I also makes you a little detached from your other classmates, since you never see them.   The trip back to Denmark went nice and easy, well the seven hours of waiting in the airport in Beijing was not really nice, but I got through ...

Työmatkalla, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by sannakoo


Lyhyt välikuittaus, että täälläpä sitä ollaan jälleen koneen äärellä pienen hiljaiselon jälkeen. Kuten kaikilla vakavasti otettavilla kirjailijoilla, myös minulla on välillä tekstinluomisongelmia. Lupaan ryhdistäytyä ensi viikolla ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by laine


... be! Sorry for those of you who don't know Hans Christian Anderson the author of the before mentioned character came from Denmark. Before leaving we wandered down Nyhavn, the street with the canal and the sailing ships and the colourful buildings that ...

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by bbk6

Hello!    It has been a busy 2 days mixing it up with the Danish. We arrived from Berlin on Tuesday afternoon, and wandered the afternoon away in the city. It has been unusally warm these past two days, about 40-50 degrees and blue skies. ...

Funny Signs and a View from the Top, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Funny Signs and a View from the Top

A travel blog entry by annalise.m


On Tuesday after class I found the post-office, bought post cards, mailed a few things, went to the library to access the internet-only to find out that you have to be a registered member, and then stumbled across The SIGNSPOTTING Project on my way to ...

Hej igen Danmark, Vildbjerg, Denmark travel blog

Hej igen Danmark

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


Af Dorthe Vi blev planmæssigt kaldt ud i flyet, men måtte vente i flyet i 40 minutter, gud ved hvorfor, inden flyet trillede ud til startbanen og gassede op for de store motorer. Vi vinkede farvel til Thailand, 2 døgn i den menneskefyldte og hektiske ...

Hanging out with Glenn, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Hanging out with Glenn

A travel blog entry by richlum


... at Hamburg station whilst changing trains. I better start eating something other that wurst when I come back through Germany after Denmark... Why does graffitti by the train tracks look the same everywhere in the world?? Crossing over from Puttgarden in ...

Trip to Denmark, Tonder, Ribe, Esbjerg, Hvide Sande, Ringkobing, Arhus, Denmark travel blog

Trip to Denmark

A travel blog entry by barbg


... Wittenberg.  It was a real thrill, one she will never forget!    On Monday we traveled toward Denmark and stopped in Schleiswig and  then the small town of Gelding, Germany.  Here we visited a church and ...

Yallingup to Denmark!, Denmark, Australia travel blog

Yallingup to Denmark!

A travel blog entry by alan.kidd.522


... residents who had fought in the war as well as those who lost their lives.   After a short stop in Walpole we continued on to Denmark arriving at our lovely modern house at 5.30 in the evening. The house overlooks the Wilson Inlet and the sea beyond. ...

Lund to Copenhagen to Dubai to Melbourne, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Lund to Copenhagen to Dubai to Melbourne

A travel blog entry by jenny-peter-g

Currently at the airport after an eventful trip from Lund. There is a rail strike in Southern Sweden, so instead of a direct train to the airport, we had to take a train to two stations past Malmo, then take a bus. Many people take this route to ...

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