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Just Like a Hemingway Novel, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Just Like a Hemingway Novel

A travel blog entry by linds_and_ryan

... open to the chaotic streets while a pianist plays a baby grand in the corner. From there we walked around Old Havana reconnecting and sorting through all those things that can't be communicated over the phone or through an email. We seemed to ...

First Day, Havana, Cuba travel blog

First Day

A travel blog entry by dave-baker


Dec 31st - Well, despite the weather issues in Europe both flights were on time and I landed in Havana slightly early.  Then the fun starts, Havana airport is an interesting place to get out of, big queues for immigration, hand luggage ...

Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by jamesjames


... was really nice. The small town-ness of it made it a damn sight easier, and a wee break in the middle of Havana-crazyness was somewhat necessary! Coming back via Santa Clara, we visited the Che mueseum and mausoleum (he's massive there - bigger than ...

Cuba photos, La Habana to Santiago de Cuba, Cuba travel blog

Cuba photos

A travel blog entry by emmakelloway


Here are a few pics from my Cuba trip in ...

Havana adventures, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana adventures

A travel blog entry by samira_steve

... him to let me know when he does come and it would be great to see him and his family. I finally arrived in Havana around about 12 midnight. Got my luggage, got questioned by the security officers, whom were actually really nice and friendly and got ...

Carnival in Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Carnival in Havana

A travel blog entry by markandemma


Arrived back in Havana to find the Carnaval still in full flow. Chilled out in the Havana Vieja in the afternoon and then headed to the Malecon (promenade) for the spectacular. Like all Cuban timing it started 3 hours late, so we nipped off for a quick ...

Baseball, Pizza, Rum und Salsa, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Baseball, Pizza, Rum und Salsa

A travel blog entry by senderjung


Den Abschluss des Kubaaufenthaltes bildete eine längerer Verbleib in der Hauptstadt Havana. Wir wohnten in einem zwölfgeschössigem Haus, welches in den Vereinsfarben der beliebtesten Baseballmannschaft Kuba den Industriales gestrichen ist und direkt ...

A little art and a little marathon, Havana, Cuba travel blog

A little art and a little marathon

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... the last few tired ones which explains the lady so encouragingly cheering me on! And yes, I later got it confirmed. It was Havana Marathon, I accidentally gate-crashed it if only for a small part. It felt a little “Forrest Gump”… But ...

Havana II, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana II

A travel blog entry by mariekeiii


... .  Söndag katastrof Seija åkte på magsjuka av något hon ätit och låg däckad hela dagen, dessutom gick huvudvattenledningen till Havana av så hela staden är utan vatten. I dag var vi på ambasaden och fick allt fixat så nu får vi se hur ...

La Habana, La Habana, Cuba travel blog

La Habana

A travel blog entry by alexkons

This is a top pick!

... taxi to the airport costs 10 pesos as opposed to 25 for a legal one.. but that meant that i did end up walking about 15 minutes as my illegal driver could have been imprisoned if we´d have been caught. goodbye cuba, i´ll come back... CUBA ...

Cuba (the country of no hay), Cuba, Cuba travel blog

Cuba (the country of no hay)

A travel blog entry by follow_bex


... very colonial with beautiful architecture and plazas, Havana Centro had a more worn and Vedado was more of a residential neighbourhood. Havana's museums were definitely interesting (for want of a better word). The museo de la revolucion was comprised of a ...

Returning the salt to the earth, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Returning the salt to the earth

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... . Now, after many unbelievably wonderful days of creativity and warmth (in more ways than one) in the enigmatic and enchanting city of Havana, with the prospect of leaving soon, the only thing blue is how I’m feeling… I must be blending in now ...

A work day, Havana, Cuba travel blog

A work day

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett

May 25      La Habana (Havana) Nico Lopez refinery visit Dylan, Paco and I and our local representatives Rogelio from Recuco visited the Canadian Embassy to meet our trade commissioners and update them on all our projects here in Cuba and ...

Pass The Cigars, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Pass The Cigars

A travel blog entry by tdv95


... American automobiles (you can almost see Lucky Luciano driving to a meeting with fellow mobsters - during prohibition and beyond, Havana was a decadent playground for the well-heeled with the American mob having far too much influence on the Batista ...

Avskjed..., Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by team0506


... helt som forventet da vi etter fem timer paa buss og vel fremme hos host familien fant ut at vi hadde glemt passene vaare i Havana. Var visst ingen bomuligheter uten dem og lettere var rent noedt til aa ta foerste bussen tilbake til Havana. Paa tross av ...

HAVANA GOOD TIME, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by cc_world_tour


Hola everyone, This top-secret correspondence comes to you from Havana Airport, Cuba. Apparently laptop computers are forbidden here and if you get caught with one it will be confiscated. So, we're in hiding, settled beneath a thick plume of cigar ...

Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by bshorts


... going to be appetising and we were extra glad of the snacks we'd brought from civilisation. I'll say very little else about Havana. Its a place I could take or leave although if you're heading there I would't spend more than 3 or 4 nights there. ...

Havanna, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by flitterjahr


Eigentlich wollten wir erst spaeter nach Kuba, aber dank Schweinegrippe haben wir uns dann doch gegen den Weg ueber die USA und Mexiko entschieden. Und so landen wir am 29. April nach direktem Flug von London aus in Havanna. Schon die Vorbereitungen fuer ...

Hasta la victoria siempre, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Hasta la victoria siempre

A travel blog entry by janpeters


... being affordable foir everyone. One of the highlights of the trip was definitly the visits to the Casa de la Musica in Havana and Trinidad, to where we continued our trip. It is usually a venue where local sala artists play and especially the Trinidad ...

El mooono loooco semiintel·lectualoïde..., La Habana, Cuba travel blog

El mooono loooco semiintel·lectualoïde...

A travel blog entry by


... Atlàntic, i la prostitució emergent dels anys 90 que tan famós va fer el Malecón(passeig marítim) de L'Havana. Jo vaig fer cap a Cuba per a trobar respostes...som-hi doncs! Cuba és el país que representa la definitiva caiguda de l'imperi colonial ...

Havana and away..., Havana, Cuba travel blog

Havana and away...

A travel blog entry by davidandem

Leaving ...

Return to Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Return to Havana

A travel blog entry by mickandsarah


... , and wrote a letter to the nation via the national paper... boooorringg!!!     Seeing as we were in Cuba and seeing as we were in Havana... had to smoke a cigar!!! What a howl.... we bought some cigars... won't say how or ...

Cigars, rum and old cars..?, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cigars, rum and old cars..?

A travel blog entry by m_and_m_time


... ! They are simply beautiful and very hard not to become obsessed with. The drive through the torrential rain into Havana showed us lush green landscapes, dilapidated buildings, propaganda splashed upon building walls and huge paintings of Che and ...

Feb 08, 2013, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Feb 08, 2013

A travel blog entry by lithobolia


Cuba – some facts for the visitor on Day 1, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba – some facts for the visitor on Day 1

A travel blog entry by cookcorn


Entering Cuba at Havana Jose Marti International Airport: We didn't actually have visa’s for Cuba before leaving Ecuador. Everything I had read had suggested that we could get them from the airline the day we left so we’d ignored our travels ...

03/08/07, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by asiqueira08


... ir atrás da Plaza de la Revolución, depois de uma pequena confusão no caminho, passamos em frente à Universidade de Havana . Lá conhecemos o Alejandro e o Xander. Dois cubanos estudantes de história que nos convidaram para conhecer a Havana deles. ...

Stuck!  Unable to get money or food., Havana, Cuba travel blog

Stuck! Unable to get money or food.

A travel blog entry by clintonb


This entry is only going to be short, just for a quick update until i get more money for internet. We arrived in Havana, Cuba just after midnight in the early hours of the 3rd January with no where to stay.  In broken Espanol and English we ...

Finally in Havana, Havan, Cuba travel blog

Finally in Havana

A travel blog entry by maryfahey

... a trek in from there and yes things are very run down. Absolutely no danger of a traffic jam. We`re staying in Old Havana for a few days. Interesting in it`s faded grandeur, but a lot of the old buildings look unsalvageable, especially on the seafront, ...

Drivin' Along In My Automobile, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Drivin' Along In My Automobile

A travel blog entry by grumpytraveller


Havana, Cuba, 14th July - 21st July, 2007 I arrived in Havana late on Saturday afternoon in the middle of a fairly biblical rainstorm (although I understand you folks back in Blighty know all about that at the moment), so I didn't see much as my taxi ...

Charles' Travel Blog of Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Charles' Travel Blog of Cuba

A travel blog entry by charles2529


... carried my bag along with hers, which I thought was kind...I never did see my leftover bag again... Day 2, Vedado, Havana, Cuba    A crowing rooster wakes me. My room faces east and the sun is peaking over the high-rise apartments ...

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