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itt vagyunk, élvezzük!, Guardalavaca, Cuba travel blog

itt vagyunk, élvezzük!

A travel blog entry by asomogyi77


bizony, ez egy  5 csillagos szálloda, közvetlen tengerparton. van egy fő épülete, és mellette a hatalmas területen elhelyezkedő több, tulajdonképpen apartman ház.  a házak gyalogosan remekül megközelíthetőek a ...

Great friends + Mojitos + Salsa, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Great friends + Mojitos + Salsa

A travel blog entry by pablo_salma


... four nights we decided to head north to the island-Cayo Santa Maria. We’d heard it was one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba and we certainly weren’t let down! We decided to splurge and stay in a 5 star all-inclusive resort. It turned out ...

Day 2: At sea, Cuba, United States travel blog

Day 2: At sea

A travel blog entry by racinghippo


Well, the day started fairly well. Again, we were up early - 530am this time. I guess someone's body clock hasn't fully adjusted to the time zone. We managed to entertain ourselves until breakfast was served at 7. It had been a rough sea ...

Old Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Old Havana

A travel blog entry by haveyouseenher


... where there was a small band. Of course the man at the bar approached us and soon I was dancing, as that's what one does in Cuba: dance! There was music everywhere, all the time. That night we found a place with an all girl band and met a nice couple, ...

La Habana, La Habana, Cuba travel blog

La Habana

A travel blog entry by alexkons

This is a top pick!

... face are difficult, no doubt, the economy seems screwed, but the cuban spirit is strong. bit like fidel... anyway, as i knew before, cuba gives me guaranteed platinum impressions and i am certainly gonna go back. again. learn more. in another wave of ...

Varadero, Varadero, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


... all the food we had in Habana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad was excellent with no one sick at all. Strange that the only truly tourist spot in Cuba Varadero the food was not very good quality.  Maybe just a fluke that we hit a bad one. The drive back the ...

Journey to Cuba: a currency nightmare, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Journey to Cuba: a currency nightmare

A travel blog entry by samandpriya

Wednesday (August 15th) was a very strange day. We managed to pass through 4 different countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Panama & Cuba), stopping at 4 capital cities (Bogota, Quito, Panama city & Havana). When we arrived at Quito, it was a good 5 hours ...

a második legnagyobb város, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba travel blog

a második legnagyobb város

A travel blog entry by asomogyi77


... . vagyis: mondhatni légkondis közlekedési eszköz. közel két órát utaztunk vele, elég is volt. végállomásunk Santiago de Cuba volt, ami Santiago de Cuba tartomány székhelye. Kuba Havanna utáni második legfontosabb városa egyben az ország ...

hangulatos gyöngyszem!, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

hangulatos gyöngyszem!

A travel blog entry by asomogyi77


első pillanatra kiderült, ez egy tündéri városka! pedig a 12 órás fagyasztásos ücsörgés után alig bírtuk húzni a kerekes bőröndjeinket a macskaköves utakon. mégis nagyon megtetszett. nagyon más, ismét, mint az ...

Vinales, Vinales, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by curioustravel


... that they do not know what they have .... things that only cannot buy. The weather and the spirit is mucho caliente. Viva Cuba! This country is full of opposites. From BMW's , antique cars, oxen pulling carts, modern buses, tractors pulling trailers ...

Sista rapporten frĺn Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Sista rapporten frĺn Cuba

A travel blog entry by mariekeiii


... som plöjer med oxar och en plog som pĺ medeltiden samtidigt som man ser de unga kubanernas modernitet är nästan för häftigt. Cuba är verkligen värd sin mässa. Ĺk hit och se detta innan det har försvunnit. Som i forna Östtyskland där allt ...

Finally here!, Cayo Largo, Cuba travel blog

Finally here!

A travel blog entry by bunsy


... really is that now we have rings on our fingers, it's not like we never slept over before :-D So we left for Cuba early morning (retrospectively, almost a year after actually, I have a blank on the exact time our flight was), and got there around ...

10 Hours in Revolucion Square, Havana, Cuba travel blog

10 Hours in Revolucion Square

A travel blog entry by bearethere


... boulevard. Jose was a Cuban poet who wrote a famous book of poetry called (translated) Simple Verses from which a lot of Cuba's national song Guantanamera lyrics come from. He advised early on to break Cuba's relationship with the States as it was too ...

Donde este el mojito?, Varadero, Cuba travel blog

Donde este el mojito?

A travel blog entry by bearethere


... ; The main lobby had a gorgeous chandelier, complete with fluorescent bulbs, (very pleased to see that most lightbulbs we saw in Cuba were high efficiency; little shout out to Al Gore, Woohoo). The outer balconies on the levels with rooms had palm ...

The only donkey in Cuba, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

The only donkey in Cuba

A travel blog entry by thearodgers


... to share his story with us, and was amused by dad's tales of our canadian donkeys. Later on in our trip, I happened across a tour book of Cuba, and there Jorge was on the cover - and in many other places, too. He is one of those "faces of Cuba", like the ...

A morning jog, Havana, Cuba travel blog

A morning jog

A travel blog entry by mistytravels


... I see a rocking chair in front of the balcony, a man fixing something. This is how they do it here, they fix things. In that sense Cuba is way ahead of us. This is not a throw-away society. We could learn a thing or two. I reach the ground floor, say ...

Havana, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by alister.bland


Flew from Cancun to Havana – just one hour. Was quite a big travel day though as I needed to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight.  Visa check first before you can check in but was all pretty easy.  Then on arriving in Havana it ...

Traumstrand, Moron, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by senderjung


Mit dem Taxi ging es über den 27km Damm der das Festland mit dem Archipel Caya Coco verbindet. Auf diesem befinden sich ca. 15 all-inclusive 4-5 Sterneresorts für Pauschaltouristen und ein Strand der den Titel „weltklasse" verdient. Wir ...

Cuba: Rum, Tobacoo and music, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Cuba: Rum, Tobacoo and music

A travel blog entry by kc2009


... 2 palm trees framing the pure white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.  A place you coulfd get used to with mojitios and cuba libre's being brought to you on your sun lounger and delicious $1 hamburgers.  After a taste of the beach we decided to ...

Che's Capital, Santa Clara, Cuba travel blog

Che's Capital

A travel blog entry by kc2009


... only we were regaled with Che stories in the evenings we were spoilt with the most amazing dinners (and breakfasts - best in Cuba).  Craig also learnt a lesson in playing with parrots. Don't. The resident bird was not the friendliest but it didn't stop ...

Colonial Trinidad & Cayo Coco, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

Colonial Trinidad & Cayo Coco

A travel blog entry by kc2009


... 's hair." For $100 you get a lavish apartment and all of the above. It's a good deal for the outsiders but after traveling through Cuba, even after bingeing on everything on offer, elsewhere $100 would last several days. Like we said, it was an ...

Castro's City, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba travel blog

Castro's City

A travel blog entry by kc2009


Santiago was an altogether different experience. Fidel's town is another colonial gem. A city that makes the finest rum in the land. We went to the Casa De La Musica for a night of drinking and dancing and once the MC asked where we were from, we were ...

Baracoa, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by kc2009


Baracoa is a tropical village at the far end of Cuba.  It is surrounded by lush jungle and has a quaint fishing village next to it, called Boca De Miel which is famous for the brightly coloured snails that habitat there.  We took a trek with a local ...

Trinidad, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by curioustravel


Feb 6, Trinidad, I said goodbyes to the people at Cienfuegos and Michael who is headed in the other direction. We had good conversation and he showed me his photographs from Alaska and Mexico that he made a slide show of. There were some very impressive ...

Cuba, Havana, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by abbien


... , so it may be best just to look at the pictures (even though I am not sure they do it justice). Whilst in Cuba we also visited some beautiful beaches Valadero and Maria La Gorda. Both long stretches of white sand and crystal water. Valadero was 20km ...

Ron y Cervezas en Cuba, Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

Ron y Cervezas en Cuba

A travel blog entry by vagabonddrift


... race and there didn't seem to be a big disparity between the richest and poorest people you saw. Having read a little about Cuba's history (which was complex!) I imagine that this may have been something to do with Che Guevara who pushed for all Cubans ...

"Hasta Luego", Havana

A travel blog entry by thearodgers


...   We went for lunch as a group at a fancy restaurant called Restaurant Europa, probably the fanciest we went to while in Cuba! After lunch we walked some more, saw the Bodeguita del Medio, Plaza de las Armas, visited a Bodega (the place where Cubans ...

Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by mariekeiii


... Ingvar, vi mĺste med vĺra revade segel o motor lova upp o släppa förbi den.  Pĺ morgonen sen äntligen i Santiago de Cuba, fick ankra i marinaviken o vänta 3 t pĺ tullare, läkare mm. Ingen internet endast i staden dit vi ska idag dock inte ...

Backpackers go all inclusive, Havana, Cuba travel blog

Backpackers go all inclusive

A travel blog entry by paddy1979


... Years we went to a Gala dinner on the rooftop of a posh hotel, Lobster,Pork,shrimp and wine to beat the band and a few Cuba Libres thrown in, all topped off at 12 with big Cohiba Cigars to the backdrop of canon shots from the castle and fireworks. A good ...

1.Mai in Havanna, Havana, Cuba travel blog

1.Mai in Havanna

A travel blog entry by flitterjahr


... dabei und so wird geduldig und mit Spass auf den Start der Parade gewartet. Immer wieder hoert man einzelne Rufe wie "Viva Cuba/Fidel/Raul", die von der Masse mit "Viva" laut erwidert werden. Die Paradestrasse endet am Platz der Revolution, wo ein ...

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