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Sichuan: Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog

Sichuan: Chengdu

A travel blog entry by justjonas

... early the next day and onto a bus to ChongQing to meet up with the group. Though bummed I had gotten sick, I still really enjoyed Chengdu. It's a modern city the perfectly combines modernity with culture and tradition. I'll just have to go back ...

Toilets and turtles, Chengdu, China travel blog

Toilets and turtles

A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... have always had bottom bunks, which are marginally more expensive. On our full day trip (0633-2330) on Thursday, between Xi'an and Chengdu, this was a bonus in terms of seating, as it means we had window seats. But when sleeping, I'd rather not have the ...

Entry 3 - Chengdu onwards, Chengdu, China travel blog

Entry 3 - Chengdu onwards

A travel blog entry by neil_trickett

Draft Aug 16 - Thurs - shopping, train - 16 hours - another train fight, nap, dinner, beer and cards, bugger all sleep, 4.45 wake up Fri - tired people, broken down bus, fawlty towers, questionable, panda photos, vegie temple lunch, tired ...

Hanging out with Pandas in Chengdu!, Chengdu, China travel blog

Hanging out with Pandas in Chengdu!

A travel blog entry by jamesandjodi


... was the most spicy thing either of us had ever eaten, despite us asking for the sauce to be mild! On our second day in Chengdu, we were all up extra early to go to the world famous panda breeding sanctuary! We jumped on the local bus which appeared to ...

Teaching tomorrow, Chengdu, China travel blog

Teaching tomorrow

A travel blog entry by cdblum


Yesterday, while lost on the public transit system with some friends, I was attempting to ask "does this bus go to Sichuan University?", with little luck. A woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked "Are you from the Peace Corps?" Startled, I ...

Emei Shan, Emei Shan, China travel blog

Emei Shan

A travel blog entry by valach


Went climbing holy Buddhist ...

Good Day!, Chengdu, China travel blog

Good Day!

A travel blog entry by jinsha2012


Today was a fun day of shopping! Everyone got to explore the cuisine and the shops on a nice rainy day. We followed it up with a little practicing to get ready for our first day of school in the morning! Time to get to the music! ...

Tales from Two Mountains and a Gorge, Chengdu, China travel blog

Tales from Two Mountains and a Gorge

A travel blog entry by hatandtubbz


... be in hospital with third degree burns or worse......but nevertheless, it was pretty scary. Mount Emei   On arrival in Chengdu we attempted to immediately book ourselves on the bus to Jiuzhaigou National Park, a place that was really high up on our ...

Chengdu i Sichuan provinsen, Chengdu, China travel blog

Chengdu i Sichuan provinsen

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

... at finde her i Kina, hvor der ellers er mennesker alle steder! Dagen før havde vi været oppe og bestille flybilletter til Chengdu. Det var ellers ikke helt meningen at vi skulle dertil, men da vi ikke kunne komme til byen Yichang (i provinsen Gansu) ...

Pandamonium, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by julie_sam42


... chrysanthème, mais on a refusé le nettoyage d’oreilles. C’était l’anniversaire de Julie pendant notre passage à Chengdu donc nous avons passé une journée à manger plus occidentale. On a eu le dernier pot de Nutella au Carrefour, ...

Une belle gang de mangeux de bambous!, Chengdu, China travel blog

Une belle gang de mangeux de bambous!

A travel blog entry by renekathy


... . Même le cadavre de Mao les dépasse pas dans la catégorie "on est en Chine, on n'a pas le choix de voir ça". C'est à Chengdu qu'on trouve le centre de recherche sur les pandas. Alors on ne se donne pas le choix, on doit rendre visite à nos gros ...

The plight of the Pandas, Chengdu, China travel blog

The plight of the Pandas

A travel blog entry by amyandmark


After an Anneka Rice style rush to Lanzhou train station from the western reaches of China we managed to board our train to Chengdu. Sharing with two Chinese English teachers we made polite conversation and shared round our various snacks we had for the ...

Getting into the groove, Pixian, Chengdu, China travel blog

Getting into the groove

A travel blog entry by heatherandcarl


... ). So, we had a fun and festive day, and enjoyed some social time with our students. Last night Carl and I went to a banquet in Chengdu. We haven't seen so many white people all together like that in ages - how odd for us. It was a banquet put on by ...

Aug 01, 2009, Chengdu, China travel blog

Aug 01, 2009

A travel blog entry by oregonduck541


Mainland China here we come!, Chengdu, China travel blog

Mainland China here we come!

A travel blog entry by richardandfiona


... buggies. After the museum we headed to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. There are only two places in China to see Giant Pandas, the Chengdu Research Base or the Wolong Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, Wolong is over 4 hours from Chengdu by car so ...

Walk to work, Chengdu, China travel blog

Walk to work

A travel blog entry by dearl


Everyday in China is a day of discovery. There are so many things to write about but more time is given to experience than reflection. The many small things I witness every day that are new and so different are amazing. This culture really is completely ...

Chengdu- Home of the Giant Panda, Chengdu, China travel blog

Chengdu- Home of the Giant Panda

A travel blog entry by kateschronicles


... 50 metres walk from my hotel. Hotel is VERY average with a "box" breakfast and cold showers….only 2 nights thank heavens. Chengdu is the Capital of Sichuan Province and the 4th largest city in China (population over 10m). Sichuan is one of the most ...

Nov 08, 2012, Chengdu, China travel blog

Nov 08, 2012

A travel blog entry by heatherburns007


Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by nutsjunior

more ...

Panda Delight, Chengdu, China travel blog

Panda Delight

A travel blog entry by gearoids


... course the finale was the clothes and mask changing. Spectacular. In a split second costumes and masks would change. It originates in Chengdu and should you find yourself here, it's a must to watch.  Highly enjoyable night. We finished it up with ...

Guilin to Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog

Guilin to Chengdu

A travel blog entry by j_harry


Today is a travel day. We have a free morning before lunch, the reed flute caves and a late flight out to chengdu. Making the most of it, I get out for a walk "amongst the locals" at 7.15am. What a sight. I am amazed about how I hard many of the shop ...

Pas grandes choses, Chengdu, China travel blog

Pas grandes choses

A travel blog entry by hammerboy


... la grosseur de mon index en viande. -J'avais oublie de mentionner le slogan du peanut milk: "more ve, more beautiful"! ??? -Les magasins a Chengdu sont en bloc de magasins a Chengdu. Par exemple, il va y avoir 5 magasins de lavabos, puis 5 de portes de ...

Pandas and Precipitous Peaks, Chengdu, China travel blog

Pandas and Precipitous Peaks

A travel blog entry by benandlindsey


... Now on to a more cuddly note--PANDAS! Sub adult pandas playing roughly with each other Our first site in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province of China, was to visit the pandas at the Panda Reserve. It's best to leave early so you can catch ...

Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by drwandgini


... our bus, from there is was a 30 min journey to our hotel. I think I'm getting spoilt and that the rest of our journey after China will be a shock since we're enjoying the comforts of 3/4 star hotels which after a 16 hour train journey (and a hangover) is ...

diverse / various, Chengdu, China travel blog

diverse / various

A travel blog entry by bertinogts


ein paar weitere Eindrücke von Chengdu und ein paar Bilder vom spicy ...

Pandamonium!!!!!, Chengdu, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by missly


... Happy Spring Festival from China. Kicking off my Spring Festival I went to visit the capital of the Sichuan province, Chengdu. Prior to arrival I imagined bowlfuls of spicy noodles and even spicier meats and vegetables (thanks to watching Anthony Bourdain ...

People's Park and Jinli Street, Chengdu, China travel blog

People's Park and Jinli Street

A travel blog entry by theklanges


Our favorite breakfast buffet again. After breakfast we took a taxi to the People's Park, the Central Park of Chengdu. A lot of Chinese cities have a "People's Park". This one was large and beautiful and where we found all the old people. They were ...

Arrive Chengdu, Chengdu, China travel blog

Arrive Chengdu

A travel blog entry by glenn_christie


... to what you would expect from an "opera", with lots of skits and shadow puppets etc., but it was a fun night. Tomorrow, we are off to see the Pandas - one of the main reasons for stopping via Chengdu. So be prepared for the many photos to ...

Mariella is still in Chengdu, Chengdu,  China travel blog

Mariella is still in Chengdu

A travel blog entry by jinsha2012


Down time, Somewhere between Xi'an and Chengdu, China travel blog

Down time

A travel blog entry by trainsnotplanes


I am currently on the train from Xi’an to Chengdu in the hard sleeper carriage – 66 berths in one enclosed space with the latest pop sensation ringing out of the speakers and life going on as normal; slurping at noodles, hoiking & ...

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