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Pucon, Chile & Villarica Volcano!!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon, Chile & Villarica Volcano!!

A travel blog entry by antipodean


... in Argentina where I could see myself living. Mendoza for the culture and beauty of the city and the surrounds, and Pucon for the adventure activities. There’s canyoning, rafting, skiing, rock climbing, biking, motorbiking and even husky ...

Pucon - like a home away from home, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon - like a home away from home

A travel blog entry by tonydd


... lots of other things. For my main course I had shish kebab with hummus and tabouleh!! I loved it! I'm in hummus withdrawal here in much so that I actually made a huge vat of it about two weeks ago. On monday the weather was still a bit iffy ...

Day 70 – Sulphur fumes, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Day 70 – Sulphur fumes

A travel blog entry by saseau


This morning we awoke with little sleep behind our eyes. We stayed up quite late last night preparing for our day today. Today, we will be climbing an active volcano and we want to make sure we’re ready for it. After trying to grab a belly full of ...

Getting to know Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Getting to know Pucon

A travel blog entry by maddieuk


... day around town – went out for a late breakfast in town and did a bit of sightseeing, although limited things to see as Pucon has only really come in to its own recently– it had something like 10,000 population five years ago and it has grown ...

Besteigung des Vulkans Villarrica, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Besteigung des Vulkans Villarrica

A travel blog entry by hoshitrip


... , die Sonne wärmt und trocknet unsere zum Teil völlig durchnässten Klamotten schnell. Siegerbier & Hamburger in Pucon und zurück in unsere Hütte, wo Violaine und Claude die Onsen-Wanne angeheizt haben. Herrliches Bad - wir ...

An angry, 120 kg boar is not something I often see, Pucón, Chile travel blog

An angry, 120 kg boar is not something I often see

A travel blog entry by manuelgomez

... native to Argentina, over time have crossed the Andes and made their way into certain parts of the Araucanía (Lakes District) in Chile. A farmer friend of Carlos's had called him earlier that day and alerted him that there was a boar in the field. ...

Chilenische Kueche XXL, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Chilenische Kueche XXL

A travel blog entry by doscompletos


In der Naehe des kleinen, sehr touristischen Oertchens Pucon liegt der Nationalpark Huerquehue. Hier wollten wir unsere erste Trekkingtour machen, um auszuprobieren wie es sich mit ueber 20 Kilo auf dem Buckel so laeuft! Daher haben wir uns einen als ...

Volcans, Lakes, canopying and Cycling, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Volcans, Lakes, canopying and Cycling

A travel blog entry by kellyjanebaker


... to visit some pretty waterfalls. You can see why I have had difficulty leaving Pucon. ************************************************************ ** Tips for other traveler's Visiting Pucon in March is a great time avoiding peak ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by gabbie

... next bus that pulls up is yours. No showing of ticket until you are on the bus and 20 mins away from the terminal, ??? And then natives changing their kids diapers on the seat next to you. YUM. Anyway, off on our next adventure. Pucon was lots of ...

Hot & Steamy in Pucon..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

Hot & Steamy in Pucon...

A travel blog entry by jonlizz


Today we woke up to the persistent wind (no, Not Jon´s!) and rain that had hammered the roof of our room all night. Great! Our initial plan was to climb the Volcano, a mighty trek lasting 5 hours up to the top...and about half an hour back down!! ...

Sydamerikas 2. stoerste aktive vulkan, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Sydamerikas 2. stoerste aktive vulkan

A travel blog entry by christiansen


... sproejte op, men jeg naaede desvaerre aldrig at fange det paa foto. Turen ned igen var ikke naer saa haard, det meste af vejen kunne vi rutche, ret sejt! Nede igen og fuldstaendig draenet for energi. Ogsaa tilbage til Pucon, og tilbage til ...

Trekking and Horse-trekking..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

Trekking and Horse-trekking...

A travel blog entry by jam10


...   Two hours later we arrived back to the entrance and we were just a little tired! Back on the bus we headed back to Pucon where we made a quick trip to the bus station to book our bus ticket for the following night.  We then strolled back to ...

New Years Eve, Pucon, Chile travel blog

New Years Eve

A travel blog entry by ness_knibbs


Pucon is a very touristy town with lots of activities on offer. On New years eve we awoke early and caught a shuttle up to the active Villarrica Volcano, we started with a ride on the chair lift that saved us about 1 hour walking, then as soon a s we ...

Pucon - Volcan Villarrica, Pucón, Chile travel blog

Pucon - Volcan Villarrica

A travel blog entry by randmfernandes


... with no doubt. Every few hundred kilometers on the bus ride one sees the distinctive shape of a volcano. This lead us to Pucon with the specific purpose to climb Vilcon Villarrica. Pucon is a small town built mostly around tourist activity not only for ...

Pucon & Parque National Huerguehue, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon & Parque National Huerguehue

A travel blog entry by spanglish_times


... and commentating the game to each other. After our down time we headed to Parque National Herguehue- lovely park close to Pucon. This was a really nice national park though expensive- to camp in the park cost just as much accommodation in town. We ...

Fire and Ice, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Fire and Ice

A travel blog entry by joschwa

... is almost always better than a great chance for the mediocre, assuming the probabilities line up right. I´ll have more on Pucon, which is a spectacular place with many adventures to be had, and lots of wisdom to be extracted - this will surely ...

A farmer's life for me?, Pucon, Chile travel blog

A farmer's life for me?

A travel blog entry by roseoftheworld2


... I felt ready to start work at the beginning of December, which is exactly the start of the big summer holidays. Almost everyone in Chile and Argentina goes on holiday for 2-3 months and most of them end up in Patagonia in search of cooler weather. So what ...

Language bad and otherwise, Chillan and Pucon, Chile travel blog

Language bad and otherwise

A travel blog entry by sunnysean


... do exist and hang out around Bus Aras. Where they collect handbags, wallets and mobile phones from people :-) From Chillan I travelled to Pucon, another 400km south of Chillan. It`s a quaint little place next to a lake and at the foot of a volcano ...

Volcan Villarica, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Volcan Villarica

A travel blog entry by will.traveller

 I am on a tour to scale Volcan Villarica. It is one of a handful of live volcanoes that can be climbed. I am joined by 2 German girls that have no experience trekking. We are outfitted with everything (pants, jacket ...). The ice specialty items ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by will.traveller

Ready for a lower key day, I visit Villarica which is on the other side of the lake. Despite having better views than Pucon, it is more industrial. I see almost tourist infrastructure, even along the lake. It is a good place to walk around to get a ...

Finally out of the big city, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Finally out of the big city

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg


... about people meeting groups of Isralies while I was in Ecuador and Peru but hadn't really come across the phenomenon until I reached Chile.  Travelling with Oron and Noga was a bit of an eye opener for me in relation to .  In Pucon ...

Be Grateful, Puerto Montt and Pucón, Chile travel blog

Be Grateful

A travel blog entry by joschwa


... in general. Our entire program of 50 students, two administrators, and a professor were hauled down by air to the southern part of Chile. As is appropriate for the "end of the earth," this place is stunningly beautiful. I´ll spare you my romance ...

Pucon -

Pucon - "Adventure Capital of Chile"

A travel blog entry by matnkat


... our 4 other climbers and 2 guides and headed up towards the slopes. Matt was very proud having secured the cheapest tour available in Pucon although our confidence was dented on the way to the slopes when the back door of the minibus opened and the fire ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by timgiovanna


Hi all, Well Giovanna and I have now moved on to the adventure capital of Chile, a little place called Pucon in the heart of the Lake District. The scenary is absolutely mind blowing (as are the prices). To get to Pucon we took an overnight bus from ...

How to stay alive in Latin America, Pucon, Chile travel blog

How to stay alive in Latin America

A travel blog entry by bl0ndie


... , have got no brakes and am relying either on an uphill stretch or hitting a few rotund pedestrians to slow me down a bit! Chile - Thankfully the drivers here are a little more polite, and actually stop for you when you're on a corner & ...

Heading South, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Heading South

A travel blog entry by jonlizz


... weather was wet, windy and cold. Picked up the hire car, a nice white Toyota Yaris with 800km on the clock. We had to drive to Pucon, about an hour away. We also gave a lift to a couple (Mike an Aussie and Selina a Canadian) who wanted to share a taxi, ...

Fire and Ice!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Fire and Ice!

A travel blog entry by cannonballs


... Santiago, a 10 hour overnight ride on excellent leather seats with fluffy pillows and blankets and a super attentive staff. Saying goodbye to Pucon, and to Patagonia even, we waved out the window to Eric (our hostel daddy) who was waiting to wave as the ...

en stop....Parc national Lanin et Villarica, Curarrehue, Chile travel blog

en stop....Parc national Lanin et Villarica

A travel blog entry by loelai


Being Lazy in Pucòn, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Being Lazy in Pucòn

A travel blog entry by allisonakemi


... my travels back north and have stopped in Pucòn, Chile.  A very cute but tiny little town in the Lakes District of Chile.  There is a gorgeous, active volcano that lives nearby.  Hilary has decided to climb up to the top... but I have ...

Hutto vs The Volcano, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Hutto vs The Volcano

A travel blog entry by mhutto


... moment of the trip. After her departure back home, I continue Southbound. Next stop, a little vacation town named Pucon, in the Lakes District of Chile. This place reminds my of an alpine village that you may see in Switzerland. In fact, many German ...

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