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Arica, Chile (day 20), Arica, Chile travel blog

Arica, Chile (day 20)

A travel blog entry by mcurtin


... a while with the very friendly hostel owner named Curt, and got some suggestions on things to do with our last morning in Arica. After a quick breakfast on Calle 21, we took a colectivo taxi to the nearby San Miguel de Azapa Archeological Museum. Once we ...

Arica - paragliding, bursdag og magesjau!, Arica, Chile travel blog

Arica - paragliding, bursdag og magesjau!

A travel blog entry by teamlama


... ttene pá ny jord/sand.... Mats er per dags dato blitt hardest rammet, men vi lar oss ikke kue og kjórer pá. Arica er en flott by, og kan sikkert skrive semi interessant om den. Faktum er at várt fortreffelige opphold her ikke er byens ...

Mummies and El Morro, Arica, Chile travel blog

Mummies and El Morro

A travel blog entry by keelaurow


... ; The only option left was to take a local bus to Putre, a tiny tiny town just outside the park and 3 hours from Arica. Supposedly, tours from there would be cheaper, or at least would offer more time in the park, but very little information was available ...

April 13th  Arica to La Paz, Arica, Chile travel blog

April 13th Arica to La Paz

A travel blog entry by bri74


... quick, suspiciously quick. Carried on riding the 9 miles to the Bolivian border and the guard told us we haven't got the ´out´ stamp for Chile. Bloody hell, that twat at the other border didn't stamp us out. We had to ride all the way back to get it. ...

Bus Bingo and Border towns, Tacna and Arica, Peru travel blog

Bus Bingo and Border towns

A travel blog entry by strawberry

... to find a hotel when we got to Tacna (at the border). Early on Thursday morning we got a collectivo across the border to Arica (in Chile) only to discover there were no buses to Santiago until Friday night! I couldn´t wait until then, as it was a 30hr ...

Onward to Chile!, Arica, Chile travel blog

Onward to Chile!

A travel blog entry by jathomaz


... get to the Tacna bus station, and caught a collectivo taxi to the frontera.  There, we stamped out of Peru, into Chile.  I was hoping that the entry stamp (150$) for U.S. people would not be required here (overland) as is required in the ...

Mayonesa en mis calcitines!, Arica, Chile travel blog

Mayonesa en mis calcitines!

A travel blog entry by mlbixby


... as me... Maybe I'm overreacting. A few of my friends and I have decided to start volunteering in Arica.  There's a couple foundations, Un Techo para Chile and Hogar del Christo, that I'm waiting for my paperwork to get processed so I can start ...

Caldera - Mejillones - Iquique - Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

Caldera - Mejillones - Iquique - Arica

A travel blog entry by nz2uk


... was telling us, in English, that it never rains here and the fresh water is piped 250ks from the high Andes. Friday 14th May. Iquigue - Arica Away at 9am to a perfect day, 19* and a day of what has to be the most stunning scenery yet and a couple of ...

umm... una manta raya me murdío, Arica, Chile travel blog

umm... una manta raya me murdío

A travel blog entry by mlbixby


... smells from the fish processors hit me when I return to class in the afternoon. It's time for a little Chilean praise now.  Chile has both a public and private health care sector.  As my program is a public health program, we've been exposed to ...

Arica & Iquiqui, Arica  , Iquiqui., Chile travel blog

Arica & Iquiqui

A travel blog entry by womblekisses


... ) have been a rather haphazard affairs, mostly waiting in queues.  After reboarding the bus when passing from Bolivia to Chile I realised whilst all luggage had to go on the conveyerbelt, my handbag had never left my shoulder.  Imagine that ...

56. Weird border crossing into Peru, Arica, Chile travel blog

56. Weird border crossing into Peru

A travel blog entry by raycoleman

When you think of border crossings in South America....this is what you get. After the severely long overnight bus journey from San Pedro de Atacama to the Peruvian border we were bombarded with people offering to take us to the border crossing and ...

The coast and sea lions, Arica, Chile travel blog

The coast and sea lions

A travel blog entry by simona


... horns if you are on the pavement to warn you not to try and cross! In addition they have malls, shops and food courts! However, Chile seems to be more expensive with a lot of things being uk prices. Even here in Arica, a small fishing port/beach resort ...

last city

last city "norte grande" (Chile)

A travel blog entry by giulyandmatt


"senza nemmeno accorgercene", terminata la "ruta del desierto" e raggiungiamo Arica, al confine con il Peru. trascorriamo qualche giorno tra città e deserto e temporeggiamo nella decisione se proseguire verso nord o cambiare itinerario, visto che ...

Stretching legs and boredom thresholds, Arica, Chile travel blog

Stretching legs and boredom thresholds

A travel blog entry by jungleboy

Nice bus station. So nice I stayed there for four ...

Our guardian Angel, Arica, Chile travel blog

Our guardian Angel

A travel blog entry by 2ridesouth

... believe this to be an early Christmas present from Santa´s daughter as she really helped us out a lot. If anyone is heading to Arica, we recommend the Beach hostel (can´t remember the full name) at Tomas Aravena 132 tel: 58-317196, Helna speaks Finnish, ...

Wk 8 Farewell Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Wk 8 Farewell Chile

A travel blog entry by easygeeze


... nbsp;                      Arica, Chile           22c Sunny with clear skies Today we’ve ...

Arica! (to paraphrase Archimedes), Arica, Chile travel blog

Arica! (to paraphrase Archimedes)

A travel blog entry by jacobandkirsty

... to the country by a border guard who barely looked at our passports, let alone our bags.   Finally in Chile, we were driven down to Arica where we were deposited at the bus station. Bus stations were starting to feel very familiar by this stage. ...

Cold!, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by themackdaddy


... ; because we haven't been used to Chile being slightly more modern, or that  this place was the main port for northern Chile, southern Peru, and indeed  Bolivia.  I think a bit of both, but certainly there was a cosmopolitan  mix that ...

The Chilean Altiplano-Vicunas,Volcanoes,Valleys, Arica, Chile travel blog

The Chilean Altiplano-Vicunas,Volcanoes,Valleys

A travel blog entry by sara_minx


        I immediately left Santiago to fly to the most northern town in Chile, Arica. From there, I organised a 3 day trip into the surrounding countryside,the National Reserve Las Vicuñas & Lauca National Park. It ...

Zwischenstopp, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by teresitaykusito


Obwohl Arica einen wunderschönen Strand hat und die Wellen zum Surfen viel besser wären, haben wir hier nur einen Stopp-over gemacht um in den Parque Nacional de Lauca weiter zu reisen. ...

Adios Peru, Hola Chile!, Arica, Chile travel blog

Adios Peru, Hola Chile!

A travel blog entry by eddim

... to enter the building to have our passports stamped with exit stamps.  Then it was less than a 2km drive to reach the Chile immigration which in the meantime the man was stuffing a soccer shirt between the front seats, clearly trying to hide it which ...

Chile's North Coast and Atacama Desert, Arica, Chile travel blog

Chile's North Coast and Atacama Desert

A travel blog entry by ronamoon


... theatre where stars of the days visited and sang along with a large general store that served ice cream and more! Arica, on the far north coast of Chile (less than 20km from the Peru border) was our last stop in Chile before heading back into Bolivia. ...

Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by feliciawong


Border crossing into Chile went fairly smoothly as our trans-national cab driver led us through. Same "What the hell is Singapore???" questions though. ...

Adios Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Adios Chile

A travel blog entry by colmandmaureen


As the 5ive song goes, we were were moving on up. Our next destination, would be our final one in Chile, sad times. The town of Arica was the closest to the border, and where we could get transport easily to Peru. We said goodbye to the friendly dog at ...

End of the trail....boarder crossing, Arica, Chile travel blog

End of the trail....boarder crossing

A travel blog entry by amyl.emerson

Boarder Crossing, Chile to Peru The boarder crossing from from Chile to Tacna, Peru was an extraordinary display of juggling and faith. We first walked to a dirt lot which is where a bunch of beat up late 80's model cars sit waiting for passengers. ...

Crossing the Chilean Border, Arica, Chile travel blog

Crossing the Chilean Border

A travel blog entry by hamishmccormick

... it was. He took me to it and then for a fee of course, got my ticket sorted and I got a ride with him to Arica in Chile, Actually worked out quite well because he helped me do all the necessary things at customs and help me through the border and didn`t ...

Day trip to Chile. Bolivia still closed!, Arica, Chile travel blog

Day trip to Chile. Bolivia still closed!

A travel blog entry by doubledodgy

work in progress and the crazy things we ...

Frontiere dans no mans land, Arica, Chile travel blog

Frontiere dans no mans land

A travel blog entry by simonetmartina

Vite direction Perou, on a un bus a ...

Arica - nochmal Wüste & Vulkane, Arica, Chile travel blog

Arica - nochmal Wüste & Vulkane

A travel blog entry by bergfex75


Unsere letzte Station im nördlichen Chile heisst Arica und liegt nur wenige Kilometer entfernt von der Grenze zu Peru am Pazifik. Dafür beträgt die Entfernung in die Hauptstadt Santiago mehr als 2.000 Kilometer. Die Stadt selbst ist eine typische ...

Getting outta Chile - the looongg bus rides, Arica, Chile travel blog

Getting outta Chile - the looongg bus rides

A travel blog entry by debbiewaldman


... where we picnicked in the shady Plaza.   There.  We did the stars and the lake and now we felt that traveling to Chile wasn't a complete waste, but Lorne did joke that he sure traveled far to just float in a lake!   We gathered ...

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