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Meeting up with Danny and Val, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Meeting up with Danny and Val

A travel blog entry by cathyjo-d


Spent the day touring the city of Saskatoon. Met up with Val, my cousin Danny's wife... Tried to walk along the river but dogs aren't allowed! Val had their Scotty dog, Chessa with her. Had a rooftop lunch at a place called O'Shea's and tried a Copper ...

And we're off....., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

And we're off.....

A travel blog entry by brittnivachelle


Alright everyone---the adventure is finally beginning! Caroline writes her last exam tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and will then be cruising in her fancy ride all the way to E-Town. Brittni will be joining her there via aeroplane on Friday a.m. and then we ...

Thank GAWD we're home...., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Thank GAWD we're home....

A travel blog entry by tll-tina

Yah.....after a long drive......We are home!! PHEW....I'm going to ...

Canada Going Away/Birthday Party, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Canada Going Away/Birthday Party

A travel blog entry by ross11


Mom threw my Bon Voyage/Birthday Party at the Freehouse the day before my birthday. Kinda forgot to take photos, I was too busy visiting with friends :) Thanks mom for making it so ...

Trains, Planes and Automobiles, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

A travel blog entry by kazmel


... time).  It was a long day of flying.  We flew Sydney-- San Francisco-- Salt Lake City-- Denver-- and finally arrived in Saskatoon at 11:55 pm (Saskatchewan time) on the same day we left Sydney which was Feb 8th.  We estimated that Feb 8th ...

This Province is seriously flooded, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

This Province is seriously flooded

A travel blog entry by beanthere


... hot....and since I was already sweating and stinky I figured I should continue with the outdoor activities so I went to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo.  I still haven't figured this place out.  It's a horticultural tree farm ...

And we are off......, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

And we are off......

A travel blog entry by theclossonclan


... that we are finally leaving on the big adventure.  Very hard to believe that this day is here!!  Our WestJet flight left Saskatoon at 11:00 am.  The WestJet lady didn't charge us for the extra suitcase, gotta love that! The only drama ...

saskatuan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by mwehner11

drove ...

Jun 03, 2010, Saskatoon , Canada travel blog

Jun 03, 2010

A travel blog entry by moonliz


Time to go!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Time to go!

A travel blog entry by jfshannon


Hey at least it's not pouring rain in our basement! We are packed and ready to ...

Home...Better Late Than Never !, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Home...Better Late Than Never !

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie


... told that a wait of 2-5 days wasn't unusual!  I guess we'll wait and see if and when it arrives!  On the bright side, we're now in Saskatoon and we're only a $20 taxi fare from home!  Yippee!  Cheers, Rick & ...

Rolling on Through Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Rolling on Through Saskatoon

A travel blog entry by big_papi

working ...

Departing to Cuba, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Departing to Cuba

A travel blog entry by bongthom

Departing from Saskatoon to ...

The Adventure Begins!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

The Adventure Begins!

A travel blog entry by mc01


... ! We are just about to leave on our big trip to Europe (We're heading to the airport in ten minutes!!). We will be flying out of Saskatoon, and arrive in Dublin, Ireland tomorrow (with stops in Calgary and London). Wish us luck! Love Marnie and Camolyn ...

Day 1 - 13 hours of travel!  Check!!!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Day 1 - 13 hours of travel! Check!!!

A travel blog entry by tll-tina


... turned white.  So, that 115 KMS went purrrr-ity slow!  We made it safe-n-sound in the great warm house by 4 AM Saskatoon time (3 "our" time).  We're here!  Phase 1 complete.  We'll be smooth sailing here until the 30th when we ...

Snow., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeffshnier


Well, sometimes there is blowing snow.  It may be difficult, but there is a white polar bear somewhere in the pictures. ...

Saskatoon and then Rimbey bound, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Saskatoon and then Rimbey bound

A travel blog entry by chris-fernie


... and surrounding towns and was actually lovely.   I managed to figure out how to find my way to Pat Austin's place in Saskatoon despite entering the city from a different destination so was feeling pretty good.  We had a nice visit and meal with ...

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A travel blog entry by bwalser


... the cold and misty rain while they inspected our truck and camper.   The terrain began to change to lakes and rolling hills covered with boreal forest all the way to Saskatoon.  It rain all the way, so we took only a couple of photos. ...

Departure Day, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Departure Day

A travel blog entry by teamsnowart

It’s bright and early … OK, maybe not so bright … on Saturday morning and Theressa, Kim and myself are sitting in Vancouver waiting for Carole to arrive. As I write this, she should be here within 20 minutes. The short leg is over and ...

Two down, one more to go., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Two down, one more to go.

A travel blog entry by italy2014


Well, the first group has arrived in Toronto - hungry, tired, nauseous or some combination of the three. The last part of the flight in to Toronto was a bit bumpy - maybe a lot bumpy, depending on who you ask. I told the kids to look at the flight ...

Hatchet Lake Lodge, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Hatchet Lake Lodge

A travel blog entry by sophie1992


... to do it again. At the end of the season we stayed with some friends that we had at Hatchet in their hometown near Saskatoon (capital of Saskatchewan province). It was great to be back in civilization, to have a real bed and all the comforts of home for ...

Feb 02, 2012, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Feb 02, 2012

A travel blog entry by nrh


Jul 08, 2010, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Jul 08, 2010

A travel blog entry by kevin_grannum


Where the Trip begins!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Where the Trip begins!

A travel blog entry by magnumzero

... ; My Dad and I went together last year but it has been a few years for my Mom.  I've got 4 packs of cigarettes, and about $500CAD and about 1000GBP and I am wearing a nicotine patch for the flight. :o So this trip begins in Saskatoon, Sask. ...

Leaving Saskatoon and -19 C weather., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Leaving Saskatoon and -19 C weather.

A travel blog entry by allanwolinski

Everyone is warning me about the heat and humidity in Brazil ...

Just entered Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Just entered Saskatchewan

A travel blog entry by pvanasp


During dinner we past a decrepit white sign that read Manitoba / ...

Austin clan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Austin clan

A travel blog entry by chris-fernie

I rode to Saskatoon on Sunday with 8 Women in the Wind (WITW) members from the area. I was very greatful to Donna for taking me right to the door of my destination. On Sunday night, I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law, Jim and Therese Austin. ...

The First Day, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

The First Day

A travel blog entry by dlake


We had a great first day!  The drive was manageable and the kids were not in front of their screens the whole time.  We started and finished the first Harry Potter cd (thanks Brenneis family).  Only 7 more cds in the first book!  I ...

home again home again, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

home again home again

A travel blog entry by tally

HOME! thank god! Rolled into stoon at about 3 o clock.Then i sat around like a poor forgotten welfare child for an hour before my parents got there to pick me up. I guess they had "work" or something. Good news-boompa didn't recognize me. stupid cat. ...

England, Ireland, Scotland Itinerary, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

England, Ireland, Scotland Itinerary

A travel blog entry by kharby


... - Jurys Inn - 2 Nights Dingle Peninsula/Tralee - Manor West Waterford - Treacys Cardiff/South Wales - Copthorne - 2 Nights Bath /Windsor/London We left Saskatoon Thursday at 1:55 for Calgary then to London at 5:30. Arrived Friday in London at ...

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