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Our African Adventure is about to begin soon!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Our African Adventure is about to begin soon!

A travel blog entry by hollywood58


... the blanks between each landing! But first things first; we have to get to Johannesburg, and that means flying on Delta Airlines from Saskatoon to Minneapolis to Atlanta, where we meet up with Reg and Janice, then the big 15.5 hour jump over the pond. ...

Day 6: Finally getting Cam to Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Day 6: Finally getting Cam to Saskatchewan

A travel blog entry by camanita


Route: From Calgary, AB to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (SK) Kilometres: 708 After a great brekkie with the Rudolphs, we set off to Drumhellar, deep in the Alberta Badlands. We found the World’s Largest Dinosaur, and then we kept heading east on the ...

J'aime ca., Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

J'aime ca.

A travel blog entry by turtle03

We have switched over to "tout francais, tout les temps" and I am dying. I spent the entire morning in placement exams, where, to my great surprise, I understood some of the many french words that came pouring out of my examiner's mouth. Perhaps it was ...

En Route, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

En Route

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin


... - my 49th and 50th countries - for my 50th birthday!  We had managed to book our flight as efficiently as possible, the route being Saskatoon to Denver to Houston to Managua, all in one day.  It was a long day, nonetheless. Our plane was full of ...

Bangkok Bound!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Bangkok Bound!

A travel blog entry by nolanandbrittni

In less than 24 hours Nolan and I will be flying out of Saskatoon and heading straight towards Thailand! I must admit that I am a little nervous for this trip as I feel incredibly disorganized. School kept me very busy right up until the end of last week ...

Prairie Ride, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Prairie Ride

A travel blog entry by worldlybound


 Saskatoon/June 21st We arrived in Saskatoon and stayed in the Gordon Howe Campgroud, yes after the hockey player. I'm not sure what hockey and camping have in common but none the less that’s where we parked our dear Gaby for the night. ...

Bags are packed!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Bags are packed!

A travel blog entry by sikerby


I am hoping to capture the highlights of our trip in this blog. I hope I can figure it all out. Save the website and have a look any time you want. Feel free to send us your news too. We are ready to ...

Day 4: Brandon, MB to Saskatoon, SK, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Day 4: Brandon, MB to Saskatoon, SK

A travel blog entry by drat9191


... , and lunch.  From there, another 3 or so hours of prairie driving to my target for the afternoon/evening, Saskatoon. Thanks to my Newfoundland-based friend and travel blogger/writer, Candice of, I had a heads up ...

Journey back home, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Journey back home

A travel blog entry by elizabeth_z_p


... which was nice. I slept most of the way even though I tried to stay up near the end of it to attempt to get used to Saskatoon time again. Had one of the best airplane meals yet (pasta, coleslaw and a cookie) but also had a really gross wrap. Now we are ...

Travel Preparations, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Travel Preparations

A travel blog entry by tessloncar

So it's less than TWO WEEKS till the adventure begins. It's been hard to focus my energy into planning a detailed itinerary as I'm just at the tail end of my degree. I have one last final tomorrow and then I will be officially done my undergrad. After ...

Packing Up!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Packing Up!

A travel blog entry by janet306


Caitlin and I have been busy the last few days planning and organizing a three day canoe trip through Otter Lake. There are five of us going: Richard and James Matchett, Keven Fontaine, my daughter, Caitlin and me, Janet. Caitlin and I are planning and ...

So long, Paris; Hello, Saskatoon!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

So long, Paris; Hello, Saskatoon!

A travel blog entry by staaacey


... Ottawa to fly home to Saskatoon. I was again on the first flight, which happened to be the same flight that 2 other high schools from Saskatoon were flying home on, so it was weird to run into people I know while in the middle of the Paris airport! It was ...

The Departure, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

The Departure

A travel blog entry by jordanpurvis


Well it's hard to believe, but the Europe trip is here! After a quick farewell we left sunny (and windy) Saskatoon for Toronto and arrived there at 3:30PM Sask time. In Toronto we had a four hour layover, which we spent reading through more plans, ...

the night before, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

the night before

A travel blog entry by jfshannon


Hey almost packed and ready to go aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. we are of course very excited and stressed and already drenched in sweat, trying not to exceed 50 pounds with the packs.  We will try to write every day, share what we see and hopefully ...

Last Day in Canada!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Last Day in Canada!

A travel blog entry by roaming_gnome20


... good, and I sure hope I haven't forgotten anything because I really can't come back to get it. There is a 7 hour time difference between Saskatoon and London, and an hour or two more in the other countries I am going to. I shan't be bringing a cell phone, ...

Prairie Livin', Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Prairie Livin'

A travel blog entry by jyouknit


... Crush and omelettes, we said goodbye to the HAPPY folks at Buckhorn Bay and made our way west towards my old stomping grounds of SASKATOON Thanks again to Dad and Judy...amazing hosts who even sent us away with a bag full of ham sandwiches and chili dogs ...

Saskatchewan 'Naturally', Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Saskatchewan 'Naturally'

A travel blog entry by millarmotortour


East on Hwy 14 through the cattle country, past the farmsteads, hay bales and panoramic views.  Some of the best tourist attractions are in our small towns.  Following the North ...

Here we go!!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Here we go!!

A travel blog entry by kdneus


Well, we left Saskatoon Airport at 1:50pm this afternoon (10 min. late). After a near scare of forgetting our ipod. Due to wanting to play Angry Birds, we were reminded of it, ha ha. FORTUNATELY, my parents were sitting just below where we were able to ...

Putting miles behind us, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Putting miles behind us

A travel blog entry by minnieandme


... , for a holiday trek back through the Dakota Badlands and Yellowstone Park and I’m turning around and going home ... slowly. We made it as far as Saskatoon, following Hwy 16 all the way. Found a campground right in town, with a playground of ...

Party in a Dome Car, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Party in a Dome Car

A travel blog entry by nickcat182

... We started our own party because it was boring to watching the flat prairie roll past. Music, jokes & singing. It didn't stop until Saskatoon, after 11 p.m. Then I went to sleep in my lovely berth bed. If some of the guys in the Dome car read this, I ...

Driving through northern Ontario SUCKS, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Driving through northern Ontario SUCKS

A travel blog entry by findavar


... I'm a burden - oh but wait, you have to impress these people and thus have to really get in their face. I do like Saskatoon - such a gorgeous city.  Sort of like Ottawa but small scale in terms of what it has to offer.  I already miss ...

Our Trip Begins, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Our Trip Begins

A travel blog entry by markandjillayne


We leave Saskatoon at 10:10 am on Sunday, September 30th. We fly on AC1122 and arrive in Toronto at 3:16 pm Toronto time. Saskatoon Airport       Well the first leg of our trip is complete, landed in Toronto a little early and ...

Week 17 of Folks, Fish, Forest and Farms, Kenora to Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Week 17 of Folks, Fish, Forest and Farms

A travel blog entry by justinmichelle


Rushing River Provincial Park Lake of the Woods Sioux Narrows Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park Hecla Provincial Park The Narrows Rainbow Beach Provincial Park Dauphin Riding Mountain National Park Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ...

45 Hours until takeoff!, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

45 Hours until takeoff!

A travel blog entry by meredy


... my birthday with my family before I leave them. We are having a family supper tomorrow night as it will be my last night in Canada. Of course it is lasagna, ceasar salad, and garlic toast; my favorite meal!   I finally broke down and bought my ...

saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by cactusjoe

now known as saskaboom, a university town on a river was just passing ...

the last leg, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

the last leg

A travel blog entry by quaronis

... here....the wind is blowing and the drifts of snow cross the highways at intervals.Ron and Michelle were at the airport in saskatoon to greet us back, and bring the Escape so we can motor home tonight. Everyones exhausted. Arrived in Vancouver at noon ...

Guess Who's

Guess Who's "Runnin' Back To Saskatoon" ?

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie

... ! check it. Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too (Not good w/broadview have no correction though) Runnin' back to Saskatoon Red Deer, Terrace and a Medicine Hat Sing another prairie tune Sing another prairie tune I been hangin' around libraries I been ...

Leaving it all Behind, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Leaving it all Behind

A travel blog entry by mickeymo

I set 3 alarms to wake me at 3am the morning of my departure! I woke feeling nervous and jittery and VERY tired... I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep! Fortunately with the help of friends and family I was ready to go... nothing like leaving everything ...

Meeting up with Danny and Val, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

Meeting up with Danny and Val

A travel blog entry by cathyjo-d


Spent the day touring the city of Saskatoon. Met up with Val, my cousin Danny's wife... Tried to walk along the river but dogs aren't allowed! Val had their Scotty dog, Chessa with her. Had a rooftop lunch at a place called O'Shea's and tried a Copper ...

More of the same, Saskatoon, Canada travel blog

More of the same

A travel blog entry by mbarb57


You know, you can find the nicest people everywhere you go. When we are on the move with the camper, we frequently stay in truck stops or Walmart parking lots. One of our favorite truck stops is the Flying J/Pilots. They are clean and have many extras, ...

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