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The end of an era....., Kingston, Canada travel blog

The end of an era.....

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn


... And what will the future hold? I have no idea. A lot of travelling, possibly a PhD, and then maybe a return to Canada. However, at this point I'm keeping my options open and allowing myself to imagine the most increadible scenarios - hey, anything's ...

Getting to Kingston - In Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Getting to Kingston - In Kingston

A travel blog entry by burtonx2

... a youth I never did ride much on the buses... This is going to be a really great canoe trip and adventure... I am in Kingston now exploring this old historic town/city - it used to be a British Garrison and was the capital of Upper Canada briefly ...

Sneezing in Canada, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Sneezing in Canada

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

You are suppose to sneeze into your mid ...

Isle of Harris, isle of Harris, United Kingdom travel blog

Isle of Harris

A travel blog entry by jae

May 7 Up earlier this morning so we could get ready peacefully (read: without others around) and at a slow pace. It was even colder than our house. The duvets on the bed are very warm though, and I just slept with my head covered with only my nose ...

All good things start to come to an end sometime, Kingston, Canada travel blog

All good things start to come to an end sometime

A travel blog entry by kenedmac

... would probably leave at about 9 am instead of 11 as I would still want to miss rush hour but not by much. I was stopping in Kingston and that meant I was very close by the time I got through the island of Montreal. The trip was fairly uneventful with the ...

christmas trees and local corn, Kingston, Canada travel blog

christmas trees and local corn

A travel blog entry by xtour


... .  A prostate cancer survivor presented us with a cheque on behalf of the town. Back on the road and next stop CFB Kingston to set up souvenirs and registration for what we think will be our biggest day, the ride on the Highway of Heroes ...

Orientation- Queen's University, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Orientation- Queen's University

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel


... " Dude let's drink up before we start" -.- They are risk takers man- They only started looking for accommodation after arriving in Kingston. Some slept in hotels for a few days (one  guy was complaining how dirty it was), some got a unfurnished ...

Back at home., Kingston, Canada travel blog

Back at home.

A travel blog entry by erinontheroad

... I flew home yesterday. I'm still tired and worried and thinking about everything. I'm currently staying at my parents place in Kingston and hope to return to Peterborough tomorrow afternoon. My car may still be alright, but I won't know until probably ...

Fahrt am Ontario Lake entlang, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Fahrt am Ontario Lake entlang

A travel blog entry by stee


... mir sogar i Gnuss vonere Gratisfahrt mit äre Fähri cho. gäge Obe hei mir de gmüetlich mit Ussicht ufe See z Nacht gässe. Jetz si mir imene Motel Igangs Kingston und göi morn ä Schiffahrt zu de "Thousand Islands" go mache und de witer uf Montreal. ...

The start of plans....., Kingston,, Canada travel blog

The start of plans.....

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

Summer plans are beginning to be laid.  It looks like things are going to get pretty busy over the next few months as I take advantage of the good weather! I tentatively have some camping planned with my partner Ross, and some kayaking to do with ...

All packed up., Kingston, Canada travel blog

All packed up.

A travel blog entry by rachieks

I'm ready! With most trips, I would be trying to catch a little sleep after working a night shift right now.  Then I would wake up feeling like crap with crazy red puffy eyes, down a Coke, grab all my stuff and go, hoping that the packing I did 3 ...

So this is what freedom tastes like....., Kingston, Canada travel blog

So this is what freedom tastes like.....

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

In honour of my newly found freedom, I've decided to assemble a list of the top ten things I can do now that I'm a civilian. 10) Get high / stoned / wasted etc. (Okay, that's still technically illegal....) 9) Leave the country whenever I want, and ...

Ullapool and Isle of Lewis, Ullapool, United Kingdom travel blog

Ullapool and Isle of Lewis

A travel blog entry by jae


May 5 A quick breakfast in the room and then off to check in for our Wild in Scotland tour. They were not very organized. Three tours left this morning and there was some confusion - they thought we were missing 2 people so we didn't leave on time. ...

Leaving Kingston!, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Leaving Kingston!

A travel blog entry by letourneau

Our move to Virginia Beach! Leaving 917 Shawn Drive, Kingston, Nova Scotia. JR, Diane, Sean and Sidney spent two weeks in the glorious Aurora Inn located in Kingston Nova Scotia. JR, Diane and Sid packed up today to begin their journey to America! Left ...

SUSHI BUFFET, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

We went for our 2nd Sushi Buffet! We had the first one near Queen's at SUSHIQ!!! It was one of the best I've ever had.  The salmon was so fresh and serving was good.  We had so much fun eating and taking photos.  Look at facebook for ...

Glasgow and Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom travel blog

Glasgow and Aberdeen

A travel blog entry by jae

May 13 Up and took our luggage to the station. It was only 5 pounds to leave all of our stuff - we were pleasantly surprised. Took the citytours bus from the station over to the cathedral and the necropolis - a good deal that the tickets we got ...

Day 8, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by glenjlittle


Today we headed back to Kingston where we had a lunchtime stop yesterday. It was only a 1:45hr journey so we didn't need to leave till 12. We decided to have a walk round Ottawa although it was -21 outside. We found a park near the hotel where people ...

Visit With Liz, Brent And Christopher In Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Visit With Liz, Brent And Christopher In Kingston

A travel blog entry by albrechtscamp


Had a super hot trip up through Quebec and Ontario yesterday.  Lovely to have a quick visit with Liz, Brent and Christopher.  They are off to work and school, while we have been figuring out the idiosyncrasies of this laptop!!  Tom and I ...

The unpacking of Jess :), Kingston, Canada travel blog

The unpacking of Jess :)

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn

Well, today was the big day! Garage sale day! It turned out smashingly - Pete and I pooled our resources and put on a huge sale - we both had excellent profits! The parental units helped out until we sent them away - too many people, and I'm not really ...

Getting ready for Europe, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Getting ready for Europe

A travel blog entry by keithfairbank


 Nancy got a great hair style by Jessica at the Mane Obsession. Now we're ready to hit ...

Prologue, Kingston, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jpdelisle

Planif début octobre, avec objectif fin octobre - qu'il a fallu reporter à cause du boulot. Difficile d'avoir le beurre et l'argent du beurre. Étape 1, choisir l'endroit; Hawaii étant à l'origine du Surf je l'ai préféré au Costa Rica. Étape 2, ...

It all started with a wedding..., Kingston, Canada travel blog

It all started with a wedding...

A travel blog entry by corinnagoldring


It all started with our wedding on June 27, 2009. What an absolutely perfect day! Other than an epic fail of a wedding diet, clearly, everything went not only without a hitch, but was delightfully lovely as well. The weather was a warm, but nice 27 and ...

Drop off Lee and pick up the futon, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Drop off Lee and pick up the futon

A travel blog entry by kenedmac

... days some time - I truly love being around her. With any luck I will be Coaching a team in the 2013 Scotties when they are in Kingston. That would be really cool. Andy and I filled up my vehicle with the stuff I had put in Lee's garage the day before and ...

More dancing, Kingston, Canada travel blog

More dancing

A travel blog entry by synde

One day trip yes but it did lead to ...

't regent, 't regent...., Kingston, Canada travel blog

't regent, 't regent....

A travel blog entry by liekse


... hebben we de B&B opgezocht voor een siësta. Dat is toch wat je het liefste doet bij zulk weer. ’s Avonds bij de Kingston Brewery wat gegeten, met een pint van hun eigen gebrouwen bier, wat voortreffelijk smaakte en het eten compenseerde… ...

War Studies party, Kingston, Canada travel blog

War Studies party

A travel blog entry by jessica_cdn


Well, it's starting. The "last" time I'll do certain things and see certain people! This week was the last time I"ll go to Ottawa before I leave. That was fine - won't miss that drive! We had a war studies party on Thursday - included a TON of food ...

There and back already, Kingston, Canada travel blog

There and back already

A travel blog entry by lolly

I'm back already. Here's a quick recap but mostly I wanted to use the entry to post some pictures. Enjoy! So I moved to London for the summer. Specifically, I was living in a Jewish community called Golder's Green. I got a couple random jobs in Golder's ...

Toronto to Kingston, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Toronto to Kingston

A travel blog entry by peter_denise


... back at the condo dressed in shorts and a T shirt. Obviously a bit warmer where he came from. About 4pm we headed off for Kingston. About a 260km trip. It was a bad time to leave due to peak hour traffic and the 1st part of the journey was very slow even ...

Thousand Islands, Kingston, Canada travel blog

Thousand Islands

A travel blog entry by judihasi


Ontario lake is huge and as seen at the Niagara falls the big lakes carry a huge amount of water. Kingston is a little town between Toronto and Montreal and a perfect day trip to see the thousand islands with a cruise. The cruise can take 1-3 hours and ...

VERY understanding Queen's Student, Kingston, Canada travel blog

VERY understanding Queen's Student

A travel blog entry by vm_life_travel

... long ago. Hence, they were very understanding and on the first meeting, they set clear expectations and told us to go ahead and enjoy canada. They don't mind taking up the heavy part of the work and we can just help a little. They even gave us many tips ...

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