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1 more day, Calgary, Canada travel blog

1 more day

A travel blog entry by mshona


I'm off tomorrow. Today is for getting last minute things and organizing my stuff. What a mess, and what a whirlwind. Finished classes last Monday, packed all of my belongings, flew here last Thursday. Managed to take a couple of days to get away and ...

Feeling restless, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Feeling restless

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


... say that because from what I have heard from other travelers is that the RTW tickets are a lot cheaper over there compared to here in Canada. Figures. Or, we could always do a lot more travel by land which I'm cool with. We are not on a tight timeline ...

Freedom at last!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Freedom at last!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


Freedom at last! Ah the wonderful wonderful feeling of freedom! Oh I love my life! I love it just as it is. The present really IS perfect. When we all start to see how true that is in our own lives, our life suddenly becomes everything we ever ...

"Up,up and Away!"

A travel blog entry by tomdomlili


... . Yesterday, we said goodbye to my Mom and our pets and excitedly got into the old Tahoe for the very windy trip to Calgary. We were grateful to have been able to avoid the raging grass fire north of Ft. Macleod and arrivesafely in the early evening at ...

YAHOO from Cal-Gary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

YAHOO from Cal-Gary

A travel blog entry by lerouxsimard


Howdy pardner!  Here we are in Cal-Gary, what a nice city, all those cycling paths and expensive pedestrian bridges!! Salut les cowboys, nous voici à Cal-Gary comme disent les gens d'ici, une très belle ville, avec toutes ses pistes cyclables et ...

Crossing Canada - heading the east cost, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Crossing Canada - heading the east cost

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

Being independently wealthy, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Being independently wealthy

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Now that Neil is here, the ideas are constantly being put out there for cool things to do. Since he is from Oz, he is excited to do things here that I often disregard since it is so close to home and therefore "boring". Not boring, but somehow we often ...

Say au revoir to your auger, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Say au revoir to your auger

A travel blog entry by onlurkation


Hi my friends/family. Now you can keep updated with where i am and what i am doing and you won't have to cry because it will almost seem like i am still there....except i'm actually a bajillion miles away. xo Love ...

Calgary, Alberta, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Calgary, Alberta

A travel blog entry by mtrm


... one in New York, where they had one full day to explore the city. From the airport we went straight to the centre of Calgary into Stampede icehockey stadium, where we had booking for tour. Later afternoon we walked the centre, had a luch before we moved ...

One More Sleep!!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

One More Sleep!!

A travel blog entry by burcsgoneagain


Yes! One more sleep and here! I still don't feel it has really hit me yet; like it should throw cold water in my face or something. However, I definitely feel at an elevated level right now. Perma-grin just wont leave me. ...

destination calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

destination calgary

A travel blog entry by senorbrian

... flight finding out that its delayed 1 hours, which means one more lovely hour chilling in the airport luckily the airport in Calgary is far superior to the Edmonton one with ton of restaurant shops and FREE wifi! ...

Welcomed Advice, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Welcomed Advice

A travel blog entry by tmm

A friend of a friend recently was in Morocco and took the time to put together a tonne of first-hand information and emailed it over to me. This is going to be so helpful while on the road. There's some pretty interesting things to prepare for... ...

Right Intention, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Right Intention

A travel blog entry by rowlandson


... feeling of such isolation? Street kids in Los Angeles, orphans in AIDS ravaged countries in Africa, elderly people in care facilities in Calgary... might they feel this alone? As if no one is at their "table," as if they sleep without the security of ...

Calgary to Antigua, Guatemala, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Calgary to Antigua, Guatemala

A travel blog entry by rlarose

Well I was in Calgary for a couple days packing my stuff and hanging out with my Brothers family.  We went to Silvan Lake to go boating on Saturday morning and were back by 4pm or so in time to have something to eat and then get me to the airport ...

Ah, the life!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Ah, the life!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife


... . It was so amazing. Talk about feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. It reminded me of how many people I actually know in Calgary, and with starting my coaching practice right now, it was a very timely reminder. Sometimes just when we are feeling very ...

Planning the Assault..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Planning the Assault...

A travel blog entry by henandpen


A brief, pointless entry here. My second full day of summer holidays...aaah! Jealous? Well, good. Try being a member of one of the most reviled professions around. Mel and I are busy making our list of 'things to do'. It's mostly a means of ...

2 months to go, Calgary, Canada travel blog

2 months to go

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

As of this Friday, we have only 2 months to go. Wow. It's starting to sink in a bit. But with planning the wedding and sorting the house, my mind isn't really focused on the countdown right now. Our neighbours have their house up for sale, and if ...

Return to Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Return to Calgary

A travel blog entry by paulngail

Back to Calgary for flight to ...

Airport waiting patiently for the plane at 6AM., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Airport waiting patiently for the plane at 6AM.

A travel blog entry by jlcalgary

... about my trip. Thought it would be nice to blog about my trip so I will know in the future how it went and how much it cost roughly.. Currently at the Calgary International Airport waiting for my flight to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and then to Lima, ...

Back home for a short while., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Back home for a short while.

A travel blog entry by senemo


It was great being back home. The wedding was amazing, the bride was beautiful and so calm. I think I was more of a stress case. It was great seeing everyone, and I met some pretty amazing people. Why is it that you meet cool people right before you ...

Unpredictablility is my choice if i'm ever ..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Unpredictablility is my choice if i'm ever ...

A travel blog entry by no_one119

Unpredictablility is my choice if I'm ever asked to sum up travelling in one word. I stayed in Winnipeg a touch longer than planned, it was a nice city, combined with the fact that I was so pleased to be off the bus and I was ready to settle down. On ...

Desperation, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Let the games begin!!! Last night the official plans began for our RTW trip! YAAAAAY!!! As I look at our dream list of locations to visit, I mentally try to figure out a route. It has to include being in the right place during the right season (no ...

Working from home, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Working from home

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

... in a way that is totally inspiring, yet calming, a place I want to go to. That's one thing I missed in all my offices in Calgary - I never got to really feng shui them or decorate them. An office I had in B.C. was so cool - that was back when I was in ...

The Countdown Is On, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The Countdown Is On

A travel blog entry by kas19


Let the packing ...

Hitched up in Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Hitched up in Calgary

A travel blog entry by malbet


... ) here we could see the "hoodoos" rock formations carved by the river and winds over thousands of years. Staying here in Calgary after mum left has enabled us to catch up on things rather than rushing off to the next port of call ...

Explore. Dream. Discover., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Explore. Dream. Discover.

A travel blog entry by wanderinwonder

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - ...

Sweet Dreams, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Sweet Dreams

A travel blog entry by pwong


It's been six long years - for those who have experienced it, it's the sweetest Nirvana imaginable.  It may have taken Buddha years to reach such a state of bliss, but for the lucky ones, inner peace can be found within mere minutes, if not ...

Comforts of Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Comforts of Calgary

A travel blog entry by hyndman

... the low price. Needless to say, we left Hong Kong with much more luggage than we came with. Finally we're back home in Calgary. Strangely, the world did not fall to pieces as a result of our 6 month absence - very odd. In fact, everything seems ...

A dreamer's heart and a realist's mind., Calgary, Canada travel blog

A dreamer's heart and a realist's mind.

A travel blog entry by wanderinwonder


"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, ...

Ligne, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by shaher


Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, 1300 km de route, 2 jours de ligne droite, une bonne chaleur et des paysages linéaires, mais quelque peu différents. Passer des forêts de l'Ontario à l'odeur de pins aux plaines chaudes et interminables. On croise tellement ...

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