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Plodding along to Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

Plodding along to Plovdiv

A travel blog entry by gadelle

... the showerhead is just up on the bathroom wall, no stall or tub -- just like in Vietnam. I wonder if this is common in Bulgaria, as I haven't seen this anywhere else in Europe, or if it's just a coincidence. At least this bathroom is a little larger, so ...

If the weather holds..., Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

If the weather holds...

A travel blog entry by gadelle

Actually, there was something exciting I forgot to write about yesterday: the elevators! Our hotel room is on the 5th floor, which actually means the 7th floor, owing to the fact that the storey right above the ground level one isn't counted in the ...

Sofia round 2, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia round 2

A travel blog entry by chrisandhana

As we couldn't get tickets for the night train, we stayed at a 3 star hotel right over the road from the train and bus stations so we would only have a short walk to catch our bus the next morning. After the heat and mosquito bites of Sofia the first ...

Ivo takes me to Plavdiv, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Ivo takes me to Plavdiv

A travel blog entry by magnumcy


Ivo was nice enough to take me 150 km outside Sofia to a nice town called Plovdiv (the second biggest city in Bulgaria).  The drive was actually quite pleasant and I got to see some sweet Roman sites and eat an authentic Bulgarian meal with plum ...

It's worth all the effort, Dolna Banya, Bulgaria travel blog

It's worth all the effort

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


We made ourway to Bobov Dol this morning where we attended a children's party for familes of prisoners at the jail there. Most have the team have been to a party like this before but for laura and vera this was a new experience and both were moved by the ...

Backwards through Bulgaria, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Backwards through Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by peyton


A restless night as the hooting of night owls on their way home from the bars segues into morning birdsong. I kick the covers off a half hour before my wakeup call, pack, check out and  cab to the station for the 7am train to Varna.  I buy a ticket ...

Quirks, Sredna Gora, Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria, International travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


Some quick observations/tidbits on Bulgaria discovered during the first few days: Bulgarian music videos appear to be of only two types - either cheesy, traditional folk-music, featuring homely Bulgarian women, or Eurotrashy and blinged-up ones, with ...

Sofia, Bulgaria - the good, the bad and the ugly, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Bulgaria - the good, the bad and the ugly

A travel blog entry by love1017


Sofia, Bulgaria - the good, the bad and the ...

The dullest drive on earth, Balchik, Bulgaria travel blog

The dullest drive on earth

A travel blog entry by guyandhilli


... the plain. The Romanian Black Sea coast is truly awful! But, soon after, as if a switch gets thrown, we pass into Bulgaria and, although the contours of the land remain dull, a far greater sense of care and organisation is clearly in evidence. It has a ...

Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveller23


Spent 2 nights at the VT campsite in Bulgaria and had a fab time. The campsite is situated in the beautiful countryside and a few of us hired bikes to explore the area. The campsite suggested a 30km circular route which passes through some of the local ...

Suffering of the little ones, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Suffering of the little ones

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... lives around here but we need your help:if you want to find out more about how you can help fight for the long term future of young Bulgarians then visit our website or give me ring. God bless, Rich Parsons Bulgaria Operations Manager (UK) Trussell Trust ...

The Arrival, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

The Arrival

A travel blog entry by bohnsack


Thr ...

Rila Monastery, Dupnitsa, Bulgaria travel blog

Rila Monastery

A travel blog entry by scottik38


... one of Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments. It is on account of this also a key tourist attraction in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe as a whole. Spent a good part of the day to get here, and it was well worth ...

Bulgarian Sleeping Flu & Change of Plans, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgarian Sleeping Flu & Change of Plans

A travel blog entry by mviglianco


... until 9 am the next morning. I have no idea what that was about but by mid-day I felt perfectly fine. More interesting than anything in Bulgaria is my change of plans for the rest of my travel. On September 22 I will be going to Cape Town to be part of a ...

Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by schwate


Hallo zusammen, von Rila bin ich zurueck nach Sofia, in die Hauptstadt Bulgariens, gefahren. Der 22.09 ist hier Nationalfeiertag, einige Museen hatten auch an diesem Tag zu... Bin zunaechst nach Boyana gefahren, einem Vorort von Sofia, mit ...

Flies and old women, Pleven, Bulgaria travel blog

Flies and old women

A travel blog entry by samuelfensterhe

Today started and finished with glorious sunshine, an unsual ocurrence in the last few weeks. The ride went by quite quick, I downloaded a load of podcasts onto my i-Pod, so today's listning ranged from American foreign policy to canny observtions about ...

The cultural capital of Perv-div, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

The cultural capital of Perv-div

A travel blog entry by ivanandvlad


... off on a walking tour. Even as we walked around for the first 5 minutes we realised that Plovdiv had the best talent of all Bulgaria. Ivan reckons he realised it on the bus trip in when he saw a couple of stunners walking the streets. As soon as we got ...

We-liko Turnovo, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

We-liko Turnovo

A travel blog entry by ivanandvlad


... were happy to get out of Buchapiss and head to the train station. It was a 6 hour ride to our next destination in Bulgaria and we were suitably supplied for the journey. Luckily there was no recurrence of Vlad's back spasms as we boarded the train. Ivan ...

Is that a UFO? Exploring a communist past, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Is that a UFO? Exploring a communist past

A travel blog entry by clairebrenton


Well this was one thing we were defaintly not expecting to see on a mountain in Bulgaria but a place we explored today with our fellow roomies. This strange looking ufo like building known as the Buzludzha Monument was built between 1974-1982 by the ...

Into the Eastern Block, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Into the Eastern Block

A travel blog entry by chrisab14

... the border took about 5 hrs to pass. After the entrance we cleared the customs and one more check quickly and were off. Bulgaria has some pretty countryside at times, but other times its rather flat. Its an interesting place. The history here is quite ...

Hermits and the Bulgarian Disco, Gorno Draglishte, Bulgaria travel blog

Hermits and the Bulgarian Disco

A travel blog entry by madanaki


Back on private transport this morning and we took a 2 hour bus trip to Rila Monastery.  Built for Saint John the miracle-working hermit from the 9th Century, it is located in a beautiful spot in the hills, and surrounded by snow capped mountains. ...

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda ..., Nesebar, Bulgaria travel blog

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda ...

A travel blog entry by pwong


... Nesebar, where there was what appeared to be a decent little hostel available.  But having put off the decision until I got to Bulgaria, that decent little hostel was no longer available, and I ended up at in Sunny Beach, where the hostel seems to be ...

Pomorie, Burgas + zakrecony Martin., Pomorie, Bulgaria travel blog

Pomorie, Burgas + zakrecony Martin.

A travel blog entry by camer


Rano wstalismy troche pozno (jak zwykle) i ruszylismy w droge na poludnie (w strone Turcji). Mielismy juz zaklepanego hosta w Pomorie, ktory pisal na swoim profilu, ze lubi imprezowac, a jako ze to byla sobota, liczylismy ze wieczor bedzie ciekawy. Po ...

Speaking Wongolian, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Speaking Wongolian

A travel blog entry by pwong


... heads or tails of the street signs in Cyrillic.  But in hindsight, navigating Sofia was easy compared to everywhere else in Bulgaria ... at least some of the street signs here are in English!  And after a few weeks traveling here, you start to ...

Bulgaria: clean, cold, cheap, better than expected, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgaria: clean, cold, cheap, better than expected

A travel blog entry by carleenrenee


... ending up with a bullet in your head. (No I haven't actually ended up with chicken necks yet.) Despite the language difficulties, Bulgaria has been a pleasant surprise. I was expecting it to be a lot like Romania, but it is much more modern. Sofia, the ...

Time for some new scenery, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Time for some new scenery

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... a fan of getting yelled at when I'm paying money to stay at a don't stay at Internet Hostel... The lovely part of Bulgaria and Sofia are the cheap eats...and the signs which are more or less only in Cyrillic of course... For 5 euro you can ...

Gorno Dragliste - the voluptuous mountains, Rila, Bulgaria travel blog

Gorno Dragliste - the voluptuous mountains

A travel blog entry by ivanandvlad


We left Sofia and traveled by private bus to Rila where there was a very impressive monastery in the mountains. Vlad and Ivan were very hungry and went straight for lunch before going into the monastery. We found an excellent little restaurant by a ...

Balcik, Bulgaria, Balcik, Bulgaria travel blog

Balcik, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by longwalktour


... concert in the world," then he listed several bands including Deep Purple and Megadeath. "Many people have long hair and guitars here. Bulgaria really is number one for hard rock." So there is was. We had reached the Black Sea, in a land where hard ...

Day 3 update, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 3 update

A travel blog entry by jcq67


We didn't actually find the amphitheatre but we did see an old church that was built in 300 ad that had some really cool paintings done in different time periods; we also saw the statute of Sophia.  Jacquie walked with her walker for close to 3 ...

Bulgaria part 2, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgaria part 2

A travel blog entry by hrtravellers

... and feel comfortable finding what I need, and If I can't I can ask where and how to get there. Not the case in Bulgaria. Fortunately, as I said before, many people speak English. We settled on a restaurant called Olives, which had a very American, chain ...

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