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Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderingkiwis


Hi ...

Travels Part III, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Travels Part III

A travel blog entry by dave-baker


... on to the third part of my redundancy travels and off to Eastern Europe and the Balkans for 4 weeks, beginning in Sofia, Bulgaria and travelling through Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia before ending up in ...

Job Relocation of the FSB, Balchik, Bulgaria travel blog

Job Relocation of the FSB

A travel blog entry by scottik38


... and countries that need an extra bit of security. Here in the foto one can be seen working at the Botanical Gardens in Balckik, Bulgaria. \his job is to stop the squirrels from pinching all the nuts off the oak trees. He looks very happy about ...

Bohemian Rhapsody, Balchik, Bulgaria travel blog

Bohemian Rhapsody

A travel blog entry by pwong


The Black Sea ... I've been here four days but aside from Nesebar, I'm just not really feeling it.  Even the hostel I'm staying at - the owner is super cool and helpful, and overall it has a nice vibe to it, but I'm just not digging the cramped ...

Embarrassed, Sozopol, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by meganfisher


This will be the shortest entry ever. I am so embarrassed at the shear amount of laziness that I exhibited while in Sozopol. On the bus ride into town, I met a German guy and a British girl. We went right away for an ice cream and drink. Then we found ...

Flip a Coin, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Flip a Coin

A travel blog entry by pwong


... Spanish, so many similarities that Romanians can comprehend a significant amount, even without ever having formally studied the language. But Bulgaria ... intriguing, to say the least - I can't say I knew much of the country, almost nothing, ...

Head uut 2009. aastat!, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Head uut 2009. aastat!

A travel blog entry by anneristo


Aastavahetus oli meil planeeritud ühes mõnusa interjööriga restos. Nime ei mäleta ja mis sellest ikkagi oleks kasu, sest see oli nende viimane üritus enne pankrotti. Et kuhugi kohta saada, tuleb tellida pakettmenüü. Nende menüü oli vist ...

Leave takings, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Leave takings

A travel blog entry by peyton


... and talk politics and books and travel and swap stories until we're the last ones in the place. Back on Maria Louisa Boulevard we say goodnight and goodbye and I walk back along dark and empty streets to the hotel on this my last night in ...

Ski holidays in Bansko, Bansko, Bulgaria travel blog

Ski holidays in Bansko

A travel blog entry by tasosback


Bansko has been our favorite winter resort the past two years but it keeps coming with surprises. Our last discovery is a new hotel that really stands out from the rest in Bansko. Premier is a 5 star hotel (truly 5 star in my opinion) that can ...

So many roads, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

So many roads

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust

Well the The Trussell Trust's 2011 Bulgaria Christmas Box Appeal finally makes it to Bulgaria; the boxes are here already, the team are all here and we're ready to go. We have an awful lot of ground to cover over the next two weeks and we hope that you'll ...

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by mctubbs


We toured Sofia, seeing churches and Roman ruins. Everything was in walking distance. We walked down into the subway to find an archaeological site of the original gates of the city from the 2nd century. To see pictures of Sofia, copy and paste ...

Rila Monestary, Rila, Bulgaria travel blog

Rila Monestary

A travel blog entry by mctubbs


We hired a driver to take us to Rila Monrestay, in the Rila Mountains, founded in the 10th century but rebuilt after a fire in the 19th century. What a fantastic place! We should have stayed the night, but didn't know. The monks rent rooms, as part ...

Part 1 - The first half, Borovets, Bulgaria travel blog

Part 1 - The first half

A travel blog entry by brummy1


Saturday And so it begins. An early alarm was followed by a fairly uninterested, if a little cramped, trip to Manchester Airport in the Bradley's BMW. Kit slept all the way up there as is standard when he gets into a car, whilst everyone else just sat ...

The 2nd half, Borovets, Bulgaria travel blog

The 2nd half

A travel blog entry by brummy1


Wednesday Another morning, another hangover. Me, K and C forced ourselves out of bed for breakfast and hit the slopes about 11. B decided he needed more sleep and was to meet us later on. The decision was made for another day on the gondola as the ...

Kamchia River, Bulgaria, Kamchia River, Bulgaria, Bulgaria travel blog

Kamchia River, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


At last the Black Sea, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

At last the Black Sea

A travel blog entry by pathenger


Took a bus from the boat to the resort town of Varna so we could see and get wet in the Black Sea! The water was warm and there were many people on the beach enjoying the ...

back to bucharest, In the train, Bulgaria travel blog

back to bucharest

A travel blog entry by fabien


sunset! ...

We are here, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

We are here

A travel blog entry by lionsinbulgaria


We are all here in Sofia. Iva greeted each one of us at the Sofia airport with beautiful flowers. It was such a lovely warm welcome after hours of travel. Today we rowed from 7:30 to 9 on a beautiful lake north of Sofia. Lots of wooden boats and wood ...

Puddles in Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

Puddles in Plovdiv

A travel blog entry by chris.cesca


May 28th - Belgrade to Plovdiv (Bulgaria) After checking out of the hostel we spent all the Serbian money we had left at the supermarket on breakfast. Walking down to the train station we took a few snaps of the bombed out buildings, the locals must have ...

Hotel Panorama - Tsigov Chark, Tsigov Chark, Bulgaria travel blog

Hotel Panorama - Tsigov Chark

A travel blog entry by scottik38


The resorts have minimal staff working during the weeks in summer so we were the only people staying there. The cleaner let us in and the manager turned up later to get our money. Even though they had wireless internet access in the centre, I could not ...

Communisim and Nostalgia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Communisim and Nostalgia

A travel blog entry by melepua


... form of good customer service, not letting others affect their spirits, yet the few Bulgarians I met are lovely people.  Bulgaria is now a parliamentary democracy, but evidence of its Communist past towers over like an eerie ghost town. It feels ...

A Tourist City Awaiting Tourists, Ruse, Bulgaria travel blog

A Tourist City Awaiting Tourists

A travel blog entry by lecuisinier


I must say I'm impressed with this city.   So much so that it's kinda dificult to decide on an iconic pic, there are so many options.  So here's my attempt from my first evening. The Central Railway Station,   with its idiosyncratic mix of ...

Road to Varna, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Road to Varna

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


... of to Veliko for some lunch. I was told I should go and see the old castle as Veliko use to be the capital of Bulgaria. after a nice lunch staring up at the castle is was time to move on. Most of the road to Varna was a good main road ...

Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by abbien


... sore that I did not even know existed! But I had a ball we had a wicked group with us, which adds to the experience. Bulgaria I found refreshing also as it is still very under developed, it kind of reminded me of Peru. It was surprisingly very dry with ...

Balchik, Russian mafia and call girls, Balchik, Bulgaria travel blog

Balchik, Russian mafia and call girls

A travel blog entry by guyandhilli


... in 1917. We really enjoy looking round... especially the gardens which, since the 50s, have been a Bulgarian National Botanical Garden. Bulgaria got its bulge back after WW2 and, during the communist period, the palace was used as a retreat for ...

Esimesed muljed, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Esimesed muljed

A travel blog entry by anneristo


Meie reis algas Riiast, sest paraku pakkusid Tsehhid sealt 1500EEKi odavamat lendu kui Tallinnast ja 3000 alkoholis on piisav kogus selle alterantiivi valikuks. Nii me startisime vara hommikul, et jõuda lõunaks Riiga. Seal võttis meid vastu sõber ...

Birthday in Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Birthday in Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by mrsmac


... are now abandoned and rotting as they are no longer economically viable We had an hour's wait at the border between Macedonia and Bulgaria while our passports were checked etc.. Then another hour's drive into Sofia. The hotel is very modern but the meal ...

The Black Sea, me mateys, ha-har, ha-har!, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

The Black Sea, me mateys, ha-har, ha-har!

A travel blog entry by gadelle

... that Romania was "the Mexico of Europe" and I could see exactly where he was coming from. I don't know what I expected from Bulgaria, but I thought it would be perhaps quieter, cleaner and calmer than Romania, so my first glimpse of the country was quite ...

Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by royelinda


We met tour guide Villentia, she was a another guide who rushed, she had taken off before people had even disembarked from the bus. We liked Sofia, neat clean and tidy. Visited the Holy Sofia Church,we wherein Sofia whilst they had protest rallies on ...

Greetings from Bulgaria, Chepelare, Bulgaria travel blog

Greetings from Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by pauly


... matter how trivial ;) At anyrate, we have now made it to the delightfull little village of Chepelare, in the mountains of Bulgaria. Apparently the elevation here is about 1140m above sea level. The temperature topped out today at a blistering -1 degree ...

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