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Slow Train to Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

Slow Train to Plovdiv

A travel blog entry by madanaki


Today we took Thomas the Tank Engine and slowly choo chooed across the beautiful countryside of Southern Bulgaria, past mountains, and green, green fields.  We stopped briefly at the not so scenic Septembri to change trains to the fast train to ...

Black sea!, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Black sea!

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


Our last city before Istanbul!  Varna, on the Black sea coast of Bulgaria... Because our hostel was so sweet, we ended up spending an extra night here...the hostel staff helped us around town and to get our laundry done...they had a barbecue for us ...

All change- but what about the kids?, Botevgrad, Bulgaria travel blog

All change- but what about the kids?

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


Today the team headed north east to familiar territort around the town of Botevgrad where we visited three orphanages and the House of Joshua, the first Trussell Trust funded project in our House of Opportunity Programme. Vidrare is home to 90 severely ...

Here, there and everywhere., Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Here, there and everywhere.

A travel blog entry by trusselltrust


... for Social Change & Inclusion) Teodora (Tedi) Koleva: Director, FSCI Vera Kostadinova: Administrator, FSCI Rich Parsons: Bulgaria Ops Manager, TT Valya Stankovska: volunteer/translator Ivaylo (Ivo) Zahariev: volunteer Nikolai (Niki) Zlatev: ...

Travelling day today...., Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Travelling day today....

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


... and will be sad to leave... The Turkey-Bulgaristan border was just fine, an hour to get out of Turkey and 5 minutes into Bulgaria, Schengen from now on until the UK that is...not anticipating any issues there!!!! So nothing else to report apart from the ...

Sofia without a clue, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia without a clue

A travel blog entry by peyton


... of much digging and construction and fenced off. Mariela tells me later that this is the National Palace of Culture, a relic from Bulgaria's communist past. Back on the street, I pass Sofia's Court of Justice, a columned edifice with a pair of prowling ...

Sopot and hiking in the Balkans, Sopot, Bulgaria travel blog

Sopot and hiking in the Balkans

A travel blog entry by love1017


Photos from Sopot and the Balkan mountain range that surrounds the ...

Day 2 in Sophia, Sophia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 2 in Sophia

A travel blog entry by thecrabbs


... ; This cathedral took 42 years to build and was completed in 1924.  It was built to commemorate the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire (I'm largely plagiarizing from the guide-book here).  This church was by far the most impressive ...

pictures of my trip, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

pictures of my trip

A travel blog entry by tufty200


Here are the picture from my recent visit to Plovdiv in Bulgaria to see my girlfriend Svetla, we also spent a day in Sofia while I was there. ...

Day 2, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by jcq67


It was a bit of a rough day yesterday for Jacquie and we were wishing that we had booked a caregiver type room; but by about 10 pm Jacquie was feeling stronger and could manage on her own again.  Even though we were both very tired we didn't sleep ...

Remnants of the Romans, Plovdiv, Bulgaria travel blog

Remnants of the Romans

A travel blog entry by madanaki


... night together as a group at the fabulous Hemingway's restaurant. We've had such fantastic and cheap food in all of Romania and Bulgaria and this was definitely one of the best. We all said a big thank you to Andie for her endeavour before heading off to ...

Learning about Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Learning about Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by ralph.rydell


... , and it grew to become the largest in  Bulgaria. The monks there seemed to have founded the educational system in Bulgaria including scientific study. Today there is a large old building several centuries old with 3 or 4 stories of small rooms for ...

Bulgaria, Plovdiv and Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by lok


... EU membership on 1.1.2007. An university student that I met at a cafe was concerned about the compatibility issue when Bulgaria gains full membership. I had Bulgarian banitsa - cheese filled pastries - for breakfast in Sofia. There are pizza joints ...

A day in Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

A day in Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by chrisab14

... . After that we walked down the main road and saw some more government buildings and the tour leader told us about Communism in Bulgaria. It was very interesting to hear from someone who has lived it. After that we saw more churches, and then to the St ...

Beautifully Ugly, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Beautifully Ugly

A travel blog entry by pwong


... it's not uniformly beautiful - expectations like that obviously would only lead to disappointment and really, why would you come to Bulgaria if that's what you were looking for?  Sofia is severely lacking in tourist sights; some would even argue ...

The Black Sea, Bulgaria, Black Sea, Bulgaria travel blog

The Black Sea, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by martinlizama


Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Sofia, Bulgaria

A travel blog entry by srb013


... to write about today.  Bulgaria is beautiful, but there's not much going on here. We crossed the border into Bulgaria yesterday around noon.  It took just over an hour to get through, which was apparently significantly shorter than last ...

Americans, alcoholics and jar drinking, Karnobat, Bulgaria travel blog

Americans, alcoholics and jar drinking

A travel blog entry by samuelfensterhe


Staying with Steve and Sharon in their tiny little village for the past 2 days was a welcome break and I felt as if I had known the two of them forever. Thet are two people who I deinitely know I will stay in touch with. In addition to this I am ...

Bulgaria the only country where no means Yes!!, Haskovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Bulgaria the only country where no means Yes!!

A travel blog entry by sg2oo3

    Well we got to Bulgaria also supposed to be dangerous to hitch through, but have found from the people that we are staying with that it is easy to hitch people are nice and don't ask for favors and it's so easy to hitch here you don't ...

Musaka, Bregovo, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuelfensterhe


... my dinas in Negotin purchains some excellent chocolate and then made my way for the border. Straight away I could tell I was in Bulgaria. Everything here seems a lot more delapidated, where as Serbia was rustic, Bulgaria is just run down. I recruited the ...

The best campsite ever...., Bulgaria, Bulgaria travel blog

The best campsite ever....

A travel blog entry by passportday2010


Well we arrived in Bulgaria yesterday after a very long drive in the front of a green house (front of bus) we were sooo hot but we were so glad to arrive. The campsite is amazing, it sooo clean and you even have to take off your shoes when you enter the ...

Medieval Heritage town anyone?!, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria travel blog

Medieval Heritage town anyone?!

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


Making our way out of the capital, we ventured out, via a very hot bus, to Veliko Tarnovo, the old medieval capital of Bulgaria... We only stayed a night but it was lovely! The hostel was great!  It is fairly new and was opened by an American (who ...

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderingkiwis


Hi ...

Travels Part III, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Travels Part III

A travel blog entry by dave-baker


... on to the third part of my redundancy travels and off to Eastern Europe and the Balkans for 4 weeks, beginning in Sofia, Bulgaria and travelling through Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia before ending up in ...

Job Relocation of the FSB, Balchik, Bulgaria travel blog

Job Relocation of the FSB

A travel blog entry by scottik38


... and countries that need an extra bit of security. Here in the foto one can be seen working at the Botanical Gardens in Balckik, Bulgaria. \his job is to stop the squirrels from pinching all the nuts off the oak trees. He looks very happy about ...

Bohemian Rhapsody, Balchik, Bulgaria travel blog

Bohemian Rhapsody

A travel blog entry by pwong


The Black Sea ... I've been here four days but aside from Nesebar, I'm just not really feeling it.  Even the hostel I'm staying at - the owner is super cool and helpful, and overall it has a nice vibe to it, but I'm just not digging the cramped ...

Embarrassed, Sozopol, Bulgaria travel blog


A travel blog entry by meganfisher


This will be the shortest entry ever. I am so embarrassed at the shear amount of laziness that I exhibited while in Sozopol. On the bus ride into town, I met a German guy and a British girl. We went right away for an ice cream and drink. Then we found ...

Flip a Coin, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Flip a Coin

A travel blog entry by pwong


... Spanish, so many similarities that Romanians can comprehend a significant amount, even without ever having formally studied the language. But Bulgaria ... intriguing, to say the least - I can't say I knew much of the country, almost nothing, ...

Head uut 2009. aastat!, Sofia, Bulgaria travel blog

Head uut 2009. aastat!

A travel blog entry by anneristo


Aastavahetus oli meil planeeritud ühes mõnusa interjööriga restos. Nime ei mäleta ja mis sellest ikkagi oleks kasu, sest see oli nende viimane üritus enne pankrotti. Et kuhugi kohta saada, tuleb tellida pakettmenüü. Nende menüü oli vist ...

Leave takings, Varna, Bulgaria travel blog

Leave takings

A travel blog entry by peyton


... and talk politics and books and travel and swap stories until we're the last ones in the place. Back on Maria Louisa Boulevard we say goodnight and goodbye and I walk back along dark and empty streets to the hotel on this my last night in ...

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