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Worth the Travels, Placentia Village, Belize travel blog

Worth the Travels

A travel blog entry by gregandmaria


... were quite tired too.  For the first time since there were 10 years old, they both were in the bed at 9 p.m. Tomorrow we venture out to pick up Greg's sister then head over to see Greg's cousin's farm outside of Belmopan, the capitol of Belize. ...

Studies and Banana Farms, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Studies and Banana Farms

A travel blog entry by tjandlindsey


So Wednesday we decided to take the morning off, sleep in a little, and get breakfast out. Then in the afternoon Lindsey had some studies to go on with her friend Haley. Thursday we went for another long day at the banana farms. We did a mix of door ...

In belize, Placencia, Belize travel blog

In belize

A travel blog entry by nkmason


Just a quick check in to let you know we're good! We got to placencia by boat, a bus, and another boat! We're staying in a run down but safe local hostel with a big lock on the door, on stilts on the beach! Cant wait to see the sunrise. We made talk with ...

Wild South, Dangriga, Belize travel blog

Wild South

A travel blog entry by steverino


x ...

dangriga, Dangriga, Belize travel blog


A travel blog entry by ianbaker1967

dgadg ...

Placencia Paradise, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Placencia Paradise

A travel blog entry by realitycanwait


... main road to all the different shops, which are all in quaint, brightly colored houses. Since English is the official language of Belize and the exchange rate is a simple $1 USD = $2 BZD, shopping is much easier, but unfortunately much more expensive ...

Failing to Find Friends, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Failing to Find Friends

A travel blog entry by realitycanwait

... home. We had a wonderful time sharing our stories from traveling with them and hearing about how they ended up living in Belize. They basically decided that they wanted to give it a shot while their kids were still little enough and they could spend ...

Adventure Part 3: Bests & Worsts, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Adventure Part 3: Bests & Worsts

A travel blog entry by realitycanwait


Best food: Holly's cheese dip creation Best breakfast: Vegetable egg white omelette at The Placencia Hotel Best dessert: Dried coconut & honey at Turtle Inn Best drink: Banana daiquiri "on a stem" at Turtle Inn or coconut water (that we drained from ...

Moving on, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Moving on

A travel blog entry by mandrewcarlisle

Today I am moving on from Placencia, but not before I became a local. When we got here Tuesday, we almost immediately became locals. We met Greg, an older ex-pat on the beach, and from there we began hanging out with him and Japs and other locals. We've ...

Whale Sharks, Hummingbirds and Monkey River, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Whale Sharks, Hummingbirds and Monkey River

A travel blog entry by dan_and_lauren


... ; I’m now back at the guesthouse and we’re going to go out for some draft beer as this is the first place in Belize I’ve seen it. On our way out to the bar the heavens opened and it started raining really hard so we ducked back into the ...

Belize beginnings, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Belize beginnings

A travel blog entry by dbl

... (in smaller type) about restricted photography. Woops! Needless to say, I had to delete the image. A two-hour wait at Belize International entailed a security check, a couple cups of the local Belikan brew at Jet's Bar, and a quick look at our travel ...

Becoming Jaguar Bait in the Cockscomb Basin, Stann Creek, Belize travel blog

Becoming Jaguar Bait in the Cockscomb Basin

A travel blog entry by lisasadventures


... longer be the quiet isolated secret that it currently is. So 2015 is the last chance you have to get some alone time with jaguars in Belize. Having read this, Sam and I set our hearts on making it out to the reserve. This was no easy feat. First we had ...

placencia - da ist nix ...., Placencia, Belize travel blog

placencia - da ist nix ....

A travel blog entry by marc.gassmann

mir wurde gesagt, dass placencia wirklich schön sei. da angekommen, war es schon schön, aber man konnte ausser aufs meer schauen nicht viel machen. aber auch das war super. einfach mal etwas im meer schwimmen, die seele baumeln lassen oder die sonne ...

Behind the Hurricane, Dangriga, Belize travel blog

Behind the Hurricane

A travel blog entry by roystan


... bruised backs from the pounding of the waves. Could see why they had wrapped our packs in a huge tarp. I sat down beside two Belize gals and they introduced themselves to us as the cooks, Forgot their names! The three boat men were sober as the water was ...

Like the little plane, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Like the little plane

A travel blog entry by heatherbishop


We flew from Belize City to Placencia......were weary at first because there were two young tacky tourists on our plane ready to find the first bar as soon as they got off the with green hair. ...

Mobile Update, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Mobile Update

A travel blog entry by fishwheel


Bus station in Belize ...

A change of plans, Placencia, Belize travel blog

A change of plans

A travel blog entry by mandrewcarlisle

... so much time on the beach, and then we cooked up a huge feast. We drank rum drinks with coconut milk in them. Today is Deepa's birthday, and we're planning on celebrating this evening. Tomorrow is Belize's birthday, and we're planning on ...

Lazy Days in Placencia, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Lazy Days in Placencia

A travel blog entry by carolrichardson


. . . this is it. Rainy season officially ended on Sunday!! So, it rained all night but as we sit sipping our coffee (tea) the sky is clearing and the sun is trying to burn through.  Looking good for a little snorkel tomorrow. Had a very yummy ...

Another Travel Day, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Another Travel Day

A travel blog entry by fishwheel


... the street so we made it in time and the bus left immediately. Initially we planned to take the bus all the way to mango Creek, then a water taxi over to Placencia but after some advice from a woman on the bus and the fact that I was getting a little car ...

Day One, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Day One

A travel blog entry by dresback

We arrived ...

Dinner with Lil Billy, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Dinner with Lil Billy

A travel blog entry by dooventures


... companions and a 31 year old lawyer from Portland has brought a man-doll named Lil Billy with her. You first met him in our Belize airport arrival episode. He gets dressed for dinner with the rest of us and has a pre dinner Beliken beer and off we go to ...

Tropical Placencia, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Tropical Placencia

A travel blog entry by carolyncobb


... , head on up there.” So my highlight of yesterday was sitting right beside the pilot and getting the most scenic view of Belize.  The landscape is soooo lush and green.  There are miles and miles of green trees, rivers, lakes.  We saw ...

Sea Kayaking Adventure tour, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Sea Kayaking Adventure tour

A travel blog entry by happydaze

Spent the first week here.  Few days hanging out at the base camp and checking out the town of Placencia's nightlife etc and then off to the Silke Cayes for 3 nights of camping on cayes and kayaking, snorkeling, relaxing and the best food ever made ...

Verschnaufpause, Placencia, Belize travel blog


A travel blog entry by fabioybea


Der Ruhetag, den wir uns in Placencia gönnten, haben wir quasi vorbezogen - denn die anschliessende Reise nach Mexico hat sich in die Länge gezogen. 19h unterwegs, und das meiste davon in verschiedenen Chicken Buses... ...

Let the cruise ships in?, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Let the cruise ships in?

A travel blog entry by peteandcai


... listened to an open public consultation with Royal Caribbean, citizens and town council of Placencia, representatives from the Belize tourist board, and even a government minister for sustainable tourism.  Professionally facilitated, it was a chance ...

Belize : palmier, plage et coup de soleil..., Placencia, Belize travel blog

Belize : palmier, plage et coup de soleil...

A travel blog entry by surledep


... du casque donc hors de question de mettre la tête dans la flotte. Sinon, c'est définitivement terminé pour les photos. Au Belize, les gens sont des caribéens, la peau très sombre, assez rasta et parlent anglais donc tous les ricains rappliquent. ...

Placencia, Placencia, Belize travel blog


A travel blog entry by jleecalv


... they followed us around and seemed fine. There is a cool bar here called the Tipsy Tuna that was advertising $1 wings Wednesday. $1 in Belize is about 30p, so we went there and got some excellent chicken wings and played pool for a while. Day 25 The ...

chicken bus journey - part two, Placencia, Belize travel blog

chicken bus journey - part two

A travel blog entry by kjerstan


... cafe, which is where we typed yesterdays blog post... and off to the boat...\the boat ride from guatemala to belize was about 1.5 hours long... although it felt more like 3, the boat was structionally questionable and overpowered... after waiting through ...

Cockscomb Wildlife Craziness, Placencia, Belize travel blog

Cockscomb Wildlife Craziness

A travel blog entry by dkg2002

Day 8 - Sun, ...

Relaxing, Placencia, Belize travel blog


A travel blog entry by kylajo


Awoke early and finished packing. The Moorings dude arrived to bring us to the dock. We were ready for our de-briefing at 07.59h. The manager arrived shortly after, we debriefed, then we departed. Back to Robert's Grove. Had breakfast, then, as our rooms ...

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