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Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by raypowell

One word: waffles. Oh yeah and beer. Not a lot happened here. just stopped through becasue our flight to Moscow is out of here tomorrow. Peace out ...

Arrivée à Bruxelles et autre, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Arrivée à Bruxelles et autre

A travel blog entry by xjiefx


Donc... Nous sommes arrivés à Brussel dans l'après-midi aujourd'hui.  Nous restons pour la première fois (de notre vie) dans un Bed & Breakfast.  Ici, ça s'appelle la villa Zarin.  Nous sommes à 2 pas du centre de ...

Day one in JC's world....., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Day one in JC's world.....

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


... of a random thing to find loafing around in a little village, perhaps the circus was in town.... Out on the town in Brussels...they have a beach, albeit a temporary one that looks like the side of a canal covered in sand. The beach has an international ...

Joyeuses Pâques !, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Joyeuses Pâques !

A travel blog entry by perleval


Pour Pâques, nous avons été invités à dîner chez les grand-parents de Yannic à Bruxelles. Les fêtes de famille me manquent beaucoup ici et je suis super enthousiaste à l'idée d'un dîner de famille. Ca doit être super difficile de se rebâtir ...

On to the next Country..., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

On to the next Country...

A travel blog entry by jodimarie


... cut through Antwerp. Both cities looked really interesting and had some very nice buildings. I also saw the atomium in brussels from a distance...could snap a picture off quick enough though. The country here is very wooded and ...

Just season it & enjoy!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Just season it & enjoy!

A travel blog entry by karawilson


... day grew on. The following day we decided to do something child friendly and our door man insisted we explore the Brussels Expo Science Center (held World Expo- 1958) Great! We saw the largest molecules! They had many interests for families of ...

Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by liviou


Derniere soiree avec les architectes avant de quitter le sol belge et ce pour un ...

Europe, finally here, Brussells, Belgium travel blog

Europe, finally here

A travel blog entry by wayno

Just a quick stopover on the way to Scotland. This was the only place I had a real language difficulty - nearly missed my bus to catch the plane!! I did try ...

Day 8 - Lambic Tour, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Day 8 - Lambic Tour

A travel blog entry by kevinbridges

This was another "sleep-in" day for us. Christine dropped off more fresh croissants and bread, so we ate breakfast in our room again. After breakfast, we took the metro back to the Grand Place, and found the tourist information center. We inquired ...

Daar gaan we!!!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Daar gaan we!!!

A travel blog entry by yaradutranoit


Afrika, here I come!! Het is zover!!! Het aftellen is voorbij. Binnen een goed uur zit ik op het vliegtuig en om 20u stijgen we op!! De kriebeltjes is de buik zijn nu wel aanwezig hoor. Gelukkig heb ik 2 super vriendinnen die deze namiddag mijn zenuwen ...

Jan 23, 2014, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Jan 23, 2014

A travel blog entry by thespeck


HC meeting party Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

HC meeting party Brussels

A travel blog entry by maplefanta

... . What a lame guy, his business won't survive long. Remember to ignore: Café L'Espérance at Place Jourdan in Etterbeek, Brussels! By midnight, most people either left or went to town to continue to party. Though as usual, the crowd splitted and ...

"Science really gets my atoms going"

A travel blog entry by valaryr


... a stupidly low tolerance for heat, we were shoved on a train with about one million other people who also wanted to go to Brussels-- already complained about that in the last post. Once again, it was a lovely end to our Eurail experience. ...

Travelling Through Belgium, Gent, Belgium travel blog

Travelling Through Belgium

A travel blog entry by aw

Travelled across France into Belgium, stopping off in Gent where i sampled some very nice chocolate ;)... ...

Back to Babylon - With a Vengeance!!, Bruxelles, Belgium travel blog

Back to Babylon - With a Vengeance!!

A travel blog entry by dagroove


Wow, some flip-over. My life has made a 180 degree switch within a couple of days. I am a working man. And not just working - a hard working man. I be waking up every morning at 6:00 (cant skip my yoga ;) And i get to work at 9:30 and return ...

Brussels, Belgium, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels, Belgium

A travel blog entry by lrhalladay


... . It originally was not meant to be a monument of great importance, but apparently has become the most well known symbol for Brussels. Apparently this little guy's costume is changed quite regularly, and word is that when he gets changed, he pees beer ...

Waterloo to Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Waterloo to Brussels

A travel blog entry by tracks_kong

Catching sleeper train to ...

Along the Rhine and then to Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Along the Rhine and then to Brussels

A travel blog entry by anne.nathan


... we'd passed a place to eat that had looked at all enticing. Nothing around this area beckoned as a place to eat. " ... Brussels' magnificent central square, Grand Place. It boasts the country's best baroque guildhalls, the beautiful Hôtel de Ville (Town ...

En Belgique!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

En Belgique!

A travel blog entry by guilerkj


... I have so much to tell you all, but no time. Yes, it IS exam week here in Dijon! Here's a quick overview of Brussels: 1) Waffles=YES!!! Beer=GROSS!!!! I loved the waffles...they are amazing. I had 2 waffles...and I've been dreaming of them ever ...

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by archkama

... so much bandwidth per month and we've already used almost all of it. Well we're actually back in leuven today. We went to Brussels this morning for a day trip, which was pretty cool, I was a bit hung over though cause it was the manager of the hostel's ...

Doing Brussels in style, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Doing Brussels in style

A travel blog entry by nathan_and_clem


... out a fabulous beer. (Sorry Stella, Leffe gets my vote) A little later, we head to one of the more unusual attractions in Brussels - the Toone Theatre. This puppetteering group has been run continuously by a family for the last 150+ years, and put on ...

Wat een vader lijden kan, Home sweat home?!?, Belgium travel blog

Wat een vader lijden kan

A travel blog entry by celine-berre


Door de weersomstandigheden zijn we beperkt in onze actieradius, oftewel gekluistert aan onze vaste ...

Bruxelles!!!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by deed

13 août 2007 Ok, à 3, tout le monde pouffe de rire! 1... 2... 3... HAHAHAHAHA! Si j'avais su que pratiquement tous les musées à Bruxelles sont fermés le lundi, j'aurais planifié mon voyage autrement! En fait, je serais arrivée plus tôt hier ...

Road trip to Belgium, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Road trip to Belgium

A travel blog entry by hithere52


... ; Then we were off.  I found it a little shocking that neither of them had a map.  We basically got to Brussels just by following signs.  I was thinking that Dad would find this really unbelievable.  Our plan was to spend Saturday ...

Day 38: Sprouts of the Brussels variety, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Day 38: Sprouts of the Brussels variety

A travel blog entry by johnnyandamber


... goes home to their parents house on the weekends and comes back with clean clothes and food for the week. When we got home we made BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!! They were delicious.    # of countries: 9 # of cities: 24 # of planes: 3 # of trains: 25 # of ...

Invade Belgium?  Why not., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Invade Belgium? Why not.

A travel blog entry by d_muzzo

... and up to 50,000 tourists per day. And Belgian mussels. And Belgian beer. And Belgian chocolate. And Belgian waffles. In Brussels they speak French. In Bruges they speak Dutch. I now speak Francodutchglish, and no one - not even myself - can ...

Ville Veillers Abbey, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Ville Veillers Abbey

A travel blog entry by eugineanded


... a lazy morning, my mom recommended Ed, Soogine, and I go to visit one of the old abbey ruins an hour or so away from Brussels. The abbey was a very large complex set of buildings. Because it was so destroyed, it was hard to imagine what it would have ...

The place we never saw., Brussels, Belgium travel blog

The place we never saw.

A travel blog entry by fourwego


After a quick journey on the Euro Star we arrived in Brussels, as the train had been delayed we realised we only had 10 minutes to get to the next train. Or so we ...

Brussels for a weekend, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels for a weekend

A travel blog entry by kiri-ana

En espanol... El sábado por la mañana, fui a Bélgica. Mi amiga de Nueva Zelanda, Leana, iba a venir también, pero se olvidó de su pasaporte. Además, perdí el tren y tenía que comprar un nuevo billete de 75 libras. En Bruselas, me encontré con ...

Belgium Waffles rock!!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgium Waffles rock!!

A travel blog entry by melvic


... indeed rock, they are the yummiest thing i have had in  a long time...we then went to a Pub and had a Brussels brewed beer, Belgium itself has the highest number of different beers than anywhere in the world. This beer was quite fruity and not like ...

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