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Sacred Ground, Bruges, Belgium, Belgium travel blog

Sacred Ground

A travel blog entry by laura421


... here lost relatives; people check for their loved ones' names on the walls at Tyne Cot, the largest cemetery in Belgium with over 12,000 burials.  People lay poppies at the feet of cemetery markers.  The countries who ...

Upgrade, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by mendekie


Gisteren op het laatste moment nog wat dingen ingepakt en Gijs zijn haar geschoren. Om zeven uur stonden we klaar om te gaan, maar een half uur later dan afgesproken! We sprongen bij Max en Nanouk in de auto, rugtassen in de kofferbak  en gaan! ...

The Sky is Beginning to Brugge, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

The Sky is Beginning to Brugge

A travel blog entry by johnnybwalker


... and eating meals. It's as sweet as it gets. (I might take Liz to Bruges - the most well-preserved Medieval village in Belgium - for the night for her birthday, privately) Yet I'm beginning to miss our little nook, my desk, and guitars, and our ...

Brugge, beautiful Brugge, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Brugge, beautiful Brugge

A travel blog entry by laine


... were riding so slowly).  We had packed a picnic lunch of baguette's salami olives and Camembert cheese, oh and of course some Belgium chocolates. On the way home we stopped at a little village Called Damme, it was lovely too, right on a canal, ...

Rally, cycling and world war one, Ypres, Belgium travel blog

Rally, cycling and world war one

A travel blog entry by mjozwell

... fields, loud rally cars and garages set up in the centre square. Buzzing atmosphere and people from all over Europe here to watch the Belgium phase of the ERC. Marja spoke to the Finnish rally drivers and told them to "bring the win home" but one of them ...

In Brugge, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

In Brugge

A travel blog entry by kazntrsawsmadvn


... . Having been surrounded by the French, who one way or another, fit various stereotypes perfectly.. Within minutes of being in Belgium, we both discovered that Belgian people are really friendly and keen to help.. A theme that continued throughout. Also, ...

Belgium, Brugge, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by beagui


We traveled there from Paris. Our aims were to go to Bruges to stay a couple of days there. We took the chance to visit Brussels while we were looking for a Tintin's comic to buy and deciding which transport was the most adequate to go from Brussels to ...

Moving out and Kulminating, Antwerp, Belgium travel blog

Moving out and Kulminating

A travel blog entry by finallytop3

One of the most exhausting days ever! As usual, did not plan too well and was just go-go-go non-stop to move out of my apartment, renting the truck and driving stuff everywhere.  Bruno and Maarten helped heaps.  Apartment was not quite ready ...

Belgium, take 2, Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Belgium, take 2

A travel blog entry by courtneycostas


This weekend we met some friends of Mike's at their house near Brussels, Belgium.  We've already been to Brussels (and didn't love it), but I can't tell you how great it was to sleep in a home and have someone cook food for us...we're getting ...

Afspraak om 10 uur in RAAC, Deurne, Belgium travel blog

Afspraak om 10 uur in RAAC

A travel blog entry by pascale7171153


    Ik was met Marc afgesproken om 10 uur in de luchthaven van Deurne. Daar zou hij mij komen halen om dan naar de club te gaan van RAAC (Royal Antwerp Aviation Club).      De plannen waren om naar Calais te ...

Wow ... zelf vliegen, Keiheuvel, Belgium travel blog

Wow ... zelf vliegen

A travel blog entry by pascale7171153


   De kers op de taart was natuurlijk dat ik in de terugvlucht de gelegenheid heb gekregen om zelf te vliegen. Dit was echt de max. En wat er nog extra leuk aan was dat met het mooie weer op een hoogte van ongeveer 1.000 voet de ...

Met Willy, Bruges, Belgium travel blog

Met Willy

A travel blog entry by colin_tameka


Hey all, Well what a night we had on Saturday night in Bruges. We decided that we would go to the bar and have a few beers for happy hour and meet up with our Brazillian friends. We ended up meeting an Aussie from North QLD and then a girl from ...

Aéroport Zaventem (Bruxelles), Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Aéroport Zaventem (Bruxelles)

A travel blog entry by tag19

Départ de ...

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonboots79

Brussels ...

Brugge, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonboots79

Brugge ...

Shopping trip to Hasselt!, Hasselt, Belgium travel blog

Shopping trip to Hasselt!

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


I'm not sure where I heard about Hasselt, I think it was one webpage that said it was a good shopping city in Belgium. I’ve been looking for a good winter jacket. I came out here with one, but the zipper broke. Then I bought one in Germany with a ...

A visit to Bruges, Bruges, Belgium travel blog

A visit to Bruges

A travel blog entry by suemacd


We left Amsterdam on Fri morning and headed for Belgium - a short hop of a couple of hours. We settled in and then today we drove up to Bruges. Never seen so many chocolatiers in one town !! It was a dry crisp day, and some of the boat trips were running ...

Longest holiday of the year, Genk, Belgium travel blog

Longest holiday of the year

A travel blog entry by awesomed


Unfortunately, I haven't done much traveling lately.  Fortunately, that meant I was more than ready for a week without work, and in another country. I flew to Brussels bright and early on that Saturday morning (I had to get the metro at 4:55 am to ...

Off to Belgium!, Ghent, Belgium travel blog

Off to Belgium!

A travel blog entry by pyauch


... , warm, soft, and covered in toppings like strawberries and caramel, we all gobbled them down before you could've said "Belgium!"! After visiting  some more street vendors, amazing smelling choclate shops, and another amazing church, I, Joe,was the ...

„Hell of Verdun“ / Die Hölle von Verdu, Blankenberge, Belgium travel blog

„Hell of Verdun“ / Die Hölle von Verdu

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


26.6.2012          Blankenberge (NL)           Km: 54044         „Hell of Verdun" / Die Hölle von Verdun I first ...

Waffles, Fries, and a Little Boy Peeing, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Waffles, Fries, and a Little Boy Peeing

A travel blog entry by thuang


... to the center to indulge in Belgian waffles, Belgian fries (It is claimed that the modern French fry was invented in Belgium), Belgian chocolate and Belgian beer. We visited the Grand Place, where the architecture spoke for itself, a small church, the ...

Day trip to Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium travel blog

Day trip to Antwerpen

A travel blog entry by garriepowers


Day trip to ...

Eurostar from Brussels via Lille, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Eurostar from Brussels via Lille

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Arrived in Brussels Midi 20 mins late at 6.30am and had to collect tickets for 9.59 eurostar to London but as tickets fully flexible we had time to make the 7.05am one which was cool. You collect tickets at 'Rail Connections office' and you check in here ...

the departure, Sint-Martens-Bodegem, Belgium travel blog

the departure

A travel blog entry by hilde


... his brother Silas who still lives in Rwanda. We promised Jules to go and see his brother in Kigali. Jules lives and works in Belgium (since 1994) and has now the belgian nationality. Since 1994 he didn't return to his country! Could you imagine that! All ...

Deževni dan, Zeebrugge, Belgium travel blog

Deževni dan

A travel blog entry by bibka


Včeraj sva med postankom v Gentu imela srečo in v kavarni naletela na free wi-fi. To je za belgijske razmere pravzaprav prava redkost. Običajno na popotovanjih sicer kupiva sim kartico lokalnega providerja, tokrat pa, zaradi ...

Where it all starts, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Where it all starts

A travel blog entry by eeyore82

So here it is where it all starts where my decision becomes reality...last day of work last day of this every day routine. ...

Bruksel, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by orko


Avrupa'nin baskenti... Sanki burokrasi sehri zannedilebilir, ama bence cok eglenceli bir sehir. Hani sense of humour derler ya, iste o var bu sehirde. Kimle iletisim kursam ya espri oluyor, ya da birlikte guluyoruz. Belki cizgi romanin bu kadar cok ...

home of the Simonart's!!!, Genval, Belgium travel blog

home of the Simonart's!!!

A travel blog entry by jasieniukrtw


I have found some of my Belgian family!!! It was a fantistic experience to meet cousins and talk about some of the history of my family.  It isn't every day you learn that there was a sorceror in the family that was burned at the stake.....But there ...

Walibi (Nathan), Wavre, Belgium travel blog

Walibi (Nathan)

A travel blog entry by nateandglenn


... was apparently made of wasp pheromones, and a bunch of guys drinking beer and smoking. This is something I haven't mentioned yet: in Belgium, everyone smokes, and it's impossible to avoid it if you're outside, even if you're at the goddamn amusement park. ...

home, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by hilde


... the rental car. Then we are checking in our luggage. We are taking off, flying over Miami, New York, to Brussels (Belgium). With a suitcase full of nice pictures and intensive memories of a lovely country with very friendly people! Bye bye Nicaragua!!!! ...

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