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Met Willy, Bruges, Belgium travel blog

Met Willy

A travel blog entry by colin_tameka


Hey all, Well what a night we had on Saturday night in Bruges. We decided that we would go to the bar and have a few beers for happy hour and meet up with our Brazillian friends. We ended up meeting an Aussie from North QLD and then a girl from ...

The Belgian Discotek, Antwerp, Belgium travel blog

The Belgian Discotek

A travel blog entry by gavin.edgley

I had so much fun in belgium. met up with Chloe and her friend Michael and saw the city, had different beers and pancakes and a crazy unique waffle and chips with their special mayonaise. not all at once. at night we went out to a restaurant around 10, ...

Aéroport Zaventem (Bruxelles), Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Aéroport Zaventem (Bruxelles)

A travel blog entry by tag19

Départ de ...

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonboots79

Brussels ...

Brugge, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by moonboots79

Brugge ...

Into Belgium - ok, barely..., Fringshaus, Belgium travel blog

Into Belgium - ok, barely...

A travel blog entry by tachinrn

On the way back home from Monschau we crossed the border into Belgium if only for a few minutes. There are no border guards, no gates, just a sign much like crossing into another state in the lower 48.  But I wanted to list it here, if nothing else, ...

Off to Belgium!, Ghent, Belgium travel blog

Off to Belgium!

A travel blog entry by pyauch


... , warm, soft, and covered in toppings like strawberries and caramel, we all gobbled them down before you could've said "Belgium!"! After visiting  some more street vendors, amazing smelling choclate shops, and another amazing church, I, Joe,was the ...

„Hell of Verdun“ / Die Hölle von Verdu, Blankenberge, Belgium travel blog

„Hell of Verdun“ / Die Hölle von Verdu

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


26.6.2012          Blankenberge (NL)           Km: 54044         „Hell of Verdun" / Die Hölle von Verdun I first ...

Waffles, Fries, and a Little Boy Peeing, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Waffles, Fries, and a Little Boy Peeing

A travel blog entry by thuang


... to the center to indulge in Belgian waffles, Belgian fries (It is claimed that the modern French fry was invented in Belgium), Belgian chocolate and Belgian beer. We visited the Grand Place, where the architecture spoke for itself, a small church, the ...

Day trip to Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium travel blog

Day trip to Antwerpen

A travel blog entry by garriepowers


Day trip to ...

Eurostar from Brussels via Lille, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Eurostar from Brussels via Lille

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Arrived in Brussels Midi 20 mins late at 6.30am and had to collect tickets for 9.59 eurostar to London but as tickets fully flexible we had time to make the 7.05am one which was cool. You collect tickets at 'Rail Connections office' and you check in here ...

the departure, Sint-Martens-Bodegem, Belgium travel blog

the departure

A travel blog entry by hilde


... his brother Silas who still lives in Rwanda. We promised Jules to go and see his brother in Kigali. Jules lives and works in Belgium (since 1994) and has now the belgian nationality. Since 1994 he didn't return to his country! Could you imagine that! All ...

Bruksel, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by orko


Avrupa'nin baskenti... Sanki burokrasi sehri zannedilebilir, ama bence cok eglenceli bir sehir. Hani sense of humour derler ya, iste o var bu sehirde. Kimle iletisim kursam ya espri oluyor, ya da birlikte guluyoruz. Belki cizgi romanin bu kadar cok ...

home of the Simonart's!!!, Genval, Belgium travel blog

home of the Simonart's!!!

A travel blog entry by jasieniukrtw


I have found some of my Belgian family!!! It was a fantistic experience to meet cousins and talk about some of the history of my family.  It isn't every day you learn that there was a sorceror in the family that was burned at the stake.....But there ...

Walibi (Nathan), Wavre, Belgium travel blog

Walibi (Nathan)

A travel blog entry by nateandglenn


... was apparently made of wasp pheromones, and a bunch of guys drinking beer and smoking. This is something I haven't mentioned yet: in Belgium, everyone smokes, and it's impossible to avoid it if you're outside, even if you're at the goddamn amusement park. ...

home, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by hilde


... the rental car. Then we are checking in our luggage. We are taking off, flying over Miami, New York, to Brussels (Belgium). With a suitcase full of nice pictures and intensive memories of a lovely country with very friendly people! Bye bye Nicaragua!!!! ...

Packing on the pounds in Belgium, Beerse, Belgium travel blog

Packing on the pounds in Belgium

A travel blog entry by vdc


... as a pair, first a pancake afternoon with bomma and aunt Ingrid and then a dinner party at my childhood friend’s apartment. Belgium may be facing its biggest political crisis in recent memory, but there’s no shortage of the 'eat and be ...

Retour à Leuven, Leuven, Belgium travel blog

Retour à Leuven

A travel blog entry by perleval


Je suis de retour à Leuven aujourd'hui pour montrer la ville à une amie de passage en Belgique et à son ancienne cokoteuse. Pour ceux qui ne sont pas familiers avec le terme, "cokoteuse" vient du verbe "cokoter" - "habiter en kot avec quelqu'un". Et ...

La Saint-Jean à Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

La Saint-Jean à Bruxelles

A travel blog entry by perleval


Ouf, voilà déjà plus d'un mois que je n'ai pas écrit ! Ce dernier mois était très tranquille avec Yannic qui étudiait pour ses examens finaux et moi qui m'habituais à mon nouvel emploi. Entre temps, nous devons aussi trouver le temps de ...

Two Days in Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium travel blog

Two Days in Antwerp

A travel blog entry by carinamjones


On Tuesday and Wednesday Danny and I decided to take advantage of the great railway system here and travel to the Diamond Capital of the world-Antwerp. Enjoy the pictures, I hope they give you a sense of this 'gem' of a city ...

Back to BRU, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Back to BRU

A travel blog entry by maplefanta

September 28 The previous days, Frank had called me to have some chat and offered me to drive with him to Germany where he could bring me to Frankfurt. After some thought I accepted and it was now time for me to leave to Brussels for the last night ...

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by kellygrugan


... a while, taking pictures then trying to figure out what to do.  Then we went to the Royal Palace where the King of Belgium (that's right, the king of Belgium) lives.  We didn't see the king but the building itself was pretty.  After that ...

Laatste minuutjes in het belgenland!, Zaventem, Belgium travel blog

Laatste minuutjes in het belgenland!

A travel blog entry by magoutski


Zuiderse mentaliteit, nu al! Boarden om 11.45 en we zouden moeten vertrekken om ...

Making Friends, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Making Friends

A travel blog entry by ainaz


Over the past four days I have met more people and made more friends than ever on this trip. I'm learning that travelling alone is not lonely afterall. I have had many helping hands; Free stay at the nicest campsite I have seen in Europe, with offers ...

Belgium = Beer, Chocolate and Frittes, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Belgium = Beer, Chocolate and Frittes

A travel blog entry by thetembas


... , they are doing it right. In Brussels we saw much more diversity than Sweden and Finland. This is not surprising because Belgium had a number of colonies, namely Zaire (Now Congo). People say that some neighborhoods could be mistaken for Kinshasa and ...

Bruges - Belgian Tourist Mecca, Bruges, Belgium travel blog

Bruges - Belgian Tourist Mecca

A travel blog entry by thetembas


Click Here to see photos of beautiful Bruges. Captions hopefully coming soon! Rick Steves says that Brugge is a good stepping stone into the European mainland. This is true for many reasons, the main one being that this place is wildly popular with ...

Brussels:  A Small City, with Big Mussels!!!, Brussels, Belgium travel blog

Brussels: A Small City, with Big Mussels!!!

A travel blog entry by rachandshan


Brussels is a relatively small city compared to most in Europe and it’s the capital of the European Union. You would think that would make them a little wheelchair aware. Not so really!! This was a hard city for us to get around. But we trudged on ...

Brugge, First Day (Nathan), Brugge, Belgium travel blog

Brugge, First Day (Nathan)

A travel blog entry by nateandglenn


I don't remember much about the first day in Brugge, except that I was really, really tired for no reason. I'd gotten plenty of sleep the previous night, I had some sort of breakfast (I think), but for absolutely no reason I had zero energy. All I wanted ...

What are we doing in Antwerp?, Antwerp, Belgium travel blog

What are we doing in Antwerp?

A travel blog entry by emiglia

... evening. People tend to show up at this hostel and stay for a lot longer than they thought. In the end, I think Belgium is underrated: the guilded architecture, squares with beautiful fountains, and bars with Belgian beer on tap for less than you ...

pirmā nakts lidostaa!, Charleroi, Belgium travel blog

pirmā nakts lidostaa!

A travel blog entry by vinetasaukane


    Tātad mēs izlidojam no rīgas pus15, Belgija bijam pec viņu laika pus17, ja nemaldos! Lidosta izskatjaas normala. mes atbidijam solinu pie cita soliņa.  un ietaisiijam savu vietu :D  tad mes ...

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