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If it wasn't for gold, this would not exist, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

If it wasn't for gold, this would not exist

A travel blog entry by sywert


Kalgoorlie, gold mining town. This Super Pit still makes $2M a day. Huge machinery is at work, the main source of income and employment.  Prostitution seems legal in this town, guided tours through brothels are offered in the afternoon. ...

My Ride in the Police Car, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

My Ride in the Police Car

A travel blog entry by samaraclifford


... with skimpies by 7am, drunk two pints of larger by 9am and hungover by midday. That sentence may sound like I have fully embraced Kalgoorlie life and become a complete bogan, although the order of events and times is a bit mixed up. It is much more ...

The Super Pit..., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

The Super Pit...

A travel blog entry by farquhar


... live here (& the tourists). The restaurants are quite funky and the buildings are stunning; old and very photogenic! Many pubs call Kalgoorlie-Boulder home and I think they are quite proud of this. A quick 400km trip out of our way to experience the ...

Kalgoorlie ... definitely a mining town!!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie ... definitely a mining town!!

A travel blog entry by moore4australia


... did take a drive down Hay Street but the girls didn't ask why ... not sure how they would have handled that explanation! Day 2 at Kalgoorlie meant a bit of shopping, a visit to the Museum, the Super Pit and then off to a really cool park which had lots of ...

Motorhomes everywhere, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia travel blog

Motorhomes everywhere

A travel blog entry by goanna-geoff


Welcome to Kalgoorlie. We have been at the Rally site since Monday. Somewhere around 800 motorhomes on site. We traveled from Leonora with some motorhomers,  Colin, June, Bob, Rose, Leon & Brenda who adopted us at the Leonora sports ground. ...

Kalgoorlie for three sleeps, Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie for three sleeps

A travel blog entry by travellincol


... the main Street (Hannah Street) and one can have a drink from his water bag - Good of him I thought. While in Kalgoorlie I applied for a WA license and vehicle registration since my fundamental plan is to stay in WA for six months (after three months ...

Auf zum Holland Track, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Auf zum Holland Track

A travel blog entry by lacanausurfer

... denn ich bin gerade dabei die 7 Steinschläge auf der Windschutzscheibe zu flicken. Die habe ich mir gestern wenige Kilometer vor Kalgoorlie auf dem Highway eingefangen, als mir so ein blöder Mining-Truck entgegen kam und eine Wolke von Steinen mit sich ...

Rally Rantings, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Rally Rantings

A travel blog entry by binskin


As you see we are still in Kalgoorlie camped near a lake about 10 ks out of town with a group of Highway Wanderers (10 plus motorhomes) having a bit of R&R after the rally or rather having our own mini rally. A  communal barbecue ...

Kaltes Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Kaltes Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by lacanausurfer


... Dreck in den Ecken und Kanten unterhalb der Maschine gefunden. Natürlich nicht wirklich viel... Im Hammond Park hier in Kalgoorlie steht die Burg Breitenstein! Nachgebaut mit vielen vielen (Halb-)Edelsteinen. Den Campingplatz hier habe ich noch für ...

Home to Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Home to Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by rodnbin


... Day 6 Watched another sunrise across the lands (haven't missed one yet) before breakfast, pack up and on the road heading for Kalgoorlie. Splashed a bit of fuel in at Baladonia and drove on. The kids have travelled great so far and no issues at all. ...

Gold rush Town, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Gold rush Town

A travel blog entry by laura-scot


... stuck around for the rest of the time we were there. Typical. In the bloody desert! Paddy's day fell in the middle of our Kalgoorlie visit as well, which went down in typical Paddy's day fashion, with huge drunkeness in an irish bar, and a bit of trad ...

Goldtown, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by goanna-geoff


... been interesting to get back to the heat of the inland. We did a day trip up to Lake Ballard to check out the "Inside Australia" sculptures by Anthony Gormley. When we were here for the Rally in October it had rained and was supposed to be too wet to get ...

Summer storms, Lake Douglas, Australia travel blog

Summer storms

A travel blog entry by goanna-geoff


... to learn more about this photography game. Some photo's were handheld and some were taken from a tripod. Played golf at the new Kalgoorlie golf course today, great grass course in the desert. First 2 holes of the Nullabour Links course, done & dusted. ...

Coastal Views, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Coastal Views

A travel blog entry by binskin


Currently at rally site in Kalgoorlie finally DB is off out of my hair helping set up trade areas whilst I am manning the two way for first aid where to date very little action thank goodness. Since the last blog we have made our way along the southern ...

Kuriositätensammlung, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by lacanausurfer


... . Dort muss ich auch noch einmal hin, denn es gibt einiges zu besichtigen. Es ist nur knapp 40km entfernt von Kalgoorlie. Gestern habe ich meine Bewerbungsunterlagen einer Jobagentur gegeben. Mal schaun was draus wird! Arbeit scheint es hier genug zu ...

A big rock and an even bigger hole., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

A big rock and an even bigger hole.

A travel blog entry by wesandjo


... the day and the superpit looms in the distance. The wind persisted here, still blowing a strong gusty southerly. We were using Kalgoorlie as an administrative stop, the car got its wheels rotated and balanced one day, and got its 3rd 5000km service the ...

It's nearly that time!!!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

It's nearly that time!!!

A travel blog entry by bncshute


Well folks, the countdown is on!!! 44 days till we leave on our Great Aussie Adventure :) I almost can't believe it.  Bruce and all his buddies have been working hard to get the car ready for the trip.  The snorkel is on.  We've mounted ...

Onboard Indian Pacific, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Onboard Indian Pacific

A travel blog entry by rowenagail


... ! Very friendly staff, had lunch, very strange chap sat with us. Now travelling through vast wheatlands. Going to get out at Kalgoorlie tonight after dinner for about half an hour. Will be interesting as that is where both of our relatives first settled ...

Fraser Range Station to Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Fraser Range Station to Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by stthomson


... 16 eggs which the Manager was pretty happy with. After packing up slowly and having a look around we headed off towards Kalgoorlie. Stopped at Norseman for a quick look at the Tourist Info centre and then went up to the Norseman Beacon Lookout. Had ...

Kalgoorlie to Perth, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie to Perth

A travel blog entry by billandtrish

This is a top pick!

... on and made it to Kalgoorlie. Didn't spend much time here as we wanted to be in Perth by Friday morning. Kalgoorlie-Boulder began in 1893, when three Irishmen Patrick Hannan, Tom Flanagan and Daniel Shea stumbled across 100 ounces of alluvial nuggets ...

Days 18,19 and 20, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Days 18,19 and 20

A travel blog entry by bug2012


... other campers here were live ins and working most of the time so we pretty much had the pool to ourselves!! While in Kalgoorlie we visited the Super Pit, 85 million tonnes of material is collected annually to produce 800,000 ounces of gold.  A ...

6 Days to go!!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

6 Days to go!!

A travel blog entry by bncshute


Well folks,  we have 6 days left at home in Kalgoorlie-Boulder before we head off on our Great Aussie Adventure.   My excitement is fast turning into nerves! We have never done a camp trip quite to this scale before and there are so many ...

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by raccos


We got to Kalgoorlie and did a bit of shopping. Jodi had to buy some bathers as he forgot them at home. We went up to see the Super Pit from the lookout. What an awesome site. The mine is huge - heaps of work happening. We then travelled to Leonora ...

Preparations have begun, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Preparations have begun

A travel blog entry by bncshute

We have been madly buying all the necessary things for the car, like a Hilift Jack, Rear Wheel canvas bin (which we luckily got for free), a side awning, Maxtrax and a snorkel kit for river crossings!!! We still aren't done yet! We need to get all the ...

Kalgoorlie bush camp (Lake Douglas), Karramindie, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie bush camp (Lake Douglas)

A travel blog entry by huggon


... that crossed the road in front of us. Refuelled at Laverton and stopped to make some lunch, before heading off toward Kalgoorlie. For a Saturday afternoon it was really dead. Beautiful town though. Kinda reminded me of Flinders Street in Townsville. Just ...

Short Break, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Short Break

A travel blog entry by johnandi


23/1 Onto to Kalgoorlie - staying at a 'proper' site tonight!! Kalgoorlie is just an old mining town and just as imagined - wide streets with bars on every corner - and some inbetween!! All with very wide verandas. A sleepy town with a population of ...

The Nullarbor & Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

The Nullarbor & Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by sammyc2101


... their 4 kids, Jeremy, Taylor, Liam and Jonathan. Mum Sarah and Dad James. We decided to stay together at a caravan park in Kalgoorlie and all had a great time checking out the super pit Goldmine and Hannan's Tourist Mine. Out of all places we ran into a ...

Besuch im Bordell, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Besuch im Bordell

A travel blog entry by sinddannmalweg


... Stadtbewohner Kalgoorlies (viele Männer und kaum Frauen) prosperierte neben dem Goldabbau auch das Sexgewerbe. Prostitution war in Kalgoorlie im Gegensatz zum restlichen, eher prüden Australien bereits früh legal. Mittlerweile hat sich das ...

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sammyjodes


... recovery day then I cooked a farewell dinner for Andrea and Joe in van… talk about not so squeezy! We really enjoyed Kalgoorlie… such a pretty town and even better that we had such great company. Thanks for looking after us Andrea and Joe, we ...

Gold and Brothels, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Gold and Brothels

A travel blog entry by mactracks


I didn't have great expectations about Kalgoorlie, so was pleasantly surprised to see how lovely the town was. There are lots of beautiful old buildings, and they have all been really well maintained. The Super Pitt, which is an open cut gold ...

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