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On life with 2 sets thongs, 1pr boots and sneakers, Darwin, Australia travel blog

On life with 2 sets thongs, 1pr boots and sneakers

A travel blog entry by lavis


... day, we spent a couple of days just chilling in the area and exploring the history (lots of war memorabilia) before finally heading into Darwin.  Again, we are camping out with our new found friends and here we got to meet even more; Danielle, Greg, ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by keirle7


Once in Darwin we booked back in to The Cavenagh. Although the trip was really good it was really tiring with lots of early mornings, it was nice to be able to do what we wanted when we wanted again. We went to Mindil Night Market for a wander round, ...

Civilisation, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by es_rossi


... ist geflutet, kein Durchkommen. Kann 3 Tage dauern, aber bei dem Regen sind 2 Wochen auch realistisch. Also 2 Moeglichkeiten- in Darwin sitzen bleiben und hoffen, dass es so schnell nicht mehr regnet und Daeumchen drehen. Oder Geld in die Hand nehmen ...

Darwin in the Build Up, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Darwin in the Build Up

A travel blog entry by sixweeksoff


... that I wrote 17 pages in my diary about the last day alone, this may prove something of a challenge!! Well, first of all, Darwin itself - I didn't actually see a huge amount of the city, because I was out seeing other things, but what I saw seemed ...

From parks to civilization, Darwin, Australia travel blog

From parks to civilization

A travel blog entry by mobymojo


... to Jabiru we had decided the best thing to do was watch rugby in the social club! Since then we have arrived in Darwin, spending a lovely evening at some night markets followed by Slumdog Millionaire at the deckchair cinema. We'll have another look around ...

Here's An Idea, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Here's An Idea

A travel blog entry by travelnshit

I'm going to move to one of the hottest cities in Australia, dress entirely in black and go job hunting. Yeah. Because they're really going to want to employ me after I drip sweat on the application ...

Unemployment, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by travelnshit

You know you've been involuntarily unemployed for too long when you find yourself slumped on a couch idly flicking through the jobs paper, poring over jobs which require skills that exceed your qualifications as a Good For Nothing Lay About Backpacker ...

Life in Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Life in Darwin

A travel blog entry by anne.wolland

Sunday was the famous beer can regatta at Mindil Beach along with the market. (No, I did not spell it wrong, it's actually a regatta with 'boats' or floating objects more or less, made of beer cans! Hilarious! They also got a great market there, but ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by vicky.mcneil


... red sauce all up the back of the chair, we felt like naughty school kids. Michele said he is never traveling with us again. LOL. Darwin is very hot and humid! Today we went to Lichfield national park, it was lovely, we swan in pools after we got out of ...

Darwin - more to come..., Darwin, Australia travel blog

Darwin - more to come...

A travel blog entry by chris-and-megan

Placeholder for update still to come. Chris ...

Back to Civilisation!!!, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Back to Civilisation!!!

A travel blog entry by upandaway_gk

Nach Wochen in der freien Natur freuen wir uns auf: - fliegenfreie Caravan-Parks - Klimaanlagen - Duschen die nur mit wenig Tieren geteilt werden - Wäsche waschen - fliegenfreie Nächte - fliegenfreie Tage - fliegenfrei Essen - Sushi Ein paar ...

Poplynmy w strone slonca, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Poplynmy w strone slonca

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... cieply wieczor, brak wiatru I szampana, to jest to przepis na sukces. Wracajac do portu widzielismy panorame miasta noca, ktora tez robila wspaniale wrazenie… Jesli kiedys bedziecie w Darwin to rejs o zachodzie slonca trzeba zaliczyc na ...

Good Lord, it's hot!, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Good Lord, it's hot!

A travel blog entry by liz_carter20

... very small airport, and flew to Darwin, which is where we now are. It's still very, very hot. Although not as hot as I thought Darwin would be. It's quite a nice place, and we've done a fair bit of exploring, walked (a long way) to the museum and art ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by paulngail


... Darwin after a long 6 day trek from Broome that took us over 1000 miles across the lower Kimberley region in north west australia and up into the Northern Territory via Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek, Kununurra and Katherine. We camped by the road on ...'s about time!, Darwin, Australia travel blog's about time!

A travel blog entry by du_bro


... also managed to sneak into town for a few more urban adventures, including taking advantage of the diverse offerings at the Darwin Festival. Tracey bought Shazzy a ticket to the stunning French dance performance 'La Soiree’ for her birthday, and Ant ...

Grovel inn gin cocktail south starts., Darwin, Australia travel blog

Grovel inn gin cocktail south starts.

A travel blog entry by gazalache


... the last of my room. I left without the wines and beers I had intended to bring for friends that I was going to see around australia, because it was early and I was tired and disorganised and that is hardly the time of day to be aware of anything. ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jon_lyall

Darwin ...

The next six months, Darwin, Australia travel blog

The next six months

A travel blog entry by silverlining

We are unbelievably already half way into our trip, and thought an update of our planned destinations wouldn't be a bad idea. So here is what is planned: - Indonesia - Singapore - Malaysia - Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam - China and Hong Kong - ...

Katherine was Gorgeous but Darwin had FreeSpirit, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Katherine was Gorgeous but Darwin had FreeSpirit

A travel blog entry by carsonsontour2


... , there was massive Cruise Ship in dock and there were people everywhere, including a lot of sailors in uniform....Mmmm!!!  Darwin is named after the English naturalist Charles Darwin, and the city has been trampled twice, firstly during WWII, by the ...

The Land of Oz, Darwin, Australia travel blog

The Land of Oz

A travel blog entry by dc314


... to you Americans) and $100+ per night hostel rooms.  Where are we?!  It was definitely a shock to land in Darwin, Australia after an overnight flight with no sleep.  We sailed through customs and immigration although it was our most intense ...

Top End, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Top End

A travel blog entry by rubin


Jon:  Today we flew to Darwin, Northern Territory - the "Top End" of Australia!  The flight took about 4.5 hours, much of it over dry, empty landscapes below.  We landed in the early afternoon to bright sunshine and temps in the mid-80s. ...

Day THIRTY FOUR - THIRTY NINE, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by feltham


... and cool bathrooms, comfy leather lounge and big plasma but the best was a huge balcony with fantastic views over the Darwin waterfront. Even though each room had air-conditioning there was usually a lovely sea breeze blowing on the balcony. The balcony ...

Westkueste Teil 2 - Australien, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Westkueste Teil 2 - Australien

A travel blog entry by sara-abroad


... einem schoenen Abend fuer uns. Ansonsten genossen wir die Sonne und unser gemuetliches Leben mit Schwimmen und Suennele hier in Darwin. Etwas Paradoxes haben wir noch in Broome erlebt: da wollten wir uns doch ein Bierchen kaufen, um diesen tollen ...

Lunch with the Brisbane crowd , Cullen Bay Darwin Northern Territory, Australia travel blog

Lunch with the Brisbane crowd

A travel blog entry by linda.pulley

Views over marina at Cullen ...

Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by georgejanene


... rebuilt. July 1st - Territory Day, which means a day of celebrations in the Northern Territory to remember independence from South Australia. The way most people seem to celebrate is with fireworks - about the only place in Australia where fireworks can ...

redrawn, Darwin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by markanthonylow

... Vietnam before booking a ticket there and the surprise of what I found was revealing and inspiring even more so now I am sitting in Darwin  I am missing it, especially the price of a beer,  could have bought 7 litres of beer hoi for the cost of ...

Week 14/1 - 'The Top End' - Darwin, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Week 14/1 - 'The Top End' - Darwin

A travel blog entry by heatherbelle


Well, what can I say about Darwin?! It's certainly an experience... not to be repeated! On arriving in Darwin, I had met up with Kat and was keen to find out what she'd already seen (having arrived two days earlier) and what else there was that we could ...

Humongous Saltwater Crocodile Encounter… Noo, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Humongous Saltwater Crocodile Encounter… Noo

A travel blog entry by ktmax

... now folks; right now I’m in the airport waiting for my flight back to Brisbane. I’ve had great fun in Darwin even though I didn’t get to “swim” with the humongous saltwater crocodile from Crocodile Dundee, but it might happen ...

Waterfalls and Wallabys, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Waterfalls and Wallabys

A travel blog entry by j-willi


I have been out of touch for a while, but now I am in Darwin and have time for a quick update. I took a bus from Cairns to Darwin for 4 days and had fun in the middle of nowhere. It was lots of driving in the bus, but it wasn't full so we were all able to ...

Litchfield & Jumping Crocodiles, Darwin, Australia travel blog

Litchfield & Jumping Crocodiles

A travel blog entry by ktmax

... ll get right into my epic 1 day tour without too much random crap xD. We started out early in the morning driving around Darwin picking people up (I was actually the first that got on, yey xD). After picking everybody up the direction went towards a river ...

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