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Beware the Lamington, Broome, Australia travel blog

Beware the Lamington

A travel blog entry by calamitycat


... a couple of fridays ago and early the next morning we got straight onto our tour bus to start the journey up the coast of Western Australia. As it turned out there was only one other person on the tour, an Irish girl, plus our tour guide/bus driver. ...

Constant chop as a desert farewell, Broome, Australia travel blog

Constant chop as a desert farewell

A travel blog entry by maggie360


... to have an early Saturday night and interesting start to their weekend workday. This was my first time flying in the left seat in Australia since it was easier to have Caroline behind me in the copilot seat while she was with us. I was happy to have not ...

A new Broom(e), Broome, Australia travel blog

A new Broom(e)

A travel blog entry by chezgra

... residency campsites, there was a fence up so she couldn't get through, obviously keeping out the hoi poloi. We haven't yet explored Broome itself but the small town feels very 'covent garden' with lots of arty crafty shops, but since it is Sunday all ...

A few days rest, Broome, Australia travel blog

A few days rest

A travel blog entry by manchester


... . It's now Thursday night and we hit the road once again in the morning, towards our final destination of Darwin. Thankfully as Broome is so laid back, I feel like my batteries have been recharged an I'm ready to hit the road again. Not to sure where ...

Catching up with some old friends, Broome, Australia travel blog

Catching up with some old friends

A travel blog entry by morrisjjre


... lived in Broome for 9 years and her sons Gem and Sunny. Brent and Jen were also there for a drink over sunset, they are new Broome locals as they who moved here 3 months ago from Geelong. It was good to hear about what Broome is like in the wet ...

a last swim in the ocean, Broome, Australia travel blog

a last swim in the ocean

A travel blog entry by feeling_alive


... during the rainy season, when potentially deadly jellyfish are found around here. It`s a hard life here in Australia... German version: Das Staedtchen Broome ist vor allem seiner Perlen wegen bekannt. Gerne haetten wir auf einem der Boote gearbeitet, die ...

Day FIFTY, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by feltham


We were all looking forward to getting to Broome where we will get to swim in one of Australia's best beaches. It was 410 kms to Broome from Fitzroy Crossing with only one stop at Willare. It was a pretty boring drive. We wer so keen to see the sea that ...

80 Mile, Broome, Australia travel blog

80 Mile

A travel blog entry by gerry_goosehart


... 80 Mile beach. On the road out of Broome, there is a big right hander which must be signposted 'the rest of Australia', or something like that. Because to continue straight on, would mean going back towards Darwin. At this sweeping right turn onto ...

On WA soil at last!, Broome, Australia travel blog

On WA soil at last!

A travel blog entry by thommo-travels


... longer journeys. Our van park was below average unfortunately, but we were surprised by the lack of other options for caravaners. Broome itself is a very enjoyable place, if somewhat spread out. We had a lovely day at Malcolm Douglas' wildlife and croc ...

Oceano, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by planetvale


... Ma non e' tempo di piangersi addosso, risaltiamo su Mafalda che si e' un po' raffreddata, e verso sera arriviamo a Broome: giusto in tempo per trovare finalmente un bottle shop aperto ed ammirare uno straordinario tramonto su Cable beach ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ickle-squirt


WOW - I LOVE ...

Update, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by suzy_n_phil


... how beautiful they are. Sort of takes a girls mind off her other problems, for a few kilometers at least.... So arrived safely in Broome and just off to hook up with Neal ( big scottish Neal from Aber for those of you that know him!) and get myself ...

Still moving, Broome, Australia travel blog

Still moving

A travel blog entry by dimi_and_fiona


... . We had a long drive from here through the desert to Karatha (a nickel mining town) and then another 9 hrs straight to Broome. Broome is a lot smaller than we thought, but very tropical and has lovely beaches. Well, that's everything so far, please ...

R & R, Broome, Australia travel blog

R & R

A travel blog entry by jessen


... Leveque when maybe we'll delve a little deeper or maybe we'll just lay on Cable Beach again. SUMMERS CARAVAN PARK REPORT: Broome caravan park: 7/10 A really nice pool. A big park with one old toilet block. There was a concert in the park one night. ...

West Coast Mission: Day 19, Broome, Australia travel blog

West Coast Mission: Day 19

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


This is the first sign you see as you enter Broome. Oh what, like they couldn't have told us this sooner? Like at the last fucking bottle shop ...

Wine and Chairs, Broome, Australia travel blog

Wine and Chairs

A travel blog entry by chezgra

I know you are dying to find out if we were invited to Happy hour. Yes, we were. The party started at 5.15pm and ended at 7.30pm ish. Everyone brings something to drink, their own glasses and of course a chair to sit on! Then its all go. Sitting ...

Broome Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Broome Broome

A travel blog entry by flare


... all thought that we would arrange our own expedition to the sun yeah yeah.......... 12/06/2007 Today we headed into the main town of broome they call it chinatown this is where i bought my new cool black phone or so i thought it turned out to be gay ...

What The F**k??, Broome, Australia travel blog

What The F**k??

A travel blog entry by travelnshit

So it rained last night. Rained. In Broome! During the height of the Dry!!!! Just my fucking ...

Browsing Broome

Browsing Broome "101"

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie


... to Perth. Although we came to Broome with little expectation, it easily exceeded all our expectations!  "Broome promises to reward travellers with a holiday experience like no other, so relax, enjoy and ...........let yourself ...

Vroom, Vroom Around Broome !, Broome, Australia travel blog

Vroom, Vroom Around Broome !

A travel blog entry by ricknelsie


... ships!  With noon upon us and an appetite looming, we found ourselves downtown in the big metropolis of Broome!  Finding the tourist information center wasn't to difficult!  A little guidance and suggestions and we were off to ...

Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisser


Chrisser ...

Happy Campers, Broome, Australia travel blog

Happy Campers

A travel blog entry by chezgra


... socceroos play Brazil in the world cup, we were the only people awake and had to listen on headphones. The world cup has past Broome by! Leaving the pleasure of the camp we spent a very hot morning walking Cable Beach to get to the lighthouse point. ...

Ships on the sand and flights on the water, Broome, Australia travel blog

Ships on the sand and flights on the water

A travel blog entry by scruffyandco


... Beach sunset, complete with passing camel trains. What better way to relax after our 10km walk. Before we left Broome on our Western Australia adventure we had the chance to see a strange phenomenon called "The Staircase to the Moon". The "staircase" ...

Budgie smugglers in Broome, Broome, Australia travel blog

Budgie smugglers in Broome

A travel blog entry by gemma_doogal


... on Cable Beach. Apparently Cable Beach was voted Australia’s best beach and although I haven’t visited many of Australia’s beaches I’m sure there are nicer ones, but it was still beautiful. We spent the afternoon reading and ...

A few (very few) words about Broome and more, Broome, Australia travel blog

A few (very few) words about Broome and more

A travel blog entry by aanhetnetman


... scoop on Broome I should like by way of 3 examples to expand on the expansiveness of Western (but really all of) Australia.Firstly, on the main highway there are sections marked as emergency landing strips for the Royal Doctor's Flying Service. Then ...

on the road again!, Broome, Australia travel blog

on the road again!

A travel blog entry by decemberchick

... claim, I wholeheartedly agree with Cable Beach. It is stunning-- kilometres of soft sand and beautiful clear water. My fave beach in Australia so far. So I was quick to agree when Ashlee suggested chilling out here for a few days before we hit the ...

Cabke Beach and Dinosaurs, Broome, Australia travel blog

Cabke Beach and Dinosaurs

A travel blog entry by roamingroaches


... in Dreamtime. Saturday - Leanne went into town to look at Broome town and admire the pearls at Paspaley that is what made Broome famous. I found a wireless net café to continue our work in getting up to date in this blog. That afternoon we found a pub ...

Im in love with the indian ocean!, Broome, Australia travel blog

Im in love with the indian ocean!

A travel blog entry by longwaydownunda


The camp is about 1.5k from cable beach. The road leads right onto the sand and cable beach stretches for a while north. The dog friendly beach just happens to be the nude beach too. The water is warm sandy and shallow, some small waves on offer when the ...

Serwis Nissana w Broome jest do niczego, Broome, Australia travel blog

Serwis Nissana w Broome jest do niczego

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... jezioro. Niezle, bo do tej pory niszczyla wszystko co my budowalismy, czyli jest jakis postep :) Serwis Nissana w Broome mozna potloc o kant d... o godzinie 5 po poludniu otrzymalismy dokladnie ta sama informacje co wczoraj:"nie wiemy co powoduje ...

Life on a Community, Bidyadanga, Australia travel blog

Life on a Community

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


Our next stop was with Servas host Jenny, a teacher at a school on a remote aboriginal community, 200km south of Broome. It was a unique opportunity to gain an insight into community life and, for me, into school life in a setting far outside my previous ...

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