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Ville des extraterrestres..., Capilla del Monte, Argentina travel blog

Ville des extraterrestres...

A travel blog entry by viajecamillea


Suite de la visite des Sierras avec la petite ville de Capilla del monte connue pour les bizarreries qu'elle recence et ses phénomènes étranges.  Nous avons pu assister à une des messes de la semaine sainte, voir de la batukaba puis louer des ...

Argentina at last, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Argentina at last

A travel blog entry by gilesandjane


A few hours in Salta en route before a big night out in this legendary student city...except everything was closed because of the national elections the next ...

Mainly bus rides and night out in Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Mainly bus rides and night out in Cordoba

A travel blog entry by christianbjork

Placemarker for today... Mainly just a busride form Rosario (left 7.30am) to Cordoba (arrived around 2.30pm or so) which cost around 50 pesos (about 18 USD). Now going out with my host... till' next ...

Follow that horse...., Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Follow that horse....

A travel blog entry by jxcymerman


... and start to get a few pictures of this magnificent church. There is a legend with this church (there are many legends in Cordoba). During the building, once the walls were up, the architect discovered he was not going to be able to cover the nave with ...

Another Argentinian City... Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Another Argentinian City... Cordoba

A travel blog entry by allisonakemi


... out the second largest city in Argentina, Cordoba with over 1.5 million inhabitants.  The city is named after Cordoba, Spain. Cordoba, Argentina was one of the first Spanish colonial capitals of this country. I keep forgetting that it is January ...

Am I still in South America?, Córdoba, Argentina travel blog

Am I still in South America?

A travel blog entry by robin-ras


Another short entry here, as I am knackered! I arrived in Córdoba on Tuesday and managed to meet up with Simone fairly straightforwardly. We're in a hostel that's nice and central and full of interesting characters! We spent yesterday just wandering ...

Muchas iglesias y colas, pero no mucho más, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Muchas iglesias y colas, pero no mucho más

A travel blog entry by vickicooper


... am pretty pleased about… at least I think I am understanding it correctly :s  That evening I watched (on TV) the Argentina v Germany football match and understod a fair bit of the commentary and pretty much everything that Maradonna said in his ...

Top 10 things to do in Córdoba, Argentina, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Top 10 things to do in Córdoba, Argentina

A travel blog entry by fester_mower


... of the huge metropolises of South America, Córdoba has everything you need.  Home to many universities – including Argentina’s earliest and South America’s second university, created in 1613 – Córdoba has a slightly more ...

Soaring with the condors, Mina Clavero, Argentina travel blog

Soaring with the condors

A travel blog entry by mark_kate


On the recommendation of the hostel owner we left Cordoba for a night to visit the small town of Minas Clavaro out in the country to try and see condors. Getting there was a bit of a mission because we almost ran to the bus station only to find out that ...

Letzte Zeit, Córdoba, Argentina travel blog

Letzte Zeit

A travel blog entry by mariab.


... um Platz für neues zu machen. Worauf ich mich auch freue.  Aber doch wird meine Zeit in Cordoba eine besondere bleiben.  Ich habe viel gelernt, über mich, über die argentinische ...

I'm a survivor......, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

I'm a survivor......

A travel blog entry by adelecarroll


I know I've only just blogged and you will be sick of me but I'm just sat in Retiro Terminal Omnibus in BA waiting for my 9pm bus - I got here at 630pm, better to be early! And I'm reflecting on how mental (or brave) I am... I do get a little sense of ...

Riding with Gauchos - Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Riding with Gauchos - Cordoba

A travel blog entry by rosiepearson


... the night was welcome relief. In the evening we headed out and caught a tango show which has to be done when you are in Argentina. The tango was fantastic and they also had 2 singers although towards the end of the evening it began to feel a bit like an ...

Beautiful nature day in Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Beautiful nature day in Cordoba

A travel blog entry by christianbjork

Just a short entry for now, but I'm making some notes for later... Today I went to Carlos Paz with Sabrina. Went to some hills and lakes, really beautiful... Beautiful weather... super tired... bus to mendoza ...

Flying with the Condors, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Flying with the Condors

A travel blog entry by kiwi_surfer


... my mind. Anahi and her friends were very warm. For the first time since being in Argentina, I felt like I was truly experiencing real argentine culture. Cordoba is a student city with 1.5 million inhabitants. The eye opening thing for me was that ...

Ville de la feyte et des hippies., Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Ville de la feyte et des hippies.

A travel blog entry by viajecamillea


Après 10 autres heures de bus, Córdoba nous ouvre ses portes... 3 petits jours de repos dans cette ville au style un peu plus colonial que les précédentes. Ici beaucoup de lieux Jésuistes: églises, basiliques, cathédrales... effectivement, 92% de ...

Head for the hills, La Cumbre, Argentina travel blog

Head for the hills

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


After arriving in Cordoba on the Friday , we headed for the small mountain town of La Cumbre for a weekend getaway. We had been thinking about doing some paragliding, but after arrving and checking the price, it seemed way overpriced, so we gave it a ...

Holy Week..., Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Holy Week...

A travel blog entry by willandmir


... . The bus took us out of the city in a southerly direction through the plains of central Argentina to the town located about 50Km from Cordoba city. The town has many tourists wandering around looking at its attractions, comprising primarily of Jesuit ...

Gaucho Girl....well, not quite., La Falda, Argentina travel blog

Gaucho Girl....well, not quite.

A travel blog entry by gowithzo


... call them to confirm where they would pick us up. We found ourselves at La Falda, a small town 2 hour bus-ride outside Cordoba, bus station brimming with excitement and uncertainty as we had no idea what sort of vehicle we would be collected in - perhaps ...

Rosario, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Rosario, Santa Fe, Cordoba

A travel blog entry by bppiepkorn


... , realized it, and then watched the bus drive down the road.  Grr.  So I had to buy a new phone.  Cordoba is Argentina´s second largest city, and it is, for lack of a sophisticated adjective, really flippin sweet.  It feels a ...

Ser nostalgia (To be homesick), Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Ser nostalgia (To be homesick)

A travel blog entry by ktolle

... sickness.      I don't just miss my family and my house and my friends, I miss me.  Here in Argentina, I am expected to make an effort to adhere to Argentine cultural norms and to act like an Argentine person.  That wouldn't ...

Cordoba's Red Carpet, Córdoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba's Red Carpet

A travel blog entry by courtrand


... that we really like, a place we can settle and be at home.  I have been really interested in Cordoba because it is Argentina's second largest city and its the intellectual center of Argentina.  Its where there are the country's best universities ...

Ausflug nach Alta Gracia, Alta Gracia, Argentina travel blog

Ausflug nach Alta Gracia

A travel blog entry by mariab.


Letzten Sonntag war ich mit unserer neuen Mitbewohnerin Clara (aus Stuttgart, 18J.), in Alta Gracia, um das Che Guevara Museum zu besuchen. Eine gute halbe Stunde von uns entfernt, haben wir bei schönsten Sonnenschein, das Haus besucht, in dem er ...

Cordoba, second city of Argentina, Córdoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba, second city of Argentina

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


   A big city, full of busy people going places.   A visit to the plaza, a church with a roof built by a boat builder, a Jesuit crypt discovered by telecom, and a museum of memory for the disappeared. Also a great lunch and ...

Cordoba, Argentina, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba, Argentina

A travel blog entry by epijuarez

... the city and exploring. The city is a university town that boasts 23 churches as well as being the second largest city in Argentina. We visited a few churches and went to the University where we were allowed to investigate a bit. The university was pretty ...

Random Stop, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Random Stop

A travel blog entry by courtenay


... . He spent several years living there, moving there with his family when his asthma got too bad for him to live in Rosario, Argentina. The museum gave a lot of information on his childhood life, I guess what shaped him into who he became. But, there was ...

fresh air at last..., Carlos Paz, Argentina travel blog

fresh air at last...

A travel blog entry by ilovemonkeys


a brief (one night) visit to carlos paz did wonders to replenish my energy and it was so nice to be out of the city and in the fresh air, surrounded by a LOT more green! the town itself is nothing special, being the closest resort town to córdoba ...

Cordoba and its region, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

Cordoba and its region

A travel blog entry by camille_simon


... of lazy when it comes to updating the blog... So sorry! And I don't have any excuse since they have Wifi everywhere in Argentina. So Cordoba... Second biggest city in Argentina, and a big one that is! Usual story, it's about walking around to discover the ...

Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by peteandal


... by a stray dog and his pack only to find another stray dog ripping a ducks head off.  Pretty grim.    Cordoba does have some really stunning churches and architecture but unfortunately that does not make up for this filthy, boring city ...

Three Days at an Estancia, Rio Ceballos, Argentina travel blog

Three Days at an Estancia

A travel blog entry by whk2006

After Buenos Aires, it was another two days' long drive to the Cordoba province, in Argentina's Central Sierras region. After a short stop at Cordoba City (the second largest city in Argentina), we headed to an estancia in the nearby mountain and ...

great studentcity!, Cordoba, Argentina travel blog

great studentcity!

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... , meat, lettuce and tomato, and had one of the best icecreams ever, they sure are icecream specialists here in Argentina!   Cordoba is great, there are a ton of small little stores with uniquely designed and handmade clothes, selling them really ...

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