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Hooray Army, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Hooray Army

A travel blog entry by kevin.lane

My first Army ...

Montenegro and Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Montenegro and Albania

A travel blog entry by moolander

... lives in Albania and she had offered to put me up for a few days so the plan was she would would pick me up in Tirana. The bus journey into Albania was an eye opener though. The first leg of the journey was in a small coach but once we got over the border ...

A change of perpective, Tirana, Albania travel blog

A change of perpective

A travel blog entry by kokyuho

... they are going, ussually in these peculiar minibusses. There are a lot of private taxis as well, looking just as normal cars. Albania is a poor country, in transition, and you can definetely notice that in many aspects like the state of the roads or the ...

Tirana, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by me_62

... . The road was pretty much a dirt road which was very fun and interesting taking the bus through. The scenery is really beautiful in Albania. It's so green with beautiful hills and rivers. Once in Tirana we stopped to take a driving tour. Of this tour I ...

Grossstadt, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by timon_richiger


Eigentlich ist Tirana eine Grosstadt, was sich auch im Verkehrschaos und den vielen Regierungs- und Diplomatenhauesern aeussert. Doch sobald man von den Hauptverkehrsachsen weg kommt, merkt man von dem internationalem Einfluss nicht mehr viel. Dort wird ...

tagasi, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri


... vangutatakse pead. Teip ei ole ilmselt vabamüügis. Bensujaamades on müügil ainult bensiin ja őli, mida haldavad 3-4 meest. Tirana tipptund ei ole väga hirmus, sőidan eksimatult autorendifirmani ja loen avamiseni jäänud tunni vältel autos ...

Ćvintýri í Albaníu, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Ćvintýri í Albaníu

A travel blog entry by jonashelgason


... um hálfa ađra klukkustund komumst viđ tafarlítiđ yfir landamćrin til Albaníu. Ţá var eftir önnur eins leiđ til Tirana, um sveitir landsins. Ótrúlega margt breyttist viđ landamćrin, t.d. voru nú vegirnir fullir af reiđhjólum og öđrum ...

In Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

In Albania

A travel blog entry by muxlow

... off the ship yesterday and went for a tour around Athens and headed to Perveza in Northern Greece.  Today we drove into Albania, which is very interesting, the toilets are just a hole in the ground and its still a developing country so its not very ...

The bumpiest ride EVER!, Tirana, Albania travel blog

The bumpiest ride EVER!

A travel blog entry by molz123

During Communist rule in Albania their prime minister built concrete bunkers all over the place in case of invasion - and he made them out of concrete - also to deter invasion he stopped repairing roads - therefore taking a massive 50 seater coach along ...

back in Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

back in Albania

A travel blog entry by travellingbum

Olemme nyt oikeastaan Barissa, mutta kirjoitan vain etta olen edelleen hengissa ja kaikki hyvin, tana iltana lennetaan Lontooseen ja sielta bussilla Oxfordiin siskon kanssa :) siella sitten kirjoitan enempi. halipus, ...

Evil eye, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Evil eye

A travel blog entry by mickle777


... house has water when power fails. In Albania, no is yo with bobbing head (like yoyo) and yes is bo with shaking head. Persecuted Jews found refuge in Albania Traffic lights in Tirane have countdown timer displays. Nice fish dinner with avjar relish. ...

Bethel, museum and the markets, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Bethel, museum and the markets

A travel blog entry by greghahn


Tirana 17 degrees, cloudy with sunny periods Early walk out of the way, I had breakfast in the hotel at 7.45. A nice place and the family wait on you hand and foot. After that I head down to the square to find a bus out to Bethel.  I find one which ...

Tirana, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by marta9k

Tirana... be ...

Tirana International Film Festival, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Tirana International Film Festival

A travel blog entry by kyajade


... the hostel chatting with the workers and had a conversation about how 80% of the marijuana in all of Europe actually comes from Albania! Crazy! I would have guessed the Netherlands! After a few more beers I called it a night and headed to bed, while ...

Commnuist Buildings Painted Bright, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Commnuist Buildings Painted Bright

A travel blog entry by will.traveller


... economic situation with decaying buildings, poor infrastructure … Despite all the poverty, Mercedes and BMW are everywhere. Apparently Albania has been (still is?) a major destination zone for Western Europe’s stolen cars. I try to take a ...

Our fly-by visit of Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Our fly-by visit of Albania

A travel blog entry by craigandlauren


... you can imagine Craig’s comfort factor, or air con on a 30+ degree day is not exactly breezing), I felt a bit sorry for Albania having this reputation. It is clearly a poor country - a lot of the regional areas are covered in waste and there were a ...

Day 22 ~ Drive day to Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Day 22 ~ Drive day to Albania

A travel blog entry by travelinsusie

Weather: Extremely hot Mood: Tired & a slight headache! Looking forward to seeing Albania though �� I slept for a few hours but no well. Have been up since 2:30 coughing so much, that I nearly made myself vomit. I came down to the hotel ...

We're in Albania, yo!, Tirana, Albania travel blog

We're in Albania, yo!

A travel blog entry by ayayayaya


... were non-existent and citizens were not allowed to drive cars! The mentality of their leader was that everybody wanted to claim Albania for themselves, so no roads means they can not easily access the country - the bunkers were some sort of military ...

Nov 16, 2011, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Nov 16, 2011

A travel blog entry by niklaci


Last of Athens, Tirana, and beginning of Dubrovnik, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Last of Athens, Tirana, and beginning of Dubrovnik

A travel blog entry by romanuck_

... 20 for both of us. Soooo we headed back eventually and had our bbq and it rocked.. everyone wanted our salmon.. mwahahah. I just love albania.. it has the worst rep still and its so sad because its my favourite big citz by a long shot... Ive never met ...

Awesome Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Awesome Albania

A travel blog entry by ssigmon


... . After this museum we visited the castle which was restored & made into a museum honoring the life of General Skanerbac who restored Albania's freedom from the Turks in the 1400's. He was a very fierce looking dude. We were able to shop in the old ...

Highway to hell, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Highway to hell

A travel blog entry by riostar


Tir-tirrr! Tirana, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Tir-tirrr! Tirana

A travel blog entry by jyri

Here is the plan: we will stay here only for a day, check out the city centre. Staying in Villa Tafaj. The drive from Ohrid is claimed to be uber-picturesque, slow and dangerous i.e. some hardcore mountainroads. Looking forward to it! I hope Almeras ...

Egy este Tiranában, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Egy este Tiranában

A travel blog entry by sixwheel


... rt. Pár perc múlva már a buszban ültünk az elképzelhetetlenül büdös, kancsi sofőr mögött, a bicajok pedig a tetőn. Tirana csak 50 kilométer, bő egy óra alatt megérkeztünk, közben pedig megnyugodva állapítottuk meg az egyre ...

Albania, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by nomadic1


My five year old guidebook had this to say about Tirana, the capital of Albania: The traffic does daily battle with both itself and the pedestrians in a constant scene of unmitigated chaos. On any given day the roads seem to be dug up. It can be hard to ...

Im wilden Land der Skipetaren, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Im wilden Land der Skipetaren

A travel blog entry by hasch


... noch einen Abstecher nuch Kruje, wo es eine Burg zu besichtigen geben soll. Haut uns aber nicht um. Nach einiger Irrfahrt in Tirana (eigentlich wollten wir zuerst ein Hotel ausserhalb am Mt. Dajt nehmen, aber das haben wir nicht gefunden) sind wir jetzt ...

How fast can you get through Albania?, Tirana, Albania travel blog

How fast can you get through Albania?

A travel blog entry by alexk1018


... this country.  After getting into Shkodra, we got on a normal bus that took us to Tirana (our Tirane in Alabania), the capital of Albania.  Thus bus didn't leave until it was mostly full, though when I left the bus to ...

WE HAVE ARRIVED!, Tirana, Albania travel blog


A travel blog entry by gailjane


We are here in Tirana, Albania. The trip went well and we have all of our baggage. The city seems busy and we are told to watch when e cross the street, cars do not always yield. We had a great dinner at Era Restaurant. We shared stuffed eggplant, salads, ...

Hurt in Tirana!, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Hurt in Tirana!

A travel blog entry by joepio


... dus omvallen zit in een klein zwaar hoekje. Juist daarom had het mij niet moeten gebeuren, dat wilde ik graag...later meer. Op naar Tirana, Albani''. Het belooft een rit te worden want de wegen en het verkeer schijnt er niet best te zijn. Ik denk dus dat ...

Rolig museumsdag, Tirana, Albania travel blog

Rolig museumsdag

A travel blog entry by fatherandson


... sřrover mot Parku i Madh, gjennom kvartaler som ikke akkurat er koselige. I parken er det yrende folkeliv og vi kommer til Liqeni i Tiranes, Tirana-sjřen. Det holder med en kort titt, sĺ gĺr vi tilbake til sentrum igjen. Det blir en raki til fřrste ...

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