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On to the next adventure, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

On to the next adventure

A travel blog entry by lbmarek

... seeing people and my mindset was such. But, now that I have more information, I am having to readjust my thinking. I will be leaving Uzbekistan on Wednesday. Tomorrow, I will learn even more information. Take care everyone! Isn't life exciting? ...

Saying goodbye to the stans, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Saying goodbye to the stans

A travel blog entry by mattandnicole


... sick - bummer. So i guess I'll be back tomorrow Day 2 the bloody opera wasnt on today - bummer nothing done today tashkent is really a boring city - watching what the women are wearing (or not) in winter was interetsing for about two minutes oh ...

Silk road cities, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Silk road cities

A travel blog entry by mirapanis


... de ronde deegbroden tegen de bovenkant van de over plakken. Hopelijk geven de fotos enigszins een beeld van deze nijverheid. Tashkent met 3 miljoen poppetjes is de hoofdstad van Oezbekistan en onze volgende bestemming. Onderweg hebben we een zeer nuttige ...

Mail, clothing, and ballet, Toshkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Mail, clothing, and ballet

A travel blog entry by lbmarek

Wow!! So, last week was a bit of a bad week for me. As you could all tell by my little hissy fit!! I got a letter from my parents on Wednesday! Woohoo! It only took a month to get here. I also got something like 50 emails. I apologize for the ...

Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by jtroussier


... (the guy that took me was an expensive but also illegal taxi driver) I made it through the border and to Tashkent the capital city of Uzbekistan. There I met Nozila, a friend of Marcin (another basketball cod), we invited me to stay at her house and took ...

A City of

A City of "Friendship & Peace" - Day 19

A travel blog entry by krisbolt


... :) bit of space! I have big bag in the leg room, not so spacey for me. I started to notice there are few checkpoints towards Tashkent. Either police or army stop some people to check their ID. I assumed there were few sneaky people get in or out. I am not ...

Controls / Kontrollen, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Controls / Kontrollen

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad

... I wake up drenched and I hope that after 42 days without rain this was just an exception. When approaching the border to Uzbekistan, many people waving on the street. Now I know why, the border is closed at the Jalal-Abad and no passage possible. Now I ...

A Brief Pause to Discuss Security, Chrichiq, Uzbekistan travel blog

A Brief Pause to Discuss Security

A travel blog entry by sharivn

... talk in the U.S. now so I figured this would be a good time to let everyone know that I feel perfectly safe here in Uzbekistan. As I have explained before, we are so busy during training that we don't have much time to check on world events and keep ...

Border Crossings, Uzbekistan borders with Kyrgystan and Kazakstan, Kazakhstan travel blog

Border Crossings

A travel blog entry by sharivn


A fun adventure trying to see new ...

Intercontinental, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by sharivn


... there for a few hours and remember what the "real" world is like. At $18 a head, it's more than half of an average monthly income in Uzbekistan - but well worth it. Definitely not affordable on a Peace Corps salary - but that's what credit cards are ...

Power to the People, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Power to the People

A travel blog entry by sharivn


... get into here. That's not what this journal is about. Anyway, there has been activity in Tashkent and Washington that resulted in two Peace Corps Uzbekistan staff members being let go. An American staff member was transferred to another Peace Corps ...

I'm safe, don't worry!, Navoi, Uzbekistan travel blog

I'm safe, don't worry!

A travel blog entry by uzbekland_okie

Hi Everyone, You will be seeing in the news this morning about a suspected suicide bomber being shot outside the Israeli Embassy in Tashkent and a jail break in Andijan, which is north of Tashkent. Here is the BBC news article: ...

mail language and clothes, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

mail language and clothes

A travel blog entry by lbmarek

... . Yup, me and a couple of friends traveled into Tashkent today to have a look around. They exchanged money at Hotel Uzbekistan. Very posh and costs a whooping $60 a night. Western flush toilets and running hot water. Very nice!! This morning I had ...

My Life as A Tashtabanova, Chrichiq, Uzbekistan travel blog

My Life as A Tashtabanova

A travel blog entry by sharivn


... for them. Rosa has told me that she would like to move to Russia but they cannot afford it yet. Now that Uzbekistan is an independent country, I think many Russians feel less at home. I get the feeling that Farid is not the typical Russian father ...

It's finally warming up here!, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

It's finally warming up here!

A travel blog entry by uzbekland_okie


Hey Everyone! Greetings and hello from Tashkent. Life is going good here and I'm finally at a high speed internet cafe and can send you pictures along with my updates...wohoo!! Russian classes are coming along good, although it's so hard to ...

Vacation Plans, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Vacation Plans

A travel blog entry by sharivn

FINALLY - bought tickets for vacation today. I'm going to Thailand for 2 weeks starting June 23 with another PCV. We had considered a few different trips - Thailand, Turkey, the Baltics - but decided we had no need for culture and I want beach, beach, ...

Lesson #2  - NEW PHOTOS, Qibray, Uzbekistan travel blog

Lesson #2 - NEW PHOTOS

A travel blog entry by sharivn


... Earlier in the day, a bunch of Peace Corps guys were challenged to a soccer game by some locals. My roommate, Sofia, calls Uzbekistan "the strangest place on earth" because there seems to be no rhyme or reason for some of the odd things that occur here. ...

Tashkent, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by flowergyaru

... LOVELY partner :) I Anyway, enough of that! As always, I would like to end this with a few of my favourite photos - these are my best from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Enjoy :) ...and the lovely people :) ...

Communication, Chirchiq, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by sharivn

... of both. And Russian will be more useful to me in the long run. Navoi is out near the desert in the middle of Uzbekistan - a couple of hours from the major cities of Bukhara and Samarkand. The really great news is that it looks like I'll have my own ...

Update: i've written a few posts in the ..., Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Update: i've written a few posts in the ...

A travel blog entry by sharivn

... in the last month but didn't get to download them because the computers at the internet cafes are difficult to download to. Now I'm in Tashkent for the week and will try to get caught up on some stuff. I'm putting up some old pictures also and will ...

Contact Information, Navoi, Uzbekistan travel blog

Contact Information

A travel blog entry by uzbekland_okie

... my address from Tashkent, that one will still work and can always be used. However, my mailing address in Navoi is: Uzbekistan Navoi 706800 PO Box 51 "Amber Burton" I have fairly good accessibility to some basic American products, but items ...

SPA Grants, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

SPA Grants

A travel blog entry by sharivn

... can be expended and strengthened. English Immersion Day Camps - one of the biggest problems with teaching English in Uzbekistan is that students don't really have a place to practice. English Clubs and Resource Centers in some communities address ...

THE DAYS ARE JUST PACKED, Qibray, Uzbekistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by sharivn


... aged 11-16 and working closely with Uzbek teacher counterparts- helping them with their English and teaching methods as well. In Uzbekistan, the ability to speak English will open up jobs to these kids as more global companies move into the country. ...

Non, Plov and Mystery Meat, Chirchiq, Uzbekistan travel blog

Non, Plov and Mystery Meat

A travel blog entry by sharivn

... have been treated accordingly. The importance of the non is based around the concept that bread will always be available in Uzbekistan. Regardless of whatever hard times come, you will never be hungry. The Russian word for Uzbek non is "leposhka". ...

A Typical Day of Pre-Service Training, Chirchiq, Uzbekistan travel blog

A Typical Day of Pre-Service Training

A travel blog entry by sharivn

... be anything from learning how to do your own laundry, hiking in the nearby mountains, learning about the economic situation in Uzbekistan - whatever floated your boat. I chose to learn how to play chess. Since this was something I really did more on ...

Still Groovy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Still Groovy

A travel blog entry by sharivn

... news but without risk of high casualties. Many different groups have claimed responsibility. Things are pretty normal in Tashkent today - businesses are open and people are using mass transportation. Standfast for PCVs will be lifted tomorrow and ...

Everything is Fine Here, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Everything is Fine Here

A travel blog entry by sharivn

... were at the US Embassy and the Israeli Embassy. I am fine and all PC Volunteers are fine. It literally just happened. I am in Tashkent though. Came back to the PC office and am now "stuck" here at the office. We are hearing things come in and ...

Night in tash vegas a few of us needed a ..., Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Night in tash vegas a few of us needed a ...

A travel blog entry by sharivn


... A few of us needed a night in the "big" city. My friend Stephen did a great job telling the story on his website so I'll just refer you to Stephen Bugno's Adventures in Uzbekistan - check out the October 6th entry. ...

Back in the Real World, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Back in the Real World

A travel blog entry by sharivn

I'm back in Uzbekistan. Safe but maybe not sound. Stay tuned - many photos to ...

Shoving Off, Tashkent, Uzbekistan travel blog

Shoving Off

A travel blog entry by sharivn


I'm leaving for the vacation tomorrow morning. Here are some more random photos to tide you ...

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