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Ao Ton Sai, Ton Sai, Thailand travel blog

Ao Ton Sai

A travel blog entry by troyjrose

... Ton Sai off Krabi for quite a few days! Breathtaking views, and cheap buglaows with views of monokeys from the balcony. Ton Sai is a rock climbers paradise, with about 600 marked routes for climbers to enjoy. Right next to Ton Sai is the beatiful East ...

The jem of the north, Chaing Mai, Thailand travel blog

The jem of the north

A travel blog entry by joy_marc


... people play with the younger tigers which would still play softly.  We then thought it was time to book a trek.  We thought Thailand was ment to have easy treks for the beginners and the unfit like us so we booked a 3 day one into the ...

Sad Day in the VIllage, 15 kilometers from CHiang Mai, Thailand travel blog

Sad Day in the VIllage

A travel blog entry by wandering_man


There is a monastery near where I stay that I walk by every day on the way to the farm. On Sunday two 26 year old monks from there were walking and were killed by a motorcylist who was also killed.  Both monks were from our village. ...

a rubbish day and a great one!, Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, Thailand travel blog

a rubbish day and a great one!

A travel blog entry by rachandstu


... show! This became very tiring, very quickly and we started to wonder if there was anything else at all to Bangkok, and to Thailand. There is... Firstly, the Khao San Road. This place is a back-packer ghetto and spending more than one evening out here ...

Koh Sok National Park, Koh sok national park, Thailand travel blog

Koh Sok National Park

A travel blog entry by ecce

July 27th we left Koh Phi Phi and made our way to Koh Sok National Park. After another day of numberous bust transfers and pointless layovers (they take you to 2 or 3 different "bus stations" aka local food stands.) before they get you on your actual ...

Full Moon party was crazy!!, Thailand, Thailand travel blog

Full Moon party was crazy!!

A travel blog entry by rachellecornel


Hey all, So I have been in Thailand for a week now and loving it. I flew from KL to Bangkok and then managed to get a bus to Kho San Road. When I arrived I had not sorted out any accommodation and so wondered around for a bit (with my heavy rucksack) in ...

Kids Camp in Khon Kaen, Phupaman Park, Thailand travel blog

Kids Camp in Khon Kaen

A travel blog entry by bjkat81


... coordinated the event, along with PHA leaders throughout Khon Kaen province. Thai Concern Foundation is a Faith-Based Christian NGO throughout Thailand. Its office in Khon Kaen is made up of Buddhists who basically ignore old goal number two of all ...

The beautiful Phi Phi Island (and more buckets)!, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand travel blog

The beautiful Phi Phi Island (and more buckets)!

A travel blog entry by hayleyhunwicks

Well I can see why people say this is paradise here. This place is unbelievable! Its so beautiful and has such a quaint little feel to it. It was so hot when we arrived and we were staying some where at the top of the island and there are no taxis here ...

Koh Lanta - A Fishy Fishy Christmas, Koh lanta, Thailand travel blog

Koh Lanta - A Fishy Fishy Christmas

A travel blog entry by raquel_chiel


hi, even though we arrive two days ago i only got around to update the blog today, cause i had some relaxing to do!!!!!!!!!! When we got here we were dropped off at the Sanctuary lodge, with really overpriced bungalows, for two reasons, it is Christmas ...

Finding the Karen Tribe & learning to cook Lisu, Sappong, Thailand travel blog

Finding the Karen Tribe & learning to cook Lisu

A travel blog entry by alohatravels


... program. It was so interesting, learning about the Lisu people: they are from Tibet, who migrated to the hills of northern Thailand, away from Chinese oppression. The village that we were staying in, outside of Sappong, has only been in this area for ...

Khorat, Nakon Ratchasima, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by catmoj

... the French colonial push in 18th Century when Thailand, Laos and Cambodia had to define their borders and Isan found itself in Thailand. Political upheaval continued and our favourite communist son, Ho Chi Minh, came to Isan (and Khorat!) in 1928 to ...

Snorkeling on Phi Phi Island, Karabi, Thailand travel blog

Snorkeling on Phi Phi Island

A travel blog entry by gymwhite


I had only discovered between flights in Bangkok that I would be unable to get to Phi Phi Island until the next day as the last ferry left Karabi at 1:30 pm. I had already emailed the Phi Phi Island resort asking for a room as well as Alexis telling her ...

Before and after the big day!!, Koh Samui, Thailand travel blog

Before and after the big day!!

A travel blog entry by philandkatrina


... to fly cough cough!!)   A short night in BK and we were off to our new country...Cambodia!!!   Strange things about Thailand or we've seen:       Skinned cats in a meat market (photo below eeeww!) ...

Truly Thailand, Chang Mai, Thailand travel blog

Truly Thailand

A travel blog entry by landlubbers


... we will be visiting the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre up in the north at Lumpang.  The elephant is the national symbol of Thailand and the government has banned their use in logging camps.  At Khao Sok National Parkwe stayed at the Earth Lodge ...

Dive, dive, Koh Lanta, Thailand travel blog

Dive, dive

A travel blog entry by sumnerp

The next morning, we took our bags to the pier for the ferry with the aid of a local and a metal cart and boarded our ferry to Koh Lanta. Once again, the ferry ride was fairly uneventful although we did find our accommodation while on the boat as the ...

Baby Why Don't We Go, Phi Phi Island, Thailand travel blog

Baby Why Don't We Go

A travel blog entry by coigreach

... library south of Sydney...Australia.  Asia was great, but it was not as cheap as I expected in the southern part of Thailand, there was always, everywhere, shocking amounts of garbage and oil floating in the water and lying on the beach, and, ...

Ko Chang, Koh chang, Thailand travel blog

Ko Chang

A travel blog entry by jamiecaroline

... took a couple hours to get to Tha Dan Kao and from there we caught the ferry to Ko Chang. Ko Chang is Thailand's second largest island, immediately we were in for a bit of a culture shock coming from Cambodia. Tourists everywhere, hotel resorts smothered ...

Guns and Glass, Koh Phangan, Thailand travel blog

Guns and Glass

A travel blog entry by davidstodel

Right so....we've had a busy few days. After a night out Webby and I arrived back to the Hotel, as Will - who was with some new friends - had the key we couldn't get in. So Webby kicked the feeble door it seemed the most sensible thing ...

Welcome to the Jungle, Khao Sok, Thailand travel blog

Welcome to the Jungle

A travel blog entry by steve_julie


Woke up, breakfast with the zombies and we step outside and see Tola waiting to take us to the airport.  He tells us he slept badly due to the flood of emotions NOT attending the concert couldn't prevent (surely there's room in this sentence for ...

Back in Trat, Thailand, Thailand travel blog

Back in Trat

A travel blog entry by --frank--

I ditched Sandra and Wayne this morning to make my way back to Trat. The rain was lashing down and the taxi drivers (being the cheeky little bastards that they are) decided to up their rates by 1000%, knowing that people don't really like walking in the ...

Chiangrai, Chiangrai, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by siripatana


Chiangrai is  full of culture and ...

Xmas and New year in thailand, Thailand, Thailand travel blog

Xmas and New year in thailand

A travel blog entry by lisaandpaul


Paul and i spent 2 and 1/2 weeks in Thailand, mostly in Koh Samui. had the best time, the people are lovely, the food is delicious and we had great company to. Paul, Lisa, John, Kirsten, Eade, Tai, Andrea and many more.  can't wait to go back and ...

Phi Phi, Phi Phi, Thailand travel blog

Phi Phi

A travel blog entry by gemandsam


Friday 16th - Sun 18th May 2008 A green gilled Sam and a perky Gem bounced across the Indian Ocean to arrive on Phi Phi in the heat of the midday sun. With no roads or cars in sight we arranged our accomodation with a guy down by the pier. Quickly a ...

Thailand, Thailand, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by jessjamie


... 27 degrees in Bangkok, which according to the Thai weather reports, is 'cold'. Dread to imagine what they term 'hot'. So, Thailand adventure over, we have just arrived in Laos in a sleepy town called Pakxe, and will update further once we've actually ...

raining monkeys, Lopburi, Thailand travel blog

raining monkeys

A travel blog entry by j.mccrary


yesterday toured Ayutthya on bike to see the ancient ruins; Ayutthya was the capital of Thailand for hundreds of years until the mid 1700s when it was sacked and burned by the Burmese.  The next day we took the train to Lopburi which is home to ...

Its not the B*obs,. its the feet!, Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand travel blog

Its not the B*obs,. its the feet!

A travel blog entry by sallypoff


Well here i am in Bangkok!  Just like TC but the weather is better!  Arrived in to the airport Thur morning at 6.30 and it was already 28 degrees.  And the, it would knock you out!  But Bangkok - what a place!  ...

Dan & Kylees wedding & missing our bus to Krabi, Koh Samiu, Thailand travel blog

Dan & Kylees wedding & missing our bus to Krabi

A travel blog entry by gandthoneymoon


... next leg of our journey was to take us over to Krabi and Phi Phi what has been said by many to be the best and greatest part of Thailand and we now know why. On the way to Krabi, after boarding the ferry we both fell fast asleep, and only woke when the ...

On the Beach, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand travel blog

On the Beach

A travel blog entry by sarahmc78


After the strenuous activity of diving at Koh Tao I've been taking it easy on Koh Phan Ngan and taking advantage of the white sandy beach which is also the infamous Sunrise Beach where they hold the Full Moon Parties and topping up the tan. Unfortunately ...

The great big island catch-up, Khao Sok, Thailand travel blog

The great big island catch-up

A travel blog entry by danandsarah

... time I'm going to magically squeeze 3 islands into 1 entry. Ko Phayam A tiny island, in the north-east of the south of Thailand (does that make sense)  We were stopping off there mainly because we had to do a border run a few days later over to ...

Khao Yai, Khao Yai National Park, Thailand travel blog

Khao Yai

A travel blog entry by margreet98


From the Lao border I took a van to Udon Thani and from there a bus to Pak Chong.  The bus let me off on the highway instead of going into town.  The driver somehow conveyed to me to go with the little Thai lady who was also getting off ...

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