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Do sharks eat at night?, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Do sharks eat at night?

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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... forever warm our hearts. My life has been enriched by the people of Thailand and especially those that have led us through Thailand. Before we left for Phuket we took a last look at the Chiang Mai Plaza and Cory and I left our flower necklaces with the ...

Well from bangkok i travelled over 800km ..., Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Well from bangkok i travelled over 800km ...

A travel blog entry by faces

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... it's mainly full of 2 week holiday makers that come for the beach, shopping, paragliding, and partying. Having a international airport on Phuket helps draws the crowds in. When we got to onto the island our driver dropped us off at a information shop in ...

Kickboxing midgets and roaming digits., Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Kickboxing midgets and roaming digits.

A travel blog entry by fiandrob

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... least in Chiang Mai they knew it was crap and were happy if you bought anything. We headed to the must see event in Thailand, a kickboxing tournament of champions. The tuk tuk guy made enough money from the journey there that he was willing to wait over 4 ...

Oh Phuket!, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Oh Phuket!

A travel blog entry by whereiscliffy

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... roads, proper built shops and basically more modern. Phuket is the largest, wealthiest, most populous and most visited part of Thailand - so I'm expecting it to be something similair looking to spain! This is the only time that I have actually seen ...

June 4 2008, Phuket Town, Thailand travel blog

June 4 2008

A travel blog entry by jesseandzoe

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... and the smell of the bug traps is a bit headache causing, but no bugs!  We're so happy to finally be in the south of Thailand, this is where I have wanted to come for so long.  We hope we can relax and be beach bums, we'll be heading to the ...

Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Kata Beach

A travel blog entry by rgw...


... Sarah or myself had any information on the island apart from the reports of large scale tourist trappings. I actually wanted to visit Phuket whatever - it was one of the first major tourist islands in the country and I was interested to see what it was ...

Christmas Time, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Christmas Time

A travel blog entry by clade


After a short flight to Phuket from Bangkok, we arrived in Patong and checked into our hotel.... the best hotel yet! We were smack bang in the middle of all the action with Bangla Road just round the corner and the beach 5 minutes away. We checked out the ...

It's been a long time ..., Phuket Town, Thailand travel blog

It's been a long time ...

A travel blog entry by richierich33


... i managed to 'escape' the long arm of the law and their pesky fine! After Laos and Cambodia i was surprised at how expensive Phuket was both for accomodation and food.  I did however manage to find the cheapest hotel in Phuket Town to stay at 4 ...

A Serene Evening In Phuket, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

A Serene Evening In Phuket

A travel blog entry by venoth


... ended at around 7 pm, Thai time. There was a delay at KLIA as the flight wad delayed and again a long queue at the Phuket International Airport. The Immigration clearence here was really long, I had around 15 guys ahead of me and it took around 1 hour to ...

Thailand: Finishing off Asia with some relaxation., Phuket, Krabi, Thailand travel blog

Thailand: Finishing off Asia with some relaxation.

A travel blog entry by russchid


Layover in icy Kiev, Ukraine, going to Prague: I can see why people fall in love with Thailand. Everything is very inexpensive, the weather is perfect, and the beaches beautiful. Probably cheaper for me to be here for this week than to go back to the ...

Sweltering and Loving It, Phuket Town, Thailand travel blog

Sweltering and Loving It

A travel blog entry by blissmiss

I love Thailand and the Thai people. It is sweltering hot here and you walk outside and are sweating, but it is fantastic. I have a nice room with A/C and t.v., actually the nicest place I have stayed in six months. On Monday I start class and will be ...

October 12th - Thursday, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

October 12th - Thursday

A travel blog entry by ipreston

1st full day in Phuket. Met Jeromy Nolan at breakfast. Breakfast again was huge. Went from breakfast to the pool and pretty much stayed there all day. Jeromy showed me who to deal with and got me his 'rates' from the locals - half price for most ...

Phuket II, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Phuket II

A travel blog entry by quefew

... the beach which makes it much more relaxed, theres just some smaller food places in the shade near the beach. It's hard to appreciate Phuket when it's overcast or worse, raining. It's a pity we had shit weather for all of our time in Phuket bar two ...

Phuket, Thailand, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Phuket, Thailand

A travel blog entry by qiandjes


Phuket was our first stop in Thailand. I have never seen as many tourists in Asia since the beginning of our trip. The majority of tourists seemed to be older (50's) white Europeans. It literally felt like everyone was a tourist when you walked on the ...

Phuket, Phuket, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by kahootzjohn


So here we are on phuket enjoying the sun and water, of which there is plenty of both, so we are hanging out in the hotel unwinding from so much travel. I took some pics of the hotel and the more famous landmarks of the beer drinking here it ...

End of Journey, Patong, Thailand travel blog

End of Journey

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


... good thing! I've also been focused on losing the extra weight I gained in Japan and getting back in shape! Great thing about Thailand is that there is an abundance of fruits - mangos, dragon fruit, papayas, mangosteens, etc. I'm so happy about that! ...

Pooooooket, Phuket, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by homerfan33


Paul & I landed here in Patong (a beach on Phuket) on Monday afternoon just in time to catch the U.S. Navy, which was apparently at port here. Fantastic. The hostess bars on Bangla Road (the main road on Patong) were in full force, trying to attract the ...

At sea, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

At sea

A travel blog entry by sfahlikman

Just a quick note... I figured I should mention this because my dad just informed me that he was unaware that you can click on my pictures to make them larger.  I thought I should mention it in case someone else didn't realize that either.  ...

back to the mainland, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

back to the mainland

A travel blog entry by carson_nicki

After a very relaxing, sun-soaked and snorkeling-filled 6 days on Phi Phi, we (Carson, myself, Eggi, and Terrence) landed in Phuket. We took Lonely Planet's advice and stayed far from the beach, in hopes of evading the hordes of 'farang' (foreigners) ...

Welcome to Phuket!, Patong, Thailand travel blog

Welcome to Phuket!

A travel blog entry by oshioshi


... start spilling into the car lanes. Yup, definitely not my scene. What's disturbing is that this is the slowest month in Phuket! We haven't even reached the high season yet! Scary. Speaking of scary, there are so many bars with young Thai girls ...

diving in Phi Phi, Phi Phi Don, Thailand travel blog

diving in Phi Phi

A travel blog entry by revamped


Feb 12th (Jamie writing) Today we got up early to go diving. It was our second day of training and our first 2 open water dives. We went to 2 smaller islands located just off Phi Phi lae. Bida Nok, Bida Nai is a limestone cliff islet with similar ...

Seediness, Patong, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by ncpalmer


The whole of Bangla road closes off at night to make way for thousands of tourists searching "for good ...

Phuket Surin, Choeng Thale, Thailand travel blog

Phuket Surin

A travel blog entry by oandb


Arrivée à l'hôtel Surin Phuket à 13h30. Magnifique resort avec plage privée et palmiers. Accueil check in avec le manager franco-macédonien vivant en Australie ! On a été upgradés dans les chambres avec vue sur la mer. Superbe villa. Plage ...

Onto Phuket, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Onto Phuket

A travel blog entry by wyattmoy


... , Indian, Swedish & Thai & we had a few good nights out where we all got a little tipsy. On the girls last night we went into Phuket Town one night to go to the market but it wasn't that good, but we still all managed to buy a few bits, then we went ...

Sailing Pics, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Sailing Pics

A travel blog entry by pebbles1


Some Ship ...

"Hitchin' a Ride", plus "Razorblades & Ping Pong"

A travel blog entry by sjmigdol

... real ones, like his, have the etching on the lens, whereas the ones in the store do not.  The thing about justice in Thailand and a lot of other countries is that once you're accused, the burden of proof is on're guilty until you prove ...

Bond, James Bond, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Bond, James Bond

A travel blog entry by raelee


... , lots of hermit crabs especially! We hung out on the beach and just kind of relaxed for about an hour then we headed back to Phuket! Once we got back Cody realized he lost his wallet which really is never a good sign so we dealt with that for a little ...

Phuket... beach town, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Phuket... beach town

A travel blog entry by jasonlew

... to "get our tickets checked".  After a few minutes listening to the tourism agent try and offer us "best deals in Phuket" for snorkeling, etc... it became pretty clear that the bus company had an "agreement" with this agency, to bring their ...

Phuket International Airport, Phuket, Thailand travel blog

Phuket International Airport

A travel blog entry by thomasgillam

we took taxi and flew from Phuket to ...

Beach life, Phi Phi, Phuket and the Andaman Coast, Thailand travel blog

Beach life

A travel blog entry by byrnedm


... would not do it justice! Unfortunately we had to leave Phi Phi and so saying goodbye to Pat and the missus we headed to Phuket, another of Thailand islands. Another week passed un-noticed on Kata beach and before we knew it we had 3 days to get out of ...

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