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A Week in Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

A Week in Arusha

A travel blog entry by andrewpaterson


I hitched a ride into town with the truck and then it was time to say goodbye.  Mike came by and we took a taxi to his office where I caught up on some internet time before we walked back to his house.  That night we joined a few of his friends ...

Yes, we're still alive and well!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Yes, we're still alive and well!

A travel blog entry by angelacole


Good evening friends, Many moons have passed since you last heard from Ang and I. We did write two previous entries that were cut off due to power outages and just plain old bad technology. We apologize. Let me quickly fill you in on our whereabouts and ...

Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by lee.d.rosen


... . It was nice being able to share stories about Maasai and my experience, as well as get the gossip that had been going on.  Arusha was a much bigger city than I expected and had a large number of ex-pats, they even were having a half marathon the ...

Buses, borders, and jacaranda., Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Buses, borders, and jacaranda.

A travel blog entry by marthainafrica


... immense, and was noticably hotter as soon as we crossed the border.  In fact, the whole landscape changed drastically once in Tanzania - it became much more lush and mountainous, and the Maasai people were ever-visible by the sides of the roads and ...

Ngorongoro Crater, then back to Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Ngorongoro Crater, then back to Arusha

A travel blog entry by anneowens


... and made quite a surreal sight as it stood drinking from the water tank! After lunch we packed up the camp and set off for Arusha. ----------- All this game-viewing has been amazing and has definiately met the high expectations we had for this ...

The Long(ido) Goodbye, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

The Long(ido) Goodbye

A travel blog entry by chriskate


... part of our trip over, that left us with a month of travelling before returning home. We spent a couple of days in Arusha, saying goodbye to our friends there, and a disturbing day visiting the local snake park where we unfortunately coincided our trip ...

pictures, Usa River, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by wheresmolly


okay I am going to try this picture thing finally! ...

TIA, Kimundo, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by shumphlett


This is Africa... A few TIA moments... Simon (5 yrs old) and his sister Regina (3 yrs old ) attend our school.  They live with their grandparents, some cousins and aunts.  Neither Simon nor Regina were at school one day.   We later ...

Stuck in Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Stuck in Arusha

A travel blog entry by daveistrad


Sitting in an internet cafe in Arusha, by myself, waiting for a friend to show up.  Kind of a long story how I got here.  Last night stayed with a local Tanzanian doctor and his family.  Very interesting.  Will write about it later ...

Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater National Parks!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater National Parks!

A travel blog entry by christine_n_den


Christine and I have loved going to national parks throughout our relationship and I can't think of a park that is more world renowned than the Serengeti National Park. We spent 24 hours in this amazing park, camping in the wide-open plains, and game ...

Cooking on Gassss!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Cooking on Gassss!

A travel blog entry by bamberd

... is breath taking and with sleep/ipod/read/stare out of window, the time seems to go quite fast. The first days drive to Arusha in Tanzania took about 10 hours so we got there early evening and had to set up camp for the first time. Just as mine and ...

Traditional Masai goat killing, Engaruka, Tanzania travel blog

Traditional Masai goat killing

A travel blog entry by heyco


February 22 - I watched the killing by suffocation, blood drinking and butchering in a traditional Masai manner. If you do not want to read or view this album because the nature of the material might upset you, please move on to the next album. This ...

Travel day from hell, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Travel day from hell

A travel blog entry by doubled

... it was 4:30am and thank goodness someone was waiting for us to drive us to the next portion of the journey, a 5 hour bus ride to Arusha, Tanzania, the jumping off point for the safari. When we got to Aruha, we had lunch at a hotel, met our driver-guide ...

Safari!!!!, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by musiclvr272


       Today we went on a Safari. There were 2 vans, mine was all us newbies who have never been on a Safari before. It was awesome! We went to a place called Lake Manyara where the main draws are birds, especially ...

Day 1: Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Day 1: Arusha

A travel blog entry by helentob


... Overseas, especially as its so cheap. A 3-bedroom house costs $300 to rent for a month, for everyone! Anyway, he took us around Arusha, to see the Market, which is amazing! It's massive, huge piles of sardines and spices, and loads of fruit. There's a ...

Party Time, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Party Time

A travel blog entry by musiclvr272


   Today was the Arusha Project Craft Fair that the project puts on once every program. They invite people from our organizations to come and sell crafts early in the afternoon. Then at 6pm they serve dinner to everyone who is invited, over 100 ...

Serengeti Safari, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Serengeti Safari

A travel blog entry by marqual


From Nairobi, we headed south into Maasi country of southern Kenya, northern Tanzania. The Maasi are mostly sheep & goat herdsman who wear bright red plaid blankets. Sometimes you see boys that are less than 10 years old with a herd of 20 or so cattle ...

Ngorongoro Crater, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Ngorongoro Crater

A travel blog entry by fragglerock


Head off the next day for Arusha - Tanzania. Was delighted to find out that Irish people do not have to pay for a visa - saving of $50. Once in Arusha I spend about half an hour trying to get a ATM machine to accept my card - the Barclays ATM was broken ...

The Bribe, Tengeru, Tanzania travel blog

The Bribe

A travel blog entry by travelmonster


Did I get any sleep on the plane last night - that'd be a NO. Accumulated dozing probably amounted to around an hour - it was a really bumpy flight - which reminded me just how much I hate flying. We fly at regular intervals throughout the year, but ...

Nairobi to Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Nairobi to Arusha

A travel blog entry by dayna-tom-2013


... for our daypacks.  We sit up high and overlook the maddening crowd.   By noon, we were at the Kenya-Tanzania border crossing which, according to our drivers, was a quick transit.  Everyone got through with a minimum of financial heartache ...

chips and rice..., Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

chips and rice...

A travel blog entry by lauraalice

... Okay well, first of all I am very much enjoying myself and am very happy and feel already settled into African living. Everyone in Tanzania has been so welcoming and friendly towards us. For those of you who don't know, the charity I am with is a ...

Goodbye Visiwani, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Goodbye Visiwani

A travel blog entry by ccinafrica


... are such sweet people and we were very happy, we stayed there as we now have got two new friends. We took a luxury bus from Arusha to Dar-es-salaam, which took about 9 hours. We got a daladala (local minibus) from the bus station to the city ...

Arrival, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by txoilgas


First time in a country is always interesting. So many things the same yet so many things ...

end Feb Arusha, Still Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

end Feb Arusha

A travel blog entry by byebyebuckeys


Hi Everyone Could not get into this last Friday. Have had a great 2 weeks. Been to a wedding, actually double wedding. The ceremony was very traditional, although the bride was dressed like an Aussie bride. After that we went to the reception!!!. A bit ...

Kondoa Market, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Kondoa Market

A travel blog entry by jmckerricher

While every market has been interesting, the last few have been especially so. Today I needed to pick up some fruit for lunch, and something to spruce up tonight's curry. We took a brief side tour to the small town of Kondoa, not expecting much. My first ...

To the Summit of Africa, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

To the Summit of Africa

A travel blog entry by tychii

... fill you in on some of the details in a later entry, but for now, we just want to tell you that we have arrived in Arusha, the put-in point for the ascension of the great mt. Kilimanjaro, and we leave... this morning!! We are taking the Machame route ...

Arusha, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by pugsly2002

Today was a long, long 15 hour drive to get to Arusha. Teh scenery on the drive was really ...

Orphanage, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by hayleyford


After a 6 hour drive to Arusha from Nairobi on the usual bumpy roads we set up camp for 3 days. The rest of the group (apart from me, Johnny and 2 others) are heading on a 3 trip to the Serengeti but unfortunately we couldn't afford this. Instead we have ...

Our last stop, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

Our last stop

A travel blog entry by mark_lisa_baxby


... for going to Arusha was because we wanted to climb Mount Meru, an extinct Volcanic mountain 4500metres high (2nd highest in Tanzania, 5th highest in Africa). Kilimanjaro was not far away but we'd decided against doing this primarily because of expense ...

HIV Presentation, Arusha, Tanzania travel blog

HIV Presentation

A travel blog entry by musiclvr272


        Today Ben and I did an HIV presentation at a vocational school for Tamiha. They have no sex education or anything in thier schools here so they are eager for information. There are so many misconceptions here ...

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