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Slovakia, Day 12 - 14, Stary Smokovec, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia, Day 12 - 14

A travel blog entry by samandgarth

... realise that a global pandemic is on the verge of breaking out.  As we understand there are no cases as yet in Slovakia but a Japanese tourist in Stary Smokovec was taking no chances and had his face mask on! Shelved our plans for a second walk ...

Slovakia- sunny, whimsical, surprising, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia- sunny, whimsical, surprising

A travel blog entry by bettyoll


... of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany , then being part of the Communist bloc until the 'velvet revolution' of 1989 and finally Slovakia's independence in 1993. Much about the capital, Bratislava, reflects its time under Communist rule, and the city is still ...

Bratislava a la Martina, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Bratislava a la Martina

A travel blog entry by kescott


... and rich. The best thing ever!  Later she drove me to Devin the junction of the rivers Morava and Danube where Slovakia and Austria meet.  There are old ruins from the Castle Devin as well as some sad stories from history.  Later, ...

Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tim_arsenault


Bratislava ...

Just Monkeying Around, Javorina, Slovakia travel blog

Just Monkeying Around

A travel blog entry by robroyaus


... on the map. I rode back to the border then took a forestry road along the river that forms the border between Poland and Slovakia. It was nice to have an unladen bike on my favorite kind of road (good gravel) and great scenery through the pine forest ...

Farming fun in Slovakia, Zvolen, Slovakia travel blog

Farming fun in Slovakia

A travel blog entry by goseedokids


Leaving city living in Budapest, we heading for a permaculture farm in the south of Slovakia eager to learn more about rural life and the challenges of doing up an old farm and turning it into a permaculture organic farm. We were greeted by Jan ...

Start in Kittsee, Kittsee, Austria travel blog

Start in Kittsee

A travel blog entry by stoni


Der Start Samstag 6:30, ich habe bei der Herfahrt den Eindruck, dass das ganze Burgenland noch schläft und nach Parndorf geht es zu den verschlafensten Winkeln die hier zu finden sind Kittsee, alles ist ruhig. Doch auf einem Parkplatz herrscht ...

Directions and A

Directions and A "Speeding" Ticket = A New Country

A travel blog entry by turnerstravels


... I have determined another thing: if you essentially pay a bribe to the police of a country, you have visited that country.  So, Slovakia earns the title of Country Number 13!  On our way to Kraków, Poland!   P.S. Once we reached Kraków ...

Levoca, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by herby


... off dinner!!! The main drawcard for this area though is Spisske Podhradie and nearby Spisske Kapitula.  The former is Slovakia's largest castle which sits proudly atop a hill in the middle of rolling countryside.  There were heaps of gophers ...

Through Slovakia, Kosice, Trensin, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Through Slovakia

A travel blog entry by williebobs

What a pool! (see Issue 11 for ...

Captial of Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Captial of Slovakia

A travel blog entry by pathenger


I had never heard of Bratislava before arriving in the town. There has been so much upheaval over the centuries and the people in this area have endured much but the area is being developed and has the potential to be a very lovely town. ...

Bratislava,Levice,Piestany,Zair Nad Hronom,Zvolen,, Slovakia, Slovakia travel blog

Bratislava,Levice,Piestany,Zair Nad Hronom,Zvolen,

A travel blog entry by simbah

... & visited Spa Island which has beautiful Parks,Ponds,Spa Mud bath's, Physio treatments & the 1st & only 5star Hotel in Slovakia. I tried some local Hot fountain spring water that comes from underground & smells like rotten eggs, but suprisingly takes nice ...

Na hrade v Smoleniciach, Smolenice, Slovakia travel blog

Na hrade v Smoleniciach

A travel blog entry by mozi


Clovek v zivote zaziva take skvele veci! Ako napriklad vylet na Smolenicky zamok na ktorom sa o vas staraju ako o naozajstne kniezata. Stretnete sa s kamosmi - pozriete si futbal (miestna ziacka liga. Hrali naozaj o dusu spasenu), vychutnate si spolu s ...

Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by b-side


... my new friends in neighboring Vienna I decided to check it out for a night en route to Budapest. Bratislava is the capitol of Slovakia... It's a nice city with lots of history... castles, statues - the usual. At night the bars are lively but the streets ...

The Blue Danube, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

The Blue Danube

A travel blog entry by valaryr


... date. Can't say I am sad about missing 4/20 in Boulder. Although I could have probably picked a more celebratory place to be in Europe. Amsterdam maybe? Oh well, Slovakia was perfectly adequate to avoid the entire mess. Hope everyone had a good/safe ...

Balenie a priprava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Balenie a priprava

A travel blog entry by mozi


Viza, poistka, peniaze, letenka, oblecenie - do zimy aj na plaz ... a milion inych drobnosti na ktore clovek musi mysliet pred tym ako si v lietadle spomenie: "Ved toto by sa mi zislo..." ... tak a je znova cas balenia a priprav. Vzdy to mam velmi rad. ...

Today's the day!, Zvolen, Slovakia travel blog

Today's the day!

A travel blog entry by jambo

July 2 (Saturday), Wedding Day, Krivan Well, today's the day. Arguably the most important day of my life. And it's raining. Ironic, don't you think? It's not like it's a shower either. This is grey sky as far as the eye can see, no wind, here for ...

Recovering, Krivan, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jambo

July 3 (Sunday), Zvolen/Krivan We woke up at 11am, only because the bus back to Krivan was to leave at 1pm, after a very sound 5 hour sleep. There were a few weary-looking faces back at the Pension Quattro, so we swapped a few yarns and commiserated ...

Slovakia weekend, Kosice, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia weekend

A travel blog entry by jenl

... The drive is about 2 hours or so through mostly Hungarian countryside and then a little bit up into the mountains in Slovakia. I thought it was beautiful. You pass through mostly small towns and villages and farm land that eventually is surrounded by ...

A different country, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

A different country

A travel blog entry by bobdebstrat


We arrived in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, around 9 am this morning after cruising all night.  It is a rainy, grey day.....looks very Eastern European.  We had opted out of the walking tour offered by the boat as we didn't have much time ...

These sandals were made for walking, Levoca, Slovakia travel blog

These sandals were made for walking

A travel blog entry by gadelle

... I save... 80 cents! I think I failed to really mention the countryside around here, but it's beautiful. This part of Slovakia is very hilly (I can't in all truth say mountainous), with little villages nestled in the valleys or perched on the ...

Downer, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gadelle

... at right angles, it's been rather cloudy today, so my sense of direction is somewhat off. The tourist language of choice in Slovakia is German; apparently they get oodles and oodles of Austrian tourists around here, it's so close by. That's why I get ...

Slovakia, Day 10 - 11, Poprad, Slovakia travel blog

Slovakia, Day 10 - 11

A travel blog entry by samandgarth


Only one full day here before pushing on to the High Tatras, which we spent visiting Spis Castle.  You'd think we would have learned our lesson by now as far as Slovakian castles are concerned!  Alfie Roose had nothing on Sam after we slogged ...

After the Rain comes the Sun, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

After the Rain comes the Sun

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


So after some miserable luck with my health and the weather and accommodation or the lack of it in Vienna i headed off to Bratislava Its amazing how much things can change in 70km in Europe.    Bratislava's one claim to ...

Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by queenietord

Last minute change of plan as I saw that going to Vienna was out of our way to ...

Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by herby

After a 10 hour overnight train journey from Prague to Kosice in Eastern Slovakia, we turned up at a B&B we thought we had booked on the internet but they had no idea who we were, let alone accept that we had already prepaid 10% ...

Day off the bike...mostly, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Day off the bike...mostly

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


I'm now getting tired of riding all the time so had two nights in Bratislava, I wish I hadn't but that was more the hotel than the town. Had breakfast then went back to bed.... Had a little wander round town  but really didn't do much else apart ...

Touring Central Europe with my Best Gal- Part 3, Bratislava, Slovakia travel blog

Touring Central Europe with my Best Gal- Part 3

A travel blog entry by schipper


Though we did not spend the night there, we took a day trip to Bratislava and it was fascinating. Seriously, ever since I saw 'EuroTrip' I have wanted to come to Bratislava just to see what it was like. It was my first non-Asian former ...

Kosice, Kosice, Slovakia travel blog


A travel blog entry by laine

Hi ...

Trencin, Searching the Vrskovy Roots, Trencin, Slovakia travel blog

Trencin, Searching the Vrskovy Roots

A travel blog entry by fero_vrskovy


... in Trencin more than we have in Calgary and Vancouver. The town of about 60,000 sits below the third largest castle in Slovakia perched high on a rock above. We are starting to understand why people talk about churches and castles and Europe all in the ...

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