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1.3 Million FB Likes, Doha, Qatar travel blog

1.3 Million FB Likes

A travel blog entry by shyam_t


... (1.7 million FB likes), I thought I'd try the other airlines that's giving SQ (< 300,000 FB likes) a run for its money - Qatar (1.3 million FB likes). The trip to Changi was a breeze. Qatar has its own limo service in Singapore - in the form of Brian ...

Off again, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Off again

A travel blog entry by em_yannduperrex

... seats left on the plane ( not true of course, as once again, we found ourselves flying on a near to empty plane. -Gotta love Qatar). We met up with the rest of the family at the airport and grabbed a bite to eat before saying goodbye. Much easier saying ...

Last Minute Luxury, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Last Minute Luxury

A travel blog entry by sashadasha


... in the prayer room just like most Arabs did but we didn't want to be separated.  This was our third flight with Qatar which is considered a five star airlines. Just imagine a luxury hotel on wings. You get first class  service, food and drink ...

Visit to Zekreet, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Visit to Zekreet

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


....text message read, Pieter in a Grey Porche Cayenne will pu at 9AM.  Promises of camels, desert drive, sites and beaches.  This all comes from a lovely invite to head to the beach with Inge and friends.  2 vehicles, petrol, food, drinks ...

arabian nights, Dohar, Qatar travel blog

arabian nights

A travel blog entry by dancingshanti

I'm writing but i don't know if it's real or not and i don't know if it means anything yet. ________ I could stare at Arabians for hours. I don't mean that in a prude gawking way, i mean it as a compliment. In India the men dress western style ...

Luxury in the Gulf, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Luxury in the Gulf

A travel blog entry by ebolaben

... my entry visa...right on top of the Israeli stamp!  Seriously, I must have a pretty unique passport at this point with a Qatar visa overlapping my Israeli exit stamp. So I got a cab, and went to the was incredible, especially after the ...

A day in the Middle East, Doha, Qatar travel blog

A day in the Middle East

A travel blog entry by 2knightsabroad


We left Beijing at midnight last night and boarded a Qatar Airways flight heading to Doha.  We hadn't expected this stop when we planned our trip but the flights from Beijing to Rome were so weird we picked this one and hope to make the best out of ...

Desert, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by tiggerbird

... crisis just round the corner they will probably stay there , incomplete and deserted. I wanted to take a photo of the welcome to Doha image on the water tower (?) but Nick suggested that this probably wasn't a good idea given where we were.  I'd ...

Geological Insights!, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Geological Insights!

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


... beauty is a sad but true case.  Funny, somehow, I find myself falling for this desert land (I think I have mentioned before, Qatar is all desert). I ponder again.............So here you go, two links you can go to that I best found describes most of ...

Dinner at Inge & Ingos, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dinner at Inge & Ingos

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


... applesauce, apples, shallots, and mixed Italian cheeses.  Normally it would include some Prosciutto but none to be found in Qatar.  We then had Salad, and Linguine with sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, garlic (onions and garlic ...

Xavier the Zombie, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Xavier the Zombie

A travel blog entry by astudentabroad


... to him from that location and take photos of him in popular tourist locations... this is going to be one well traveled doll! P.S I wrote this post at the international airport in Doha waiting for my connecting flight but wasn't able to post it until now ...

Once last visit to the Souk's, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Once last visit to the Souk's

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


... it is due to the Asian Cup Games still gong on.  We watch for some time and enjoy the dancing and music.  The Qatar reporters are there doing a spot.  It is great to catch this bit of entertainment. Farah and I decide we should have dinner ...

115 degrees in the shade, Doha, Qatar travel blog

115 degrees in the shade

A travel blog entry by monicaalfonzo

... signing out for the night. Medical interpreters training at Weill Cornell-Qatar courtsey of The Penninsula- Doha, Qatar Doha Communication between medical students and patients takes centre stage this week as Weill Cornell Medical College in ...

More picutres of weekend, Doha, Qatar travel blog

More picutres of weekend

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


this travel blog thing is new to me, since it seems I can only post 5 pictures per posting, here are the others I wanted to share.  Enjoy! ...

OK just a few more pic's, Doha, Qatar travel blog

OK just a few more pic's

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


just wanted to add a few more pictures from my 4 hour tour! ...

Let the Games begin..., Doha, Qatar travel blog

Let the Games begin...

A travel blog entry by andreadd


It's 4 days to go until the Games start -- here are a few mixed photos from work and play in the last few weeks leading up to the Games. And of course a chance for you to be able to see the lovely Asian Games ...

And so much for Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

And so much for Qatar

A travel blog entry by killian

 It seems that my time in Doha has been spent chasing up Qatar Airways to retrieve my delayed bag. Delivery was finally confirmed last night at 23:30, but in damaged stae. I trekked out to the airport to confirm that my backpack was indeed mangled ...

You can’t be sensible all the time, Doha, Qatar travel blog

You can’t be sensible all the time

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg


... be the Land Cruiser.  There are also plenty of Porsche Cayennes and there may be more in the future as the State of Qatar is in talks with Porsche/Volkswagen to purchase something like 25% of Porsche.  I looked at Civics, Accords, Mazda 3 and ...

Dinner at Cinque Sensi, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Dinner at Cinque Sensi

A travel blog entry by ybnrml

The continued effort in finding things to do with myself during my time off from work, I have searched the Outpost website.........ahhhh, let's see dinner at Cinque Sensi promises a lovely evening at the Souq at a great Italian restaurant.  That ...

Ladies Luncheon, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Ladies Luncheon

A travel blog entry by ybnrml


Sometimes ladies just have to get together and share moments.  On this occasion, most of the ladies at work decided together and share a moment.  Team building!  Our place of choice?  The Market at the W Hotel.  They have an ...

Qatar Tour, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Qatar Tour

A travel blog entry by silverfox41


One of my freinds from the US and I decided to do a tour around ...

Doha, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by katjaunterwegs


Heute schon einen Gebetsteppich gekauft? Flughafen Doha macht's ...

STOP OVER IN THE DESERT!, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidwoolley


... tonight. The flight was 6 hours long with smooth flying all the way. This is what I started to write in the airport at Doha in Qatar but realised I could not download the photos from my phone as my chord was packed in my case and so the idea of sending ...

Pictures of my apartment, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Pictures of my apartment

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg


Here are a few pictures of my current apartment.  Another colleague is in one almost identical to it and he affectionaly calls his "the bat cave" due it's lack of natural light.  I love natural light and completely believe in sunshine ...

Stop over in Qatar, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Stop over in Qatar

A travel blog entry by birkborkasson

Qatar was just a short stop over of a couple of hours and we actually didn't see too much. Though it sure was a nice view when touching down in the middle of the desert. The streets looked brand new and splendidly constructed and all seemed to be ...

Fingerprinting, Doha, Qatar travel blog


A travel blog entry by silverfox41

... would just stand up and stand next to the fingerprinting man and he would do them next. Now here is the twist - in Qatar some people wait a long time and some people get processed straight away. It depends on how well your escort knows the fingerprinting ...

Co dwie blondynki to nie jedna:), Doha, Qatar travel blog

Co dwie blondynki to nie jedna:)

A travel blog entry by kikizameryki


... z kolezanka Ania:) 2 blondynki, prawie 100 kg bagazu, pelno pomyslow i planow- moze byc ciekawie . Na poczatek przystanek Qatar, kilka godzin w Doha na lotnisku. Miejsce na bogato:) Polecam Qatar airways- obsluga na wysokim poziomie, nie na darmo dali im ...

Fasting for Ramadan, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Fasting for Ramadan

A travel blog entry by beyondwpg

Ramadan begins at the sight of the cresent moon in the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar.  That was last night.  During Ramadan, Muslims fast (no food or drink) and abstain from smoking, sex and anything indulgent between dawn and ...

Arrival in the Persian Gulf, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Arrival in the Persian Gulf

A travel blog entry by joelmeeker


... kindly agreed. So I gave the sermon in Dallas, then immediately changed clothes and headed to the airport for my night flight to Doha, Qatar. The flight left shortly after dark and in the course of 14 plus hours we flew against the sun, through a short ...

Does a country count if it's just an airport stop?, Doha, Qatar travel blog

Does a country count if it's just an airport stop?

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36

I am at the airport in Doha, Qatar.  So can I add Qatar to my list of places visited even though I am just here at the airport? When I get to India I will write all about my last day in Bahrain and the whole Middle East experience.  This is just ...

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