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Our First Class, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Our First Class

A travel blog entry by conniemcc

We had our first real class today. The teacher, a young woman named Ava (Eva), came bouncing in at 9:30 am: I couldn't believe she had that level of energy. But it energized us and got us easily through the four hours of instruction. We are five, a very ...

Arrive in Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Arrive in Krakow

A travel blog entry by ejabbour


... and underground pubs... can't wait.  After a quick nap- we went to visit some of Katrina's family who live in a Krakow suburb.  Very hospitable, however, nobody spoke English.  It was rough to stay away, but I promise my Polish ...

Krazyyyy Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Krazyyyy Krakow

A travel blog entry by gaplyf


... and hoped off to meet our awaiting private van which we shared with two other couples. We quickly and comfortably arrived into Krakow and orientated ourselves, marching to our hostel in no time ! After un packing our gear in our own private room we ...

Kraków and Auschwitz, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Kraków and Auschwitz

A travel blog entry by ricothegeordie


... and 3 million in Birkenau, as well as the millions that died in the five other death camps and countless concentration camps in Poland. I did not travel to Auschwitz because I was excited to go or thought it would be good. No, I travelled here to ...

A Polish wedding and the start of the trip..., Krakow, Poland travel blog

A Polish wedding and the start of the trip...

A travel blog entry by smirkleby


... the streets of Rzescow in a thunderstorm to find my hostel which was basic but OK and cheap! The next day I got a train to Krakov and found a nice hotel close the the centre.  This a fantastic place full of history and feels very European with street ...

Rollin' on the night train..., Krakow, Poland travel blog

Rollin' on the night train...

A travel blog entry by mjs81

Hi Everyone... We are currently back in Krakow and awaiting our night train departure at about 10:30 for Budapest. We arrive around 9:30 Am and already have a great place to stay near the parliament, Danube river and US Embassy in Central Pest. ...

Krakow old town, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Krakow old town

A travel blog entry by hannahrowland


The following pictures are of the old town, market square and surroundings of Krakow, Poland, aswell as images from Auschwitz and Weileikza salt ...

Bring me my pots & pans; Poland, Kraków, Poland travel blog

Bring me my pots & pans; Poland

A travel blog entry by thehales


... some flights and accommodation again through Air BnB. And just like that, the next stop is decided. We have really enjoyed Poland. Smaller crowds, interesting history, fabulous food, friendly people - it's been a great destination. A place neither of us ...

Back to the (City of) Glory, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Back to the (City of) Glory

A travel blog entry by whk2006

... . It was eerie to compare to what people had been through right at this same site. I also traveled to a suburban district of Krakow, called Nowa Huta ("New Steelwork" in Polish see It was one of only two full-scale Soviet planned ...

3rd Rest Day, Kraków, Poland travel blog

3rd Rest Day

A travel blog entry by istanbultoparis


... now over half way through the trip , both in the number of days and the number of miles! We have a couple more days in poland before we cross into Germany. Hopefully the roads will continue to get better as we head west. We hope everyone is well at ...

Falling in love...., Krakow, Poland travel blog

Falling in love....

A travel blog entry by chibisimo


The best place i've vesited so ...

sidetrip, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by russchid

... . Our WWII vets' service cannot be overstated in light of putting a stop to this organized extermination which lasted for FIVE YEARS. Overall, Krakow was a cold, fun, interesting, depressing, and educational experience I would recommend to ...

Krakow, Kraków, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by posullivan09

... of the hindu shockra's in the world. (i didn't get very energised i was still tired from all the walking). We even got to see Krakow's fire breathing dragon! After the walking tour, we got the bus out to the salt mine for what we thought would be a quick ...

Magical Fairy Land, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Magical Fairy Land

A travel blog entry by melepua


... ; I walked all edges of the old town on Friday.  I started at the original ramparts.  Well, almost original.  Krakow was destroyed in the middle ages and rebuilt.  And unlike Warsaw, Krakow was not destroyed during that horrid second ...

The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, Krakow, Poland travel blog

The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy

A travel blog entry by conniemcc

... photography was not allowed for visitors so we'll have to rely on the web for images.) There were about 50 people visiting the sanctuary. As I sat there, every so often footsteps ...

The Minor Capuchins on Tram #8, Kraków, Poland travel blog

The Minor Capuchins on Tram #8

A travel blog entry by conniemcc


... bus No 8.  We have wells - that is, 8 000 PLN. It's great message. We managed to build wells in Krakow for Chad. Thanks to you who contributed,  for your good heart..  Benek ...

The Krakow Underworld, Krakow, Poland travel blog

The Krakow Underworld

A travel blog entry by gouldy


... is beautiful. Cobbled streets, a hive of activity and massive impressive buildings dating back I don't know how far. 'You can see Krakow as a tourist for a few days’ said Ola ’or you can live in the underworld’.  Late at night we ...

Leaving tomorrow :(, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Leaving tomorrow :(

A travel blog entry by emileek

just a quick note.... I leave tomorrow from Krakow to London, England at 6:30am and then i have the day in the city and catch a bus at 11pm to Edinburgh, Scotland where I have a hostel in a castle waiting for me!!!!!!! OK I have some extra internet ...

Milk Bars and Zapiekanki, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Milk Bars and Zapiekanki

A travel blog entry by dancera


Off to the Galeria Krakowska...the mall in Krakow. It is truly great. Four levels and so many great stores. It was easier to shop last year when $1= 3 zloty and now it's $1 = 2 zloty so it's a lot harder to find good deals. Later on in the day we went ...

Wisla versus Lech, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Wisla versus Lech

A travel blog entry by kscottho


... guys who decided to tag along with us for the evening. 20 of us decided to go to a Wisla (home team and #1 in Poland) versus Lech (from Poznan). I almost was trampled to death in the crowd getting into the stadium. I have never experienced anything like ...

Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

A travel blog entry by djmitchos


... 's, they spoke English very well haha. It's really nice to see some different buildings too, they seem a lot more Russian architecture which I love! Can't wait to go to Russia. Going to do a walking tour of krakow tomorrow and see some more ...

Into the sad history of Poland...., Krakow, Poland travel blog

Into the sad history of Poland....

A travel blog entry by chrisab14


Today was another drive day, but it was an enjoyable one. At alot of hte stops we played some rugby which was fun. I broke down and had McDonalds at one stop only because it was my only option and I was starving, but it was good. I painted one of the ...

Naar Krakau, Kraków, Poland travel blog

Naar Krakau

A travel blog entry by amberenrutger

- ...

Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by sreichs

... glad I decided to come here. Poland wasnt on my list of places to visit, this time anyway, until i girl i met convinced me Krakow was worth it. I figured i could make a trip there after Prague before heading to Berlin. Then I heard that night train gets ...

Polishing Off the Trip, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Polishing Off the Trip

A travel blog entry by sql_spice


... bet this city is stunning in in the summertime. One major to-do that was still not checked off the list was sampling Poland's famous infused, homemade vodkas. The Poles insist vodka was invented in Poland, not Russia. We found a cute little vodka cafe ...

Human Horror to Divine Mercy, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Human Horror to Divine Mercy

A travel blog entry by bwells


... movies that would help us learn more about what we were seeing and about Bl. Pope John Paul II and his life growing up in Poland. Finally we reached Czestochowa, at about 5:30, where the icon of the Black Madonna is kept. She is a patron of Poland and ...

Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by b.a.manzella


Got to Krakow early, saw the sunrise. Walked to the Castle. Ate at a Milk Bar. Couchsurfed with some Brazilian guys who had been travelling for years, good story tellers and good ...

Krakow Day 2, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Krakow Day 2

A travel blog entry by finntopson

Slept in for the first time since I arrived, only till 10ish though. We then went to the milk-bar at the end of the road for brunch. A milk bar is like a student cafe type place, but insanely cheap. It was under 2 pounds for a full meal, which made me ...

KRAKOW (including Auschwitz), Krakow, Poland travel blog

KRAKOW (including Auschwitz)

A travel blog entry by stevencranston

... do that to other people, incomprehensible. It's hard to explain, but makes it very real when you are there yourself. Back in Krakow we saw the Rynek Glowny (Main Market Sq), Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Wawal Castle and Wawal Cathedral, St Mary's Church and ...

3eme passage sur Cracovie, Krakow, Poland travel blog

3eme passage sur Cracovie

A travel blog entry by liviou

Re re re passage ą Craco....pour suivre le match France Italie puis go to tne ...

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