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Back to Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Back to Krakow

A travel blog entry by dancera

Back to Krakow. Back to the same hostel, same room. Got in in the evening and went out to Balaton on Grodzka street for Hungarian food. Outside the sky was becoming very eerie and as we left the restaurant it started to downpour. Everyone took cover ...

Krackow, Krackow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderingkiwis


Hi ...

Very slowly / Ganz langsam, Zawodzie, Poland travel blog

Very slowly / Ganz langsam

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


23.7.2012          Zawodzie (PL)     Km: 64410          Very slowly / Ganz langsam I'm slowly started to the day. In the morning it was nice and ...

Beginnings and Endings, Gdansk, Poland travel blog

Beginnings and Endings

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


... troops, and there is a three crosses monument at the harbor to honor those fallen. The Pope, being a native of Poland, personally championed Walesa's cause and made it an international effort. Reagan of course had his country's interest in squashing the ...

Salt mines and hair cuts and layers - oh my!, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Salt mines and hair cuts and layers - oh my!

A travel blog entry by baggagewhores


Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts. I wonder if Morrison ever got his haircut in Poland? Today finally ended the quest to get our hair cut. It had begun to grow into something of a saga and the finale certainly didn't ...

We're In Poland Where The Roads Are Smooth, Jaroslaw, Poland travel blog

We're In Poland Where The Roads Are Smooth

A travel blog entry by istanbultoparis

Hi Everyone, We had another good day covering 84 miles. The border crossing from the Ukraine into Poland did not disappoint - it was certainly interesting although we didn't have the 10 hour wait that we'd heard others have had to endure. We are also ...

allemagne et premier jour en Pologne, Stargard Szczecinski, Poland travel blog

allemagne et premier jour en Pologne

A travel blog entry by celine.anais


Nous avons enfin trouve un cafe internet apres plusieurs jours en pleine campagne. On s'est fait des amis velocyclistes aux campings. Ils sont tres nombreux par ici et tous aussi mignons les uns que les autres. Ah! Beaucoup de pistes cyclables et des ...

Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by natter_17


Kazimierz: Kazimierz (Latin: Casimiria; Yiddish Kuzmir) is a historical district of Kraków (Poland), best known for being home to a Jewish community from the 14th century until the Second World ...

Krakow, Poland, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Krakow, Poland

A travel blog entry by guruzers


. ...

After Day One in Wroclaw, Poland, Wroclaw, Poland travel blog

After Day One in Wroclaw, Poland

A travel blog entry by herechickey


... Wroclaw yesterday arriving at about 1:30pm. I got the Fiesta up to 170km/hr on the Autobahn! We immediately noticed that Poland is a lesser-developed country. Many of the buildings along this drive were very run down. There were large apartment buildings, ...

Wieliczka Salt Mines are a MUST SEE, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Wieliczka Salt Mines are a MUST SEE

A travel blog entry by ka.duncan

... mines are a must see if you are in Krakow. Went on a walking tour of the old city. Saw the oldest Synagogue in Poland. It is near 'Ariels' a famous Jewish restaurant. Visited the castle and cathedral on Wawel Hill and saw the fire-breathing dragon statue ...

Krakow, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by cora_explorer


So my time in Krakow has been a blast, went out to a club last night with some people from the hostel and danced until the early monring hours.  I've learned a few things about Krakow; cherry vodka tastes like cough medicine, and  people smoke ...

The most storks in Europe are in Poland, Kraków, Poland travel blog

The most storks in Europe are in Poland

A travel blog entry by thinkdontmiss

By the time we arrived at the Czestichowa Monastery, the sun was shining.  We were assigned a very pleasant priest to be our guide and he seemed anxious to show us all the beautiful artifacts in their possession.  He described the Black ...

Oldest forest in Europe, Bialowieza, Poland travel blog

Oldest forest in Europe

A travel blog entry by laine


soon ...

diplomacy in Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

diplomacy in Warsaw

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


... some drink. Then we went to sleep somehow later, of course for me its been forgetting we had changed time between Poland and Lithuania! -------------------------- August 31 My alarm rang really early as it was still on Baltics hours, so I was awake ...

Le jour J, Wroclaw, Poland travel blog

Le jour J

A travel blog entry by lfichter

Ce matin tout notre petit groupe est en effervescence et on se demande bien pourquoi... En fait non, l'explication est assez évidente : nous sommes ą quelques heure de l'accomplissement de notre mission car avant 17h nos deux tourtereaux devraient ...

A history lesson, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

A history lesson

A travel blog entry by hatandtubbz


... for interrogation, with public executions taking place every day.  The HQ was one of the most feared addresses in Poland, operating as a brutal interrogation centre. We walked into the fairly normal grand stone building, however its basement remains ...

Maternal Roots, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Maternal Roots

A travel blog entry by landltravel


... my grandparents were married.  Wyszogrod was the birthplace of my grandfather and mother and the last place they lived before departing Poland for the US.  There is not much left of the Jewish heritage in either place other than cemeteries so we ...

Poland - Humour and Tragedy, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Poland - Humour and Tragedy

A travel blog entry by kenandcathy


... loved Warsaw and reluctantly piled back in the trusty Citroen and made our way to Krakow for the highs and lows of our time in Poland. Our hotel was like something from the 1920’s… the breakfast room looked like a room from a movie set of old ...

Warsaw Rising, Warsaw, Poland travel blog

Warsaw Rising

A travel blog entry by binni

... ;town, you've seen them all though.   One of my old clients had lived through all of this; she'd been living in rural Poland and had spent time in camps. She'd survived but as her dementia progressed the damage became more and more evident and if you ...

The pedestrian crossings play a tune!, Gdansk, Poland travel blog

The pedestrian crossings play a tune!

A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... and it hailed as we ate lunch in Gdynia, the 'third' city of this Tri City area. We visited the port, saw a Tall Ship, and walked round the city, most of which was built in the 1920s and 30s, when Gdansk was a Free City, and so Poland needed another ...

Nearly full moon, Olsztyn, Poland travel blog

Nearly full moon

A travel blog entry by maplefanta

December 2 I woke up in the morning to prepare to leave, which was pretty hard as I spent long time on the net in the late night and finally had a short night. Anyhow I took my time and was fully ready by mid-morning. It took me a while though to ...

Białystok On Foot, Bialystok, Poland travel blog

Białystok On Foot

A travel blog entry by shyam_t


... previous day. We wandered down to the town square which was quite bustling, it being a Sunday, and a sunny one. Photographing people in Poland is a surreptitious affair and does not have the same easy joy it had in Bhutan. Here, it is more like how it ...

Auschwitz, Krakow, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by colerumbough


... to Warsaw. Unfortunately, we can’t do everything. I felt it was important to see a concentration camp while I was in Poland. There was the option to see Stutthof, a smaller concentration camp closer to Gdansk that has mostly been reconstructed. ...

Rain, Death and Salt, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Rain, Death and Salt

A travel blog entry by domandkatey


We arrived in Krakow at the beautiful hour of 6am. We dragged ourselves out of our comfortable sleeper cabin on the train and made our way out into the cold morning. Luckily, our hostel was only 10 minutes from the train and we made it there to deposit ...

Let's Get Krakalakin, Krakow, Poland travel blog

Let's Get Krakalakin

A travel blog entry by sjaeurotrip


Although this day brings back the haunting memories of the 10 hour bus trip to Quebec in Grade 8, this all day bus ride was an interesting experience with surprises. Today, we woke up a little earlier than usual (which was not good for anyone), had a ...

Doughnuts, Waffles, and Bread, Oh My!, Gdańsk, Poland travel blog

Doughnuts, Waffles, and Bread, Oh My!

A travel blog entry by carpefeline


... ;              Gofry (pronounced Gofree, I think) are waffles in Poland.  We had seen several restaurants yesterday serving them in the early evening.  Mistakenly I wanted some for ...

the Mazurian Lakes, Gizycko, Poland travel blog

the Mazurian Lakes

A travel blog entry by thorgal67


Captains Frank and Ingrid on the Mazurian Lakes Sorry if you haven't received any messages for a few days...first we were stuck on an isolated piece of land without electricity, and then we were so busy that it was impossible to find a computer with ...

Wrocilismy, Dobrzykowice, Poland travel blog


A travel blog entry by asiaipawel


Po 22 godzinach podrozy - jestesmy w Polsce!   Jest 6h pozniej i ponad 15 stopni mniej. Musimy sie teraz przezwyczaic do chodzenia w butach zamiast sandalow.   Ogolnie bylo super!  Mielismy ponad 250 odwiedzin na tym blogu! Dziekujemy ...

Dr Storm to the rescue, Poznan, Poland travel blog

Dr Storm to the rescue

A travel blog entry by oldlandg

Yesterday started off wonderful ( out of classes at 2pm and got a nice run in) however tragedy struck around 8pm. After eating, i was being a good little noodle and brushing and flossing my teeth. Some how i managed to get a piece ( less than a cm in ...

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