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Che on my pantalones, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Che on my pantalones

A travel blog entry by 50odd

13th december 2009 Hostal Seucia, Cuzco, Peru Cool and wet I know there's loads of culturally interesting things I should be talking about here but you know what, other things take precedence at the mo. Firstly, there's the crustiness of my ...

In the footsteps of the Inca, Cuzco, Inka Trail and Machu Picchu, Peru travel blog

In the footsteps of the Inca

A travel blog entry by ontheroa


... kick-back and enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafes with balconies overlooking the square and just enjoy Cuzco and its beautiful surroundings. Peru’s borders contain some of the world’s most varied topography and climate. There are 6000 ...

Gummy Grannies and Snotty Nosed Kids, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Gummy Grannies and Snotty Nosed Kids

A travel blog entry by juner

So, today we had to get up at 3.30 to go to the airport for our flight to Cuzco. We flew with Aero Condor who served the strangest in-flight breakfast I have ever had - a packet of Ritz crackers and a slice of Madeira cake. I had a window seat and not ...

Pisac, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by will.traveller


It is market day at Pisac, a town in the sacred valley an hour away. Rather than a tour, collectivo would be more interesting. Sarah joins me. Bus has a flat along the way. It is going to be awhile. Locals flag down another one. Busses will pick up and ...

Wyjazd z Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Wyjazd z Cuzco

A travel blog entry by marcos1230

... pokrecilismy sie troche po sklepach w poszukiwaniu fajnych pamiatek. Po poludniu po raz kolejny spotykamy Toma i Shelly. Jemy razem obiad i spedzamy troche czasu przy browarku. Punktualnie o 17-ej zegnamy sie ze slicznym Cuzco i ruszamy w dalsza ...

Rafting, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by damiansinead


Rafting on the agenda today. Level an okay 2 to 3+ and I was not too impressed at the beginning but tame and all as it was for me, I ended up in the river before i knew it so that shut me up!! Pedestrian enough at the start but we hit some really ...

Lima to Cuzco/Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Lima to Cuzco/Machu Picchu

A travel blog entry by grahamnalex


... to Peru would be complete without visiting the last city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. There is a perfectly good train that runs direct from Cuzco to Machu Picchu but we were taking the Inca Trail, a 4 day hike over 33km, camping 3 nights along the way. The ...

Cuzco: The coolest city in Latin America, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Cuzco: The coolest city in Latin America

A travel blog entry by tonydd


... up pretty early and headed into town to get the Boleto Turistico, which is a pass that gets you into 16 attractions in Cuzco and the surrounding area, including some amazing Inca sites. My first stop was the Coricancha/Santo Domingo. The Coricancha was ...

Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by roli-on-tour


Zruck in Cuzco (Engl.) oder Cusco (DE, span.) oder Qosco. Qosco isch di offizell schriibwis vo de Stadt, i de Inka-Sprach "Checua". Di meiste Luet da sind zweisprachig: Checua und Spanisch, engl. choends praktisch noed. En Tag zur Erholig, liechte ...

Journey to Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Journey to Cuzco

A travel blog entry by incajac

... on either side of the bus. Tomorrow Im planning to see the churches and museums and inca sites here in Cuzco. Then on Tues and Wed I hope to visit the Sacred Valley outside of Cuzco before doing the four day Inca Trail from Thursday to ...

Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by binghams


Cuzco is a beautiful city full of colonial buildings and plazas together with cobbled streets and Inca walls. It is the continent´s longest inhabited city and has a fascinating and colourful history as the heart of the once mighty Inca ...

The Inca Trail, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

The Inca Trail

A travel blog entry by stevebecks


... land and we had all acclimatised quite well to the altitude which was currently around 3000m. Occasionally the train that runs form Cuzco to Aqua Calientes (where Machu Pichu lies above) could be seen running along the river. Nilton would tell us to wave ...

Exploring Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Exploring Cuzco

A travel blog entry by dstean


The walk down the hill is worth the effort, cuzco is very pretty, clean and full is colours, including the flag.  Here are some of the piccies I've taken so ...

From one extreme to the other, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

From one extreme to the other

A travel blog entry by becsrara


... on wobbly legs for the first half of it. Another bus the next morning [no rest for the wicked!] brought us here, to Cuzco. It´s another beautiful city packed full of churches and plazas. Sadly it is also packed full of tourists given its proximity to ...

Relaxing and enjoying Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Relaxing and enjoying Cuzco

A travel blog entry by ivealis


... , dont drink the coca tea!! Duh!!  No wonder I was so wired!! I woke up at 1pm, ate breakfast and again walked around Cuzco, then down the artesinal markets in Cuzco to do a bit of shopping and wandering. I finished my day in the Plaza de Armas ...

Part III - Manu Jungle, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Part III - Manu Jungle

A travel blog entry by aporter

... and I knew we wanted to see the jungle on our trip. The only questions were when, where and how. With dozens of agencies in Cuzco boasting tours, we found our answers in a 5 day trek into the Manu National Park. Opting out of the costly (and perhaps ...

Free Money. Thanks Lima, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Free Money. Thanks Lima

A travel blog entry by matt_wid


... . Anyways, from there we headed back into town and had a dip in the thermal pools before boarding a night train/shuttle back to Cuzco. The next day was spent recovering and doing some shopping before saying our goodbyes to Phil. L It was so sweet to have ...

Arrived in Cuzco - very nice..., Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Arrived in Cuzco - very nice...

A travel blog entry by elgianne


... . The city has a population of about 300 000, triple the population it contained just 20 years ago. Alternate spellings include Cuzco, (Spain), and Qusqu with post-1987 Quechua orthography. The Church of La Compañía on the Plaza de Armas in ...

Christmas Day plus a few, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Christmas Day plus a few

A travel blog entry by havan11


... much better just being able to go into the sun. I liked Cuzco (yes, Tim there are at least 3 different spellings for Cusco, Cuzco and Qusqio, knowing this country there are probably at least 3 more). The only problem with the night buses is you miss all ...

Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by bafreux


... .. ensuite un gars de la securite est arrive avec des locaux.. voila je me vais voir la finale de foot du championat du perou a la place centrale.. c est cuzco contre lima.   a+               ...

On to the Incas, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

On to the Incas

A travel blog entry by whereugoing

... I really wanted to see Machu Picchu - and now, we were so close I could hardly believe my luck. I had envisioned a city (Cuzco) to be a bit like Kathmandu - with lots of backpackers and gift shops and hippie types...incense burning..tied dye shirts... but ...

Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisandlindy


Flew to Cuzco after bussing to Lima from Huaraz. Chris got evil bug and down for three days. Missed Macchu Picchu, any treks (planned to do the Salkantay) and spent most of the time studying the fine white porcelain work in the hotel bathroom! Did ...

Macchu Picchu etc suite, Cuzco etc, Peru travel blog

Macchu Picchu etc suite

A travel blog entry by apsara22


Bonjour á tous, Je vous ecris de Copacabana en Bolivie. Un accident d,ordinateur a efface les autres photos que je voulais telecharger. J,essayerai de les mettre cette fois-ci. Ne pas tenir compte de la carte, s,il vous plait. Elle est encore une ...

cuzco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by viajando

6 ...

Other pictures of Cusco, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Other pictures of Cusco

A travel blog entry by dmf2007


We didn´t do very much today. There was a protest demonstration in the city. People were demonstrating against the privatization of some land around here. Considering the fact that there are demonstrations all over the country every now and then, you ...

the big daddy of south am. ruins, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

the big daddy of south am. ruins

A travel blog entry by salkelely


ok...... so we have arrived at the peruvian tourist mecca of cuzco for the big daddy of south americas inca ruins- machu picchu..... us and all the other tourists aparently, although we are told that this is actually the start of the low season this city ...

Our Life in Ruins, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Our Life in Ruins

A travel blog entry by jen_and_andre


... on a bus to Puno, Peru on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Onward HO! *** Version d`André *** Nous sommes arrivés à Cusco ou Cuzco (ou comme on dit ici Q`osqo) vers les 5 heures du matin. Bien entendu un contingent d`aubergeurs nous attendaient de ...

Snapshots, Cuzco, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by beritmette


Et par ...

Long bus rides, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Long bus rides

A travel blog entry by markgong

... the better (or worse in my case) half of the last few days on a bus... 60 some odd hours to be exact. Now I am in Cuzco still I fly out on the 5th. Okay, so last Wedsnesday was very nice. I cooked pasta for most of the day and the result was very ...

Machu Pichu, Cuzco, Peru travel blog

Machu Pichu

A travel blog entry by kitty


The last four days have been some of the most challenging and exciting days of my life. Our group, about 30 of us, spent four days hiking along the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. We spent the first day exploring the sacred valley of the Incas, visited chic ...

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