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Bravery or Idiocy?, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog

Bravery or Idiocy?

A travel blog entry by christinasworld


... . When you're in a bit of a hash haze around 1:00 in morning trapped against a wall surrounded by hundreds of men in Pakistan, several of whom just touched your ass, it's rather safe to say that you've been in better situations. Then the first song ...

The Manchester of Pakistan, Faisalabad, Pakistan travel blog

The Manchester of Pakistan

A travel blog entry by dazzla


... with Al-Onso my Formula One driver he took me there for the equivalent for 20 pounds. Faisalabad is called the Manchester of Pakistan because they have at least two things in common: 1) it is the textile capital of the country (as was the original ...

North to Hunza on highway to Kashgar, Karimibad, Pakistan travel blog

North to Hunza on highway to Kashgar

A travel blog entry by radsolv


Beautiful area. Feast with red wine guests of native. ...

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth, Karimabad, Pakistan travel blog

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

A travel blog entry by nikkiviper

... border and then the valley at the bottom of the mountains is all green and lush and its just amazing. i really and truely love pakistan. its been the biggest surprise thing of the trip so far - its somewhere i never in a million years dreamed of coming ...

Kanjut, Hunza, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by banas


Hunza ...

Trek To K-2 base camp, Skardu, Pakistan travel blog

Trek To K-2 base camp

A travel blog entry by banas


One of the most thrilling and exiting trek in the world. The Second highest peak in the world is one of special place known as concordia from where one have an bird eye view of all five 8000 meters peaks. It is something very specail and very natural and ...

Salzwasser und Dämonen (Reisebericht), Borit Lake, Karakorum, Pakistan travel blog

Salzwasser und Dämonen (Reisebericht)

A travel blog entry by roman


Wieder hatte ich einen langen und anstrengenden Tag hinter mir. Die Wanderung entlang des Machulu-Gletschers und später der Aufstieg durch den rutschigen Geröllhang auf einen kleineren Gipfel entlang der Route hatten mir einiges abverlangt. Besonders ...

Leaving Islamabad for Gilgit-Baltistan, Mānsehra, Pakistan travel blog

Leaving Islamabad for Gilgit-Baltistan

A travel blog entry by danialw


... by the Aryan invasion, followed by the Islamic invasions and immigrations, till partition, up until present-day Pakistan. I always knew that the visionaries behind modern Pakistan were progressive-minded individuals, but the museum reinforced that ...

Cérémonie de clôture de la frontière pakistano-ind, Wāgah, Pakistan travel blog

Cérémonie de clôture de la frontière pakistano-ind

A travel blog entry by melindaoba


... 'marcation mise en place par Cyril Radcliffe lors de la Partition de 1947, s'est retrouvé coupé en deux avec la partie occidentale au Pakistan et orientale en Inde. Chaque soir (16:30 en hiver, 17:30 en été), une cérémonie pour la fermeture nocturne ...

Hassan Abdal et Attock, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

Hassan Abdal et Attock

A travel blog entry by melindaoba


... qui paient jusqu’à 4 ou 5 millions de Rs pour un rein. * A propos de la compagnie aérienne nationale, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Une flotte en très mauvaise état entraîne de nombreux retards et annulations (1200 entre août et ...

First night in China, Tashkurgen, China travel blog

First night in China

A travel blog entry by queenietord

First night in  ...

Gondagora La (5900meter mountain Pass), Skardu, Pakistan travel blog

Gondagora La (5900meter mountain Pass)

A travel blog entry by markwilliams84


... ; avalanche  - D'AUBAREDE Hughes -  France Aug 1, 2008, SSE ridge, Bottleneck; avalanche  - MEHERBAN Karim -  Pakistan Aug 1, 2008, SSE ridge, Bottleneck, avalanche   As sad as this was, not wanting to leave you with these ...

48 Degrees in the Sun, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog

48 Degrees in the Sun

A travel blog entry by nikkiviper

... ; but eventually that gringo magic worked in our favour and we were allowed pass on through here into the islamic republic of pakistan.  we hung round at the border to watch the extremely showy closing of the border ceremony.  if the truth ...

Feb 28, 2011, Karachi, Pakistan travel blog

Feb 28, 2011

A travel blog entry by rotack


BVAWT029 - OPRN, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by bva

OPRN - Benazir Bhutto International ...

Karimabad, Karimabad, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by z00b

null ...

Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog


A travel blog entry by z00b

null ...

Autour d'Islamabad... et du Pakistan, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

Autour d'Islamabad... et du Pakistan

A travel blog entry by melindaoba


... (ainsi que plusieurs cousins). Nous avons eu une discussion très intéressante avec un cousin d'Anjum, à propos de l'image du Pakistan à l'étranger notamment. Ils étaient désireux de savoir ce que j'allais rapporter à ma famille et à mes amis à ...

always no light, Chowk aazam, Pakistan travel blog

always no light

A travel blog entry by raosohail

ist of all i want to tel that the city mentioned in thebar is very rough and all the time i live there i felt strange on absence of light for almost 15 days ,so dont ever try to go ...

Into the Pakistani Himalayas along the KKH, Hunza, Pakistan travel blog

Into the Pakistani Himalayas along the KKH

A travel blog entry by danialw


... villagers have resorted to creating their own sustainable wind generators. As a result, there is considerable interest in Pakistan for alternative energy because of its possible practical benefits.  The government points out that the higher demand ...

Almost in Pakistan, Wagah, Pakistan travel blog

Almost in Pakistan

A travel blog entry by lab99


... crowd to cheers and go wild. The lowering of the flags ceremony is a daily military practice that the security forces of India and Pakistan have jointly followed since 1959. It is all quite aggressive and apparently it has been 'toned down' of late. The ...

Dangerous - Yes/NO!!!, Lahore, Pakistan travel blog

Dangerous - Yes/NO!!!

A travel blog entry by katclassy


... two passengers, there were two people who they kept off and are now in custody... The drivers drives approximately 100 meters into Pakistan and then asked everyone to get off the bus and claim their belongings from the bottom and top of the bus...and ...

How to get a Chinese Visa for Dummies, Peshawar, Pakistan travel blog

How to get a Chinese Visa for Dummies

A travel blog entry by nalddo


... of the destinations in Central Asia I would have liked to add in my trip. Some possible itineraries could have been Pakistan -> Afghanistan -> Tajikistan -> Kyrgyzstan -> China, or Pakistan -> Afghanistan -> Tajikistan -> Uzbekistan ...

The road less travelled, Quetta, Pakistan travel blog

The road less travelled

A travel blog entry by jtw000


... said. Well sure, I had done it before but generally a lot slower and not over such difficult terrain following an armed escort across Pakistan at speeds that would have got me a ticket in England on a decent road. We got something to eat at the next ..., Khairpur Mirs, Pakistan travel blog

A travel blog entry by akashnazir4sb


you visit khairpur sindh pakistan sachal sarmast tomb  :sachal sarmast was born in daraza village ghmbat khairpur. he was poet the sachal srmast was a great saint ALI Buksh SHAR.Tomb  He was sardar (commander)shar tibe in khair pur and other he ...

Border crossing, Tashkurgen, Pakistan travel blog

Border crossing

A travel blog entry by queenietord

First nught in ...

TIC - This is China!, Hunza, Pakistan travel blog

TIC - This is China!

A travel blog entry by tomandbecky


... on our route. But with Tibet closed, we looked for another overland route and the one across the Khunjerab Pass and then through Pakistan seemed a good replacement. But until Kashgar, we weren't quite sure if we could get a visa on the border. So we kept ...

La montagne ca vous gagne !, Gilgit, Pakistan travel blog

La montagne ca vous gagne !

A travel blog entry by nalddo


... villages in Burboret. Arriving there, I was assigned a security officer (as a matter of fact, due to the proximity with Pakistan, all foreigners must be escorted while visiting the Kalash valleys, and Police was very upset when they learnt we were 5 days ...

Islamabad, le puzzle, Islamabad, Pakistan travel blog

Islamabad, le puzzle

A travel blog entry by melindaoba


... en termes de population, avec environ 680 000. Elle est depuis devenue un important centre politique, économique et culturel du Pakistan. C'est surtout la ville des ambassades et consulats. 71 pays représentés. La plupart sont regroupées dans un ...

Visiting the Grand Mercure, Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan travel blog

Visiting the Grand Mercure, Karachi

A travel blog entry by tjhussain


I spent a few hours at the Grand Mercure Accor Hotel, the first five-star hotel in the city for 25 years. It was a refreshing change from the boredom of visiting the usual suspects. Although Sheraton, PC, Marriott and the rest are fine hotels in their ...

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