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srpnja 20, 2012, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

srpnja 20, 2012

A travel blog entry by mat1ja


Weisser Sand und schwarzes Gold, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Weisser Sand und schwarzes Gold

A travel blog entry by pascalinda


... , welcher ein bisschen eklig war. In Stavanger fanden wir dann einen sehr netten, welcher gleichzeitig als Naherholungsgebiet für die Stavanger Bürger dient. Da war was los! Per Bike bummelten wir durch die Stadt und beschlossen, uns doch einmal ...

Flying to Norway- Business Class!, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Flying to Norway- Business Class!

A travel blog entry by ryork


Flying Business Class The title of this entry is dedicated to the best experience I have EVER had on a plane... business class aka heaven. I have to take you through different categories because there is just so much to tell you about- Drinks: ...

David and Goliath, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

David and Goliath

A travel blog entry by ahrussell


... had been knocked off and lost in transit. Disaster. We spent the first 3 hours of our time in Norway taking buses and pushing Chaz's bust bike around Stavanger trying to find a bike shop. Luckily, a really kind Norwegian man opened up his shop despite ...

On Top of the World Looking Down, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

On Top of the World Looking Down

A travel blog entry by brookealexandra


Our train was once again on time, but by the time we arrived back at the apartment, Vincent had already left for work.  He had been kind enough to leave us a list with ideas of things to do, depending on the weather.  We really wanted to do the ...

Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by jilliancarr


... nbsp; Sea 0ft deep    Wind   0Km   0 beaufort  A pleasant sunny day as we arrived in Stavanger. The red tour sightseeing bus had a limited journey and the asking price was £30 each! We have that a miss and walked ...

Aileen's Birthday and 79 degrees, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Aileen's Birthday and 79 degrees

A travel blog entry by btweed


Beautiful day, all day! Got as hot today as the highest temps all last year. Aileen's 34th birthday, born in 79' same as Eric. It was a low key day. Off to get groceries as the stores were closed yesterday, the holiday, and will be closed this afternoon ...

Hiking above Gandsfjorden, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Hiking above Gandsfjorden

A travel blog entry by btweed


... and over to Tim's house in Forrusvagen, only 1.5 mi as the crow flies. It was absolutely stunning with a view of the entire Stavanger area. Lots of folks at the top. The Norwegians love the outdoors, and families from the littlest kids to the elderly were ...

Museums and Relatives, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Museums and Relatives

A travel blog entry by btweed


... cafeteria as it was too windy to eat outside, only in the 50's today, but sunny. After lunch we headed to Gamle Stavanger (old town). Neat small white cottages perched on the hillside, the former homes of sailers, canning factory workers, etc. we found ...

Genealogy Day, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Genealogy Day

A travel blog entry by btweed


... ...for the summer at least. She knew that we were heading there, and found options for us. First we went to the Stavanger records office and he referred us to the Rogaland archives office where we could hopefully find records from Sauda which is part of ...

Oil, Stavanger, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by btweed


Today we did a few chores around the house before we left. Walked to the Gausel station and were on our way to Stavanger by 11am. We thought we would meet Betsy, Tom, Tim, and Cian at noon and have our sandwiches outside at the Petroleum Museum. We ...

Road Trips, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Road Trips

A travel blog entry by btweed


... , we were ready to go a traveling. 5 of us jumped into the VW (diesel, 50mpg) and headed for the hills around Stavanger. Being Saturday, Aileen stayed home with Cian . We drove through a varied countryside, rocky fields, green grass fields, lots of sheep, ...

Last Day, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Last Day

A travel blog entry by btweed


Another beautiful 50 degree plus day dawned, a gift for us. We did some luggage organizing, and after breakfast we headed for the Gausel Train station for the last time. (10-15 min walk). We were to meet Olaug across from the Radisson Hotel at noon, by ...

Norway 1, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Norway 1

A travel blog entry by egge0022

Stavanger is a beautiful city, but very expensive.  Approx 10 NOK to £1. Stavanger has windy cobbled streets with many small boutiques surrounding a small town centre ...

A never ending sunset, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

A never ending sunset

A travel blog entry by finska

We were already sailing along the coast for quite some time, when we saw it: Stavanger. It was laying beautifully in front of the mountains... I think something went wrong in the preparation of our holiday: we wanted to start along the coast, because this ...

Blooming marvellous, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Blooming marvellous

A travel blog entry by jobloor


A grey day when we arrive in Stavanger but not too chilly and after a quick breakfast we head off for our trip to Flor og Fjaere on the island of Hide. A twenty minute trip on the ferry and we are met by the chef and head up behind the restaurant to meet ...

Stavanger & Utstein Monastry, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Stavanger & Utstein Monastry

A travel blog entry by andygailtravel


... in town and up to a viewpoint before joining our tour bus. Drove past the cathedral, then out to Utstein Monastry. Interesting place. Rest of tour was just around Stavanger with a stop off at the Three Swords where a battle took place according to ...

Much To Tell, Norway, Norway travel blog

Much To Tell

A travel blog entry by hfs


Well where to begin, we had a wonderful time visiting the relations in Sweden, we traveled on the train, three changes, but managed well. Ove was waiting for us in Goteborg, he speaks English, but infrequently, so a challenge ,but we managed,an hour ...

Stavenger, Stavanger, Norway travel blog


A travel blog entry by bekiwightman


... so after work we had a little party in the crew bar but not a late one as I wanted to get up an make the most of Norway :-) four port days now oh yeahhhh! So expensive here :-( ridiculous! This is our break before the big 24 dayer! Yuck!! Going to be hard ...

How could I forget a wonderful family day trip!, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

How could I forget a wonderful family day trip!

A travel blog entry by thistlecheck


I can`t believe I forgot this..... James is a friend of Bruce`s who is from New Brunswick but has lived in and around Stavanger for 20 odd years. He took us out of Stavanger to see some local sights. I joined James in his vehicle and Bruce and the kids ...

sunshine ... at last, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

sunshine ... at last

A travel blog entry by hale_bopp


... will most likely get a room with less beds than men in hostels. Always when I got a 4 bed dorm my collegue got a 6 bed dorm. In Stavanger I got a bed in a 2 bed dorm and he in a 4 bed dorm. But we actually booked the same dorm type ... I like it :D Today ...

Hilsen fra Norway, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Hilsen fra Norway

A travel blog entry by enro71

 I love ...

WOD tour to Norway, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

WOD tour to Norway

A travel blog entry by tysonis


So we played three concerts for the 4th of July. One for a small military compound and two in a city park in Stravanger.  We got to go on a fjord tour.  Beautiful!!!  We also got to go hiking and watch a world beach volleyball championship ...

Stavanger, European Capital of Culture, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Stavanger, European Capital of Culture

A travel blog entry by evasolo


... , Harald Hårfagre (Harald Fairhair), is said to have defeated the last uprising of his enemies around 900 AD. Stavanger, Norway's 4th biggest town of about 120,000 residents, is surprisingly cosmopolitan for its size, being the home ...

Scariest day of our lives!, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Scariest day of our lives!

A travel blog entry by barryandrach

... again, he also thought a bridge was the most awesome thing he’d seen on the trip so far. The reason we came to Stavanger was to climb on the rock at Kjerg national park. because we didnt research where it was exactly, we wernt expecting to drive ...

Au Revoir Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Au Revoir Stavanger

A travel blog entry by neilgordon1263

Well it is finally here...heading to Laos....well Bangkok via London! My flight to London was not until 7pm which went seamlessly and a short transfer of terminals it was time to board the 10pm flight to was going to be a long ...

That's a serious drop!, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

That's a serious drop!

A travel blog entry by mark_christina


... as it was quite windy today up that high. I went as far as lying on the edge but Christina didn't venture that close... Stavanger is a really pretty city with the old town full of winding coble stone roads, beautiful timber houses and a so many colorful ...

Stavanger hotel, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Stavanger hotel

A travel blog entry by burgharttravel


We had some slight technical difficulties with the sink in our ...

Pulpit Rock, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Pulpit Rock

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


... . We decided therefore to take a chance and try to get to see the famous Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock, the iconic view of Norway's fjordland that everyone has seen, people standing on the edge of a sheer drop with the lovely Lysefjord  600m below. ...

Sunday in Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway travel blog

Sunday in Stavanger

A travel blog entry by paula.lupkin


It was Sunday morning when we arrived in Stavanger. Everything was closed, and everyone was asleep. The remains of a large festival, held the previous day, littered the streets. It wasn't encouraging, but as the day went on I came to appreciate the ...

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