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日本の or, Nippon, Osaka, Japan travel blog

日本の or, Nippon

A travel blog entry by stephiesteph


... with my schools' staffs have developed and classes are going well.  Recently, I've been feeling a somewhat bemused fondness for Japan. I find myself smiling as I realize the person on the train across from me is flipping pages "backwards" as they ...

Attack of the Crazy Korean, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Attack of the Crazy Korean

A travel blog entry by trent


... foreign occupants arrive and he tells them that he will kill them and that they should speak Japanese if they live in Japan. He then called everyone "fucking Americans" and continued to keep coming after us. The police finally arrived after 10 or 15 ...

My last day in Japan (and my 30th birthday) Noooo!, Osaka, Japan travel blog

My last day in Japan (and my 30th birthday) Noooo!

A travel blog entry by david.crowther

... . I really enjoyed all the tasty Japanese food (except natto) that I've tried along the way. I'm definitely not going to forget Japan's super efficient trains. They're so reliable you could set your watch by them! Unfortunately for me it's back to the UK ...

Fifty's is Fab, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Fifty's is Fab

A travel blog entry by rbfromnj


... ;   If I can tear myself away from the music, I plan to go to a ceramics museum, the Citibank ATM, a couple of the many downtown districts in Osaka, and an English conversation lounge where locals go to practice their ...

Night out, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Night out

A travel blog entry by ashermj

Today was our last day in Japan. I was happy to be moving on, but would miss Japan. We organised our possessions and made sure we knew how to get to the airport. That sorted, we headed to Umeda for lunch and a walk about. We had a pizza, and then looked ...

Krushing Tha Blu Herb, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Krushing Tha Blu Herb

A travel blog entry by rush


Phots ...

Homestay- Andrew Hahn, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Homestay- Andrew Hahn

A travel blog entry by shannonjackson

... : Food shopping, Nintendo 64 playing, Japanese candy eating, talking, aquarium visiting, setting off fireworks, getting lost in Osaka, farewell dinner. + Food Shopping: After getting to Yusuke's house and after I had unpacked little bit, I went to a ...

Osaka Castle Flower Viewing, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Osaka Castle Flower Viewing

A travel blog entry by brianneinjapan


... ; Chinatsu (a friend from the YFU exchange camp) and I went to enjoy Hanami at Osakajokoen (the park in front of the Osaka castle) this weekend.   We laid out our tarps and had a feast of fruit, veggies, chips, crackers, sushi, ...

We bring you joy, Osaka, Japan travel blog

We bring you joy

A travel blog entry by ashermj

... game, and had drawn 4. So there was a strong likelihood of a 0 - 0 draw beckoning. Part of the reason that I think Cerezo Osaka weren't doing so well, was due to there kit, which was pink and purple. Their away strip was worst it was completely pink. It ...

Koya-san/Osaka day 7; From buddhisme to secularism, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Koya-san/Osaka day 7; From buddhisme to secularism

A travel blog entry by nikolasdm


... in de 3de grootste stad in Japan. Op weg naar het hotel passeer ik door Dotonburi (de uitgaansstraat binnen Osaka) en word ik overstelpt met indrukken. Neon verlichting, reclameborden, gamehalls, lokvrouwen en –mannen die je bij iedere ...

Osaka day 8; A castle with a history, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Osaka day 8; A castle with a history

A travel blog entry by nikolasdm


... het kasteel te lopen is het alweer tijd voor de volgende stop, Osaka aquarium. Gebouwd op de baai van Osaka huisvest dit grootste aquarium van Japan o.a. een walvishaai, die ook direct het symbool van het aquarium vormt en gekend staat onder de naam van ...

Luck of the Irish, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Luck of the Irish

A travel blog entry by stephiesteph


Saint Patty's day, Jack and I grabbed burgers and Guinness with friends afterwork. Tin's, our burger joint, started playing the Black Keys, a band we really like!, and we got distracted listening to them. (The majority of English restaurants here are not ...

Osaka, Osaka, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by mattersdorff


... end. We decided to make a pit-stop at Osaka. Arriving a little after midday, we took a nice afternoon to wander around Osaka Castle which I was a touch apprehensive to visit purely due to the fact that it's no longer an authentic historical castle. It ...

Umeda Sky Building, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Umeda Sky Building

A travel blog entry by birkborkasson


... we were on our way a bit sad to leave Kyoto but knowing that we would be back briefly on our way back. Osaka overwhelmed us somewhat when arriving at the packed train station. We couldn't spot any tourist information and so started wandering aimlessly ...

Independence Days, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Independence Days

A travel blog entry by stephiesteph


... before catching a late train back. Other than that, our days are filled with work and friends, a bit of planning for the future and keeping up with things in the house. So that's where we are, here, in Osaka. And now for some round-the-town photos.. ...

Back home, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Back home

A travel blog entry by chaos242


We're home!  As I said before, the flight was a bit delayed, a bit being 9 hours because of the typhoon (aka hurricane in the western hemisphere).  The hotel was great, the food delicious, the bed quite comfortable, but we didnt get to use much ...

A Cell Phone Story, Osaka, Japan travel blog

A Cell Phone Story

A travel blog entry by stephiesteph


We got cell phones ! And an Internet connection ! It's not wireless yet so we can only connect one computer at a time but hopefully this will soon change. For now, its just great to feel reconnected to the world and we encourage all of you to find us on ...

Safe & Sound Arrival, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Safe & Sound Arrival

A travel blog entry by stephiesteph


... we'll watch the Super Bowl! It actually has already taken place, but we found an Irish pub ("The Blarney Stone") in downtown Osaka that has recorded it and will play it tonight at 7.  Hopefully we make it through today without hearing the result! ...

Day 3 - Rest and Winter Illuminations in Namba, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Day 3 - Rest and Winter Illuminations in Namba

A travel blog entry by apat


... hailstones. Either way the girls had a great time, and again I got some weird looks as I was standing in the snow on Osaka's main street, in a t-shirt videoing and taking photos of the weather while the locals just hurried to get out of it. After the ...

Oyasumi nasai!!!, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Oyasumi nasai!!!

A travel blog entry by monchhichi


... in overvloed. We hadden al heel de reis onze drang voor sushi weten te onderdrukken, we gingen ten slotte naar Japan. Maar nu we in Osaka waren, gingen we ervoor. Na wat wandelen vonden we een sushi restaurant, naar onze zin. We stapte binnen en werden ...

Fish Market and Asakusa, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Fish Market and Asakusa

A travel blog entry by andrewy


... I sat in the common lounge and chat with 2 tourists from Switzerland and Norway, they are also having a good time here in Japan. I was fun sharing with them the experiences while in Japan. They told me they spend some time exploring the temples in Kyoto ...

No Blending In, Osaka, Japan travel blog

No Blending In

A travel blog entry by rbdiorio


... (Kyoto City Guide - which includes a few pages on Osaka) does not do this place any justice at all.  It said that Osaka-jo is a modern concrete reproduction of a 16th century Japanese castle.  To me, this made it sound almost like an office ...

si, Osaka, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by angelita.lita


... es de lo mejor que le puede pasar a uno, y a mi me ha pasado varias veces en este viaje. Sin todas estas experiencias, quizas osaka no habria transcendido mucho para mi, pero ahora, siento que hay algo alli con vida propia, que me llama a volver...eso, y ...

World Trip, Part Deux - Japan, Osaka, Japan travel blog

World Trip, Part Deux - Japan

A travel blog entry by dudeonthemove


... in the States). How wrong was I?! Seems like you naughty Japanese have your fetishes! Whoops! After Osaka, it was off to probably the greatest castle in Japan at Himeji. What a site. You get to climb right to the top for an incredible view. ...

Takoyaki get in my belly!, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Takoyaki get in my belly!

A travel blog entry by steveandtam


The train trip to Osaka only took 15 minutes by bullet train! We quickly obtained a subway map from the helpful attendants and caught a subway to the area near our hotel. We were pretty sure that we could walk to our hotel from the subway station, however ...

Okonomiyaki and bye bye bags!!, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Okonomiyaki and bye bye bags!!

A travel blog entry by chibisimo


... time travelling in the Outer Hebrides. Who does that?!? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Siamo arrivati ad Osaka dopo una deludente giornata ad Himeji.  Vale e' venuta a prenderci ...

Underwater, I Love You, Osaka, Japan travel blog

Underwater, I Love You

A travel blog entry by battlemonkey

... bathroom, then finally got back in to shower, change clothes, and head out to see the sights. Our first destination was the famed Osaka Aquarium. I figured Amerika-mura would stay open later and be more fun at night, so we might as well hit the stuff that ...

More Osaka, Osaka, Japan travel blog

More Osaka

A travel blog entry by segacs


... about all the latest innovations, presumably. From there, it was lunchtime, so food shopping was in order. Luckily I stumbled upon Osaka's biggest market street, with fresh food of every variety. Fruits, vegetables, fish, tofu, and all sorts of things ...

Arrival, Osaka, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by shannonjackson

At 3*30 pm in Osaka and 2:30 am in Knoxville,?@we arrived in Japan. We met Tamami our tour guide and Mr. Suganaga, the representative from Panasonic at the airport. The airport is on a man made island. Originally, it was 18 feet above sea level. Now it ...

First night on a highway bus!, Osaka, Japan travel blog

First night on a highway bus!

A travel blog entry by elisa_david


We said goodbye to Taipei and took the Asian easyjet (a.k.a. Jetstar) to Osaka! After a quick dinner at the station, we got onto our first highway bus which took us, overnight, to Nagano, among the Japanese Alps! We were pleasantly surprised by the bus: ...

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