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Last Day in Roma, Rome, Italy travel blog

Last Day in Roma

A travel blog entry by cbmaddixrn


... tiny streets of Roma.  We are going to hang out here at the hostel for a few hours and head to the train station. I love Italy and I am kind of sad to go. But I also miss my friends and family.  Stay tuned for my first blog of London tomorrow ...

The Half Day, Rome, Italy travel blog

The Half Day

A travel blog entry by carterc123


Today, we went early to see the Coliseum.  As soon as we got past security; we went to the entrance, but our tickets didn't work because Dad bought them a two days ago. He was mad, because now we didn't have tickets. Luckily, there was a ticket ...

Roma, Giorno Uno, Rome, Italy travel blog

Roma, Giorno Uno

A travel blog entry by lauren__11


... heavy glass counter informed us "little spicy," not a problem we figured.....we can handle it. "Little spicy" in Italy, or at least at this pizzaria in Rome means, "hope you purchased the large bottle of still water, and not the small one" (we of course ...

Rome: the good, the bad, and the ugly, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome: the good, the bad, and the ugly

A travel blog entry by ecmom77


... walking around Florence crying--it was lovely. The good: After reading all that you might think that I had a terrible time in Rome, but I didn't. Just a somewhat stressful time. The sights to see are unparalelled probably anywhere in the world. I was in ...

So the Free Travel Begins, Rome, Italy travel blog

So the Free Travel Begins

A travel blog entry by ktbug06

... feel like 36 hours!!! We saw Rome on Thursday! It was AMAZING!! I wish we could have stayed for a week! i loved it! So far Italy is quite a bit better than Greece,,,,but that is probably because it is just Cleaner. We saw as much as we could then went ...

Colosseum, Roman Forum Here We Come!!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Colosseum, Roman Forum Here We Come!!

A travel blog entry by cainteam

... pay and take the lift.  We are the only ones in the lift.  We ascend and get the most spectacular vantage point of ROME.  We can see the whole city and it is breathtaking to see the lay out.  We can see the Vatican...WOW!!  There ...

The Botanical Gardens of Rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

The Botanical Gardens of Rome

A travel blog entry by ceesadventures


I couldn't resist a trip to Orto Botanico, the Botanical Garden Museum of Rome. It's 30 acres in the heart of Rome - incredible really. I spent a few hours here, but you could spend all day, looking at so many different collections of flowers, plants, ...

When In Rome..., Rome, Italy travel blog

When In Rome...

A travel blog entry by m.stuart


ROME, ITALY (June 7-11, 2008) Rome was without a doubt one of our favorite places, and in my opinion, one of the greatest cities that combines a fantastic culture, breathtaking art and architecture, ancient ruins, and magical cuisine.  Perhaps we ...

Finally here!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Finally here!

A travel blog entry by bertaloon


... Dont ask me how, but somehow it all worked out. I ended up spending the night at a Bed and Breakfast on the outskirts of Rome. A little further from the city center than I had hoped but I am by no means complaining. I had the whole apartment to myself ...

Caffe Sant' Eustachio in Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy travel blog

Caffe Sant' Eustachio in Rome, Italy

A travel blog entry by sirecho


... much smaller than un caffe, a coffee, or more specifically, an espresso, to us Americans, at the Caffé Sant' Eustachio in Rome, Italy.   I had the chance to visit the Caffe Sant' Eustachio recently while in Rome, joined by my good friend Brendon, a ...

The Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy travel blog

The Sistine Chapel

A travel blog entry by sharon1306


... the Sistine Chapel. We have to walk through a long gallery (The Gallery of Maps), which holds large topographical maps of Italy. The Gallery of Maps The ceiling looks golden and has beautiful paintings. Even though it is late in the afternoon, ...

Salute the Gladiators at the Roman Coliseum, Rome, Italy travel blog

Salute the Gladiators at the Roman Coliseum

A travel blog entry by teresatraveler


Rome is the capital city of Italy and also Italy's largest and most populated city. With a history over 2500 years, it was once the largest city in the world and a major center of Western civilization. Many of her ancient buildings remain intact since ...

When in rome, Rome, Italy travel blog

When in rome

A travel blog entry by toonk

... . he would be driving me to the inn he and his wife ran in the countryside. they had retired (read started a new inn) in Italy several years ago with the intentions of... well i don't think they even know what their intentions were. Yay for Impulse ...

Rome and the Vatican, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome and the Vatican

A travel blog entry by joshandtara


... to find our hotel with no map to help us out. On a side note, I must comment on the pickpocketting scene here in Italy. Before we left the train station to find our hotel, Tara left me with our backpacks while she tried to get directions. During those 15 ...

Caesar's Footsteps, Rome, Italy travel blog

Caesar's Footsteps

A travel blog entry by suikerbossie


... I cant help feeling that Rome might even be dirty... We were surprised by the amount of graffiti and have noticed it throughout Italy. Some of it could be considered art but most is scribbled spray paint covering most buildings, bridges and trains. We had ...

Rome - The Eternal City, Rome, Italy travel blog

Rome - The Eternal City

A travel blog entry by kevandhazel


Our second destination in Italy was Rome. Besides all sights our main purpose to visit the eternal city was a wedding of Hazel's university friend. Again, we had booked our accommodation through and stayed with an Italian Lady and her son ...

our computer pooped out., Rome, Italy travel blog

our computer pooped out.

A travel blog entry by davis2011


Sorry we havent posted in a while.  our computer is on the fritz.  we are going to try to figure it out today, but until then, we may be stuck updating you on our progress from internet cafes.  we are safe.  we are having fun, and we ...

When in Rome....., Rome, Italy travel blog

When in Rome.....

A travel blog entry by jklezok


... the like every Sunday. They shut down the street to cars, so it's one big festival. I think all of Rome and every tour company in Italy was there. The streets are very crowded but you just get caught up in the atmosphere. The architecture is absolutely ...

Ciao Roma, Rome, Italy travel blog

Ciao Roma

A travel blog entry by sandhauer


... ;were pleased to find it's just a six minute walk from the station. After checking in to our "Italian Modern" lodgings at Smart Hotel Rome, we decided a nap was in order before heading out to greet the city.  We slept for about an hour and a half and ...

Contiki Europe 2006!!, London, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Venice, Florence, Rome, Italy travel blog

Contiki Europe 2006!!

A travel blog entry by kbroder86


... (I almost never do physical activity, so two extreme sports was pushing it for me), so decided to go to bed early. Day 10...Ciao Italy! Another very rainy day. Got to the spot where to board the boats to get to the island and got to buy some lovely ...

Romantic Roma at the Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy travel blog

Romantic Roma at the Trevi Fountain

A travel blog entry by broose09


One of the reasons for Lee's return to Rome - if you throw 3 coins into the fountain, you will return. ...

I want to stay!!!, Rome, Italy travel blog

I want to stay!!!

A travel blog entry by newearth11

Sigh. My last official day in Italy. Bridget and I started out the day by heading towards the coliseum, where we joined a tour and hit on a few gladiators. We ended up strolling through the ruins, half listening to the story of the creation of Rome. It ...

Castel Sant'Angelo' s Evening Spectacular!, Rome, Italy travel blog

Castel Sant'Angelo' s Evening Spectacular!

A travel blog entry by suz123nj


... included the model for ancient building and further along rooms filled with exquisite jewelry crafted by Italian artisans. Nighttime in Rome from the Terrace on the Castel Sant’angelo was a unique and spectacular experience not to be missed it ...

Journey to Roma, Rome, Italy travel blog

Journey to Roma

A travel blog entry by tj.miller


... called James actually lives in Rome and he invited me back to his house during the Christmas holidays. I spent one week there, Rome is a crazy city. I did my fair share of sight seeing as well as partying. Rome is basically built on ruins of famous ...

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Pt.3, Rome, Italy travel blog

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Pt.3

A travel blog entry by pardonmyfrance


... out our cheap airfare. We met two of our other friends from UT who are studying abroad in Europe and were also traveling in Italy at the time. Since we wanted to go to the mass at the Vatican Sunday morning, we decided to spend Saturday getting in most ...

Italy in a week, Rome, Italy travel blog

Italy in a week

A travel blog entry by katemcnair


... picnicing out of bounds on a hill enjoying our local mozzarella and cheap red wine. Two nights in Sorrento and back to Rome for one more night which we spent sipping red,eating gelato thanks to Brooks genious idea of purchasing lactaid while listening ...

Arrivederci Roma, Rome, Italy travel blog

Arrivederci Roma

A travel blog entry by usnkidsabroad


... Fountain (about 100m away from 'home') for ice cream and we ate the best pizza and drank the best coffee in Italy. Unfortunately a promised tour of the Vatican with one of the Pope's bodyguards couldn't be arranged quickly enough, but the catacombes ...

Fountains, art, ruins and a French con-man, Rome, Italy travel blog

Fountains, art, ruins and a French con-man

A travel blog entry by roamingrob


... got the trip for free. Arriving in Naples I was quickly aware that poverty in this city was even more apparent than in Rome - overflowing rubbish bins everywhere, people camped outside closed-down shops, living in piles of duvets and garbage bags, and a ...

The Vatican, Rome, Italy travel blog

The Vatican

A travel blog entry by lynnloparo


... of Constantine. Then I came to the room of maps. The Vatican has a forty-foot long hall of maps, of all the maps of Italy that it controlled, in great detail. Finally, right in the heart of the Vatican Museum, were the crown jewels of the Vatican Museum: ...

A day at the beach!, Rome, Italy travel blog

A day at the beach!

A travel blog entry by jessica_caywood


Today was awesome...we slept in and had a nice relaxing day at the beach. It was so nice to finally breathe some fresh air! Living in the city you breathe nothing but smog and smoke. I swear every Italian here smokes. Anyways, we just basically laid ...

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