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Aperitivo, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

In the evening Karolin, a German friend of mine, arrived to visit me for some days. So we went with Karen, the Brasilian girl, to a pub in Via Zamboni to have an aperitivo ...

Specialties of Norway, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Specialties of Norway

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

Today the city offered Norwegian specialties in Palazzo Re Enzo to advertise the good realtios between the two countries. After having tried lots of free salmon, we went to have another drink in the city ...

Bologna Sandwhiches, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna Sandwhiches

A travel blog entry by mavsqb1

... Now That's What I call Music Volume 26 in Alessandra's (the DL who hawked me and who now was driving Pasquale and I to Bologna) glove box and bumping Soulja Boy and other American classics, I took a nap. We were picked up in Bologna and taken to ...

Bologna en route to Slovenia, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna en route to Slovenia

A travel blog entry by mas54po


... headed to Bologna to catch a glimpse of its famous food market, and it was well worth our time.  There is a reason one of Bologna's many nicknames is La Grassa (The Fat).  We decided to rent a car and drive to Slovenia mostly as it was much ...

Bologna: Proud Heritage Shines Today, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna: Proud Heritage Shines Today

A travel blog entry by jackandcece


... , professors actually worked for the students who had the power to fire incompetent instructors. What a concept! Today, Bologna is considered the most liberal of all Italian cities, consistently electing local communist representatives since WWII. ...

Bologna Dinner, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna Dinner

A travel blog entry by okikuta


Special dinner in Bologna tonight.  A must do while here.  Found a small trattoria and ordered tortellini in soup broth, tortonelli (large tortellini) filled with ricotta and parmesan, and veal cutlet stuffed with proscuitto and topped with ...

Silly Canadians..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

Silly Canadians...

A travel blog entry by kelschgirl

 So, after an extremely long day at the Colosseum and Vatican city Jade and I jumped on the train and immediately fell asleep. We woke up by a train attendant telling us it was the end of the line for this particular train so we got up and collected ...

Final Thoughts By Parker , Bologna, Italy travel blog

Final Thoughts By Parker

A travel blog entry by cainteam


... some of my thoughts about this trip.  Mom did, so I thought I would too. I have been to 9 countries-- Germany, France, Italy, Monaco,  USA, Austria, Switzerland, Vatican and the UK.   We went to Pisa two days ago and I saw the leaning ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by ericrg


Bologna is touted as the culinary capital of Italy. It is the birth place of spaghetti Bolognese(meat sauce), lasagna, and ravioli. Let the culinary adventure begin. We arrived at the train station at about 11 and got inline for the bus to our hotel ...

Back to Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Back to Italy

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

At noon I went back to Bologna - and looking at all the pictures of the last week, I realized that I had a great time and managed to get around without climbing lots of stairs and without entering any museum (I have to leave something for the next ...

Go Casey - the Ducati Factory, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Go Casey - the Ducati Factory

A travel blog entry by dragonrider

... locally, driving around the area, doing a bit of general sightseeing - nothing much really. Our last day in Tuscany saw us heading to Bologna to go on a tour of the Ducati Factory/Museum. We got away a bit late (now where have I heard that before) so it ...

San Petronio, Bologna, Italy travel blog

San Petronio

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

This day is the holiday of the city Bologna, since San Petronio is not only the name of the main cathedral, but also the city patron. So in the early afternoon the statue of San Petronio in the city centre was blessed and in the evening there was a big ...

Back , Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by cainteam

... Nest-Hitlers) and then Zermatt. Home today and I have no more minutes on cell.  If you wish, you canphone the bologna home since we stay home tomorrow to unpack, rest, laundry and grocery shop. Best adventure was the overnight triple bunk train from ...

Elections in Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Elections in Italy

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser


Yesterday and today were elections in Italy for the new government. So last week I went to a speech of Prodi, where I also got a big banner of the party. It was quite funny, hundreds of Italians with banners, shouting and commenting on everything. Now ...

Bologna's Food, Glorious Food..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna's Food, Glorious Food...

A travel blog entry by emilycthomson


... to follow :D) I can't not mention the food. We were told that it was the best place to eat in Italy, but wow! If you ever visit even near Bologna, head over there, its worth it just for that! I'm sure that in 6 months time will be thinking about how ...

One camera, two cameras, three..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

One camera, two cameras, three...

A travel blog entry by 13en1975


... better. However, I got talking to a very attractive young women who helped me with some advice. She was a surgeon at the hospital in Bologna. Unfortunately she had to get a train else I would of asked her to join me for a coffee. Anyway, by chance, a new ...

Bologna - Ragu Ragu Ragu, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna - Ragu Ragu Ragu

A travel blog entry by adrianmurray

... can you play "Africa" in one afternoon?) But it all added to the atmosphere of the city I know nothing virtualy nothing about. Bologna is a University town and an old Uni at that. It dates back to somewhere near the 11th century, and the buildings ...

3 new friends from Canada, Bologna, Italy travel blog

3 new friends from Canada

A travel blog entry by jojorockstar


In the afternoon, I caught a train to Bologna. I picked up some food and a small bottle of wine near the Venice train station. When I arrived, I met 3 Canadian girls on the street also looking for the right bus stop to get to the hostel. We ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by doodlebugs

2005-05-30 Bologna (Dave) Our hosts have been great but we needed some alone time. We arbitrarily picked Bologna to get a hotel for three nights. This was our first time to get a hotel in Italy. We booked it quickly through and had ...

Banquet in Bologna?, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Banquet in Bologna?

A travel blog entry by sponger42


... . Probably not the effect the architect had in mind when he designed it, but amusing nonetheless. The crooked towers of Bologna in the background really completed the effect. After sharing uneducated snickers at the architecture, we set out in search ...

Not much to see here, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Not much to see here

A travel blog entry by jcastellan


Arrived in Bologna this morning and had some time to kill until I could check into my hostel this afternoon, so I explored this little ...

Five minutes to midnight.., Bologna, Italy travel blog

Five minutes to midnight..

A travel blog entry by ilari


30-31032011  Bologna. Emilia-Romagna. Italia Ja niin se on ettà kaikki loppuu aikanaan.. Niin tàmàkin seikkailu. Viimeinen ilta vietettiin haikeissa tunnelmissa Emiliassa ja seuraavana pàivànà oli edessà siirtyminen Bolognaan. Saatiin ...

Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by rave09


hotel imperial is awesome, great breakfast and even better rooms, its probably the best hotel we are gonna have in our entire trip. Bologna as a city is much smaller than venice and is very much a student town. There is not too much to do around here, so ...

Resting in The Fat One, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Resting in The Fat One

A travel blog entry by shiandgabe


Retail Therapy and a Nuttelaria Bologna is known in Italy as "La Grassa" (the fat one), because it is the countries gastronomic center. Famous for food, it's historic center, the university, and it's food. Where better to take a rest and catch up on ...

May 5th - 6th: Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

May 5th - 6th: Bologna

A travel blog entry by ritand

... make my way to the train station and try to see a bit more...good deal, will definitely come back with Katina. so i headed to Bologna thinking that i would be able to chill out a bit and not deal with major city and see some cool old stuff, ...

Stay Longer in Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Stay Longer in Italy

A travel blog entry by whk2006

More to ...

Shakespeare and Parmesan Cheese, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Shakespeare and Parmesan Cheese

A travel blog entry by anadiez


... Bologna on November 4 where I have stayed with a friend of my family in Belgium for five days. I visited the center of Bologna, a beautiful forest area outside of Bologna and made day trips to the cities of Ferrara, Verona and Parma. My favorite place so ...

Tortellini alla Bolognese, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Tortellini alla Bolognese

A travel blog entry by ilari


150111  Bologna. Emilia-Romagna. Italy. Ei saa jäädä tuleen makaamaan! San Marinon matkasta selviydyttyä olisi varmaan ollut loogista jäädä lepäämään vähäksi aikaa Reggioon mutta mitä vielä.. Heti seuraavana päivänä otettiin koko ...

Oooh Lamborghini... yes please, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Oooh Lamborghini... yes please

A travel blog entry by croucher

ads ...

Sunday in Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Sunday in Bologna

A travel blog entry by judyf222


... , A. took us to the "sala da aspetto"(waiting room) to show us the memorial of the 1980 bombing of the train station there in Bologna.  The memorial listed all those who lost their lives - about 50 or so, maybe more.  It showed a picture of the ...

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