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Day 3 Bellagio, Italy, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Day 3 Bellagio, Italy

A travel blog entry by allanbe


... like highways so driving along this stretch of road was really hair raising. The scenery along this road is really amazing. Bellagio is a small village with a big pedigree. Many of the wealthy have bought houses in this area because of its natural ...

Lake Como & Bellagio, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Lake Como & Bellagio

A travel blog entry by bmtravel


... & visit Bellagio Cruised past the houses of George (Clooney), Richard (Branson) & Donatella (Versace) then docked at Bellagio. Spent a couple of hours wandering around the picture-perfect town then headed back to Cernobbio. Checked our how ...

How much fun can a girl have?, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

How much fun can a girl have?

A travel blog entry by cynthiacarr

... until we choose which unknown road to take next!  We flippantly decided to go to Venice for lunch before driving to Bellagio to check in approx. 7.30pm...  silly us, we actually checked in at midnight...thanks to autostrada traffic, and windy ...

Italy at last, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Italy at last

A travel blog entry by nick_shanspence

6 thousand toll booths later we exit at Como the city and drive along the lake towards Bellagio. What a gorgeous drive, reminds me of Lake Tahoe in a way, but is scattered with red roofed buildings in clusters along the cliffs and the shore. We arrive in ...

Lake Como - Bellagio, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Lake Como - Bellagio

A travel blog entry by jagberg


Beautiful town. Had a good citrus chicken dinner and Gabi had a very good pizza but I was still felt very sick and nauseous so we left a little ...

Bellagio, Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by clh726

Bellagio, Lombardy, Italy Saturday, September 28, 2013 Valentino picked us up at malpensa airport, milan. Drove 1:45 to our lovely hotel metropole in Bellagio. Our room has a balcony overlooking the most beautiful scenery in the world. We didn't get any ...

First stop - Lake Como, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

First stop - Lake Como

A travel blog entry by elyssa_and_dave


... later we have found ourselves in the beautiful town of Bellagio on Lake Como where my (Elyssa's) relatives live. The lake is a Y shape and Bellagio is the town right in the middle of the lake - it's a pretty nice spot (although the weather is not being so ...

George? Whereforeartyou George?, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

George? Whereforeartyou George?

A travel blog entry by gailcc


... to toodle around George’s adopted Italian hometown, humming O Sole Amio (sp). Unfortunately, his villa isn’t in Bellagio, a charming town of cobblestone, riverbed-rock walkways and steep winding sidestreets. Situated on a Y-point of land with ...

There is no bus schedule in Italy, is there?, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

There is no bus schedule in Italy, is there?

A travel blog entry by dionneb


... pews (kneelers).”         I’ve rambled a lot but nothing that describes the beauty of Bellagio.  It is a gorgeous place, but the pictures speak for themselves.   Ok, an update on key statistics.  Gelato ...

High Rolling at Bellagio, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

High Rolling at Bellagio

A travel blog entry by snosurf


... at the famous Bellagio Hotel and Casino, instead we have continued as planned, currently residing in Northern Italy at the majestic Lago Di Como. We reached Bellagio after a brief, terrifying bus journey from the town of Como. The views and scenary here ...

Bellagio/Lezzeno, Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by lalviano


After having the best nights sleep since the beginning of our trip, we woke to another beautiful day. We set off to Bellagio to wait for Paul and Rosie to arrive. They were on their way from Milan however it was taking a lot longer than we all thought- ...

Bellagio, Villa Carlotta, and Varenna, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Bellagio, Villa Carlotta, and Varenna

A travel blog entry by lizmills617

... charming streets and waterfront promenade. We ate a picnic lunch in the town square and did some souvenir shopping. In the afternoon, Carol Jo and I did some more shopping. We ate dinner down by the waterfront and took our final photos of pretty ...

YÜZÜK TAŞI BELLAGİO, Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveloturc


... ğa ayrılıyor.Bir bacak Chiasso diğeri Lecco ile bitiyor.İngilizce tanımlaması şöyle :Bellagio is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Como in the Italian region Lombardy, located on Lake Como. It has long ...

BELLAGIO, Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by whitebarsik



A quick trip., Bellagio, Italy travel blog

A quick trip.

A travel blog entry by aunruhku

Back to Bellagio! We came. We explored. We conquered.  HA. We randomly ran into some CIMBA people...someone came running out of the restaurant to catch us.  haha. Good cinnamon gelato. Okay, the best...even though it was cold. I think this was ...

Bellisimo Bellagio, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Bellisimo Bellagio

A travel blog entry by melisa_vazquez


... snow, giving the scenery a winter wonderland appearance. Tonight we stayed in Milano, but before heading there, we made a detour to Bellagio, a picturesque little town on the shores of Lago (Lake) Como. As magnificent as the drive around the lake was, ...

Truly Beautiful, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Truly Beautiful

A travel blog entry by wendy84


... minutes or so. Having said that, I didn't even have time to worry about feeling sick as the view of Lake Como, Varenna, Bellagio and the snowy alps were breathtaking. Once in Bellagio, I called the hotel (Borgo Le Terrazze) and they picked us up quickly. ...

Never take the shortcut!!, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Never take the shortcut!!

A travel blog entry by kimokini_travel


... through fields and down stone paths until we got to our car. Good way to get your heart pumping in the morning. We drove to Bellagio, found a parking lot, went to pay, and 3 of the 4 ticket machines were broken. Good thing we had lots of coins. Just ...

Picturesque Bellagio and historic Verona, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Picturesque Bellagio and historic Verona

A travel blog entry by carofoley


... ; We had booked a couple of days away in Italy so I had Thursday and Friday off again.  We left early Thursday morning for Bellagio on the shores of Lake Como. It was about 5 hours’ drive with motorway most of the way. The last part consisted ...

Looking for George., Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Looking for George.

A travel blog entry by 888hours


... to book a cruise on the lake in the afternoon that incorporates a tour of the Villa del Balbianello. This is operated by Bellagio Water Taxis, Luca and his Aussie wife Jennine, and we are lucky to score the last two tickets available. We continue to ...

Do you want to feel it?, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Do you want to feel it?

A travel blog entry by twofoodies


... replaced with threatening grey clouds, many already enveloping the peaks of the mountains on the opposite side of the lake to Bellagio. For the first time during this holiday Video Girl and Battery Boy had experienced weather that was not conducive ...

Andalo Valtellino, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Andalo Valtellino

A travel blog entry by cbobbtravels


it is a nice sunny day. A perfect day for a drive to the country. We took the car ferry to Varenna and from there we had a pleasant 40 minute drive to Andalo Valtellino to visit Chris's grandfather's birthplace.  Along the way we stopped at some ...

Planning, Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by sandrinef

... most scenic.  But it appears we may have to go to Milano, with a transfer to Como then take a Hydrofoil (exciting!) to Bellagio. It will be a long train ride but the views should be amazing -picture worthy.  And being a Swiss or Italian ...

Bellagio, Bellagio, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidjcranmer

Pretty ...

"Prego, prego, prego!"

A travel blog entry by twofoodies


... on the fifth floor that gave them panoramic views of the lake.  After a morning of photographing the breathtakingly beautiful Bellagio on Lake Como, Video Girl and Battery Boy searched for somewhere to have something to eat and drink.   They ...

Bellagio and Lake Como, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Bellagio and Lake Como

A travel blog entry by elyseandgabs


... the sunshine in Italy - and the shopping, food, and beauty of the area. We have been on a few ferry trips from Bellagio-to nearby villages of Menaggio, Varenna and Cadenabbia. Each town has its own unique character which makes it interesting to visit and ...

Beautiful, but snooty Belaggio-and Ferraris!!!!, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Beautiful, but snooty Belaggio-and Ferraris!!!!

A travel blog entry by cskinnear


... the owners of the B&B would help her, or call us if Steph needed anything, or got worse, Katie and I headed back into Bellagio. I had bought some parking time close to the centre of town so we just returned there to park. We had some trouble deciding ...

Villor & eldflugor, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Villor & eldflugor

A travel blog entry by thesaint


... palazzo, även efter Comomått, & det visade sig att även familjen från Milano som äger villan letat sig ut till Bellagio den varma försommardag. När vi väl kom ner i hamnen & köpt biljetter för båten till Lenno visade det sig enligt ...

Äntligen i värmen:-), Bellagio, Italy travel blog

Äntligen i värmen:-)

A travel blog entry by thesaint


... Como ligger vid den) & vi stannade i en liten by för att äta pizza & beundra den vackra utsikten bort mot Bellagio på andra sidan, vilket är slutdestinationen idag. Efter lite meck med att sno runt inne i Como och två lastbillar som fastnat i ...

So very beautiful, Bellagio, Italy travel blog

So very beautiful

A travel blog entry by hudsimo


... . Walking points = dessert. More than any other place we have recognised many Australians and English conversations around us in Bellagio. An Australian couple marvelled that Paul had driven the narrow winding road into the lake. They travelled by bus ...

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