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Burst!!!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ian-sue

Everything smells like hand sanitiser...  Tutto odora di disinfettante per mani... :)   ...

My goodness, my guinness, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

My goodness, my guinness

A travel blog entry by salkelely

guinness cider whiskey castles lakes beautiful scenery beer rain hostel old buildings family history peat moss temple bar irish stew soda bread great accents shamrocks pear cider delayed flights black and white pudding trip to galway bad hostel folk ...

imagine all the people living life in peace..., dublin , Ireland travel blog

imagine all the people living life in peace...

A travel blog entry by faith.over.fear


... . We saw castles, and beautiful landscapes, and old pubs. We heard stories that would break your heart about the struggles of northern Ireland that have just very recently started to get better, but still have so far to go. We chased buses for their ...

Top of the morning to ya!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Top of the morning to ya!

A travel blog entry by 1234ace4321


... ace! With the euro at the time being in a mess I found this a very expensive place but I was very suprised at all the travellers here! Our Hotel was just off the main highstreet in Dublin! So we were awayy from all the traffic and people. Continued ...

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by cello8619


Last few days in leprechaun land :(, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Last few days in leprechaun land :(

A travel blog entry by hannah_jane


... as possible into our last few days! We got tickets for hop on hop off bus tours, and have seen the Kilmainham jail, the Dublin zoo, Trinity college and the book of Kells, O'connell street and the Jameson brewery. After lots of sight seeing last night we ...

Leprechauns and Pubs, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Leprechauns and Pubs

A travel blog entry by travel_lover87


... it gets me.  With Ireland and most countries that I've been too, I didn't really know what to expect.  Upon entry to Ireland, I noticed it was cold and dreary outside.  I just learned the other day that June is supposed to be the best month ...

First day in Dublin!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

First day in Dublin!

A travel blog entry by shannon.dirrane


Day 1. Wow. I cannot believe that I am here in Dublin. We arrived at 5 am and waited around for the group flight to arrive at 8 am. We got a quick coffee and muffin, at what would've been midnight. This experience quickly reminded us that we were not in ...

Exploring Wicklow and Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Exploring Wicklow and Dublin

A travel blog entry by newhouse-hiles


... drove to Wicklow County, Ireland where we explored Powerscourt and Glendalough.  In Powerscourt, we saw the tallest waterfall in was amazingly beautiful,  We then drove to Glendalough and walked around a quaint little town, seeing a ...

Lost in Suburbia, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Lost in Suburbia

A travel blog entry by musiclvr272

... near our hostel.      We had a new roomate when we got back and she is from none other than San Diego! She's from Rancho Bernardo, it is a small world. We've definitely met more Americans in Ireland than anywhere ...

Dublin, Crypts and Caskets!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Dublin, Crypts and Caskets!

A travel blog entry by xtopherc


... the body of a crusader who was 900 years old. We had the opportunity to touch his finger which, like everything weird in Ireland, is supposed to give good luck!  Our guide provided a unique flavour to the crypts with his Alan Rickman/Severus Snape ...

Uisce beatha - but just a little, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Uisce beatha - but just a little

A travel blog entry by vanderkansie


... into 1 or 2 of the big attractions.  It would most probably not be Guinness as tomorrow is Good Friday and all pubs in Ireland are closed for the holiday.  That is all except in Limerick where they have a big rugby match tomorrow and got special ...

Hit the ground running & shop!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Hit the ground running & shop!

A travel blog entry by lindaandstuart


... , none of us had it in us to venture any further than the hotel restaurant, so we're still ignorant of what gastronomic delights Dublin has to offer, so the Terrace Bar & Grill it is.  We had a lovely dinner - I started what I beleive will become ...

Paddywagon Tour - Day 1, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Paddywagon Tour - Day 1

A travel blog entry by musiclvr272

... tour. We first were taken North, even though we are on a 4 day south-west tour, to Belfast to meet up with the 6 day all Ireland tour which we were joining, they already did their 2 days in the north. The first day was mostly driving but you get to see ...

Not Paddywackery, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Not Paddywackery

A travel blog entry by melepua

... at 7am Thursday morning, as the sun just started to creep up over the horizon, and headed to the southernmost tip of Ireland for a day full of presentations.  I haven't been to anything like it, yet, though I understand these academic presentations ...

Actual Dublin update, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Actual Dublin update

A travel blog entry by zac_reed


... set off with a different group and Amber, Julie and I went exploring. We saw the Temple Bar area, an incredible cathedral, the Dublin castle, the oldest pub in Dublin and countless other great sights, sounds, smells etc. It was getting close to time to ...

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jenl


... to the city centre to walk around a bit. We went to Trinity College where the Book of Kells is kept. It's the oldest bible in Ireland. We decided not to wait in line to see it. We went to Christ's Cathedral, which was pretty. Then went to lunch at a ...

Our Arrival in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Our Arrival in Dublin

A travel blog entry by ilyaandrebecca


... in the front with a huge window in front of us. Driving to the train station, we were able to see quite a bit of Dublin, it was about a 30 minute drive. The weather was mostly overcast, with some sky sticking out here and there, and the temperature was ...

Tomorrow is my last day with Ericsson after 9 year, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Tomorrow is my last day with Ericsson after 9 year

A travel blog entry by leinsterman


I have to confess it is a little bit strange to be leaving Ericsson after nearly 9 years ... despite the frustrations of the last year or two there are (quite remarkably) a few doubts ... but I've been to see my new employer Fotonation in Galway this ...

Day 1 - Guinness? Yes please..., Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Day 1 - Guinness? Yes please...

A travel blog entry by sirchancelot222


... in its place... Awwww yessss, it was on! We headed out on our tour of the city which consisted of a quick history of Ireland and Dublin historical significance... Dublin is divided between the north and south by the river that runs through it... The ...

Up all night...up all day!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Up all night...up all day!

A travel blog entry by leighanne

Hi Everybody! Kristina and I arrived safely in Dublin at 9 o'clock this morning. We had a great flight and no trouble getting our luggage or anything. Kristina's cousin met us at the airport and brought us back to her house, where we took a little while ...

Barnacles and The 1916 Revolution Walk, Dublin, United Kingdom travel blog

Barnacles and The 1916 Revolution Walk

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... definitely a little raw, but vibrant and energetic, and terribly bloody Irish, as you just might expect from the capital of Ireland. I decided yesterday that Abbey Court, though fairly well equipped, was a bit of a dive compared to other options available ...

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog


A travel blog entry by steve.brine


... only in writing to the people around me. Dublin is cool, it possessed the weather and some of the culture of the UK without the chain stores and lingering depression. Dublin oozes culture and pizzazz and I only wish I could have seen more of ...

2 weeks in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

2 weeks in Ireland

A travel blog entry by amerikiwi

Wow, I canīt believe how fast my last two weeks in Ireland went. I have been meaning to update this but it is easy to get busy and then time flies - even when  not working! So, what can i say, I fell in love with Ireland! I will try my best to ...

My Goodness. My Guiness, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

My Goodness. My Guiness

A travel blog entry by overseas_ash

... for our flight to Barbados mon. For those of you wishing to avoid work here is a brief look at out 5 days in Ireland. (I must warn though that I kissed the Blarney Stone and hence my ability to crap on incessantly has been lifted to Fraser- esque ...

U2 could be here!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

U2 could be here!

A travel blog entry by shrubberies


... in the area, aware that we had a timetable to keep, with Emma catching a bus for her "Sham-Rocking Tour of Ireland" next morning early in Dublin.   A stop in Adare along the way to Dublin broke up the trip, with a visit to the Adare Heritage ...

Back to Dublin, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Back to Dublin

A travel blog entry by jennyraymoran


Came back to ...

The Emerald Isle, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

The Emerald Isle

A travel blog entry by kelschgirl


We finally arrive in Dublin, Ireland. After getting off the plane and finding our bags we made our way to the bus stop. We took a bus all the way to abbey court, central Dublin. The city centre was pretty busy for a thursday night. We probably looked ...

We've arrived!, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

We've arrived!

A travel blog entry by scooterandlaura


... handle the traffic any city has to offer.    In conclusion (as if this was a 10th grade term paper), so far Ireland is awesome!  On a side note, since I've been at this internet cafe, Scooter went to go move the car from the illegal ...

Diddly dee, potatoes, Dublin, Ireland travel blog

Diddly dee, potatoes

A travel blog entry by kateanddrew


... with the accent. After a sleep in the next day, we did one of the top things that the guidebooks said no stop in Dublin would be without. A place that honours both the religion and culture of the region. We did a tour of the Guinness factory. It's ...

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